Remembering that we are Sacred Beings

Greetings Kin,

I wanted to make a special announcement of updated content on the site that is so relevant to our experience of this brand new beginning. The Ceremony Page features a new post by Minisa Crumbo Halsey that is so timely for today. Honoring the new beginning with sacred ceremony heightens the experience and energy we are able to draw from it. in lak’ech

The Service of Initiation and of Remembering that we are Sacred Beings

As we are upon the cusp of, initiating and moving within a new TZOLKIN of 260 days, inaugurated by the powerful 1 Imix, let us take this time, pausing to once again, Be Breathed Alive into the Sacred Stream of the collective and personal Evolution. Let us pause to renew and strengthen the service of breath with the intention of storing and remembering, remembering breath, until each movement of the bellows of our lungs become a conscious partnering of this precious gift of life with that of the giver,

Continue on the Ceremony page…

2 thoughts on “Remembering that we are Sacred Beings

  1. JW, Hey, thanks. Looks good. Got my hair cut today, like it. Kinda high wacky day here. Stop looking for a package, just getting it in the mail today:-(( M

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  2. Oddball day here with crisis out of left field (not mine) – I’ve been enjoying running into some visionary blog posts. It’s so edifying to see others on their spiritual path. It feels like our antennae are picking up new signals from each other. 🙂 I always thought the first half of the Tzolk’in was the most fun and exciting, though I have a new appreciation for the work accomplished in the second half. 🙂 No worries on the package. I have something new to send you! jw


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