Setting Sacred Intention

A CIMI TRECENA MESSAGE by Minisa Crumbo Halsey

Mother Earth Holds Vision of New Life

Mother Earth Holds the Vision of New Life*

Late and heavy snowfalls, rain and floods accompany Cimi the Transformer, bearing the moisture necessary to soften seed skins toughened by the sunlight and heat of three seasons past. No season stands alone and no breath is unlinked to any previous history which give us cause to ‘remember’ this trecena, that the Mayan elders would call upon us to meditate upon ancestral seed, memory and wisdom.

Would we also remember that certain elders have told us that “the calendar did not end in 2012 and that it is ‘up to us’ to begin writing the new Books of Days and calendars”? This then, is the Sacred Charge of OUR time and we need look no further than the first, most beautiful and enduring gift to us from the Creator, Master of All Breath, of our Mother Earth and our Father Sky-Sun for the initial paradigms and original instructions.

Indeed, the natural world has been and continues to carry forward the ‘original vision of life’ and to deliciously keep the faith of this dream of life as we know it within the sometimes tender, sometimes tough love of the duality principle.

Seasonal shifts, weather and the evolving life cycles of plant and animal display relationship to initial seed instruction as it may be found at any and every stage of development and at no stage is it more memorable than at the time of the Spring Equinox.

Cimi may indeed be among the most powerfully linked trecena with the transformative
power of regeneration. At no time are the potentials and intentions of life and death so pitched and imminent, speaking so soundly of the past and yet, only really knowing life in this, the eternal present moment. The seed beings do not resonate to produce negative potentials and then, did the two-leggeds come to mis-identify the sacred right of choice as an opportunity to decide against the creative and life affirmative concepts of love, wisdom and respect?

Cimi may indeed herald the Arab Spring of humanity, albeit not one of dualistic political agenda but one of drawing or beginning to draw, the butterfly wing forces of duality closer to the Spirit Center of each seed originating being. The chrysalis season of the Galactic Butterfly is now. The great mystery and emergence on all planes is near.

We are within the energetic of Transformation and the sacred hand of choice is upon us to build grateful minds, hearts, bodies and minds while crafting and raising a voice to the Master of All Breath that from this moment we might be carried by the powerful spring winds and waters of the dynamic evolution prophesied of old. Things of old sit right next to the now..and now, we can and must exercise the sacred right of choice that life might go on ‘In a good way”. It is up to us. What would we write? What will emerge? What intentions will draw their first breaths from our Divine Creative Minds, to find shape, form, celebrate and set the seed for this and all following springs?

The time of the spring equinox partnered with transformative energies is reaching its peak and the time of manifesting is building strength and carrying forward old and new seeds of intention. Time is short.

Each of us are swimming among sacred waters which bring life and are being breathed by the winds, breath of the Creator, which carries spirits to and from the spirit world. We are carried by torrent and gentle stream alike, frozen green yet again, to begin anew, or not…we may find ourselves quickly drawn up by tornadic winds of chaotic emotion and upheaval and find ourselves presented with the necessity to purify, release, renew and reorganize.. The Mother and Father powers and their allies are not always easy. Moving in agreement and concert with them requires a profound degree of complete willingness and surrender painted with the personal ‘medicine paints’ of our unique rootedness as an aspect of the evolving World Tree and the Medicine Wheel within which it grows.

AHO! It is good, it is very, very, good.
Bama Mine,


*Mother Earth Holds Vision of New Life (by Minisa Crumbo Halsey)
The child within carries a dream of the Creative Forces to manifestation. Mother is both childbearing woman and old woman, her head and hair lines know wisdom of the evergreen tree and her garments speak of the flight of the winged ones. Her vision is at peace in her Sun-Moon home.

NOTE: See more of Minisa’s 13 Moon art on her website.

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