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10 Star / LAMAT – Grasped by the Light Above: Day 10 of 13


Source: Venus, as the Morning Star

Dear  Beloved Kin,

Venus MARKS THE PERFECT TIME to see Our Own Reflection of Beauty and Love. We have to cut our self out of a whole herd to See how WE are Seen from Above.  Venus offers a TIME to See the Light of Right Relationship, loving in Harmony and Equity all around. We don’t have to love ANYONE better than the WHOLE. We’re ALL the same tribe.

Venus multiples by shining the Reflection of our Beauty in the Morning and the Night. We hold the same Time and Pace with the Vibration of Love. We see her best when she’s over-shadowed by the Sun in the Transit – “HERE’S WHO YOU ARE, the SCION. CLAIM THE TRUTH that YOU  are BEAUTIFUL and YOUR LIFE WAS CREATED BECAUSE YOU MATTERED. That’s “finished.” If you CHOOSE, you could Live the Life of “this One” imagined by the Highest One, and Love would lead us there. Before our lights go out, we’ll know what we were always intended to be… and what we could have done with it. We change the future reflecting the Light for the One that follows. The Circle is Connected in the Present, from the Past. We have to step through a threshold alone. The Love between us can pull us ALL to the Higher Place – when we LET LOVE BE, without any conditions that lay a human hand to it. We can CHOOSE to tie the Human hand, to our back… to Face the WHOLE Truth of Love. Love was created “before” – and WE WERE BORN.

Take in the Light and Beauty and Reflect it Back to a Divine Trinity Above… a Star that Shines Both ways, in the darkness and the light. Wish in the Morning, and Wish at Night… your Highest Hopes and Aspirations. That’s the WAY to SEE the Truth.

There IS something going on in the Universe, and SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT to claim, and it’s the DIVINE TIME TO KNOW the Beauty of Love and how it looks from every angle.

love, in lak’ech, Debra

PS. Don’t count on me to get the TIme right. I  thought I tried yesterday. This is a day to mark “Instant Manifestation.” There’s a COUNT of numbers from One Time to another in YOUR LIFE, that MEANS something to you. Maybe it was 33 days ago, 6 days ago, or 88 days ago, or last 10 Star/LAMAT. We ALL count numbers the same by fingers and toes. The COUNT is a Truth in numbers, you can see backwards, forwards, before, after, upside down, and backwards. Divine TRUTH – the LAWS of the Universe, are True as an Experience – a Cause and Effect that happened before. For all our Human Choices, so far, nothing that Human has chosen is brighter than the Dream of the One.

Messier 42: The Orion Nebula, a Birthplace of Stars

Messier 42: The Orion Nebula, a Birthplace of Stars

The Journal Before, for AFTER…

Published: April 25, 2021 (04/25/2021)
TODAY’S KIN: January 10, 2022 (01/10/2022)
Always check my numbers, please. 
10 Star/LAMAT, Destiny Kin 88
(Symbol of Abundance to Infinity, Above and Below; Master Number 11, 22, and 88 shine a Light on the date, 01/10/1022, plus Destiny Kin date 88.  Destiny Kin 88 multiplies to infinity – the Power of the Master to, 1) know that  Divine Genius is GIVEN from a Source and Power of  Creation; 2) We can create ANYTHING we can imagine, when we carry it out on behalf of the One – the One who saw us all as One Experience, dark and light that burst like fireworks from one thing into another. We can’t see what was waiting in the darkness, and fireworks wouldn’t be any fun if we did. That’s the Beauty of the Unknown Mystery of Life – it’s  going to blow our mind… and we go, OOOOhhh Ahhhhh, MMMMMMMMMMMMM… and hear that sound we knew at the beginning. LOVE, Resting in the PEACE of the Truth.)


Greetings Kin,

Tone 10 raises the Intention of Manifestation. We have to claim the Truth. It’s a challenge when the end lies in the future. We were given  a Divine Way to Know, when  we Choose to Create it with The One.

Storm/CAUAC is offering a Light of Inspiration for our Life. We know it now, but will we Remember? Truth speaks to us in the Here and Now to tie together all the Truth we’ve seen in the past. “Light” is always the “Revelation.” When we see the Divine Sychronicity of Life, when we know we are exactly where we are supposed to be at the perfect time – we can even turn that into a coincidence when we forget how it Feels. Our Truth is Real the moment we Know it is.

Star/LAMAT is the symbol of the Scion. Human was created to become a Personification of Light. Life would be the canvas for the expression of Beauty. Whatever we Loved would be beautiful to us, and grow in beauty every day. Love changes in the 2nd Season of Human creation. We are curious. We imagine all that Love could grow up to be. We claim an Object of Affection.

The guidance of LAMAT is to shine our light equally in all directions. The glyph illustrates the 4 directions. The star is the shape of the hole made in the ground when the implement for planting is drawn north/south, and east/west. The Seed is planted in the Center of Life and the paths are created for the pillars of Faith to stand.

We Dream for the one that follows all we ever wanted to be. When our own Dream becomes an  Offering of Love, it becomes a Creation of Divinity. Love paid back and paid forward carries on to multiply to abundance.

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10 Eagle / MEN – Claiming a New Life

The Great Bell Chant (The End Of Suffering)


transformer-cimi-trecena-waveVisit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for a daily energy forecast with insight on the Uinal and Portal Days of the Transformer/CIMI trecena.

10 Eagle/MEN (Cherokee, Eagle/UWO’HATLI)

Galactic Tone 10: Manifestation. What were once intentions or ideas, hopes or fears become physically present with the energy of Ten. What is focused upon with attention and intention becomes real with Ten. Ten is a powerful energy that carries a great responsibility.

Eagle/MEN: Intermediary between Heaven and Earth. Due to the Eagles superior point of view and keen intelligence, they achieve material abundance and good fortune. A messenger gifted with patience and a deep sense of value, Eagle brings hope and trust on the wings of Spirit. Eagle persons are very detail oriented and technically inclined. Compassionate service to others sustains prosperity for Eagle personas as the flapping of wings would sustain their bird brothers. If Eagle becomes viciously competitive or possessive, greed and jealousy cause a fall from the heights. Eagles, being blessed with freedom of movement, should be aware of escapism. Eagles may be tempted to just fly away from troubles by using indulgences.

Cherokee, Eagle/UWO’HATLI: Eagle’s symbol is Mars the Spirit Warrior. He is a minion of Grandfather Moon. Eagles were the warrior society, the braves the protectors of the nation. Women were included. There was no discrimination which is reflected in the language: third person singular is divided into animate, human and animate, not human instead of he and she. The energy of high hopes and anticipations, dreams and visions, cosmic consciousness and commitment. On earth, a provider of excellence, leader, husbandry, care-taking of others, financial security and inheritance.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

How is your Spiritual path today?

I love to hear from you. Share your thoughts on the day, your Day Sign, or just say Hi!

10 Eagle / MEN – Signs for the Future: Day 10 of 13


Golden Eagle EyeDear Beloved Kin,

Dear Beloved Kin,

With patience and an Intention to See, we can know the Truth from the Alpha to the Omega. The 20 lords of the Day reflect all of the Supreme Creator’s Divine Ways of Being. Mother Earth is plugged in and held by the Sun as an object of affection. Human is their Highest Creation of Love.

We were created to Love like the Dog. The Dog follows its Master’s way of Being. Bad dogs must be trained that way. To a bad dog, every Human is an enemy and the Truth will never change under the Master that trained the dog to fear. Fear is a stronghold of thought – fear of a Truth “that will never change.” The only way to change the dog is to claim a new Master. Even the worst-trained dogs, will turn around for an offering of Love.

We are limited human beings. We aren’t capable to hold Love OR Hate without PERFECT Vigilant Consciousness. We have “stray thoughts” of Love, in the Balance of our Experience of Hate. They just don’t stick when we’ve lost our equilibrium. There ARE no evil-genius human beings, like there’s no evil dogs. Only the Highest One holds the Power and Authority over a stronghold and principality of THOUGHT.

April 8, 1966, cover of Time magazine

We’ve been trained by a Master who wants us to believe that the Truth can never change. Change is the Chaos of Creation. To LIVE we HAVE TO CHANGE every moment, every Jaguar step of the way. That’s why it’s POWERFUL when we CHANGE ANYTHING. We BREAK a TRAIN of thought and see things through the filter of a new experience. Everything was changed FOR US, so we could see the Truth between One Way and Another. TRUTH WILL CHANGE US, and it will only take a glimpse of the future to KNOW IT IS THE TRUTH – FOREVER.

By Divine Design, we will always REMEMBER who we REALLY are. Love and the experience of Life will always turn us back to the fundamental Truth and the most important questions about Life. If sounds of chaos brought down the walls of Jericho, a Vibration in perfect Harmony can raise a wall that surrounds the whole in the Sanctuary of Love.

On April 8, 1966, the story featured on Time Magazine’s cover was, “Is God Dead?” The common question in response was, “Are you still there?” We had to ASK to KNOW. The day was marked 1 Crocodile/IMIX on the Mayan Calendar – “simply the beginning of everything.” If we ASK AGAIN, we CAN KNOW. The One will PROVE the TRUTH of Answered Prayers, on behalf of the Whole Creation.

Asking to know the Creator IS the most important question we can ever ask… except for the Hour and the Day we will KNOW.

Our first question of consciousness was “Who am I?” The second is the meaning of Life. Through the Answer to the 1st Divine Question, we can discern the Truth of EVERYTHING and the Reason Why.

Only Humans know to wish on stars. It must have started a long time ago when we saw a Sign in the Heart of Sky.

love, in lak’ech, Debra


NOTE: There’s been a Divine reason why I was guided to sit this round out and lean on Truth-BEFORE. It’s easier to see the Truth, from another Time and Place – the same way it’s easier to see our own faults in another.

Published: April 13, 2021 (04/13/2021)
TODAY’S KIN: December 29, 2021 (12/29/2021) Corrected.
10 Eagle/MEN, Destiny Kin 75


10 Eagle / MEN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 10 raises the Intention of Manifestation. We were given the Divine Truth to reach Higher Ground. Manifestation is Human’s greatest challenge of Creation. We have to claim the Truth before we reach the end. Every Dream ends in the future. The Dream is for Love Now that Will Be just as beautiful tomorrow. The Discernment of Love is a  “sum of the whole.” To claim Love is the Truth we have to see it in the Past, Present and Future.

It’s easier to hold Faith in Love that was realized before. We can see Time to know Love. And, we see Love has already carried on another day. Believing in a Dream is always about the tomorrow we wish for Today.

Eagle/MEN is the Divine Intermediary that can help us see all the way to the end. On Eagle’s wings we’re given a Higher Perspective. The Eagle flies to the Highest Proximity of the Creator for Human’s Highest View of the Truth Above. The Eagle was given a special gift of Vision, able to see it’s prey over 1.9 miles in the distance. All the Eagle needs is the speck of a distinctive color of fur to know the End that lies within its grasp.

The Eagle shares its vision of the Future. If you can See a Speck of your Dream, the Miracle lies within your grasp.

We are growing the Inner Strength of Faith. We are reaching for the Reason to Believe. We only need to open our eyes to see the Truth that’s going on. We are reaching to Know the Truth of the One, and the Love that will never let us go. We’re trying to believe that if we just let go, and forgive, all our worries about human matters could disappear – burned up to fall away like ash.

Eagle/MEN is the nahaul of the Highest Hopes and Highest Aspirations. The Eagle can see a direct path to its Dream in the Up Above. It’s a matter of Faith, traveling in a realm where there are no obstacles. We can barely imagine BELIEVING that every dream of Love could come True. The Eagle sees that Faith is a Choice to Believe. It only takes a moment of Conscious thought to see the Light from Above. We are bending in Humility to the One to Know the Sum of the Whole Love. A Supreme Creator waited for the Time to share the Highest Truth we could ever know.

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10 Wind / IK – A Dream of Belonging: Day 10 of 13


The journals BEFORE, After:

Published: March 31, 2021 (03/31/2021)
TODAY’S KIN: December 16, 2021 (12/16/2021)
10 Wind/IK, Destiny Kin 62


10 Wind / IK

March 31, 2021 by northern count

Greetings Kin,

10 Wind/IK is the Destiny that K’inich Ahau flashed as the Dawns First and Brightest Light. The Haab is the 365-day “vague year” calendar of 365 days. “Leap days” are accounted for by a New Year’s day celebrated on the zenithal Sun of Time and Place. The Haab leads the cycle of Planetary Intention of Truth known by the Whole. We Completed 9 Earth/CABAN, learning the Wisdom that lies within and the Truth that matters at the Heart of Life. Divided from one  another, we imagined what the Divine Answer could be. We asked to Know, when we saw the Truth we created.

10 Wind/IK is a Haab year of “darkness” (White and Yellow Day Signs), representing Time for the Wisdom of our own Experience. We were Inspired to Dream of a Better Life on behalf of the Whole. 10 Wind/IK guides the Way for the Dream to come True.

The Challenge begins today for the Human Race to claim the Reality of our Dreams. Today offers the First Light that sets the Tone and Frequency for Divine Truth to become Real by our own Experience. We will See and Feel the Power of Love working in our own life in ways we couldn’t imagine. The Truth lies in the end, though today is ours with a Divine Agency Above to claim where Love will lead us and how Love can only grow.

Tone 10 holds the Intention of Manifestation. The Manifestation of Love is Human’s most challenging creation. Love is a Dream for Tomorrow. Love doesn’t hold any value if it is just here for today. The challenge of the Creation is that we have to claim the Truth that lies in the future. When we Discern the Truth of Love, we know tomorrow may come, though all that matters is Here and Now. True Love is Divine on every scale. Love is the Truth for ALL Time and all our Time is recorded.

Wind/IK is the Breath of Life and the Breath of Spirit. The glyph illustrates the “T” carved in stone. The portals magnified the Sound of the Wind, and directed vision to an  end. The “T” represents the Tree of Life. “Te” is revered by the Maya as the sacred word of creation, a breath intended to create Sound. Wind/IK represents the Voice of the Creator, disseminating Divine Thoughts and Ideas that can change our mind and turn us in a new direction. IK holds the Power of the god Huracan. More than just the gentle breeze, IK can change the landscape of our life if that’s what it takes to claim the Truth.

10 Wind/IK marks a New Year of Divine Justice, Manifested by a Power Above that was APPLIED by Humanity as the Divine Truth Below. We will see the Truth written from the Beginning. We are guided by Wind/IK and Manifestation is guided by Divine Agency. A Divine Army of Angels will be at our side. To carry on to the ends of our Divine Justice, we only have to claim it’s true. What we can’t imagine, we can raise as our Offering of Faith we ASK to Believe. 10 Wind/IK can answer a prayer in the beginning so we can believe in the end.

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10 Offering / MULUC – Guided by the Light: Day 10 of 13

10 Offering / MULUC


The journals BEFORE, After:

Published: March 18, 2021 (03/18/2021)
TODAY’S KIN: December 3, 2021 (12/03/2021)
10 Offering/MULUC, Destiny Kin 49 


Greetings Kin,

Tone 10 raises the Intention of Manifestation. Manifestation is the challenge for every Creation. We have to claim the Truth. Our Intention was to create a Life of Meaning and Purpose to be a Light for the Whole. Love is a Creation of Beauty that goes on forever. The challenge is that we have to claim Love Now and Love that will always be. We have to claim the Truth of forever.

We were raised to believe in the end through the Patience to see the Big Picture. On a Higher Scale, seeing the whole experience from the beginning to the end, we witnessed the Truth of Cause and Effect. Love has the effect of Beauty. We have to claim how Love holds its value, and more – over Time, it multiplies to its Brightest Light. Over Time, the darkness disappears into the background to witness only the Beauty of the Light.

Offering/MULUC shares the way to Claim the Divine Truth to have and hold forever. Through a Sacred Offering we are Atoned with the thoughts of the Creator. We can See the Truth from Above, through eyes that only saw the Beauty of Life, the “Times of  our Life” we would never trade, no matter the darkness in our story. In fact, we see that through  the darkness, we saw the Light. One was an Offering to see the other.

On MULUC we can see the Offering we can bring to see “the other” in the Highest Light. We learned that we only need a Divine Reason to create the Cause for Divine Justice. Offering/MULUC raises a Reason that manifests neverending Love in Divine Communion, Loving back and forth. MULUC is the Light of Seeing and Acknowledging the Offering that was first given by a Hand Above. A Divine Creator Loved us first and best, never seeing “darkness.” Only seeing the Beauty of the “hard climb” we were willing to make for a Divine Reason – the Truth we held Faith to believe was the Reason for the Whole.

Offering/MULUC is a Symbol of Water everywhere, from the Cosmos to our own Tears. Representing the Moon and our Human emotions, through an Offering the One Above can share the Truth through the Sacred Exchange. MULUC offers a Divine Healing to the Human emotions that can rule our thoughts. We will always feel the pain of Human Love that doesn’t receive its Sacred Exchange in the Time it was given, though we never have to Suffer, believing Love will wait forever to reach its end.

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10 Wisdom / CIB – The Truth and the Way: Day 10 of 13


Dear Beloved Kin,
The Deer’s Mission is the Creator’s Dream for our Life. Every One was intended to live for a Divine meaning and purpose. The injustice of the world below is balanced by Forgiveness. When we forgive, we know we made a Wise Choice. We hold Higher Hopes for our Self.  Seeing clearly, we Remember we the One who never saw our fault. The Divine Truth is always Beautiful.

CIB guides a Divine State of Mind, in Harmony and Right Relationship. Love is the Power of Tangibility that connects Human matter up close or far away. Forgiveness is a Choice “finished” in our heart. It matters without saying a word. It has to, to be offered as a Divine Way in harmony and equity. It’s never too late or too early to forgive. No one else has to change a thing. “Everything will be okay,” IS an expression of Peace and Wellbeing. It’s different than “It’s all okay.” That’s the same as “nothing matters.”

EVERYTHING MATTERS. I want time to hurry by to a day when THIS time has already passed, and I’m somewhere else AFTER. My Highest Hope is anything better than this. Just remember we’re only the first little sprout in the 2nd uinal. It’s a miracle that such a tender shoot from a seed has the work of pushing through the earth. We’re getting close to rising from the dirt.

On 13 Storm/CAUAC we’ll be delivered by the Light. We’ll know where we belong by the place we turn for Sanctuary.

love, in lak’ech, Debra

AUM Mantra 432 hz (108x)



The journals BEFORE, After:

Published: March 5, 2021 (03/05/2021)
TODAY’S KIN: November 20, 2021 (11/20/2021)
10 Wisdom/CIB, Destiny Kin 36 


10 Wisdom / CIB

Greetings Kin,

Tone 10 raises the Intention of Manifestation. Tones 8 through 13 are the “transformation phase” of each cycle of Light, led by Divine Intervention. Our Transformation is the Gift of Divine Justice. Through the Eagle’s eye we could see the future, Divine Justice always has our name on it.

Tone 10 presents the challenge of manifestation. No matter how far we’ve traveled, and no matter how many obstacles we’ve overcome, we have to claim the Truth of our own Transformation to manifest the Wisdom of the Experience. The Maya symbol for 10 represents the 2 Hands that will complete the end in the future, a Divine Hand Above and a Human Hand Below.

Guided by the Deer, the Mayan priest who is dedicated to follow a path to an altar of Love, we found a Reason for Life that would always lead to the Divine Justice of our Highest Hopes and our Highest Aspirations. At a Divine Altar, kneeling in humility for all our broken ways, a Creator’s Divine Justice is to See the Beauty in our Self, and Beauty all around. It was Offered from the Beginning. We can’t reach to know it without receiving what was already given as ours to have and to hold, the Power to live the most beautiful life.

The Deer/MANIK led us to the threshold of a new life that is already here and now. We are standing at the door.  The Creator’s Dream for every Human was a Life of Harmony and Equity from the beginning to the end. To manifest the end of the Creator’s Dream, we have to claim Life is Beautiful from the “Alpha to the Omega.”

To manifest the Creator’s Divine Justice, Human has to Choose to open the door that leads to a Divine State of Mind.

How to manifest our Dreams is the first and last Wisdom that Human always wants to know. We are the Seed that’s been pushing so far through the darkness, reaching away from the matters that hold us down. Sometimes a Human will fly away, when we’re so close to the end. The longer we wait for the Divine Future to be, the harder it gets to Remember how far we’ve come.

CIB represents the creation of Human Consciousness as a Whole. The glyph illustrates the Human mind in it’s Highest State of Consciousness, emanating the Light of Love and Truth, shining as the Light of Forgiveness. Forgiveness is the Key to the Kingdom that Human has to Choose. A Divine One can lead us to the Reason we should use it, but Forgiveness is Human’s Choice to make.

When we claim the Wisdom of Forgiveness, we’ll claim the Truth in the Light.

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10 Night / AKBAL – Vision Quest: Day 10 of 13


Greetings Beloved Kin:
The Intention of 10 Night/AKBAL is to claim the Truth of our Heart’s Desire. AKBAL is the Dreamer that Believes In the Dream. In our Dreams, we’ll see the Beauty that waits at the end, and a Voice of AKBAL will speak the Truth in  our Dreams.

Don’t be afraid to turn to a Dream left behind a long time ago, when it was too late – “impossible.” If you are WILLING to see what made it so Beautiful, the One  Above can share the Truth – if that’s the Experience you Love, I promise the End that’s the Mystery is so much Higher – and because you dreamed it, it’s a Divine Thought, like a Star, that reminds someone else to make a wish.

We multiply to abundance whatever we Hold to our Heart as an “object of our affection.” What if we Returned the Experience we Love for someone else waiting – and it’s their PERFECT Time? Maybe someone would follow a light of Truth that took us longer to know. A Divine Cause like that could only be balanced by EXACTLY WHAT WE ALWAYS WANTED that’s PERFECT for “our THIS” Time and Place?

Offerings of Our Truth to Know the Truth of the One, is Living by the Truth – letting go of what we think we want, investing our Dreams in One “sight unseen.” We see, when we choose to know. That’s the Promise. Once we See, we can  Know THE TRUTH of Anything.

AKBAL is the POWER and the TRUTH that to Create, the last step is to LET IT GO. Questions end when  we Claim the Truth. In our Dreams, Faith is just as good as Believing. AKBAL is a chance to hear it Spoken and claim the words our heart was longing to hear, could only be known by a Higher One. The most mystical part, will be the experience that feels “everyday” – as possible as some Divine One telling you the Truth in a Dream… something you needed to hear, but couldn’t put into words – only the feelings, back when you lost hope and you created “the impossible dream.”

love, Debra

Published: February 20, 2021
10 Night/AKBAL


Greetings Kin,

10 Night / AKBAL

Tone 10 holds the Intention of Manifestation. Manifestation presents a challenge to claim the Truth. Human’s highest Dream for happiness is Love we could know was True All the Time. Today’s Dream is given for Tomorrow. The challenge is claiming the Truth in the Future. Dreams were given to Believe.

A Divine Dream for our Life was shared at our Ascension of the last Tzolk’in round. The Spark in the New Seed is Remembering, Dreams that were shared by a Human Being that came before, and from the Divine One that will Always Be. In the early Times we slept beneath the Stars, holding the wish for tomorrow and dreaming of the Light. The Dream of Life is as old as Time. We are Awakening to the Unlimited Possibilities of Our Life and the Dream we’ve always held for the future. Only now, we’ll claim a Higher End.

The Mayan symbol for 10 represents the Power of Two Hands. We can Believe in our Dreams when we See and Acknowledge the Truth of the Hand Above and the Hand Below. Our Transformation is carried out through an Intervention of Divine Agency. A Light will shine for us when our eyes are Opened to See the Dream is Real.

Night/AKBAL is the Dreamer that Believes the Dream. The glyph illustrates the veil drawn back to see the Light of the Truth. AKBAL resides in the West, the “darkness that is the Light” of our Unknown Future. The glyph also resembles the face of Monkey/CHUEN, the Creator that holds the Consciousness of Dreams. The Maya drew the Sacred Breath and Entered the Darkness counting their blessings for a Lucid Dream to know the Truth of another place that’s Real.

Dreams ARE Real. We can manifest the Truth of the Reality. We DO manifest the Truth of the Reality, when we see that we are Creating in the Darkness. AKBAL is a Day Sign of “Light.” We are promised to See a Light from Above, the Truth that Dreams are Real. AKBAL can speak to us with an audible voice in our Dream. AKBAL holds potential for mystical experiences that are REAL. A Divine Agency will share the Truth of a Dream we Love. In a realm of all possibility, a Voice of Divine Authority will claim the Dream we Love Together will always hold a Happy Ending. for us to claim our Heart’s Desire. The Truth of Love IS our Dream come true.

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10 Dog / OC – Dawn of a New Awakening: Day 10 of 13


On 7 Deer/MANIK the daily journal online reached the end. This is the Beginning, After. I’ll provide links to the daily Journal written the last round, and there are more to find from the search feature. It feels easier to understand as what’s going on, and you can discern the higher perspective that turns it around through the calendar.

My last journal on 9 Offering/MULUC: 9 Offering/MULUC, February 6, 2021
Search “9 Offering” for more. 
February 2021 I was dreaming of Life AFTER COVID vaccine, like the end of solitary confinement. We were stopped one more time, to see the BIG PICTURE.


10 Dog / OC

Greetings Beloved Kin,

It’s the day for Manifestation. And, I’m excited as a Dog to share as LITTLE as possible with you!

You’ll be happy, when you know the unknown. The first word count was 4044. Aren’t you GLAD you don’t have to read THAT!  I walked around a couple of times.

Before I started I wanted to make it short and to the point. It was buried in words. And, when I got to the end, I thought, “So Be it.” But,  then I remembered how I started. So, at the end, I promised fewer words for tomorrow. Then it hit me, it’s a do-over chance right now to create another experience from the same cycle of time.

I’m going to take a wild chance that the Creator can say through my fewest words possible a revelation and the point that mattered the most that I wanted to express… a  whole truth, short and sweet and say it once, for the first time, this way.

To figure out the day, you just notice if the Element of Air makes any sense to see it. You have to LOOK UP, North to see it, literally. And, foremost, you have to care what it means. I know it’s sketchy already – coming from another human being.

Dog’s have to be trained by a Master. A Dog will be what the master trains it to be. The dog is bound to the One for survival.  We think “dog’s life” but unless  they are free, they have sacrificed  ALL CONTROL through a Force of Love and the Beauty of sharing a free life of choices – satisfied by the One – anticipated.

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10 Seed / KAN – Light for the Future: Day 10 of 13



10 Seed/KAN

Greetings Beloved Kin,

In the 13th uinal of Ascension we manifest the Light and Truth of Love that will grow brighter with each day. Raised to our Higher Thoughts by closer proximity to the Divine Truth Above, we saw a Spark of a Higher Possibility.

Tone 10 extends Human’s Power to claim the Truth. Our Highest Hopes and our Highest Aspirations can only carry us so far. From Human’s perspective, it could just be a Dream – a wild idea, too far-out to carry on, believing in the darkness of the Unknown. Tone 10, and Manifestation, always presents a challenge. We have to claim the Dream is Possible… and our Heart has to Feel it’s the Truth.

Under the Light of Divine Agency, the Truth we see will be Our Own. It doesn’t matter anymore, when we Know our Heart is aligned by Unconditional Love, and we’ve made the Choice to Create it, and to manifest the Beauty in the Divine Way we were given.

This is an important time to See and Claim the Truth of our Light. We are given a Bright Idea for Loving. We can complete “the work” on our own, in Divine Union with the One Above. We will forget the way it Looks and Feels right now, when the New Seed is planted in Mother Earth. Like every journey, we’ll begin at the beginning, discovering our new way through the darkness of the Unknown Experience. Claim the Beauty of the Light you see now, lying within your grasp. Claim the Dream is the Truth, knowing every Dream for the Higher Beauty of Love is the Creator’s Dream that’s Destined by Divine Design.

The Haab Year Bearer by Northern count is 10 Wind/IK. We are intended to claim the Truth of a Divine Promise on a planetary scale. Time is marked by 10 Seed/KAN to know the Truth About our Self. Seed/KAN represents the Spark of Knowing within the Seed, an imperishable identity that is given by Divine Design. KAN is the “little dragon” – the single body of Consciousness given in Harmony and Equity to every Living Thing. We were Designed as a Human Seed of Divine Consciousness. Given the Sacred Right of Choice, we were given the Sanctity of our own Life. No one else has seen the road we’ve taken. Yet, we all share the same Road.

Love Finds a Way

Seeing Life from a Higher Scale of Experience, we can claim the Gift of Beauty that marks every Creation drawn out of the darkness by our Highest Hopes and Aspirations. Love is Sealed within, a Light that shines in the darkness or the light. Love shines its Truth for the Whole to See, when we are Creating the Dream written in our Heart. KAN is the “dragon energy” like the ley lines of Mother Earth. We can Feel the Truth of our Heart’s Compassion. Our lives may look very different from the outside, but within, the “hard road” Feels just the same. Love is the Great Equalizer for the Divine Experience of Life. Burdens of Love weigh just as heavy on every Heart that wants to know. We can travel to the nether-regions to avoid the Truth, but it’s only a circle. We’ll see the Truth when we are turned to another Time and Place.

Residing in the South, KAN shines the Light on Right Relationship. Holding the Element of Earth, we see the Light and the Truth in a tangible way. KAN shines the Light on the Everyday means and ways that a Divine Human Being is given to carry on, beyond every limitation.

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10 Monkey / CHUEN – Breath of Life and Spirit: Day 10 of 13



10 Monkey / CHUEN

Greetings Beloved Kin,

Tone 10 raises the Intention of Manifestation. Tone 10 always presents a challenge for the meaning and purpose to claim the Truth of Higher Consciousness. We are challenged by an old discernment of the Truth. We stand at the crossroads. To manifest our Higher Reason to carry Love to the end, we have to claim this Time is Different.

This Time IS different under the guidance of the Year Bearer 10 Wind/IK. Claiming the Truth of Divine Agency is the Intention for 2021 on a planetary scale. The Fall Equinox marks the Earth Time of Harvest. By all signs, we are ALL intended to manifest a Higher Realization of Love, and the Promise from the Beginning that our Dreams for Love Will Be. A Divine Agency will grasp the Truth beyond Human’s limit to know to shine the Light from Above.

In the 11th uinal we are raised to a Higher Frequency of thoughts, with a new clarity to see the unseen. Reflected in all the pieces and parts is the Truth that we Belong, here and now, right where we are. The invisible jaguar footprints are always at our feet.

We’ve been here before, facing the same limitations. No matter how high we reach, our Human Nature makes its appearance before we’re through.

Did you create a steeper climb? Or, does Love feel easier?

The challenge of Manifestation is that we have to claim the Truth for our self. We have to KNOW we looked at an experience from every angle, close-up, far away, and even backwards in  the Mirror’s Reflection to claim we invested all the ways we knew to Know. Then, we Know we can stand on the “best we could do by human limitation.” That’s always enough, when we reach for our Dream of Love, our Heart Knows was Intended To Be.

Can we claim that it’s the Truth? Or, like before, “Have I failed again?”

Tone 10 reflects the Power of 2 in Divine Trinity, a Divine Hand Above and a Human Hand below. We grasp the Truth when our Mind is One with the Creator. Reaching to know the Mind of the Higher One, a Divine Hand will always come through. The One Above Waits for us to Ask for the Highest Truth from the Up Above, so we will be looking to see the Whole Truth of the Light.

Thoughts of the Creator’s Dream for us opened our eyes to look for an end beyond our Highest Hopes. Through the Dog’s eyes we saw all the opportunities for Love that could be marked as the Truth. The Dog ALWAYS claims the Truth of Love by being the One to Give Back first, and Pay Forward a treasure that will last forever.

Monkey/CHUEN holds position 11 as the Divine One with the Sense to Look for what it wants to see. Dog/OC shared the Perspective that Love is Everywhere. Monkey/CHUEN reflects the Divine Consciousness to see that Love is the Force of Beauty. CHUEN sees beauty in every treasure the Dog brings home by the Love that shines from the Heart. Holding the Element of Water, CHUEN speaks to our Heart through the Beauty of our own Creation.

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