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8 Seed / KAN – Winds to Disseminate the Seed


“The sky just exploded with all the different colours!” says photographer Alexander Kuznetsov. “I’ve rarely seen the auroras move so fast. It was an amazing show.”  SOURCE: SpaceWeather.com News, February 7, 2020

There are no dark spots on the Sun, but there is a coronal hole in the North, spewing the release of Solar Winds that struck the Earth yesterday. The Solar Winds will continue to blow from the opening in the Heart of Sky, sharing the Winds of the Universe.

8 Seed/KAN is the Divine Dissemination of our Seed, a Time and Place for us to see Humanity’s Divine Justice. It’s’ a Day to KNOW the Truth from our Heart. A Seed Knows what the Truth is growing in the dark. KAN is the symbol of the “dragon energy” a Force within the Seed that Knows it’s Time to Live.

We were waiting for God’s Voice to speak from Heaven. We were praying for Someone who could speak the Truth. We longed in our heart for someone in authority to say what the Real Truth IS. In the chaos, it’s hard to be 100% sure we even know it anymore.

God Knows Every Limit, and God waits to show us at the Perfect Divine Time, right in the Moment we most need the Answer and we are searching for the Light of an Answer, giving up on human power to know what to do.

God intends to have all our attention for every Miracle. From our knees, there’s only place to look, but up.

A Human Being was looking up with a camera in hand. In the perfect Time and Place, he captured the Solar Wind as it reached Earth, the First light of a Storm from an opening in the North that sends an Invisible First Light seen as 2 meeting as 1.

We were waiting for the Voice of God. We asked to know Truth. By “coincidence” it occurred just before we asked the Prayer.

A Miracle is only a Miracle when we say it’s so. If we call it a coincidence, a coincidence we will forget. We don’t call something Sacred unless we’ve made the Conscious Discernment that it is Sacred to US. Once Sacred has been Seen and Acknowledged, Sacred will Always be a Truth that was So, that will always be So.

One Miracle is a start for believing the 2nd Miracle coming is NOT a coincidence.

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8 Seed / KAN – The Dream of Mother Earth: Day 8 of 13


8 Seed/KAN


Greetings Kin,

The Seed begins its journey with conviction to reach the Light of a Dream. The Seed Senses the Light Above in the opposite direction of the gravity that holds it down. The Elders say the Green Beings are the most sentient beings, conscious of the slightest variations of Light. They respond to an eclipse and light in farther reaches of the Universe.

Tone 8 holds the Intention of the Justice of Harmony and Equity. Earth/CABAN’s cycle of Light shares a Mother’s Dream of all our possibilities. She can convict our Heart. We were created for a purpose. Through a Divine Germination, we’re awakened by the Mother. It’s Time To Be.

Above, the Corn feeds on the Light to create the colors of its creation. Below, the roots are nourished from the body of Mother Earth. She shares the colors from Above to Below. The Seed knows the minerals and where to go.

Tone 8 is the Zenith hour of Light. We’ve seen what Human can do. Our Transformation is the Balance by Divine Measure that applies an exponential factor of Unconditional Love. Exalted in its zenith position of “pure spirit,” Seed/KAN shares the Dream that Mother Earth (CABAN) wants us to Divinely Know about our Self. We had a Dream and offered it in exchange for Divine Will. All the Dreams a Divine Mother shared will be proven to be True. In the “light of no shadows” Human will Believe. The Masterpiece is the Divine End the Creator hoped we would imagine and could believe.

Seed/KAN is the Human Seed, the Divine Circle that holds a Supreme Creator’s Design in its heart. Nothing can change what was Divinely Spoken or Written within the Seed. KAN is the Spark of Consciousness and the “dragon energy” to “clearly see.” The Dragon is a symbol of an Illuminated Consciousness. A Divine Truth can reach our Heart.

N’oj (n’oh) is a Sacred Word of a Divinely Engaged Consciousness of 3 minds – Intellect and Divine Imagination agree on Love of a Divine Idea. N’oj is EXPERIENCING our Life and all the Genius we could find in our Self, if someone could lift the veil. Did we ever really look?

The Maya believe in the N’oj of ALL things. The Whole Creation is reflecting an image back to the Creator. We’re all the same Dust of Stars. Some in a rock is abiding by the Universal Laws, holding the moving parts together up to a certain heat and pressure. Something in a crystal is bound to stay together in a certain way. The Elders say ALL things want to be Seen and Acknowledged. Our Creation is a Miracle of Seeing something that’s there within reach. We only have to cast the net to reel in the Abundance.

Seed/KAN connects the Circle of Life created as Life from another Seed that Carries On. KAN resides in the South, the direction of Relationships from the realm of Earth and a the Body of Earth. A Seed can be a small speck of Earth, but given a Spark, it shares all the Forces of Power held by the Mother.

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1 Seed / KAN – The Experience of Creation: Day 1 of 13


1 Seed / KAN

Greetings Kin,

The next 13 days…

Seed/KAN represents the Spark within that is the Divine Design for Life, Love, and Happiness. Suspended in the Core Days, we were given a reflection of “all that is” possible for a Divine Human Being. Monkey/CHUEN inspired the creation of our own Reality. Our Truth of Love is tied to a Circle of Life by the Wisdom passed down from ALL Time.

We were given a Divine Reason to create a Dream held by every generation, so Love will be the Truth from Every Beginning. Dog/OC shared the Wisdom to mark our territory as a Time and Place of Love. Love Seen is the eternal Beauty of our Life. To create the Reality of our Dreams, we only need to see the Beauty on Mother Earth. Beauty is God’s manifestation of Love.

A Seed was the Creator’s most beautiful creation of Love. All the possibilities of Beauty were shared with the Heart of every Seed. At the Wisdom of Maturity, the Truth of Love gives us the willingness to see our self. Through a new generation, we see a blank page and an opportunity for a new beginning. We dreamed “all that could be” starting out with the Wisdom of Love. We dreamed a new Life from a beginning of Love.

Monkey/CHUEN was a cycle of Light that inspired the Dream. Seed/KAN is the cycle of Darkness where our Power to Create is applied to know the Wisdom of the Experience. The Supreme Creator offers the Light of Life, Love, and Happiness to manifest the Truth Above and Below. Our Love is just a Dream until we see the Truth of the Beauty in the world below.

8 is the Number of “pure spirit.” Number 8 is a symbol of Abundance to Inifinity. The 8th uinal symbolizes all the Unseen Power of a Supreme Creator. The 8th uinal, like the 8th Tone reflects the zenith hour of Light that illuminates the Creator’s Highest Intention of Love. Love is not a happy accident. Beauty is manifested in the eye of the beholder. Number 8 represents the Intention of Divine Justice. When we call on a Divine Creator to help us See all the Love that is, we fulfill the Creator’s Dream. God’s Love is the Power that creates the Beauty of Life. Our Consciousness of Love will be raised by an Act of God. We will know that Life is a Miracle manifested by a Divine Intervention under the Highest Authority of Love.

We Ascended as the Dreamer that Believes in the Dream. By Divine Justice, a New Seed will be born with the Truth and the Way from the beginning. Through a new Seed of our self we will claim a Dream of Love for the future.

KAN is the Spark within the Seed, the Consciousness of Knowing. KAN is associated with the Dragon, a symbol of enlightenment and illumination. KAN is the Divine Wisdom within the Seed, the Spark of the Creator’s Truth. “Dragon energy” relates to the ley lines on Mother Earth that generate a Higher Frequency of Vibration. Dragon energy is a Gift to See Clearly by Feelings. Human’s perception of color is defined by the frequencies of Light that our eyes are capable to see. Our Conscious Perception of Love is defined by the Tone and Frequency of our thoughts. The beginning of a New Life will raise the Light of Truth that our Love will be carried on and multiplied to infinity.

January 25, 2020 marks the K’iche New Year celebrated by all traditions as the zenith Light of Creation for the Tzolk’in round. Exalted in its zenith Light, Monkey/CHUEN illuminates the Highest Power of Creation, manifested by a Mission of Love. 8 B’atz is a celebration of the Tzolk’in. The names of each of the 260 Kin are recited as the Count of Days that guide the Meaning of Time. 8 Monkey is the Day of Initiation for the Daykeepers who have dedicated Time to Count the Days as a Mission for the Whole. 8 Monkey is a day of “pure spirit,” a return to the beginning from a journey that was carried to its end.  8 CHUEN manifests the Divine Justice of a New Life and a New Journey. 8 CHUEN shares the Light of Wisdom, the Divine Justice for the Heart that carried on.

The Love of the Whole will be planted at the Heart of a New Seed. This is a Time to See and Acknowledge the all-in-one Love of a Divine Creator, the Divine Perspectives and Inherent thoughts that guide each day of Human’s Transformation to the Wisdom and Power of Love.


  • 6 Offering/MULUC – manifests an Atonement and the Momentum for a Human sacrifice of Time for the Creation of Love.
  • 7 Dog/OC – shares the Truth of Love as the Meaning for All the Time there is.
  • 8 Monkey/CHUEN – a Divine Intervention of Love will create the ties that bind the beginning and end into a never-ending circle that is the Truth of ALL Creation.
  • 9 Road/EB – completes the Higher Consciousness that we are Divinely guided from the beginning to the end that holds the Truth of ever-lasting Love.

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6 Seed / KAN – A Revival of Spirit: Day 6 of 13

6 Seed / KAN



Greetings Kin,

On Peak Tone 6 we take on the Momentum of a Rhythm and Pattern of movement. Through a Divine Intention, we’ve chosen the thoughts we will turn to whenever we reach the limits of our Human Faith. As we kept turning back to the Truth of God’s Word, we established the rhythm and pattern of a way of movement.

By the Laws of physics and Spirit, a body that is set into motion, tends to stay in motion. The movement of turning to the Light, is a rhythm and pattern of flow that stays in motion. The Vibration created by movement maintains the Tone and Frequency of the Intention behind it. Loud or discordant Tones can’t resolve to anything else, without another Tone that can draw it into the sympathy of Harmony. We were intended to Grow where our Heart Sings in Harmony with the Whole. The Vibrations in a Human Heart were created to be drawn into Harmony.

In the 5th uinal we are learning the Power of all the Ways of a Divine Human Being. Seed/KAN introduces a Divine Source of Power that is going with the Flow of our own Spirit. Seed/KAN feels the Earth as a foundation that offers traction for movement. The Power of the Intention that guides a Divine Direction of movement is the Truth we took to Heart – a Choice to Believe God’s Word that a Way is created for our “I Am” To Be.

Seed/KAN holds the Power of “Dragon Energy” – a Power of Divine Illumination that leads a way. The Maya saw the common things between Human and a Seed. A Seed knows which way to go by Feeling gravity. A tiny Seed, no bigger than a speck of dirt, awakens with FEELINGS. From a Seed we can conceive the Greatness of the Miracles that would be embedded in the design of a Divine Human Being. Our Feelings are worthy.

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10 Seed / KAN – Vision of Higher Perspective: Day 10 of 13


10 Seed / KAN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 10 is the Intention of Manifestation. Tone 10 holds a responsibility as well as a Blessing. To manifest an Ascension of Consciousness, Human must See it to Claim it is True.

Claiming our Transformation establishes our Truth of Change within. It makes the difference between one day following another, and the Truth of a Real New Beginning. In the Ascending uinal we are given 20 days to see the Truth from every perspective.

Seed/KAN holds the Power to See Itself Clearly. KAN is the Light of Consciousness that lies within the Seed. Our first manifestation in the 13th uinal of Ascension, is the Seed of our Self.

A Seed holds the Consciousness to know its way through the Dark. A Seed knows it must be what it is Designed To Be. All things Inherent to the Seed are by Design. What the Human Seed was designed to do, will manifest the Truth of our Self we can take to Heart as a Miracle of Divine Justice.

The germination of a New Seed is always a Dawn of a New Awakening. Like a birth from the womb, we emerge into a new reality nothing like we knew before. The Human Seed was designed for a New Awakening every 260-days. Completing a Human cycle of Creation, all the Divine Inspiration is compiled with the Wisdom of our Experience into ALL the Truth Our Seed is meant to Know About our Self.

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2 Seed / KAN – Vision Quest: Day 2 of 13


2 Seed / KAN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 2 is the day of Duality. We started with the Consciousness of being One as the Same Thing. We imagined a Whole thing in Perfect Balance. “As Above, So Below.”

There are two sides to everything on Earth. In Unity we reside at the zero point. From there we define the Height we will grow by the Depth of our Faith. Human Happiness is a scale of Polarity between One thing and Another. Whenever we choose a Higher Perspective we raise our degree of Happiness.

Today is a Choice for Creation. A Divine Consciousness began the Conversation in Unity to share a Divine Inspiration. On Tone 2 Human enters the Communion from within. Our Consciousness turns to who we are, apart from the Whole.

We tell Our Side of the story, thinking about what we would Create and what our Creation of a Divine Human would be. There’s 2 ways to go. We could consider what the “Greatest Human” would be or what a REAL “Divine Human Being” could be.

Seed/KAN raises an Inherent Force of Survival, beyond a Choice of Human Will. The only thing that could hold this Seed back is if Human lays a Hand to it. To Be Divine we have to “Let Divine Be.” We’re always imposing our Human idea of what SHOULD be. KAN doesn’t fear the Dark. It Inherently Knows the longer it exists there, the Stronger and Greater it will Be, more deeply rooted in the Earth. Seed KNOWS which way it is growing and KNOWS it will get there. Seed’s first leaves are created before it reaches Light.

The Corn is the Symbol of Human with a Spark of Divinity in our Heart. On Tone 2 we are turned to the darkness. Separated from the Whole, we Long to be One Again. The Seed Remembers we’re “Always One.” KAN raises the Force of our Design.

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8 Seed / KAN – Dawn of Our Own Creation: Day 8 of 13


8 Seed / KAN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 8 holds the Intention of the Justice of Harmony and Equity. The Earth/CABAN trecena intends for us to Know what we are Becoming so we will Move with all our Heart toward our own Divine Purpose for Being.

Seed/KAN holds the “dragon force” of Life within. Like the ley lines of Mother Earth, so was a Divine Path marked within. We inherently know our way to the Light. Looking to the Needs for Love within, knowing what Divinity needs to grow, we’ll hold the Power to navigate around and through every obstacle we meet.

KAN is the “dragon force” that offers the eyes to See Clearly the Force of Love as a Vibration. The Dragon and the Serpent are both the snakes that represent the Enlightened Consciousness. The snake navigates through its life by the Vibrations it Feels through Mother Earth. We know how the Beauty of Mother Earth makes us feel. That Feeling will be the Vision that keeps us moving in the right direction.

Seed/KAN offers the Wisdom of Self for a thorough investigation of Self. Seed/KAN is said to draw abundance, as if cast by a net. We can investigate our own root systems for Love by looking at the Service that roots were intended to provide for the Seed. We can choose which roots are serving their Divine Purpose. Like a Seed, we were given roots as a grounding network, capable to move and spread in many directions.

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