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11 Storm / CAUAC, The Light of the Scion: Day 11 of 13

11 Storm / CAUAC



Greetings Kin,

Storm/CAUAC is the Love that Flows Within, through the Light Offered directly from the Heart of Sky. A Heart and Mind opened to Love, is drawn by the force of the Highest Geomagnetic Attraction.

The Offering from Above is the Light of the Truth of what the Divine Dream would be. When we raise the Light of Human limitation as the Offering we Choose to Bare, we raise the Light of the Whole. The Supreme Creator gave us the Divine Truth of Love that stands for All Time. We won’t side-step the moments that Love Needs for the Ebb and Flow. Time was given  to take in the Light of Love.

The Scion was the Creator’s Dream for Human Beings. We were given the Truth and the Light to carry our own weight of Love. Like Venus, we can Love in the Darkness and the Light. Live is Beautiful when we’ve made the Choice to Shine as a Morning and Evening Star.

We won’t hide our Light under a bushel.  We won’t run to tell what our Heart Feels is the Truth. With Divine Wisdom, we Know the  Truth that speaks the loudest is the Love FELT in our heart. We hold the string in our Time and Place to all the Times and Places where Love will  always be the Truth. By a Power of Divine Genius, we can’t pull a single thread of Love to the surface, without adding a Light of Beauty to the world. No one refuses the Experience of Light that is  Offered by the Highest One. Holding the Jaguar’s Power of Invisibility, Unconditional Love means that ALL that matters is for Love to Heal the Heart of the One too far away to see. When the Happiness of the Whole is more important than  being seen, our Light is Magnified into 1 Single Focus. Love is a Divine Gift of Happiness, beyond all imagination, when we give it all away. Loving in the shadows, our Light is Seen as the Highest Reach to the Creator’s Heart’s Desire.

CAUAC is an Offering from Above for the Renewal and  Regeneration  of our Spirit. SOMEONE Agrees with the Truth our Heart has been reaching to hold, in spite of how our Human emotions can lead us to discern the experience. We can filter out the Truth of Love, though, the Truth of Love will always be. And, Love is the Light of Human’s Highest Attraction. It only takes a Spark from another Human heart to be captured by the Light of the Divine Possibility.

For so many who reach to know the place where they belong, the Truth is manifested instantly where we know One Open Door, and Another Heart that knows how we Feel. Then, we have what we need to Live and Be Happy, Remembering all the Choices that were given that we can make for our Self. CAUAC is the midwife that delivers, opening the channel to the Light of a New Experience of Life.

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4 Storm / CAUAC – The Blessings of the Storm

Heavy Thunderstorm Sounds | Relaxing Rain, Thunder & Lightning Ambience for Sleep | HD Nature Video

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4 Storm / CAUAC – A Reincarnation: Day 4 of 13



4 Storm / CAUAC

Greetings Kin,

Tone 4 holds the Intention of Stability. We brought a “matter of Love” to Life. In the 10th uinal of Manifestation, we’re carried by the Wave of Divine Agency. We reached beyond our Human limits to make sense of the way the Dream looks today.

The Supreme Creator intended for us to know our Life is an open road for our Heart’s Desire and our Quest to Know what Our Life is all about. Every day is a conversation. The 1, 3, 6, and 9 Tones represent the Light of the Creator’s Inspiration drawn from the Truth of our Spirit. The 2, 4, and 6 Tones is Human’s Expression of how the Truth looks and feels in the darkness of the Unknown.

When we lead with Human’s Right Foot for a Divine Reason, we manifest the Human Creation  of Divine Trinity. Sacrificing our Human desire to be “Seen Loving” a Force of Momentum will Raise the Power to “just Be Loving.” We have to Stand before we can Walk to ever Run.

Flint/ETZNAB tore the veil away to see the Truth of Our Own Truth. We looked in the Mirror to See the Truth spoken to our Face.  With the potential to act on impulse, to “act-out-of-character” my first thought has always been a defense strategy, ie. be vigilantly conscious, lest I expose my worse doubts and  fears. That’s Human’s way to carry on and “survive” the pain of our Human Emotions. We “go along” to save our “Me” from suffering.

On Tone 4, under a Power of Divine Agency, we share the Truth in our Heart. It’s Human’s Day to say how the Time “really looks” through Human’s Heart below. Human’s Divine Spirit is always Ready to follow the Clarion Call. The Experience that is born by the Being of Physicality bears all the weight/wait of Time to know Truth – a mind of Reason can Grasp, that can Balance the Price Paid by Human’s Heart – always Reaching to Remember that Love was True.

The Creator intended the Stability of Standing on All Fours. As SOON as we chose to take our First Step, by Design, we’d reach for some way to carry on. Moved by a Force of Love, Human’s Hand would be Drawn from Above to Claim we were “enough”  to reach the end. Today the Bond is forged by the One Above. In Humility Human is drawn to share how it really feels. The only way to carry on and start a New Life is for SOMEONE to KNOW and SEE the sacrifice that a Human Being made for Love. BOTH sides were Divinely Intended to be, Equal, Powerful, and More than Enough – with 2 legs to stand by Human Power when that’s all we can see, and 2 legs to stand by Spirit that remembers the Divine Provision for every Human limitation.

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10 Storm / CAUAC – “The Work” of Creation: Day 10 of 13



10 Storm / CAUAC

Greetings Kin,

Peak Tone 10 raises us to Manifest a Creation. Whatever we have focused on as our Dreams or our Fears – it all becomes Real to us on Tone 10.  We see what’s Real through our Own Perspective of Truth. (Dog’s DAY is Position 10.)

Manifestation is always the challenge of every Creation. When you “raise yourself” to Know there are always 2 sides of the Truth in every human story, you WILL see both sides from the beginning to their end.

Now “the work”depends on us. Seeing both sides equally… which one will we claim is the Real Truth in the end? Every Dream we hope to bring to Life is a Cosmic Event in the FUTURE. We have to claim one image and the other to SEE IT ALL. That’s the only way to know we Applied every resource of Truth for the Wisest Choice for our Life and the whole.

In our “second life” as a grownup, we hold a Power of Divine Agency, the Wisdom of Time and Experience. A Divine Creator places ALL the resources of Light within us, as close as the dominate hand our Central Processing Center knows to use. Manifesting Higher Truth about our Self will change the WAY of Life we consciously choose to LIVE in the Integrity of the Highest  One we Choose to be.

The Time ordered for the harvest and the multiplication of all things is a Divine Process, an element of our Design that’s beyond us to control, once Human has engaged in Love. Love is Human’s Super Power.

Our Super Power is the first thing the Primordial Mother of our Consciousness taught us on the Day we were Raised to the Light. Through all Time the newborn was raised to the Sun’s Light, as soon as they were born from the Mother’s womb. It’s still the way. Without the eyes to see such Light, we’re born to a whole new world we can’t make out with our eyes. It turned the whole experience into the Truth known by our Feelings.

IMIX is the Sound of our Awakening Consciousness, that calls our Heart to Love our Life. IMIX is the one that marks the day for “wild ideas” out  of the blue, unexpected, in random order. She gave the Sign for the Day that Flint/ETZNAB would come, when Truth would Dawn on Us to create our Highest Dreams. IMIX, the First Mother, made it her duty to carry us to our New Life. She warned, “Choose Wisely, take your time to think about it, BEFORE you choose. When you choose the Dream that engages all your heart, I Promise, the Dream WILL be True, you’ll KNOW how it comes true. When you reach beyond yourself for Love, it will shine for the whole like a Creation of Divine Genius.” That’s where we are today, facing the Choice between the Reality of our Fears,  or the Choice to Stand and Move on our  Super Power of Love. If we choose Wisely, we’ll  see how Unconditional Love led us to the treasure where “X”  marked the spot.

10 Storm/CAUAC is the “X” where the Dog/OC, Human’s Best Friend, is guiding us to dig. It is marked by the “cross” – the symbol imposed on every human body when both hands reach as far as they can, away from our Self.

Storm/CAUAC is a “perfect storm” within. In the whirlwind of Chaos Before the Storm, we can see Truth in our Self that was Unseen. We can see the Movements that lead us by Divine Agency from the Beginning to the Ends of Love. We can See the Light Above that delivered us to see our Place in the Light. A Divine New Life will be brought TO US for us to claim. When we know the Truth was claimed by the Hand Above FOR US, we’ll close our Human hand and the Truth will be Made WHOLE in the Heart that REALIZES a Power Within.

If we look at the whole picture and our Common Ways on every scale, we can see a Light of Divine Provision. We all do the same thing when we see a real thundercloud on the horizon. We run for shelter, but it’s the Common Feeling of our Unknown fears that draws us to the place. Storm/CAUAC represents the Power beyond human’s thoughts of consciousness. Dog has led us to the “X” – our Most Divine Spot in Time, where we realize the Dream is Grasped for us,  by a Higher Power Above – our Human Superpower is Love.

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3 Storm / CAUAC – The Run for our Life: Day 3 of 13



Greetings Kin,

3 Storm/CAUAC

Every experience of Life holds the same Divine Variables of Truth. “Truth written on every scale” is the means to apply the Truth of One thing to everything. At the very least, we will know “what’s the same,” and “what’s different.” When we think beyond our Human ways we can realize Truth that is Common for the Whole.

The Spiritual Alchemists applied the laws of science as Divine Truth, to conceive a process they Knew within the realm of their imagination. To reach the subconscious mind behind the face, we have to speak in symbols beyond 2D words and letters. We need to imagine the nuhaul (new all) that is the Vision of the experience to get the message.

We learn everything there is to know from Mother Earth. One truth leads to another at every scale. You can jump from one scale to another to see things from all their angles. We can see the same truth on the musical scale or the molecular scale. The alchemist used science to turn a Heart into Pure Gold. All things on Earth compose a living allegory.

2 Flint/ETZNAB is a process for distilling the Truth, separating fact from fiction. We could reach the Higher Truth sorting all our pros and cons for the just accounting. Though, it takes an Act of God through Fire to break molecules apart. “Truth” attaches to our Heart. We can’t let go, until we see a Higher Truth. It takes an “Act of God” to Know what we already witnessed, and still couldn’t see. It takes a Reason to look.

It takes the Element of Fire to burn away truth that doesn’t serve the Integrity of our Divine Design. Truth is a clarion call to Think Again – to Live Again.

Tone 3 holds the Intention of Movement. We are moved by Truth that changes when we reach to know for the Sake of Really Living as we are. When a big thundercloud appears on the Horizon, running for shelter is a Common Way. We do the same when we see a storms coming in our life. When our opponent is a hurricane, we turn to the Only One.

Life begins when we take a step toward the Unknown future we Intend to see. A New Vibration to Life through the Sound of movement or the spoken words that disseminate the Intention. The Reason sets the tone and frequency – the note that ends the way it begins. The note we strike today, is the Sound that will carry on. Our Intentions of Love always strike the note of harmony.

For the journey on the Road of Life, we look farther than the ending destination. We plan stops for gas, food, and overnight accommodations. We calculate in advance for the resources on the way. We have to look farther than just the end to each step we take. Tone 3 is the Day we are drawn by One Step we know we can take on the course to our Dream.

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9 Storm / CAUAC – Dawning of Creation: Day 9 of 13



9 Storm / CAUAC

Greetings Kin,

Peak Tone 9 Completes a transformation with the Patience to see the Bigger Picture. Number 9 symbolizes the Highest Truth we can know. Human holds a Common Thought to step back when “the work” is finished to see it all at once.

It’s a step we’re willing to make, when we know we’ve followed the Truth of our Integrity. When we create a thing of beauty, we want to remember every detail of the experience. We see the execution of the “next things,” the extra touches added as our expression of beauty.

We resist the thought when we are not so proud of our work. We try to leave without a second thought, but we can’t. We Know when we’ve stood in our own shadow. We try to move on quickly before we feel the pain. “We’ll do better next time, so no sense crying over spilled milk.”

That’s not the Whole Truth. We won’t change if we “blow it off.” Why did we ever think forgetting all about it would lead us to change. It doesn’t make Common Sense, combined with everything we know about our Self. We have to Feel the Truth to be changed by it. Every time we try to forget before we see, is time we add to the climb. Tone 9 comes with a warning that there will be suffering to bear until we make it Our Way to stand back after every attempt of Love. The Truth isn’t a “report card.” It’s just a measure of where we are on our journey through Time. When we know we’ll reach the end, the Truth can be a matter of Time.

We can give thanks that Human WILL finally give up the “battle” with our self, when we have felt the Truth long enough and resisted an effort to see what we really need to know. The Elders called it the contractions of birthing our Self. Sooner or later, we face our doubts and fears about life outside the womb. It’s a dilemma when we know we can’t go back to the way we were, while we’re only “almost sure” who we will be… counting on a Miracle to change us. We’ll know we’ve changed when we step back to see our Progress and Not Perfection. We are changed by the Light of Truth that saves our Heart just in time. Feeling is the price we pay for Knowing the Divine Truth. When we Feel we can see all sides, and Remember.

Storm/CAUAC is the Lightning that Breaks with the MEANING of the Truth that changed us. CAUAC is the midwife that delivers. CAUAC is the comfort of the Storm when we are safe inside our Sanctuary. Every Human Seed was given the Divine Sense to come in out of the rain.  CAUAC delivers a Renewal and Regeneration of our Spirit,  knowing the place we have to go. From the Center of our Self, where there’s no fear for survival, we can see clearly the illusions outside are only our passing thoughts. We claim the thoughts that matter within.

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2 Storm / CAUAC – The Wisdom of Truth: Day 2 of 13



2 Storm / CAUAC

Greetings Kin,

2 Storm/CAUAC is the Light that grasps a Human heart to the Heart of Sky. The glyph of CAUAC illustrates Human in the lower right corner, a circle of consciousness within the crosswork fabric of the veil. We reached beyond our Human understanding to know the Divine Truth.

Like the Earth before a Storm, positive charges reach beyond the surface like streamers, that make our hair stand on end in the presence of static electricity. The thundercloud is created by the rising heat of the positive particles, above the negative particles below. Most lightning happens within the cloud. Lightning strikes, when Forces Above feel the Ones that reach below. It Feels the way to find a path through. We are reaching to Know. Flint shared the Divine Truth to break through the old, and sweep the new path clear for the Brightest Light to Come.

Every New Seed of our self is born free of Karma, so every One has an equal chance. We keep the path clear with Our Truth. Claiming the Truth that we won’t see the half of it, we can stand on Truth we offer as “the best we know now.” Through the Atonement, we’ll Know a Divine One will stand in our corner. One way or the other, through the CHOICE, we always find Higher Truth in the end – right OR wrong.

It won’t matter, when we Feel the Truth in our Heart that we will always Belong in the Heart of One. We will use Patience for Time to carry on. Flint/ETZNAB is the Mirror of Truth where we can look to our Self and Know when our Eyes reflect Love from the Mind of God.

Flint shares the Gift of Telepathy. Flint intends above all to Know the Truth. Those that would try to cover an intention will see the Truth written all over Flint’s face. Flint helps us see thoughts that belong to us, to be our own source of Influence. We won’t miss this chance, by just going along. We’ll see the Choice to turn any opposing thought away, and after it’s gone we’ll Remember to leave a double-blessing behind – following up with gratitude for what we learned, the gift to See the Choice, and the Divine Will to MAKE the Wisest Choice by standing back to “see what it means” to our Life.

Storm/CAUAC brings the Renewal and Regeneration of our Life Force and Spirit when it turns the Wind into Rain. Like a Blessing of Holy Water from above, the Truth soaks us through. By Divine Design, we run for the cover of Sanctuary when we see the storm on its way. In the Reflection of the Divine Mind above, when we felt the strike of Flint’s truth, a Creator sent us to the place we know we belong to see it all.

When we’re safe and warm, the Storm is Beautiful. We love to see it fill the whole sky. It’s Divine Fireworks, where there’s nothing to fear. CAUAC shares the Unbridled Freedom of Unconditional Love, to go every which way, and be Grasped by the Heart of Sky. If we always knew what was going to happen, it wouldn’t be so much fun.

On Tone 2 we add our first Human perspective to the Grand idea of creating our new life. What could WE create out of thin air? What combination of the Divine Archetypes could we be destined to become? If we ask the Divine Question, we hold the Wisdom to Know. To carry it to the “finishing” place, we step back and look at the end of our creation. We have Time. We can wait to make the Choice after we’ve Witnessed being guided by each One. Time will hold the Truth of the Vision shared for us to see and CHOOSE which ways we like the most. (Look at your own Day Sign and it’s Tone in the 7th uinal. Does the Tone number reflect YOUR core value of Intention? That is True of Sun/AHAU by every column and row, the all-in-one.

It’s not his birthday, but I’m celebrating Ian’s Light of Understanding. Those born Sun/AHAU’ face the Highest Reasons to know the Truth. Earthly leaning can eclipse the Heart when love can’t be seen. They are expected, and others expect them, to shine all the time. A glorious road is the hard one. Ian was quite a Human character in his youth, and became an artisan, drawn by the glyphs to create them from silver. Then, he realized, he had charms for all the Mayan astrology signs with no way to calculate a birthday. Symbols speak to us as an illustration of thought – experience. The art of the Tzolk’in speaks to us when we draw it. So do the calculations speak to our mind. A calendar that lies within can draw us in. Ian’s last dream was to be a Light among the Legion to shine for those on the path he left behind. I know he’s here again, whenever someone remembers, and creates the Truth. Thank you, Ian, for the last offering. Thank you Michael Shore (1 CAUAC) for sharing Ian’s experience at MayanMajix.com. 

The Flint/ETZNAB trecena begins the journey through the Core Days, we conceive the logarithm for the Creation of our New Life. We’ll be a little bit of this, and more of that, and in the Whole Balance we’ll hold the Spark of the All-In-One. “In mathematics, the logarithm is the inverse function to exponentiation.” (Wiki) In other words, if you know a recipe takes two of this and one of the other, you don’t have to measure every cup. You can use any measure to scale. Navigators were among the first to use them to measure a general direction, weighing variables of pitch, wind direction and speed. We don’t have to corral every stray thought when we see we’re “more the other way.”  In the end, we’ll know the Divine Measure of who we are by what we choose to create.

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8 Storm / CAUAC – Road to Tomorrow: Day 8 of 13



8 Storm / CAUAC

Greetings Kin,

Peak Tone 8 begins the Transformation phase of the trecena, guided by Divine Intervention. Tone 8 reflects the Intention of Justice. The Balance is measured by the One  Above. It’s not how well we climbed, but the Reason Why.

The Maya define the number 8 as “pure spirit.” A Divine Hand raises the Light of Harmony and Equity.

The Road/EB trecena is the Human experience to know the Truth of Divine Guidance. We don’t make the journey alone. Everyone was meant to belong. The Circle is connected for all time, one generation of Loving after another. We all reached for our Highest Hopes. Kneeling in  the Light, we see the Treasure Above.

Storm/CAUAC is the Light that breaks through all our darkness to seize our Love to the Heart of Sky. CAUAC offers a Renewal and Regeneration of our Spirit through “lightning in  the blood.” Holding the Element of Water, CAUAC creates the Gift of Living Water. CAUAC breaks through to Free our Heart to Love.

Residing in the West, CAUAC lights up the whole landscape for a Glimpse of our Future. Love was still everywhere that it Belongs, and we are in the picture. CAUAC is the midwife that opens the way to the Light.

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1 Storm / CAUAC – A Revival of Spirit: Day 1 of 13

1 Storm / CAUAC


Greetings Kin,

We Ascended with the Truth to create a Divine Future. The Light of Reed/BEN inspired us to Create a Sanctuary for the Whole. Transformer/CIMI followed as the Darkness of Human’s journey through Time to see the Truth, Below. The One Above “finishes” every Work of Love. We were prepared to be Reborn to the Light of a New Life.

Storm/CAUAC brings the Blessing of Comfort, through the Unbridled Freedom To Be. The “chaos of change” is the labor of birthing a New Life. We have to look beyond the moment to See the Truth. We’re trying to hold onto the Truth of a Life that is waiting on the other side.

CAUAC is the midwife that delivers us to the Light. CAUAC is the path through the storm, created from Above. CAUAC is the Lightning that strikes in our Heart, that claims us exactly when and where our Love was hoping to find its way.

Like lightning changes Air into Living Water, we’re changed by Fire of Love known by our Heart. CAUAC shares a Quickening of Spirit from the Truth of Unconditional Love. We can see the Light that claimed us where we are. CAUAC shares the regeneration of our Spirit to weather the storms of life. We’re given the Renewal of a Youthful State of Mind, the way we saw things when we were reaching beyond our adolescence. The World was our oyster for all the Dreams we had in mind for Our Way.

When we are Claimed by the Light, we’ll know that the Dream we had in mind was Divine. It was the Light for Our Life… primal, inherent, and Divinely Given. We were Meant to be who we are, to share the Truth of the Light from our perspective. No one else can see it and feel it the way we do. The One Above created us to Know Our Truth. Guided by CAUAC we can “get Real” with the Light to share who we really are and how we really feel. CAUAC will claim the Love for everything we are. We will see who we Are in the future, the same as Now, the One we See in the Future that we ARE applying Our Truth, To Be.

Our Renewal is the Light of “being Loved for who we are,” known by the Truth of the One that claims us and carries our Faith to the Heart of Sky. We’ve seen the matters of chaos that are leading to a change. CAUAC helps us to believe that our light was shining in the darkness, and the One Above could see. We were beautiful, reaching to know Love as the Truth. We are given the Light of Truth that any which way is “more than good enough.” CAUAC can share the Truth of the Power to direct us to the end of our Dreams.

We are completing the 4th uinal of Stability, defining the parameters of thought for the Dream of our Divine Future. The Truth of Love is Creating the pillars for Faith to stand. In the 5th Uinal we are Empowered by the Truth. We’ll know our Faith in the Divine Truth as the Resource to manifest every Dream of Love that is an Offering on behalf of the Whole. We’ll know the Ways and Means of Time to create our Dream in the Future.

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7 Storm / CAUAC – A Dream of Belonging: Day 7 of 13


7 Storm / CAUAC


Greetings Kin,

Peak Tone 7 completes the Human climb to the top of the pyramid. Above the canopy, we can see “all that is” and “all that is not.” Number 7 represents the Power to Manifest our Dreams into Reality. Life is what we expect it to be. With the Power to see our own thoughts, we can choose to raise our expectations. Love is a Truth that only grows brighter, when we see it from every perspective on every scale.

We know a Human touch Intended as an Expression of Love. We know the Truth when we see it. Love creates its Sparks of Light and delivers an electrical charge through the Heart. The Truth ignites “lightning in the blood,” what the Maya call the Sixth Sense of the Heart.

All the Day Signs are archetypes of the All-in-One. Each reflects a side of a Divine Personality. We were created for a Relationship. The Hunab Ku is the Maya’s nearest description of a One God, defined as “everything that ever was, is, or ever could be.” Their pantheon of gods are personalities Human can conceive for Relationship. We are One with the Whole. The archetypes help us see ways we are different, yet understand through the sparks of Love that ARE just the same.

The best way to know the All-In-One is to know one another. Our Destiny Kin tells the story of our Time and Place. Some nahauls are totems from the animal world, where the strength is beyond Human’s Nature, like the Dog that always defends the pack. There are more ways to be Divine than Human can count on our fingers and toes. Our Collective Love is greater than all these things. Love multiplied “everything that ever was, is, or ever could be.” It seems “impossible” to Human’s mind of Reason, and just as “impossible” to imagine. Every expression holds the Beauty of Love. “Love Unseen” is the darkness. “Love Seen” is the Light.

Storm/CAUAC holds the Power of Lightning to grasp our Faith and carry it to the Heart of Sky. CAUAC shares a Renewal and Regeneration of Spirit. CAUAC is the “midwife that delivers” us to the Light, opening a path to the very Dream of Love that is our Spark within. On Flint/ETZNAB we were willing to Give our Heart to know the Truth of Love. We opened our Heart to share what was hidden. Unconditional Love changes “impossible” to “possible” by a Light that claims we Belong.

Today is a Full Super Moon in Libra, a Complete Reflection of the Sun’s Light on the Truth that Balances the Scales. The Divine Justice for Faith is the Whole Light of Believing. Referred to as the Worm Moon, the Time heralds New Life in the Spring. The Sugar Moon (Ojibwe) marks the time when the sap flows. The Wind Strong Moon (Pueblo) refers to the strong windy days that come at this time of year. The Sore Eyes Moon (Dakota, Lakota, Assiniboine) highlights the blinding rays of sunlight that reflect off the melting snow of late winter. This Super Moon is the Lenten Moon marking the next Sunday (7th Day) as Easter. Signs are given Now for the Future.

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