2 Jaguar / IX – Building an Altar of Light: Day 2 of 13



2 Jaguar / IX

Greetings Kin,

Tone 2 represents Duality. Human’s way of seeing things is through a comparison of one thing and another. Duality also describes the two sides of Human Consciousness. The Reed/BEN trecena gathers us into Divine Relationship as One.

Jaguar/IX is the Day Sign of Spirit, and a symbol of the Divine Feminine who holds the Power of Discernment. IX receives the Inspiration of the Divine Masculine to Discern the Meaning and Purpose. Jaguar/IX sees beyond the Divine Idea, to the Reason Why.

Today we are presented with a Choice of Creation. The most important Discernment is the Reason. As the Light of Family and Home, Reed/BEN encourages a Reason for the Whole. The Power to Manifest any Dream is Love. Love will be needed to carry it out. Love is the Light that will shine in our Darkness. And, Love will set the Tone from the Beginning that will carry through to the End. God is Love, and the Sun illustrates the Light of Love that always carries on. Love holds the passion to keep going.

Jaguar/IX leads a Journey of Spirit. It’s destination is the Altar, the Sacred Site it guards in stealth. Jaguar is the shape-shifter that is capable to travel from one dimension to another. Jaguar is Conscious of Reed’s channel of Light as a portal through which we cross into the realm of Spirit. The Jaguar leads us through it to Know the Meaning and Purpose of the Altar we build within.

Human is a shape-shifter that transforms back and forth between its Human Nature and its Divine Nature. When we Move on a Divine Inspiration, others will see the “Better Angel” of our Divine Nature. So will we recognize the “Better Angel” in our Self. Jaguar/IX is a day when ALL our “Better Angels” can appear. Jaguar holds open the Portal to Spirit. The Jaguar’s path is close to the ground. We’ll enter the Portal on our Knees.

The “Earth Magic” of the Jaguar is its Gratitude and Appreciation for Mother Earth. Seeing Her as the Source of Every Blessing, the Jaguar knows Mother Earth as a place of Holy Ground. The Miracle of Creation lies in Believing. Seeing Mother Earth as the place to experience Beauty, the Jaguar Knows there’s no destination that wasn’t prepared for us. Every Time and Place holds a Divine Meaning and Purpose. There’s a Divine Reason for Every Thing.

So is Jaguar capable to see the Light of every Consciousness. From the realm of Spirit, Jaguar sees that everything that lives is Conscious of Love. The Jaguar engages us on a walk with Nature. From a Divine Place, we can see that Life and Love go hand-in-hand.

Jaguar leads to Higher Consciousness of all the Love perpetually turning on Mother Earth. All the pieces and parts of her Know when they exist in the Light of Love.

In the last round, I manifested a lifelong Dream to visit the Mayan ruins – a Miracle that could be seen. Ek’ Balam, known as the “Black Jaguar Ruins” is a place that offers an Illumination of Darkness. Here, the Maya have believed for centuries in the Consciousness of all Things and all Life. At Ek’ Balam a Tangible Ether hung in the air between one thing and another, almost visible. I was pretty sure the birds knew they were talking to me with chirps that carried resonant sparks of energy. (Acoustics and Vibration)

In Ek’ Balam my Spirit was opened to hear the Sound of Earth’s beating heart. Standing in the darkness, looking out upon the waters of Cancun, the only sound I could hear was the water and the rhythm of the waves reaching the shore. The wind moved with a responding sound that created the Whole Sound of Mother Earth. I could hardly wait to get home to see if I could hear the Mother here. What we identify as our Truth changes us in a profound way beyond human understanding.

Let the Jaguar lead you to Mother Earth, a quiet place where you can be One in the Relationship. Mother Earth is a living altar of Light. The Whole of everything was the Beauty designed by the Creator’s hand. The provision she provides was planned for us. She would symbolize and altar where all living things were Illuminated by the Light of Love. Her Beauty is the Love that Lights the altar of Holy Ground.

We are made of Earth, holding all her Forces of Life and Magic. Growing in the way we are led by the Mother, we will see our Self as Holy Ground. Human is a Living Altar. We are channels to the Light of the Divine. Jaguar/IX can raise our Intentions to Divinity.

Today is Ground Hog’s Day, as celebrated in the USA. February 2nd is also Candlemas Day. The Ground Hog is not the only prognosticator. Different animals are celebrated around the world for their ability to forecast the Light. In Romania this is Ground Bear Day. If the Bear comes out from hibernation, and stays out, Spring is around the corner. The Ground Hog goes back in if there’s so much light that it sees a shadow. All these celebrations forecast a future Time and Place of Light.

It’s a little like waking up. When we’ve been Dreaming all winter, we recoil if someone dares to flip on the Light. We need to ease into it. Our own shadow, our illusions of powerlessness, exposed to Full Light, may present a journey we’re not sure we’re prepared to make. All our Dreams will find their Place and Time. Jaguar’s footprints lead through the shadows and climb the stairs to the Light.

Candlemas was a holiday unfamiliar to me. Candlemas was also a day that foretold the Future of Light. It’s first day that Joseph and Mary took Jesus to the temple. February 2 is the day Jesus was first led to an altar.

There are 2 prayer mats and 2 channels of Light on the Reed/BEN glyph. It’s a place where people kneel together. It also makes provision for the Duality within us. Human is Sacred, bearing the Time and ALL the suffering. Spirit is Sacred, holding the Authority of Consciousness. At the Altar kneeling in Humility the 2 operate together as 1.

WikiCommons: Panthera Onca

2 Jaguar/IX is leaving the footprints for a Divine Way in the Gratitude of Believing. We’ll lead others, like the Jaguar leads us. We’ll leave these Beautiful heavy Jaguar footprints that foretell of Strength and Power. We’ll be compelled to face our fears, just for the chance to see the Jaguar. We might sense the Jaguar is really right there IN the footprints, only invisible. We’ll know we’re hidden from danger – we must be invisible too. The Jaguar appears to lead a Journey to the Light in the Future, always heading East from the Shadows to the Light.

It was the Jaguar I followed to Ek’ Balam. IX was here long before I left town. When “dangers” appeared, I’d claim that I must still be on the path and kept going. This Sense of Jaguar with me appeared the moment I asked for my Dream. I have never asked for anything so big or posted on GoFundMe. I thought one should only accept donations to ease a suffering. I guess our Really Deep Dreams are our deepest suffering. All I know is from that moment I put voice to a wish in the Universe, the Jaguar opened the path for me. In Ek’ Balam I had the sense the Jaguar had turned it around and was now following me – watching over my shoulder.

My trip with the Jaguar to Ek’ Balam was the most evolutionary experience, so far, in my life. It was one of the biggest dreams of my life that Manifested by the Miracle of You. You were the Reed for me.  Some of the early dark places would surely have turned me around, if we weren’t all dreaming to go together. I had to go, because WE were going. We had the plan to assemble there in Spirit, with a Reason for the Whole.

Between You and the Jaguar I had the Will, the Means, and the Way to get there. The experience wouldn’t have happened without You. We were all imagining that we stood on the same Holy Ground. I claim it as a foretelling of Light for us ALL.

Ian Xel Lungold has been in my thoughts. The picture that sat on the altar at Ek’ Balam surfaced from a collection of things still left in the suitcase. Ian’s last Dream of Creation, spoken in his last written message, was to be One with the Legions of Lightworkers on the “otherside” so he could extend to us a Divine Provision. He disseminated the words of his Intention. The Dream was worthy of Divine Justice. 13 years since his passing his Mayan birthday fell on October 31, 2018.

Altar for Ian Xel Lungold, 12 Sun/AHAU, October 31, 2018, Ruins at Ek’ Balam

We were led to an altar for the first time. The purpose was to go there for a Sacred Ceremony of Forgiveness as ordered on the Haab calendar… Forgiveness for all the times we kill another living thing. Under the trecena of MULUC, we were Atoned for a Divine Communion.

My footing was off-balance in the wrong shoes, or maybe the right shoes. I wasn’t capable to climb a single stair without someone by my side. Five other humans had manifested out of thin air. When we appeared there in the Light, we’d never seen one another past text and email. Yet, we all were directed there for the same purpose. We each had a Sacred Meaning and Purpose for Being There. We initiated a Fire of Humility. We were Believing our ceremony proved the manifestation of Ian’s last Dream, an Inspiration Above manifested Below.

Altar for Ian Xel Lungold, 12 Sun/AHAU, October 31, 2018, Ruins at Ek’ Balam

We were called by Ian’s Mayan Birthday, October 31, 2018 on 12 Sun/AHAU. The Place was chosen by name, the Jaguar Ruins for a Jaguar Journey. Part of the “danger” was a date so close at hand. Could I get a trip like this squared away and actually convince myself I could make this journey alone? Enough to buy the ticket RIGHT NOW? There was a group tour in March. No, I HAD to do it for Ian’s birthday. “I’ll be fine, if I just keep remembering the Jaguar is leading me.”

I believe that Ian called us to our first trip to this alter together, to Foretell the Light in the Future from his Higher Perspective. Getting there, and Knowing I could Get there, was the witness of a Miracle. I believe Ian proved that we will ALL get there, that he got there. We came to Ek’ Balam on Behalf of the Whole, to Receive Light on Behalf of the Whole. In the heat and humidity, where Ether clung in the Air, there was a Glimpse of another Reality. You couldn’t see it all there. We carried the Light to the Underworld of our Dreams in the Winter. Now the Discernment is Rising as the sap in our Tree.

Ian always talked about Time and Place, Time and Place. I think of Ian every time I write Time and Place. Time is held in the Creator’s Hand. Our dynamic experience of Illumination is a progressive one. We need to Dream long enough to See this Dream in the Future. It needs to be a Lucid Dream that we are Creating. The DIVINE Miracle is waiting for us in the Time and Place where we Believe the Dream is as Good as Real Right Now. We’ll be overflowing with Gratitude. It will permeate the Whole.

I felt Ian’s tap on the shoulder again, telling me, “Look up Ground Hog’s Day. You might find a little AHAU in there. Trust me, if you saw ALL the Light at Once, you’d think you were still dreaming and go back to bed. You couldn’t Believe everything Created up here.” I never met Ian. Through his writing and Biography, this is how I hear him.

Gratitude is the Jaguar’s “Earth Magic” of Believing in an Unseen World of Miracles. We are being Guided every bit as much as we are Inspired to Dream it. Just holding a “life Dream” makes us happy, when we believe we will get there.

To all my relations, just imagine all the Divine Choices to be made from Dreams we Loved so much we never allowed our Self to Dwell on them. The Jaguar is really good at finding the Way. We don’t have to fear choosing it. This is a trecena of Light. We’re just Dreaming, so no real harm can come to us in a world of Invisibility.

As we consider Our Way to carry out the Intention of Gathering Light Together, may we remember how much easier the way is when we know someone else has gone before. As I was making the “to be, or not to be” Choice of Ek’ Balam, that’s what I wanted to know. “Who’s been there? Did they make it back alive?” That was fear I held in the Possibility of a Miracle.

IX is a day to ask for Balam’s Blessing on Mothers, Wives, Daughters, and Grandmothers – ALL who make the Provision of Compassionate Love. They all created a path for us so we could find our own. May we ask Jaguar to show us How, and be Grateful. May we claim we can see the invisible footprints. When we shape-shift to the “otherside,” we’ll see that Spirit is Real. The Prayer was Answered, the Moment we asked.

A HUMAN CHAIN OF DIVINE SPIRITS: I’m leaving this from the post 2 rounds ago on 2 Jaguar/IX. The Human chain still touches me… each one able to go a little bit further than the one that went before in an attempt to save Humanity… all part of the One Heart of Compassionate Love.

in lak’ech, i am another you

Jaguar Woman/9 Eagle/MEN


One of the Sacred Ceremonies of the Maya is a count of “21 Days of Gratitude.” We’re 2 days short of 21 days to the Haab New Year, February 20, 2019, but it’s never too late to start. Jaguar footprints led me here. There’s a little bump before we get there. The 5-day Wayeb, when it will seem like nobody’s in charge. (The Maya stay close to home. There is no Year Bearer in this short transition. So it may sense we’re a little on our own.) I’m counting my Blessing thru to the New Year.

21-Days of Gratitude: Day 3  Pretend we started on 13 Road/EB. 🙂

I’m grateful for the Relationships we have with all things. We even have relationships inside, so we never have to be alone. I’m grateful to You for sharing the journey, and grateful for Ian Lungold for going before.


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for a forecast of the daily aspects, and highlights of the Reed/BEN trecena.


2 Jaguar/IX (Cherokee, Panther/SAHO’NI)

Galactic Tone 2: Mysterious as the question ‘to be or not to be?” Two is the recognition of the separation of self from all else and the desire to be rejoined. Walking a balance while making choices of all kinds, light/dark, male/female, good/bad, Yin/Yang, is the energy of this number. Experiencing the differences between one and another is the use and purpose of this number.

Jaguar/IX: Born with a deep love of the Mother Earth, Jaguar or shaman is directly tied to the source of all Earth magic. They possess great power of intellect and strength or character through integrity. Jaguar energy is feminine in nature and is the ruling spirit of jungles, plains, and mountains. The spirit of Jaguar inhabits the Mayan temples and is called on to assist in spiritual as well as in material ways. Jaguar is also the god/goddess of gratefulness. Patience born of strength and skill can turn to pounce of quick decision and action. Both bold and stealthful, Jaguars do not often attack directly and communications from them usually contain some mystery. In the absence of integrity, Jaguars power corrupts becoming a search for wealth and fame.

Cherokee, Panther/SAHO’NI: Panther is symbolized by comets, meteors, shooting stars, fireballs, and magicians.  Meteors appearing around the middle of November are Heralds of the Coming of the Light, the Cherokee New Year. Panther is the Shadow of the Sphinx, Herald of the Dawn, guardian of the night when the sun is traveling through the underworld. Panthers have unlimited imaginations, visualizations, and are spellbinding speakers. The Cherokee Totem Jaguar is the guardian of the portals to other dimensions; shamanic abilities will open; multi-dimensional magic; healer, leader, way shower energy when used for spiritual growth.  Abuse would be for using this power for control or negative purposes; must find a powerful balance. Ix: The Kab’awil represents the heart of the planet, the female reproductive tract, the face of a jaguar and points east on the world map. Ix: woman, tiger. Conducive to pray for grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters and wives day. For wisdom at 4 Balances, cunning and protection of Mother Nature. To thank the Earth for sustenance. Ix is the native cunning, enterprising, vigorous, bold and realistic.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

How is your Spiritual path today?

I love to hear from you. Share your thoughts on the day, your Day Sign, or just say Hi!

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