Personal Ceremony

monkey-altarGreetings Kin,

During times of significant transitional energy we may find comfort through a practice of sacred ceremony. Minisa shares tradition from the Medicine Wheel path on holding a personal 4-day sacred ceremony.


in lak’ech, Debra

A Medicine Teaching on Personal Ceremony

by Minisa Crumb Halsey


Optional: partial fast suggestion for four days of A Good Red Road Ceremony of offering our minds, hearts, and bodies upon the Staff of the Good Red Road of the summer-winter axis. Consider placing the spine upon the Mother Earth, floor or bed and surrendering our spinal beingness to the Creator for initiating Unity movements WHILE INTENTIONALLY RECALLING THE ABOVE OBSERVATIONS. This activity, when activated in a sacred manner opens the potential of reunification and the re-membering of ancient, lost and disparate aspects of the self, the causes of which are not our fault.

As we move deeper into the being of summer, we anchor with the North, Spirit, white direction and open to the sacred directives of life within and upon the Medicine Wheel. The chrysalis self is moving profoundly into love, wholeness, balance and harmony in accord with the Good Medicine of the Season. The wings of the butterfly will develop in time and flight will come but for now, the intentional, most sacred making work is taking place within the innermost the center core of our being. The center nourishes and powers the directives of duality activities and flight.

Eat lightly during these four days and take a lot of water. A suggested drink would be a fresh mint tea sweetened with raw honey, cold or hot. This will feed the sweetness of life while supporting other dedicated and mindful actions. Juice raw vegetables and or farmer’s market, if possible. Eat live food: seeds and nuts. Go lightly on salt.

Recipe: large handfuls of fresh, mindfully gathered, (or the best you can do) mint into simmering water for 5 minutes. Lower the mint into the hot water as you would yourself into a hot bath and with gratitude for the life of the water and mint beings, asking for wholeness and love.

Turn off the heat then, add the mint cover and remove from heat…remove the mint and return these green beings with gratitude to the Mother. Sweeten your drink with raw honey.
Allow yourself to ‘Be breathed’ at all times. Go back into Ceremony pages for breathing guidance.

Get as a good sleep and rest as is possible. Bathe often..salt baths would be good. Light yoga, stretches, walks will allow migrating histories to work out from the systems creating much needed room for desirable gifts of incoming and nourishing Spirit origin.

Create personal ceremonies honoring the rising and setting of the Father Sky Sun.
‘Fan off’ often with dry sage and finish with sweetgrass. Other sacred incense’ or herbs of choice may be asked to bless and participate in these purification ceremonies.

Listen to sacred, peaceful or calming, laugh, love yourself and those around you and endeavor to keep all negative thoughts at bay for these four days…and beyond.
Move within some silence and solitude in meditation and prayer.

Do not deny ANY feelings of grief acknowledgement and expression. This is very much about the acceptance, expression and release o genuine and heartbreaking ancient griefs as anything. Do not suppress or defer these feelings. They only serve to take up valuable space, contribute to negative programming and maintaining ultimate separation with the original, pre-human world construct. More on that later.


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