Minisa’s Message: From the Hearth and Heart of Wind/IK

The Longhouse where Spirits Gather on the land where Minisa lives in Mounds, Oklahoma

Thank you to Minisa for sharing her Breath from the Sacred Ceremony at the Long House for the Global Burner

Greetings Dear Ones,

Jaguar Woman has invited me to gather some thoughts from the Bodewadmin (Blessing) Longhouse. And so, I speak.

Her return from the south, the place of heart, bears a gift of love to the north, the place of Spirit, wisdom. She walks the Good Red Road, south to north, north to south. This journey on the Medicine Wheel is rich in wisdom and love. Many are and will be the gifts which will manifest from this journey, gifts made possible by many of you.

I thank you for this opportunity and In that Spirit, The Bodewadmin Longhouse is thinking on some of these things.

Winter Vision Quest Cave

In this season, many inner compasses will begin turning toward seeking, creating and crawling into the blessed peace of the seasonal vision quest cave.

Inside, a deep breast of the resting Mother Earth, is where the Medicine Wheel slowly turns in an earthly circumnabulation of all seed dreams, penetrated by fiery shafts of our Father Sky Sun into the mind, heart, body and Spirit of individual inner pools of quiet.

Here, ones bones can and may be deeply CLEANED: healed and loosened from the labors, challenges, cares, aspirations and fulfillments of the previous season, then slowly put back together as an honoring dream dance echo of all the ancestral journeys made before ours and those yet to come.

The womb quest awaits. Draw aside a veil of the great mystery, breathe your name, make an offering and ask permission to replicate and renew the journey that all beings have made, do make and will make..from earth to sky.. breath into clay.. so we are made and so we reenact the sacred moves, as we see them.

For, we are the new myth makers. Many dreams and messages have been brought forward, by ourselves and others…accept these offerings, feast upon the tears of bitterness and gratitude from which they were born and prepare to embark upon making the new myths and creation stories…OUR new myths drawn from a place where our sacred beingness meets with and is fused with mysterious elements emanating from an indivisible and indestructible connection with divine consciousness and personal discernment.

This is how we stay alive and keep the world alive. This then, is our Sacred Charge. Where we will feel most alive and know who we are.

Many are the ways of personal, creative ceremony.. Now, it is time to smudge off, pray for the highest good for all concerned and ask that bravery, wisdom, willingness and endurance walk with us.

Know that one may emerge, or come and go, from the cave at any time and trust that commitments and responsibilities in the outside world reside on physical and mental arms of the Medicine Wheel and will not suffer from ‘medicine’ attention directed elsewhere.

When ones visit to the cave is accomplished there will be a natural and unremarkable reunification of elements. The shifts and gifts will be ours for life. Do not speak of these things too soon but hold them close to mature and unfold. Journaling is a creative thing to do as many of the realizations, visitations or visions will be of an effemerable nature. Do not censor or process the writing, that can be done later.

May we be eternally rich in Spirit, have good minds and strong bodies. May we know no fear and may we have hearts filled with and forever more.

Dawnwoman 1IK

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  1. Thank you so much for the introduction to Minisa Dawnwoman and her sacred teachings which resonate within me. Here with Apus of the Rockies just across the way, the winds blow and scour the Mother, preparing Her and us for the wintery sleep ahead, the internal cleansing for completion of unfinished business and the nurturing of late sown seeds held close in the depths. I will take myself to the Pacific Sea this week and while there will release into the waters my gratitude for life, my prayers for all beings everywhere and for peace within abiding with whatever Great Mystery delivers in this time of Great Transformation. In lak’ech, Riesah, Ocean Fires Bat Spirals 10 Men

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