Global Burners and Holy Days

Greetings Kin,

I’m eager to share some advance content from the “Tzolk’in Calendar Field Guide.”

Included below is an updated schedule of Global Burner days, Mayan Festivals and Holy Days related to the Tzolk’in calendar for the next 12 months.

I’ll update these to the side-bar, and also provide a link to this post with Daykeeper Resources.

I’m also sharing some educational resources on the calendar that appeared in my inbox this week for those who may share interest in teachings offered by a respected Mayan elder.


I’ve only just confirmed the next Zenithal Sun as July 17, 2019. There’s an opportunity this week to learn more about it.

Miguel Angel Vergara is a respected Mayan priest and teacher, who has also served 4 years as the director of the Chichen Itza complex. Topics are reasonably priced. I’m sharing information for your consideration in case these, or other topics offered, are a personal interest.

Atlantis Memories: Chac Mool
Thursday, July 11 – 10:00am CDT
Join Miguel Angel as he connects us with the energy of this amazing figure from Atlantis. A number Chac Mool statues were found at Chichen Itza, the Maya Cosmic University. It is a powerful symbol from ancient Atlantis and carries a strong message of transformation that is needed today

Maya Legacy: Maya New Year, The Zenith
Friday, July 12 – 10:00am CDT
At the moment of the Sun’s Zenith when the sun is directly over us at noon there is no shadow. It is the time when the Maya Masters of Light talk about “total illumination”. At this moment the Maya Teachers received from the Heart of the Sky “The Drop of Honey Light”, an amazing beam of light descending straight over the land of the Maya to manifest plenty. This light is activating the entire planet and open to all beings at noon on July 16 in the Yucatan. (Confirms July 16, 2019 as the Zenithal Sun in the Yucatan.)

You can register and see additional topics at

Miguel Angel also has a free offering with a regular energy meditation on his youtube channel.

Blessings, in lak’ech, Debra

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