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Wesak Moon: A Blessing from Chacala, MX

The Sacred Ceremony shared from Chacala, MX was left in the comment section of another post. I’m sharing as a regular post among the rest, so all can See and Receive all the Blessings together.

Thank you again, beauxzoe1, for sharing the Beauty in Your Time and Place.  love, in lak’ech, Debra

Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico

[May 7, 2020, Morning Offering]

GREETINGS from Chacala, Mexico!

I have just come back home from a walk on the beach to make my offering to Mother Ocean on this very auspicious 7I’X WESAK full super moon in Scorpio.

This morning I awoke in a dark, somber and desultory mood. I just couldn’t get started, and felt held back. I made coffee twice – it didn’t taste good to me. Then made tea for my morning libation instead. I got distracted with just about everything. “This is I’X, day of magical energies!” I thought. “Where is the magic in THIS?!” Normally I am able to smoothly do my morning DEAL: Devotion, Elimination, Ablution and Libation. But this morning was very discombobulated. Not a very good way to start this pinnacle day!

And yet…

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Wesak Moon: “Spirit Voices” a Song for the Wesak shared from Oregon

Tammy shares a song for the Wesak…

Artist: Darragh Hodges

As I continue in ceremony, I prepare and look forward to offer a gift and service to All ~with you~ tomorrow on May 8, 2020!

I would like to share my song for the day… from “Rhythm of the Saints”  “Spirit Voices”

~ Tammy, 13 Jaguar/IX

Tammy – Thank you for sharing your love from Oregon and for holding a Sacred Place in Spirit! 
(The lyrics are included with the video.)

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