21 Days of Gratitude, Day 6 – Beauty in Contrast

10 Reed/BEN

Galactic Tone 10: Manifestation
Reed/BEN: Connection to our Spiritual Essence

Beauty in Contrast

watcherThe dark, the light, and the varied array of colors in between are needed to create any masterpiece. The beauty is found within the contrast. To achieve great success at anything, one must overcome failure. To feel connected, one must know isolation. To experience happiness, we must know sorrow.

In order to be made whole, we must accept all the parts of who we are. We only have to look outside ourselves to see that we are not alone. And, by looking within, we can see the balance reflected in the whole picture. In truth, the obstacles in our lives are the key opportunities capable of propelling us forward.

10 Reed/BEN encourages us to make the connection to Spirit where all things return to balance. I am grateful there is always a source to turn to, and that for EVERY dark hour there is a dawn.

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