Negotiating the Direction of the Forever Young Springtime of our Lives

A CAUAC TRECENA MESSAGE by Minisa Crumbo Halsey

minisa-mm-crumbositeNow is the time to recognize, honor and release the rigid and fossilized shells of past and present history and allow the Divine Light of the Creator to PENETRATE the seeds of life with sun, water and soil, to seat within and emanate into our lives. This is the season of Spring, the forever young morning of the year, to remember when the earth was young. Would we remember that we too, are born of this time of emergence and new growth? That it is our companion birthright? Especially at this time, all of our potential is within vision and reach in this, the very best, built in by season, season of our lives within which to look and be drawn forward not only toward the  storms of old negativities for release, but while concurrently doing our fanciest dances toward our most fondly held dreams of unconditional love, joy and the highest heart possible.

It’s a fancy dance indeed and one which calls for our battle harden warriors within to come to our aid, to transform and allow us to wield the newly re-forged swords of bright truth, cutting away the binding and blinding cords of fear based histories of trauma, heartbreak and violence. The time is now. Let us forever forget the finely honed strategies of survival, break the confining bonds of negativity, reclaiming our birthrights as sons and daughters of ‘becoming, growing, being and celebrating light’.

At this time, many of us may find ourselves negotiating the deep and swiftly moving waters of dynamic evolution of Spirit and Soul if not also, of actual mental and physical evolutionary challenges. As the waters represent Life, and with the life giving and waters, rain filled arroyos, rivulets, springs, oceans, rivers and storms of this new trecena of Cauac, the forever young, we have the next powerful agent of Evolution and Direction of the Medicine Wheel upon which to call for energetic assistance. The flushing and flooding waters, storm and wind filled powers of Cauac will without doubt, bring the accompanying opportunities of distraction as well as the attractions and potentials of chaos and creation. These creative manifestations and issues of chaos and creation cannot be denied, managed or avoided for ever, as much as we would like to put them aside but must be viewed as imperative Spiritual housekeeping opportunities which clear the way for renewed vision and organization. Hardened and inured to personal pains of fear, disappointment, survival and struggle as we are, so now must we meet these imperatives and become the tempered and sensitive Angels of Light that we deeply and originally know ourselves to be, no matter what!

The old histories must and can be transformed and transmuted into the design of deep and positive loving and joyful intention, lest those things things undesirable and undeserving burrow, camouflage and hide for yet another occasion with which to be dealt. However, many of us find ourselves poised at an evolutionary precipice contemplating a deep dive into the swirling waters and storms of Cauac to retrieve, surface and flow smoothly with the highest dream of fruitful life as you know it to be…and you DO know what that represents for you…grabbing on to that bright dream and fusing with it. However, Be forewarned: discomfort WILL and SHOULD be an expected part of this activity. This is not the bad news, it is simply the news… Therefore, gird yourself now, for encountering unknown and unattractive discomforts.. for the bright being you are will vomit up and discard all with which it does not agree and positively resonate. Never fear to face the sickness and vomit, sweat, excrete or cry away that with which your highest self is not now in agreement. This is a natural way of purification. Trust that you will not be creating or revisiting for long, the heartbreaking imbalances of old. Never more that at this time…will the support of proven and worthy tools of personal ceremony found be of such great, informative and soothing value. If you CAN and WILL.. study and incorporate the Principle of Gratitude. An active application of the Gratitude Principle can and will function as energetic pumps of release! NO SMALL STATEMENT!  SPIRIT TALK, a book of days contains extensive direction should you seek additional Spirit driven suggestions for designing and sustaining this powerful personal ceremony.
The Gratitude Principle will work in tandem to identify, introduce, securely place and seat new and renewed vision, as the fresh, clear and purified internal space is created within which to seat and firmly invigorate our original and unblemished visions of balance and harmony.
Dynamic participation within the Evolution of Humankind calls for unprecedented personal courage, trust and endurance. These words carry true power! and have long been incorporated within the prayers of all two-leggeds. By introducing ourselves, by name, to the CREATOR, MASTER OF ALL BREATH and bringing forward our heartfelt conversations, concerns and supplications, we can, with these and other words bridge, or begin to bridge, the perceived separation with the Creator, for we remember that the Creator hears even the ‘groans of our heart’. By thinking, speaking and doing so, the emergencies occasioned by separation can now best begin to be closed and even healed, making live worth living as never before and sustaining all things of value, including those things which are identified and selected to be carried forward and joined with radiance. Within these prayers it has been found desirable to ask ‘Creator, what would you have me know this day’ or ‘Spirit, what is going on here’? or to ‘make prayers’ for guidance and wisdom; the strengths with which to sustain the rigors of raising vision; the strengths for carrying the transformational activities and for holding firm with the attendant maintainences, good health, peace and most of all ENDURANCE! Never forget to ask for endurance. Then, concluding and releasing the Creator’s attention from our voices by naming and expressing recognition and gratitude for life itself and all of the gifts….for us and all.

And so, we be carried and buoyed with the sometimes turbulent, sometimes calmly flowing streams, oceans and rivers of Spring Times currents, indeed the winds and waters of each season and direction upon the Sacred Medicine Wheel of Life…while joining courageously and marvelously with the myriad currents of creation, doing what we do best, realizing and being ourselves.. as undeniable and unique aspects of the Divine.

We can do these things..let’s go!
May each of us move in accord with the Divine Intent of Balance and Harmony, now and forever more.


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