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The “Goodness” of the Divine Creator

Divine Father, Thank you for the Light of Consciousness you shared within our Heart for the Divine Purpose of Knowing the Mysteries of Life and the Whole Creation.


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A Time for Every Thing, and ALL Time for Purpose

Gray and Gold 1942, John Rogers Cox – Cleveland Art

Greetings Beloved Kin,

Human consciousness is limited by the Ego that perceives everything as either “bad” or “good” by the desires of our Human Nature. A Divine Creator shared the Gift of Duality for Seeing ALL things at a “lower” and “higher” perspective of Consciousness. The Higher Truth is that by knowing ONE Truth about ONE thing, we know at least ONE thing about ALL things through the comparison. It either IS or it ISN’T the same. That leads to the Higher Questions that can answer the Mysteries of Life. What is it that makes it different or the same? And, how can the thing that makes it different serve a Divine Purpose? When we look from the Ego’s limiting perceptions, we STOP thinking with the answer “Good” or “Bad.” One, or the other is ALL the Ego wants to see. The only Answer becomes, “How can we change it to Our Way?”

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