The Power of Symbols

Not for everyone, but thoughts that turned away doubts and fears, when I needed to think of something else. Thinking can be fun.


It’s said that words of language hold no meaning to our subconscious mind. Symbols immediately call thoughts to the question, “What does it mean?” Human’s mind of reason is opened by a question – a truth WE DON’T KNOW. By Divine Design, we want to figure it out. Symbols generate a path of subconscious thoughts to figure out what we don’t know – if we WANT to know.

Divine symbols have been passed down through the ages as a Divine Inheritance. They mean what we have been influenced to believe is their highest meaning and purpose. (Some humans are influenced to believe that symbols are forms of “paganism” (ie. Evil), though it’s a contradictory human thought. Human’s adopt the same symbols as other meanings, without thinking a thing about it. So, are they Good or Evil?

For example: “Runes are pagain, ie. “Evil pagan ways. The symbol of the Rune WYRD is one and the same as the Staff of Hermes. Doctors use it as a symbol of their Higher Learning, for the purpose of Healing (an intention aligned with the Creator’s creation of Life). Most doctors use it, though we never imagine that their use of the symbol means that they are all “evil pagans.” Most of us claim it as a worthy symbol, when we have unconsciously assigned a meaning of one who heals. Though, if you look closely, it’s the same symbol as the Rune WYRD – and the pagan meaning is just the same. The caduceus, symbol of Hermes, also looks a lot like the string of DNA that defines our identity. We’ve learned to change/transition our identity through the application of genetic science. Truth can be identified, when it is always the same on every scale of understanding. Scientists discern the truth of a theory when an application of truth can be repeated with the same results every time. Mass is a factor of scientific discernment. Like Newton’s theory, a force of movement is affected by the weight of an object (ie. a ball of lead will fall faster than an equal ball of styro-foam).  So, for a theory to become proven as Truth, we have to look on every scale. It doesn’t make REASONABLE sense for a symbol to be evil and good. So, human’s answer to  “what it means” depends on the perspective of HOW we Look to See it.

WYRD / Staff of Hermes

If you look at the characterization of the ancient symbol, “the WYRD sisters” you’ll find an equal symbol in the cosmology of the Maya, illustrated as IXCHEL, a goddess of transitions – 3 in one. IXCHEL’s 3 faces are 1) a symbol of beauty, often holding rabbit. Her beginning as the Divine Feminine is only seen for her physical beauty, yet she is already DIVINE as one who draws the Divine Feminine to Look twice, and only see her physical beauty. 2) IXCHEL transitions to a symbol of the same one, tied to a tree – the weaver of life. The Divine Feminine changes to Higher Love when she becomes a Mother. The transition from 1 to 2, reflects one that becomes part of the never-ending circle of Life. 3) a symbol of an old crone; when all her physical beauty has gone, the beauty of the Divine Feminine becomes Divine for the wisdom of Life and Love – from everything she’s accumulated as the Truth of her own experience. It takes an experience to Stand on our Own Truth. Human duality is a symbol of our binary way of thought. We can see the truth without knowing it’s the truth, until we’ve seen the truth by our own experience. Then, we claim our own Truth.

Wind/IK is a symbol of the Spoken Word of God. The Whirlwind is the Cherokee symbol that creates chaos to break down an established order of thoughts. Human’s challenge is to KNOW the Word of God is the Truth that stands on every scale. It’s hard to believe in heaven, when we don’t think there’s any way to know that experience while we are living. It’s not the Truth, until  we have our own experience. Those that have had a near-death experience are most often wholly/holy changed by the truth of their own experience. It’s easier to believe, just knowing someone has seen something we don’t know from our own experience. Yet, we still have to discern the truth for our self to claim the Truth. Truth never leaves a lingering doubt. That’s one way to discern the Truth of your own Intuition… when you know you know something, and you experienced it so well, that you’ll never question it again, EVEN IF there’s no way to prove it to someone else, beyond the shadow of doubt.

We can know God’s Truth beyond a shadow of doubt and fear, the more we question our own truth within. Like Seed – self-reflection is the only way.

I included the math symbols that are directly taken from “pagan symbols.” We use them every day to save words. By the whole world’s agreement, it’s OKAY to use them for an application of human reasoning. That’s the Truth ALL the time for us. So, isn’t that a contradiction of an established “order of thoughts?” Can they always be a good thing for one application, but NEVER a good thing when we apply them to a Discernment of Spirit? That doesn’t make any Common Sense, if we Look to See it from another perspective.

My own curiosity led me to wonder what the Runes mean. I love math and sacred geometry, so my theory was that there could be something to be seen in the angles. There are straight lines, angled lines, and wavy lines. I could question the idea that straight lines and hard angles represented “hard and fast” perceptions of Divine Truth. And, maybe wavy lines, were only “maybe’s” – depending on a choice. With a little study of their assigned meanings, I saw the angles of polarization – they point to one another, point away from one another, and point in all directions, the same as a geomagnetic forces. The Cross (addition) is a symbol of Jesus, one who chose to sacrifice himself on a cross to add the Highest Blessing ordered by the One Above. That’s a GOOD symbol to most everyone, and adds the positive to positive as a symbol of math. The “plus sign” is a good symbol that we ALL use in math, a universal language of Numbers. The treble clef of the musical scale of symbols is also seen as a “good” symbol, adopted by the whole.

A discernment of the rune symbols is easy, if you are looking for a Divine Meaning and Purpose. The Cross has 4 angles that point to the center. For many, the 6 pointed star, angles that point outward in 6 directions is a symbol of evil, if we choose to look at it that way. Yet, God’s Will is to take the Light from the Center and share the Witness of God’s Highest Truth equally, in harmony and equality in the all around below. Wind, the Word, the WYRD can change our mind to transform us by breaking down an existing order of thought. Like Ixchel and the Wyrd sisters, we are Changed by all our major transitional experiences of Love. Love changes our perception to the High, Higher, and Highest Truth. I can vouch for the Truth as the “old crone.” It’s a VERY HARD transition to realize the Divine Value of our own Time and Experience… as more beautiful than the physical beauty we were given at the beginning.

The point of this writing is to share with you the value of self-reflection – what the Elders call “tracking the mind.” We have to QUESTION everything we think is the Truth, to see if it’s really a Truth that stands on EVERY scale, with One Meaning that’s either Good or Evil. It can’t be both. There is no evil in Good, and no Good in Evil. Truth will speak for itself, when we turn away from ASSUMPTIONS and INFLUENCES of humans thoughts that haven’t been questioned to reach our own discernment of the Truth – Truth that we can feel – Truth that speaks for itself without any further doubts or fears.

For one thing, Evil passes away. But the Divine Truth stands forever. Certainly the Runes and Divine Symbols of the past have stood the tests of Time. Somewhere within, we Know in our Soul that Evil never lasts forever. It was written in our Heart as our Common One Last Hope to Know.

Algiz – Symbol of the Sage that knows the Highest Meaning and Purpose of our Life – to Save another.

Back to the WYRD – the angles point to each other on 3 scales, Above and Below. On the smallest scales of the symbol there are 2 triangles that point to one another x 4. From the straight lines, left and right, there are 3 triangles that point to the Center line that reaches straight up. There are symbols within symbols on the center line.

It is 3 symbols in one: 1) Human hand reaching above, or arms open wide to embrace the Divinity of ALL Human life, 2) the Deer’s antlers – a symbol of the priest that serves as the Hands of Human employed for the Highest meaning and purpose on behalf of the whole, and 3) the Tree of Life that is the Same Above and Below – roots in the down below, that are drawn as a reflection drawing from the center “trunk” a channel that shares the Light Above with the Down Below. If you think about the whole symbol of the WYRD rune, with the Divine Inspiration to reach beyond the lines to turn angles that point inward, as Arms that point wide, what symbol do you see? Can you see the unseen 6 angles that complete the six-pointed star? We can’t SEE a Heart that reaches out to Love the Whole, but we can FEEL IT through the Cross, when we draw the straight lines far and wide.

One more example, so you can see a wavy line rune…
If you want to know, you can look for the rune NAUDIZ (it’s like a cross, only the horizontal line is wavy). The meaning of that rune is “delays, restrictions, resistence, distress, confusion – but with the power of WILL to overcome them.” 

We can’t know anything for sure when we are “double-minded” by the Truth of Light and the Fear of Darkness.  If we hold the Truth of Light, there can be no darkness to over come the Light. We can overcome our doubts and fears when we stretch our arms out wide, like the Cross. The WAY is to Reach as High and Wide as we can, for the Divine Truth that’s up above.

There’s only 22 runes, so it doesn’t take too long to see, if you look.

An exception to letters of words that don’t mean a thing to our subconscious mind – words that never leave a mystery to figure out – are the Hebrew letters, born of the Truth of the Flame of God’s Words. If you want to see some AMAZING geometry found in the Hebrew letters, one of my most mind-blowing revelations of the Hebrew letters I’ve ever seen was Truth shared by Stan Tenan of the Meru Foundation. He’s a self-professed pattern savant – eyes drawn to find order through repeating patterns. By stringing the letters of the Hebrew language into a circle, he discovered the geometric symbol of the torus, that looks like a bagel… the same energy that surrounds every atom of our being.

If you LIKE to have your mind-blown (break down an established order of thought), I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you watch his introduction to the theory that was proven the Truth as a dynamic geomagnetic symbol – all born of a flame. Maybe it was his gift back in 2002 that got me thinking about symbols and the theory that there WAS truth to be found in the sacred geometry of life. I was also reading the “Flower of Life” by Drunvalo Melchizedek, so I have to give him credit 2. The symbol of the torus and the flower of life are just the same, if you listen to the UNBELIEVABLE theory that Stan Lenen reveals in his introduction. Or maybe for you, Drunvalo will make the first impression. 🙂

First Light: An Introduction to Meru Foundation Research

If you have the ways and means to watch – this WILL blow your mind, I know without a doubt. It was the “first light” of his experience of a divine truth of symbols in the flame, the Hebrew letters of the Word of God. His research carries on.

Look again at math symbols. Do they mean more than they did before?

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