New Year Celebration, Highlands of Guatemala

Greetings Kin,

A Mayan Daykeeper who lives in a village near Lake Atitlan, shared a photo from the New Year’s Celebration on WAXAJQIB B’AATZ (8 Monkey/CHUEN). Jen has become “family” connected through the journal. She’s a touchstone to a way of life, and shares insight on the K’iche traditions. She spent the day in the highlands for the celebration in Momostenango. ~Debra

6 thoughts on “New Year Celebration, Highlands of Guatemala

  1. Thanks for sharing Debra! Awesome! Would love to go to Lake Atitlan someday! I read your journal daily and find it very inspiring. I would love to talk and meet you sometime! I will be in Mexico at the same time you will be there – October 25 – Nov 3. Will be going to Ek Balam for my second time – I am traveling with my fiancé and another couple. You are welcome to join us – we will have a car and could most likely pick you up where you are staying. We will be staying in the Puerto Morelos area – between Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

    Best wishes,
    Tammy Andrews
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