Message from Minisa Crumbo Halsey

Autumn 2016: Part 3

by Minisa Crumbo Halsey

Here we depart from the known and embark on forging medicine relationships with the essential healing qualities of the plant beings directly. So much information of loving substance and value has been lost to us, forgotten, hidden from us, punished, co-opted or discredited and yet many alternative restorative and healing continue to reveal themselves as ‘new’ or surface in the grass roots research labs of suffering and need, our own and that of others. Courage must be summoned to think deeply about want and need. Talking, reading, observing the good old ways of establishing honest relationships with every aspect of a condition and then stepping out with new eyes, trusting, testing and flexing the new muscle of intuition first on small conditions and then the larger and then the largest.

There is no one else to look to but ourselves, collectively, to initiate the Spirit Talks, rebuilding and restoring strong and vital connection and communication with all of the other living things with which we share the planet. We are seriously out of touch with the natural world and continuously moving more seriously out of balance with the whole. We can and must take these steps for our survival. Our survival means stepping put of ignorance, desensitization and feelings of entitlement..anything and everything we can identify that contributes to real or imagined feelings of separation with anything. We are want and need driven, always. These wants and needs will serve us well when order and connection is desired with the natural world, the animals, our ancestral helpers and Spirit guides and the plant beings in particular. The restoration of honorable communication with the plant beings is of paramount importance and of the guidance presented here, found elsewhere and intuited is especially successful, perhaps the plant beings or being will come forward, reveal themselves and talk to you. Then you’re on your way. That’s the way is always was. The plant beings will then state exactly how they can be helpful and to whom and why…they will say when and how they should be picked, stored, prepared and spoken to..they will teach the forgotten words and songs that should accompany picking, preparation and application. That’s the way it goes when it goes well.. This is a true restoration of balance and harmony through a mind, heart, body and Spirit driven initiative in concert with native beauty, the Medicine Wheel Teaching or a structure your choice, design or vision, for our heartbeat and the heartbeat of the Mother Earth are one.


Now comes the work of setting these things we shall call the Original Instructions in place and tending them with attention and highest consciousness.

All  beings are born with a set of original instructions. The clear physical instructions which which we all arrive are DNA and heredity patterning. We, like all beings contain, produce and reproduce adaptive potential to successfully meet a wide variety of growth conditions from birth stresses, the vulnerabilities of youth, reproductive opportunities, sickness, old age and transition activities.  Within our specific lineages are past histories charting the major evolutionary shifts. Science and medicine are able to measure and evaluate current and future cellular data shifts and now, even extends it reach to enter original seed packaging and manipulate base genetic structure in order to legally extend ownership of the developed seed stock for profit in the field and marketplace. The former seed stock contains and reproduces itself according to its original instructions while Genetically Modified seed stock does not. We intend to follow the original instructions and put an end to that which is not real.

We are choosing to continue measuring our steps to meet and journey within the mystical outlines of the original instructions.

Personal choices and affinities of religion and culture shall remain such.

Within this text the major theme is The Original Instructions as revealed and made manifest in the Creator’s first gift to us, the two-leggeds …, most beautiful and enduring gift of the unknowable cosmos within which lives and is breathed alive: Our Mother Earth; Our Father Sky Sun; Our Grandmother the Moon; the Star Beings; the cognizent and powerful elementals .. Water, Fire, Wind, the Green Beings, the Directions .. Spirit Helpers …all beings who live upon, above and within this Mighty Gift-The Medicine Wheel of Life…. Ho, Relations, I ask you to overlook any omissions or mistakes in this, the naming…there are so many..and I am still learning how to become and live as a complete human being.

And now, I will pause to think on these things.


Minisa Crumbo Halsey, 1 Wind/IK

Minisa Crumbo Halsey, 1 Wind/IK

Book Signing

Minisa Crumbo Halsey will be hosted for a Book Signing of “Spirit Talk – a Book of Days” at Eastern New Mexico University, in Portales, NM. Surroumding events are part of the celebration of National American Indian Heritage Month.

Minisa’s book was the inspiration to start my own journal. You can support Minisa’s ongoing work through your purchase.

Thank you for your Wisdom!

Spirit Talk: a book of days, by Minisa Crumbo“SPIRIT TALK” speaks to us of the first gifts of life and breath bequeathed to us from the Creator based on the Medicine Wheel Teachings. The author, Minisa Crumbo, (Muscogee Creek and Citizens Band Potawatomi Indian), is an artist and a craftsperson of painting, silversmithing, basketry, potting, quilting, as well as cooking, gardening, and writing. Books available to purchase and autograph by author. 

Sponsor: Native American Affairs at 575-562-2470 or

Follow Minisa on Dawn Woman’s Blog.

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