4 Crocodile/iMix (Cherokee Turtle Dak’si)

Turtle emerges as beginning of life on the Earth.

Turtle emerges as beginning of life on the Earth.

4 is the Galactic Tone of stability, bringing form and dimension as the 4 directions of the Medicine Wheel provide orientation, and height, width, length and depth bring shape to any form. It is a day to see the new creation taking form. Along the journey of life, 4 is the GPS moment that brings clarity to a new direction.

Crocodile/iMix is the very first Daykeeper sign in the 20 sign rotation, also bringing together the energy of “the One.” The Cherokee called this the day of the Turtle/Dak’si. Both signs reflect on the emergence of the family of life, bringing inspiration out of the primordial unknown. Native American tradition looks upon the Turtle as the sign of the Earth – Earth having risen from the oceans as the back of a turtle. . the source of first creation. The Mayan calendar acknowledges the 13 days as represented by the 13 sections on the back of a turtle. We are stabilizing the lightening inspiration of Flint, the divine Spark, creating new form and dimension.

CORE DAYS: Today is also the 121st day of the 260 Tzol’kin Calendar (Kin 121). The central column of the Tzol’kin as represented by the Galactic Butterfly, are the Core Days of the calendar… 20 days beginning Kin 121 through 140. Core days are a time for introspection and germination of the seeds of our intention, and a chrysalis that contains the essence of being. We enter as a caterpillar enters a cocoon to emerge as something new.

4 iMix/Dak’si is the place we stabilize into the great unknown that will show us who we are becoming.

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