9 Earth/CABAN: The Completion of Mother’s Love to Heal the World



Greetings Kin,

41 years ago today my life was changed by the birth of a daughter. I waited to see the face of one in the womb that always leaned into my loving nudge. She is a beautiful thing, an Aries with more heart than belies such a petite frame of 5′ 2″.

When she was 6 she kept a calendar for an entire year, completing each square with a big X every night before bed. She came home with a baggie of Lamb’s Ear leaves, we called “bunny ears” for the soft furry feel. She said, “I brought you a gift from Mother Nature.”

The Highest Love is known between a Mother and the child of her own flesh and blood. A Mother always Feels the Feelings as her own.

Today the candles on her cake hold a dream for her future. I couldn’t feel the dream any more deeply than I do today. Facing the fears of today and tomorrow, she said she hopes there will still be a time to Live out all her dreams. She said she still wants her life to make a difference.

She is nurse that serves the elderly and provides hospice care in a senior care facility. The question of “everyday” is whether this could be the time to be “locked in” or “locked out.” When I share my concern her answer is, “I’m a lot tougher than I look.”

“Mother’s Love” is always tougher than it looks, and Mother Earth has the claws to save her children. The Year Bearer 9 Earth/CABAN symbolizes a Completion of Divine Justice for the Heart of Compassionate Love.

To invest one’s whole heart is a guarantee of pain and suffering. Even “Gifts from Mother Nature” can reach the limit of what a Human Mother’s heart can bear. Do we have what it takes to say, “Everything will be okay,” as we clean the blood away from every skinned knee and dry the tears of every heartbreak? Or will Love hurt too much to feel? Some human Mothers are lost that way.

Mother Earth is the very N’oj of our Divine Identity. We are made of her and like her, a cauldron for Compassionate Love was placed within. 9 Earth/CABAN can set Love on-course for Life To Be – God’s Dream for our Divine Destiny. A Divine Mother’s Love holds the Power to Heal us. Mother Earth holds everything we need and she gladly offers it to the Whole in Harmony and Equity. A Divine Mother Loves every child the same that shared a Time and Place as One with her own Life. So is N’oj the Consciousness of Knowing the Truth of Love as the Highest Meaning of Life – present for the moments of life.

Sleeping Beauty: Newborn Cygnet Swan under the Wing of its Mother

Mother Earth holds all the Sacred Medicine and Love we need to heal our heart and mind. The Elders taught us the way of Picking that Sees and Acknowledges this Truth of Life given for another. We were led to a field of yarrow. We were taught to pass by those small families so they could grow. We asked permission for the Life that would be sacrificed for Human Beings. Any plant that resisted was honored and left behind. We left something of our self in Sacred Exchange for the Offerings.

N’oj the Gift of shared-identity with our Mother, and ALL Her Ways of Knowing and Loving. The Gift that Completes a Mother’s Love is another heart willing to receive the Feelings her Compassionate Love.

MULUC is the symbol of the Moon, our Emotions, and Water Everywhere from the Cosmos to our own Holy Tears. May we be Conscious of the Divine Medicine that Mother Earth will bring. May her water be the Sacred Medicine Tea. May her fruit be taken as our Mother’s “chicken soup.” We were taught to touch the food on our plate to remember life that was given.

In the USA it’s been a very long time since we’ve seen bare shelves at the grocery store, and those who are still working while the rest of us take cover in our own sanctuary of home. They are “locked in” by Love to feed their own family. Their Compassionate Love is saving us.

May we pray that when the Year guided by 9 Earth/CABAN is complete we will Feel the Mother’s Love in us, that has suffered the Feelings of another Human Heart. May we call on ALL Angels and Ascended Ones for a Divine Intervention to claim who we are by our own Mother’s Love.

love, in lak’ech, Debra

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