A CIMI Manifestation of CHICCHAN

Greeting Kin,

I wanted share a manifestation of an Intention that’s led my last last few trecenas. I’ve received a few requests to offer my glyphs in some format. Some have been more challenging than others. Even after creating 260 glyphs, I didn’t feel like I had the “perfect set” of 20.Β  I had set forth an Intention to reproduce them all, when MayanMajix shared an idea for collaboration on a series of t-shirts.

A few tweaks are still needed as these are preparing to go into production. But I wanted to share the joy of an Intention that was Manifested Today. They will start showing up on my blog as a preview of things to come… and details to be announced soon!

Thanks to those of you who’ve encouraged me. It’s an awesome opportunity to share something back with MayanMajix.com, the Source if Ian Lungold’s teaching that first inspired me.

in lak’ech, Debra

18 thoughts on “A CIMI Manifestation of CHICCHAN

  1. Congrats Debra, et al.Divine Resonance at your service harvesting your energy for the good of ALL.Thanks for the beautiful example of manifestation;

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  2. How wonderful! I’ve repeatedly said out loud to myself….what a great drawing, I’d love to have a print of that to hang on the wall.

    cheers, Kim


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    • I am planning to post resources from the “course” site to the public site. The first thing that inspired me – gave me a context was Ian Lungold’s “Consciousness and Calendars” linked on the Daykeeper Resource page. There are several versions of it. He reveals the synchronicity of the calendar in such an awesome way. There will be more shared soon! in lak’ech, Debra

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