2 Storm / CAUAC – Healing by Truth: Day 2


2 Storm / CAUAC

2 Storm / CAUAC

Greetings Kin,

1 Flint/ETZNAB brought light to something that has existed in the shadows. Flint opens an opportunity to bring a healing by sweeping away something that is broken. Today we consider an Intention of Transformation from our individual perspective. We make a choice about an Intention to Manifest a Healing for our Self.

Storm/CAUAC brings the comforting energies of Home, where we would be nourished and inspired by the possibility of the Total Freedom of Being. Storm’s lightning displays the Unbridled Energy of Spirit that is capable to find its own path through unlimited possibility.

THE WAYEB: We will continue to be in the 19th Month of the Haab’s Wayeb, 5 days of “time out” before the Haab New Year (5 Wind/IK). The Elders say what we do in these 5 days will impact this 365 day cycle. This is a time to let go of what is broken, and to care for the Earth and Each Other. (See 13 Earth/CABAN for more on the Wayeb.)

Each Day Sign holds aspects of Dark and Light. “Light” (Red and Blue Day Signs) refer to the incoming light of inspiration. “Dark” (White and Yellow Day Signs) represents the application of knowledge that leads to wisdom. In a trecena led by a “Dark” Day Sign (Flint/ETZNAB) our work is to draw on the Inspiration and Understanding from the previous trecena. The Transformation of Serpent/CHICCHAN’s “lightning in the blood” will seat itself as Wisdom as we put it into practice.

There is a feeling of vulnerability with Tone 2 as we consider whether we are up to the task. We were inspired by an idea and we are discerning our focus, the Passion that would serve as our motivation.

Storm/CAUAC reminds us of the Unlimited Potential of Spirit when we engage our Imagination. We can employ this now as a new way of considering our Intention. We can overcome our own sense of Duality by imagining all the ways our Life would be Blessed by an Intention to leave something behind.

The Flint/ETZNAB trecena is leading us to the re-birthing of our True Selves. We are discovering the Way to live in the Truth of our Own Authenticity. We alone are the Artist of our Lives, capable to become everything we would Imagine in Spirit. By revealing Truth, Flint can help us discern and cast off that which isn’t of our Highest Nature.

When we live in lower consciousness, we are motivated by the opinions of others. We go along, unconsciously seeking Oneness with the Whole. Living unconsciously, we are also more susceptible to negative influences. Only by paying attention can we realize the full impact of our own unconscious patterns of behavior.

We are Empowered by the Sacred Right of Choice. Storm encourages us to follow our Internal Compass. Only by standing in our own authenticity, will we know who we really are.  If we unconsciously conform to values that aren’t our own, a lifetime could pass without realizing All we Could Be. Storm/CAUAC connects us to the Forces of Nature that exists in the unbridled Freedom of Being.

We learned by seeing through a Portal that Divine Support waits for us to call. We can turn to them for help in applying our Spiritual Gifts of Intuition and Spiritual Vision.

To all my relations, may we turn to Divine Guidance for help in Seeing the Vision that would inspire our Passion. May we recognize the Unlimited Power we Hold as we Imagine everything we would Choose to Be. As we Choose a Dream of Being, may we consider the Force of Spirit within. May the Highest Vision of ourselves be the Passion that Inspires us to live in the Integrity of our own Truth. May we imagine everything we would choose To Be, believing anything we can Dream is Possible.

in lak’ech, I am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle / MEN


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for daily aspects and events of the Flint/ETZNAB trecena.


1 Flint/ETZNAB (Cherokee, Flint/DAWI’SGALA)

Galactic Tone 1:  Unity. One is the beginning of all things, the first, the whole and the all in one. One’s are assertive and self-guided and give a good push to whatever project they are associated with. One persons work best when meeting a challenge. Do not expect One-persons to be attentive to details or to put the finishing touches on things.

Flint/ETZNAB: Mirror of reality. As a struck flint, these persons are the divine sparks of intelligence. Flint’s innate abilities are utilized to discriminate emotions from fact. Flint persons stand tireless to protect, defend, or cure others by personal sacrifice. By courageously wielding the sword of truth, falsehoods are cut away. Flints, it was said, can receive information on inter-personal troubles or evil plots of others by reflecting in an obsidian mirror. Their valiant service as warriors of the truth must be impeccable or they will experience sufferings of accidents, misunderstandings and gossip.

Cherokee, Flint/DAWI’SGALA: Opener of the Way, a creator, innovator, stretches the mind to outside limits of capabilities. Changes the static to the dynamic.  Brings about change, often through separation and destruction.  Beams the Stellar Ray of Truth to Earth as a crystal sword cast down along the path of a lightning flash. Flint is the transformer that brings things to a head and wipes the slate clean.

How is your Spiritual path today?

I love to hear from you. Share your thoughts on the day, or share your local energy report.

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