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1 Wind / IK – Breath of Life and Spirit: Day 1 of 13


1 Wind / IK


Greetings Kin,

The Next 13 days…

The Fruit is on the Vine, a Divine Dream held in Agreement by the One Above and the One Below. We grew in steps, first by Loving our Self, then Loving more the One who would carry on. Our Highest Love is the end of Seeing and Acknowledging the Light of ALL our Dreams of Love. We hold Divine Wisdom when we know that Beauty was the Highest Aspiration of Creator, and a Relationship given the Time to share the experience.

The Truth of the Experience lies at the Heart of the New Seed of our Self. 12 Sun/AHAU shared the Light of Understanding, and 13 Crocodile/IMIX offered the Beauty for All Creation. Offering/MULUC led us to the Beauty of Love as an Offering, wanting nothing more than the Highest Good of the Whole. Love Given Back or Paid Forward acknowledges the Source and the Receiver as the Highest “objects of affection.”

Two Divine Trinities were drawn together. We were aligned with the Truth of the Light from Above, and aligned Below, by the Truth that Love is the Only Way to manifest the Highest Dreams for the Whole. It’s the Truth of Common Sense, only now we Feel the Reason Why it matters. We Know what it means to us. We know the Highest Truth we can apply to Reconcile our Past, the Present, and the Future of our New Life.

We were born to bear the Truth of Love, to Feel the Highest Way.

Offering/MULUC was the Truth shared as the Light of the Creator’s Highest Dream. We would shine like a Star, Loving our Self and All things Equally all around. It wouldn’t be an Obligation, but a Choice we would Love to make. The Divine Alpha received the Light and turned it to the Heart of the Seed. “Darkness” is the Application of the Truth, to know the Wisdom of the Experience. 1 Wind/IK will Disseminate the Truth of our Spirit and the Truth of  a Divine Dream we were given to create. The Highest Dream was shared with the “One and Only.” Every dream given from Above has our Name on it. Someone else may receive the same idea, though their Beauty will reflect the Truth of another Time and Place. All our stories are the same, about Life, what happens, and what we do about it. We learn something from every story, depending on what we look to see. Wind/IK shares the Breath that gives Life to our own New Dream for Living.

The 12 uinal raises us to Higher Ground by Truth aligned between the Head and the Heart. When the Truth is applied to a human experience, our Heart will know how it feels. The Reason to Reach for the Highest Truth will be taken to heart. Through the Heart, we learn the Divine Discernment of Compassionate Love, and Truth that Matters. The 12 Ascends to the 13 when we choose the Highest Offering from the one to serve the Highest Good for the Whole.

By Northern Count, the Haab 365-day “vague year” calendar marks the Year Bearer as 10 Wind/IK. Earth’s cycle represents the Truth of an Experience Offered on a Planetary Scale… a Truth that Humanity is Raised to Know through a Common Experience. The Haab sheds Light on a Truth that matters to everyone, as an experience we all Feel the Same. The Tzolk’in Galactic Week of 1 Wind/IK falls in synchronicity at the Center of the Haab, a Peak Time for Seeing the First Light of the Truth we are intended to Know in Common. 10 is the Challenge before us to Invest our Whole Heart to Manifest the Highest One. The Intention of the Highest UNDERSTANDING is the Truth that “God” plays a Divine hand in our Life. We get Lost in the Truth of everyday. 1 Wind/IK is the First Breath Spoken, and the Truth that, Above ALL, is Intended to be Known. 1 Wind/IK and 10 Wind/IK are aligned to Magnify the Wind at our Back. Wind/IK shares the Truth of the One with the Two. Our Heart will be led by the Truth of Divine Understanding to see the Beauty of Life through to the end.

Serpent/CHICCHAN symbolizes the Light of Illumination, the Spark that Lights the Fuse to ignite the Force of Life. The Spark in the Heart of every Seed FEELS when the conditions are right for Love to Come to Life, to Grow and Expand to their Highest Intention of Being. 4 CHICCHAN will Fire the Highest Truth that matters into the Heart of the New Seed of our Self. CHICCHAN shares the Quickening of our Spirit and Truth that Stands because We Know. Nothing will change the Truth we Know in our Heart. We know the Life of our Spirit depends on claiming the Truth, at any cost. Only, we know the Highest Offering is the sacrifice to Feel the Truth for the One Above.

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1 MULUC – Bodewadmin Longhouse Message

Bodewadmin Longhouse Message

by Minisa Crumbo Halsey, 1 Wind/IK (August 25, 2021)

Good morning … mno waben aanii … good day friends …
I am expanding this mailing in order to initiate important plant talk into our fall and winter gestational honor seasons, whereby we recognize and honor those seeds with which we sat and prayed last winter in the Bodewadmin Longhouse. As with the natural world or a tended, intentional garden, part of the growth can be predicted or shaped and part cannot. At this time we all, here on Turtle Island, find ourselves coming into new awareness and balance with the Great Mystery. The inner and outer landscapes are shifting. This offers so much opportunity for not only sacred choice to the exercised but also a vastly expanded view of Medicine Wheel teachings and disciplines by which to institute these choices … then bringing these ones into the inner longhouse for growth and endurance prayers. 

This time of harvest is when the serious work of the next year’s harvest begins … praying over the seeds of this year. 

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Circle of Life, by Minisa Crumbo Halsey, 1 Wind/IK

1 Offering / MULUC – The Light of the Scion: Day 1 of 13



1 Offering / MULUC

Greetings Kin,

Offering/MULUC is a symbol of Water Everywhere from the Cosmos to our Tears. MULUC is a symbol of the Moon and our Emotions. When our Human emotions are stirred up, matters of the Ego veil the Truth. MULUC offers a Healing to our Emotions through the Truth of their Highest Meaning and Purpose.

Tone 1 is the Day of Unity with the Creator. The Intention is to receive a Divine Inspiration for our next Higher Intention to Love. Tone 1 begins from a place of Inertia. The Wise thing to do is to take the Time to pay attention.

CIB guided the Wisdom of Human’s experience. The New Beginning looked like a brand new start at our Ascension. On Tone 1 it can feel like you don’t know where to start. Forces of Vibration flow back and forth.

We might expect our Human emotions to come into play over the next 13 days. Give yourself Time to see things clearly. It’s easy to see the Truth when we are willing to Feel both sides, then turn to the Higher Truth Above.

Our Hearts were opened by the burdens of Humanity. The only way is Forgiveness. We saw through the darkness all around how our challenges rate on the Scale of Human Suffering. Our Hearts were Opened so Love could Flow like Living Water.

MULUC guides us to Give Back and Pay Forward. MULUC is the archetype of the Wounded Healer, willing to make the sacrifice on behalf of the Whole.  Counting our own Blessings of Love, the only Offering that will do is a sacrifice of the heart.

Red and Blue Day Signs symbolize a trecena of “Light” – the Incoming Truth of Divine inspiration. Every new climb begins from the Truth of our Ascension. We Ascended with the Highest Wisdom of CIB – Forgiveness is the Key to the Kingdom. Under the guidance of MULUC our Emotions are Healed by a Divine Cause.

The Master Number 11 is the Light of Divine Inspiration, Truth shared from Above. We are tuned in to a Higher Frequency to realize the Truth when we Feel it. Truth never hurts – at least not for long, when we know that a Divine Dream depends on the Truth. The 11th uinal  is completed by 12 Sun/AHAU, the Divine Light of Understanding. In the 4th Season of the Tzolk’in we are guided to a Divine Realization of the Future, beyond our wildest dreams. In the 12th uinal we’ll take the Truth to Heart. Our Prayers are Answered on 13 Crocodile/IMIX, the Alpha to the Omega and the Dawn of a New Awakening.

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1 Wisdom / CIB – A Reincarnation: Day 1 of 13



Greetings Kin,

The next 13 days…

Each Day, A New Beginning…

How was your AKBAL Dream? Did you Dream the future. Was it YOU that was there?

We Ascended into a New Season of a Life that completes itself every 260 days. It’s the legend of the Truth on every scale. The Day is Sacred, marking the measure for all Time conceived by Human as cycles of Light and Dark. We were born to the Light of Divine inspiration. The Dark always comes after, when we wake up in the Natural World. We saw something beautiful – a possibility for Our Life. We want to see the end of the Dream in the Down Below. We want to be there now.

Wisdom/CIB offers the HIGHEST Wisdom of Experience. It marks the Beginning for the Truth and the Way we will Know in the end. CIB connects us to the Divine Wisdom of ALL Time. The glyph illustrates a mind in it’s highest state of Divine Consciousness, emanating Light of Peace, Happiness and Knowing. We Ascend to our Highest Truth, knowing we never know Now all we Will Know with Time.

The Key to the Kingdom is Forgiveness. CIB’s Highest Truth and Way will be resolved by Divine Agency. There’s something we didn’t know. A strong hold of “injustice” will be broken when the Truth Shines for Us. We made up our own story. We broke our own heart. It wasn’t the Truth. Through Forgiveness, we’ll see and we’ll Know. Seeing Clearly is the Sacred Exchange for Forgiveness. When “injustice” is wiped away, we’ll “forgive like the Creator forgives,” when we see “nothing to forgive.”

Forgiveness is Human’s Highest Creation. It goes against our Human Nature, so intent on its own survival. We can see man experiences as a “personal offense,”  like when we Drive, we Rule OUR Road. “You better not veer into My lane.” It looks like Useless Truth we see as clear as a bell. It can be Divine Truth, when we APPLY it. That’s what Wisdom is, an APPLICATION of Truth. Truth ALWAYS sets us Free.

5 Sun/AHAU completes the 10th uinal of Human’s manifestation. CIB will raise the Power of the Divine Hand that human was given to play. Time is ordered to share the Experience that leads to Higher Truth that will  Multiply to Abundance. We’ll See it Clearly in the 11th uinal. The Higher Truth is Love (Dog/OC, the symbol of Unconditional Love, in Position 10). In the 11th uinal we Know we can Create it (Monkey/CHUEN the Creator in Position 11). In the 11th uinal, 8 Night/AKBAL is the zenith that Shines the Truth that our Dreams are the Truth.

THE FOURTH SEASON: Our Highest Ascension
Human’s experience of Truth is completed by 4 directions. To Know, we have to look at the Truth all the way around. The Discernment of Divine Wisdom requires us to see things from the “other side.” From East to West, we see how things look at the beginning and the end. From North to South, we see the “Wisdom” our Spirit Knows, Above, and the “truth we think we know” as the Human, Below. AKBAL offered us Time to Dream and to “look under the hood.” We’ve been puttering down the road at a crawl, and find there’s a V-8 cylinder engine that’s never been taken for a drive. The “harvest” is the Seed of our Self, multiplied to Abundance. We’ll use the Truth we know different ways, for different reasons. We are Guided from Above, the Wisdom of the Sages and the Colors we can be.

We dreamed the Highest Dream for the Divine Inspiration of Living. We know a place in the future our Heart wants to be. Like every Divine Inspiration, we Asked for it. Wisdom/CIB is a cycle of knowing by the Truth of our own Experience. We don’t have to wonder, “If we can.” We’ve already seen how the Creator “raised us again” like the Grass. Now we’ll take the Flight of the Phoenix.

13 Sun/AHAU is Destiny Kin 260, that completes our Highest Ascension of the Tzolk’in round, the Guardian at the End of All Time. 13 is the Symbol of the Power of Answered Prayers – the Power of Choice in Human’s hand. Sun/AHAU is the Brightest Light of our Self that could ever be. We only saw the glimpse of it in our Dream – what Spirit always knew, but Human only caught as a Dream of Beauty in the distance, because of the new way we can see our Self in the Here and Now. We can APPLY the Truth of our Highest Divine Nature. We can level every “mountain” to a “molehill”  and carry on. If the “mountain” won’t move, we can be a “giant” that steps right over… like the “lord of the Day.” There’s SOME symbol we can create that works in a Dream. And, now we know. If we can create the vision in our Dreams, the Truth WILL manifest – As Above, So Below. That’s the Supreme Creator’s “Great Law” of Creation, and how Human can do anything – even learn to Fly like an Eagle, only high, higher, and even higher than the sky. Creating our New Life will be WAY easier than that. We Know.

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1 Night / AKBAL – A Dream “With Heart”: Day 1 of 13



1 Night / AKBAL

Greetings Kin,

The Next 13 Days…

“Night/AKBAL is a Light that Shines in the Darkness as the Dreamer that Believes in the Dream.”  

The TRUTH is everything that’s REAL. Our Dreams are “the TRUTH.”

Night/AKBAL is the Dreamer that Believes in the Dream. The glyph illustrates the face of Monkey/CHUEN, imposed on the veil drawn back to see the Light that shines within.

We dreamed Human’s Highest Dream. The trecena of Dog/OC was the tangible journey to create the Wisdom of Experience. Night/AKBAL is the Creator’s Dream Before we define the Dream of our own Divine Justice, we will see what the Creator intended to be.

We’ll know the Dream that engages our Heart’s Desire. We’ll know the Truth in our AKBAL  Dreams. AKBAL holds the potential for Mystical Experiences, and a chance to see what’s “really under the hood.” All the Divine Faculties of the Monkey/Creator’s Consciousness are disconnected, to see one from the other – the Unconscious and Conscious, the Left and Right, and the Intellect and Imagination.

Night/AKBAL resides in the West, the Unknown Future. Holding the Element of Water can reveal our deepest emotions. It can be a long dark night of the Soul. Though, we are destined to be Born Again – with a New Dream and we Know it has our name on it.

“Light” is Truth – to shine a light on something is “to see.” AKBAL is a cycle of the “incoming Light of Divine Inspiration.” A cycle of brand new thoughts are on their way, so we can ascend with the Truth for our Own Higher Dream.  The Truth is the same thing about “Reality.” We “wake up” as a Human Being, but in the “light of physicality” we can’t “see the forest for the trees.” We FEEL reality. You can’t convince us dirt isn’t the Truth. Dirt is TRUE and it Matters, it’s just that the Dirt is not the TRUTH of our IDENTITY. The Divine Spark within is the TRUTH of who we are. And we DO know it,  so we COULD Remember it, when  we think of where we came from in the first place. AND, where every creation starts, in the first place.

We will be drawn to the highest cycle of manifestation for the Tzolk’in round. In sync with the Seasons in the Natural World means the whole  of us is sharing the same experience on a planetary scale. The 10 Above (uinal) and a 10 below (tone) will magnify the experience ono 10 Road/EB. EB connects Humanity through Common thoughts and feelings related to the Truth. The Truth we claim will be witnessed by the Whole. We are given a challenge of creation. Can Love turned around by the Whole? Is it possible? Whatever Truth we choose to claim, will be the Truth for our perspective of reality, all the way through our next round of “higher work.”

HOLY DAY: Dedication of the Mayan Priestess
9 Monkey/CHUEN: We are the Mayan Priestess that raises the Divine Feminine into Harmony and Equity as the HIGHEST Discernment of the Divine  Truth. She leads us to the Wisdom of the Heart, that Human’s our Mission to See and Acknowledge. The day marks a Divine Union between the Above and the Below. The ritual was carried out at the Pyramid of the Magician” in Uxmal. Before the pyramid, lies the statue of 2 Jaguar’s facing opposite directions and joined as One.  The Creator’s Divine Balancing Act is illustrated by the Guardian of Mother Earth and Life all around. Altars to the Jaguar are the place for an Offering of Gratitude, to Could the Blessings of the One Above. The High Priestess is the One Anointed as Dreamer of Life Within that gives thanks for ALL things and both ways, the Darkness and the Light.

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1 Dog / OC – “The Work” of Creation: Day 1 of 13



1 Dog / OC

Greetings Kin,

The Next 13 Days…

1 Dog/OC begins a cycle of “Darkness.” We are drawn to Love in the Balance, the Sacred Exchange of Giving Back and Paying Forward. Dog/OC knows the Truth of the Overflow.

Dog/OC is a symbol of Unconditional Love and the Consciousness that Love is everywhere. The Dog lives for the next Opportunity to discover the Beauty and carry the gift home to the pack.

The buds are on our Tree of Life. There’s proof that New Life is rising in us that is pushing us beyond the growth we knew before. The 9th Uinal intends the Patience to see a Bigger Picture. 9 holds the Power of Completion. From the Flowers that will Blossom in us, we’ll Know the Beauty of Human Love was a Divine Conception.

HOLY DAY: Day of Awareness
8 Earth/CABAN is observed by the Maya as the Day of Awareness. July 24, 2021 is a day to acknowledge the gift of Knowing, our gifts of Intellect and Imagination, and our Consciousness of a Light of Truth Above. We will be trained by the Dog/OC to claim the  Gift for Life.

Our Ascension is 13 Wind/IK. The last day sign of any cycle is the Guardian of Time, and the end Promised from the Beginning. The date is marked by Divine Number, July 29, 2021 (07/29/2021). Under the 7, we can see all that from the Higher Place. Number 29 is the final degree of an orbit before the planets move into New Way of Being. The 9 is a “whole investment.” We want our Life to be carried out under the most Divine Hand of Authority. One isn’t enough for the Highest Reach of Love. We’re reaching for the 2, united in the Higher Place. WE’LL KNOW THE TRUTH IN TIME FOR IT’S HIGHEST APPLICATION. WE WILL KNOW WE ANSWERED A DIVINE CALL TO LOVE.


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DAY SIGN STUDY: Lords of Time – Earth/CABAN, N’oj, Ollin

1 Earth / CABAN


Often-used resources on the Internet disappeared a couple of years ago. The project to recreate a version of my own has been on the workbench.

When Day Sign question came up, I saw Earth/CABAN, the leader of this trecena, as the perfect place to start. After making the choice, I remembered.

Mother Earth is the source of everything that Human Beings learn about life. Earth is the “legend” of an all-around experience of Life on course. Earth is where we begin from the pieces at hand that I can pull together.

The Names, Regions, Aspects, Meaning and Purpose of Earth/CABAN

Earth, Caban/Kaban (kuh ‘bahn), Northern/Contemporary, Yucatec
N’oj (N’oh), Classic, Southern, K’iche/Q’uiche (kee-chee)
Ollin (ahl in), Classic, Western, Aztec

Three traditions shared the same gods, known by the Names of their own language. The pronunciations are offer in English. I practiced one phrase of greeting in the language of the K’iche Maya before going to the Yucatan. My few words only drew blank stares. Their language is produced with the back of the throat.

My hunch is that the North adopted the Yucatek’s calendar first from a local culture that knew some Spanish, a Common Language.

All these different versions of the same story can be confusing when you find different answers for the same and different things. You have to pick one, and gather what you WILL recognize from the other two.

And, it’s always best to assume an error somewhere in calculation. There will always be a higher truth.

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1 Earth / CABAN – The Run for Our Life: Day 1 of 13

1 Earth / CABAN


The next 13 days…

Greetings Kin,

Earth/CABAN takes us on the “ride of our  life.” Her movement manifests an order of Time with Meaning and Purpose. Humans have to have a beginning and an end to See the Change to Acknowledge the Truth within.

Life depends on the Seed to take in the nourishment given. Human’s Seed has to make a  Choice for everything. Even the body’s hunger waits for a human choice.

Love is the reason our own Happiness is hard to choose. Caring “what someone else will thinks” IS part of our Divine Design. It takes a relationship between 2 to know Love. EVERY Seed is given its own Life free of Karma.

It’s time to look beyond “potential” to the steps we’ll actually take toward the end. Knowing Our Self was the Answer to our Prayer. We can say “no” to what we don’t want. We don’t have to go along. We nourish the Life of Who We Are by saying “yes” to what we Love. Born with no obligation, those born Seed often Choose Freedom for the Whole, as caretakers of the disadvantaged.

The next 13 days…

Earth/CABAN holds the Power of an Earthquake to shake us into the “time of our life.” You can’t run from an Earthquake. You find a place to hang on. CABAN is the clarion call to make a run for our Life, standing as Who We Are.

“Light” defines a cycle of Divine Inspiration. In the darkness of Seed/KAN we saw the offerings of Life, and how it Feels on the way to Becoming. Now it’s Time for the Dream the way it was conceived from Above. Our Divine Inspiration will be a Clarion Call to “Seize the Day to Live.” We can reach for something higher by employing Mother Earth’s Time. She holds all the cycles of Time and we can choose the Time that fits the creation.

8 is the Number of “pure spirit” holding the Intention of Divine Justice. In the 8th uinal is the Higher Octave that rings the Truth of the One Below. In the 8th uinal, we are raised to Know our Divine Justice by what we Love. When it’s tied to the Truth of a Promise, we Know what our Divine Justice will be. 4 Sun/AHAU is the Destiny Kin of Humanity, the Mayan Birthday we share. 4 Sun/AHAU completes the Consciousness of Life in Balance. The 9th uinal reveals the Creation that will be “finished” by the One Above. In the 9th uinal the fruit of our Spirit is set on the vine. We stand back to see the Big Picture.

Global Burner days mark a release of residual energy. There are 4 Global Burners, one at the center of each season. The Mayan priest carries out the Sacred Fire Ceremony on behalf of the whole to restore Right Relation. There can be some stress on the days that lead up to it. A load can be lifted off our mind, like it never mattered.

Earth/CABAN is the Call to our Heart’s Migration to Love. Every living things was given its own Time to Know, “It’s Time.” The Time for the freedom to express the  Love within is the Time that Human is always waiting to Know. In the darkness, the Seed prepared us to Know.

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1 Seed / KAN – The Dream in our Heart: Day 1 of 13



1 Seed / KAN

Greetings Kin,

The next 13 days…

We Ascended from the Dream of a Divine Creator, believing the Dreams we Love are True. It’s only a matter of Time for the Dream of our Heart’s Desire. We can’t forget the Imperishable Dream what was shared as our Spark of Light within.

We played the human creator in the “core days,” imagining what we could choose to be. Guided by the Light of the Highest Dreamer, we realized a Dream we always Loved is the One that will come True. We learned that the Higher the Dream, the greater the possibility will be.

Planted in the Heart of a new Seed for our Self is the Highest Dream and now we Believe. Now WE are the Corn that will reach it’s highest end, because we have the Power to Choose where we will plant our feet on Mother Earth.

Monkey/CHUEN was the Light for our Divine Inspiration, the Faith and Hope to reach for the Truth of Knowing. Yellow and White Day Signs reflect the Unknown ends of applying the Truth of Divine Inspiration. The Wisdom of the Truth is only known through our own Experience. Like all our “wild ideas,” we know where we’d like them to end and we have a Human idea on the way it should go. That’s the challenge. We will have to look for the Truth along the way, while human eyes still haven’t seen the end. We’ll have to Live by the Truth in our Heart.

Yellow is the color of the fat within, the fuel for Life. Truth of Love is our most Divine Resource for living. We’re “fat and happy” when there’s Love in the picture. Though, there is some extra weight to carry, there’s a divine reason for our body to keep it in-store. (Once, we thought the extra weight was beautiful as a sign of abundance.)

Seed/KAN is the “dragon energy” in the Seed. By all traditions, the Dragon is a symbol of Knowing and a Gift of Divine Illumination. We’ve been illuminated by the Sun to “see clearly” all the Truth in the shadows, and the Truth in plain sight. Above all else, the Seed knows it’s Self and the Dream for its Life. We’ve been raised to maturity to know that when we hold a Divine Gift of Truth in our hand, it’s TIME to use it. The Seed/KAN trecena is TIME to see it how it works. The best use of this Time is to Know Thyself. Seed/KAN guides us to make a thorough inspection of who we are by Divine Design.

8 is the Number of “pure spirit.” Number 8 is a symbol of Abundance to Infinity. We are guided under a Higher Intention of Divine Justice, the Creator’s Highest Dream for the Whole that Choose the Ways of Love and Beauty. The 8th uinal, like the 8th Tone reflects the zenith hour of Light, “the 7th Day” in the 13 Tones of 7 days and 6 nights. Tone 7 and the 7th Day hold the Truth to see “As Above, So Below.”

June 28, 2021 marks the K’iche New Year celebration for the Human calendar of creation. A Full Moon in Capricorn will raise the Light for us to see in 4 days, in all directions that we are “kids of the goat” who can climb mountains and stand on the Highest Ground. We might Dream of the extra kicks we’ll have in our steps. We can choose to be a kid again.

Exalted in its zenith Light, 8 Monkey/CHUEN illuminates the Highest Power of Creation is the Mission of Time. At the Sacred Ceremony of the New Year, we will all be called out by our Divine Name, and the Divine Justice that is fulfilled on the day we are born. The Mayan priest who carries out the Sacred Fire Ceremony calls the names of the 260 Destiny Kin, the lords of the calendar, and the Intention that is their Highest Manifestation. 8 CHUEN manifests the Divine Justice of a New Life and the Truth of the journey we make with the All-In-One with our reason to belong.

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1 Monkey / CHUEN – Dawning of Creation: Day 1 of 13

1 Monkey / CHUEN


Greetings Kin,

The next 13 days…

Monkey/CHUEN is the nahaul/essence of a Balanced Heart and Mind. Through its Relationship with the Dog/OC, Monkey/CHUEN is heart is captured by the Beauty. CHUEN holds the Eye of the Master Artist and the Mind awakened by the Truth that the Dog was the Creator of Love. Love was created by what the Dog felt, engaging all its Time giving the Joy away.

CHUEN Loves Truth and Wisdom like the Dog Loves Love. The Monkey’s Gift is the Consciousness of Knowing what we know, and the Highest Truth we can apply to Create a Divine Life. We could put the Dog’s Gift to use for the Highest Cause.

Jen, our Daykeeper Kin in Guatemala says that the trecena of  Monkey/CHUEN is a re-creation of the world. Monkey/CHUEN conceives the Highest Truth the Whole Pack of us could know, if we put our mind to it. CHUEN sees nothing more beautiful than the Harmony and Happiness of the Whole.

Living in Guatemala near Lake Atitlan, the K’iche tradition turns the wheel of life in the opposite direction. From the Light of the East, they move North to remember we were born with Divine Wisdom. From the Wisdom of Truth they turn to the Unknown in the West. Applying what they know, the Unknown is a place for the gathering of Light reflected from the Moon and the Stars. They put Wisdom into practice when they reach the South, prepared to create Love that was manifested in the place of the Unknown. This is the “beginning” by the K’iche tradition, their 1st Day of the Round that holds the same meaning and purpose for Time and follows the same Kin numbers.

Between the North and the South, we see that Love is beautiful no matter which way it turns. In the North we learn the Truth of Love from each other first. Love is an experience of physicality (South) that we can’t forget. We fell in Love with the Beauty of Human Relationships first and the Earthly payoff. In the North, the way is fast and hard. in the South it’s hard and fast.

Blue and Red Day Signs represent cycles of Incoming Inspiration. CHUEN resides in the West, the place of the Darkness of the Unknown. We will See the Truth we can apply to manifest our Highest Dreams.  We will apply the Power of Love to Every Day, knowing the more we Give, the sooner Love adds up as the Sum of the Whole.

Uinals are the 20-day cycles of our Highest Intentions for Time, created from Dreams of One holding the Highest possibilities. The Core Days of the 7th Uinal is an opening in Time where we are drawn to see Love’s Purest Light of Faith, Hope, and Charity. At the vortex, we are neither turning left or right, but we are standing upon a Divine State of Mind. The Monkey/CHUEN guides us into the 8th uinal, where we begin the Highest Transformation, drawn by our Expanding Dreams of Love to Truth that was beyond our own Highest Ground. We dream the World we were born to Create. The Monkey knows every Dream of Love is True. The Monkey conceives the Truth that Dreams are Real.

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