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2 Monkey / CHUEN – A Manifestation of Love: Day 2 of 13


2 Monkey / CHUEN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 2 represents Duality. Today, we make a personal discernment. By comparing all that is and all that is not, we define our Choice of “to be or not to be.”

Monkey/CHUEN is the Day Sign of a Creator. CHUEN is known as the Master of all Arts and the Weaver of TIme, more than capable to Create the Beauty of our Life. CHUEN can rearrange the threads of our experience so that the tapestry of our life can become a thing of beauty.

We are starting all over again in a new cycle of Spiritual Growth. Our recent Ascension on Tone 13, was the crashing of a wave of momentum. Our new cycle of growth begins again as a Human effort. The pyramid we must climb may suddenly seem taller than it was before. We must carry our last effort to a new horizon.

Tone 2 is a day when we are separated from the Whole for the purpose of seeing our Self, our thoughts, our dreams, and to discern what our own creation of Love might be.

The Higher Intention of this Tzolk’in cycle is to manifest the Life and Love we always wanted. In this context we might naturally compare our Self and our Life to those around us. From a Human perspective, we might see our Self as coming up short. These thoughts can have a purpose. They can fuel our passion to create something new.

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2 Flint / ETZNAB – Dawn of Our Own Creation: Day 2 of 13


2 Flint / ETZNAB

Greetings Kin,

Tone 2 represents the energy of Duality. Human is a creature of Duality. We are One with the Whole, yet we are also One in our own Identity. There are two sides to our Self. We are both a Human Being and a Spiritual Being. Our way of acquiring Wisdom is through a comparison between one thing and another.

Human’s Transformation to Higher Consciousness comes down to a Choice between two things. We can live as Human, unconsciously struggling for survival. Or, we can live as Spiritual Beings, creating our own world of Love, Harmony, and Happiness. The only way to Live Fully in Spirit is to Believe the Choice exists.

Belief is born by our own Choice. When we Choose to Live by Faith, our Divine Justice is always an evolution in our Conscious Beliefs. Living in Spirit requires us to Stand on our own Truth of something our Human eyes can’t see.

Unity with the Creator is the first step in every Creation. Through the One Mind of Spirit we are offered an Inspiration. The second step, is to separate our Self from the Whole, to imagine our own way of creating it. Our Creation is the Vision that was inspired in our own imagination… our own Discernment of what the Inspiration means to us. Creation is our Spirit’s Response to a Divine Communication.

Flint/ETZNAB delivers Truth “along the path of a Lightning Strike.” We are connected to the Creator through the Ether of our Spiritual Being. All our Power to Create is made possible by our Free Will to Choose, and the Consciousness of the Choice. Flint can deliver Truth that cuts to the Heart of the matter of believing in the Truth we Know by Divine Discernment.

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2 Serpent / CHICCHAN – Journey of Realization: Day 2 of 13


2 Serpent/ CHICCHAN

Greetings Kin,

Serpent/CHICCHAN “lights the fuse that magnifies and explodes the life force itself.” 

CHICCHAN is the “lightning in the blood,” the force within the Seed that brings it to life. CHICCHAN is the Spark of the Creator that is seeded within us. Through our relationship with the Creator, we can become Conscious of our own Divine Power.

Tone 2 presents us with the Choice of a Creation “to be, or not to be.” Tone 2 holds the Intention of Duality. Duality reflects our Human way of understanding by comparing the difference between one thing and another. The Seed/KAN trecena is leading a journey of discovering our own Divine Design for our experience of Being.

Seed/KAN offers the guidance of Serpent/CHICCHAN to ignite the Spark of the Force of Creation. CHICCHAN brings the gift of an Inner Knowing of our own Power to Create the world we Choose.

God created the design for the whole world. A Divine Consciousness is the Alpha and Omega, the first and last. An Omnipotent Creator holds the power to see everything from the beginning to the end. CHICCHAN can help us Know that the plans for “everything that could be” is seeded within us.

Serpent/CHICCHAN can ignite our Dream of Being through a Gift of Knowing its possible. The Serpent navigates by “feel.” The Serpent uses its sense of vibration through Mother Earth to Know the nearness of it’s prize. It doesn’t rely on sight or sound, but a sense of Inner Knowing it feels in the body.

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2 Road / EB – Dawn of Creation: Day 2 of 13


2 Road / EB (Human)

Greetings Kin,

Tone 2 holds the aspect of Duality. We began in Unity on Tone 1, given an inspiration to create. On Tone 2 we discern what the Inspiration means to us. On Tone 2 we see the ways we are different. We compare our Self to others. We are inclined to see ourselves as better or worse, and long to be One, equal to the Whole.

Road/EB is the Day Sign also known as Human, that represents the Road of our Destiny. Our Human destiny is the Journey we make through life. In the end, the experience of who we are will be defined by all the Choices we make. The glyph illustrates that the Road to Destiny lies on the Head of the Human. On either side are the major milestones, the choices that led us in an important direction.

Road/EB is the Day Sign also known as Human, a creature of Duality. We are both Spirit and Physicality, we identify the right and left sides of our Self. We see things as possible or impossible. Everything we Know and Understand is based on a comparison between two things. Today we are given a life-or-death choice, “to be, or not to be.”

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2 Storm / CAUAC – Living On Purpose: Day 2 of 13


1 Storm / CAUAC

Greetings Kin,

1 Flint/ETZNAB began a Journey of realities. All the Truth will be revealed through a new effort of Spiritual Growth. We’ll Know the difference between the Truth we can believe, and false truth that doesn’t have a leg to stand on. The Real Truth will set us free to live in our own integrity. The more we know what our Real Truth is, the more Balanced we will be.

Through the Wisdom of the Experience, we’ll see the false truth that only serves to add weight to throw us off balance. Flint/ETZNAB will make all our Truth crystal clear.

Tone 2 introduces the vibration of Duality. We first awakened in the Consciousness of Unity. Our first thought in the womb was a sensory experience of Oneness. Then we became Conscious of our Self, and we realized we existed apart from the One. The chaos of a major life change created the longing to return to the Peace and Harmony we once knew. We faced a new Unknown.

Tone 2 inspires the question, “Who am I?” The Creation of the new Seed of our Self begins when we ask the Question born of the Consciousness of our Power to Create, “Who do I want to be?” Like the Elders repeated again and again, “The Answer is in the Question.” We ask the Question, Knowing “who we are now” is not wholly who we want to be. As the Creator, now we’re the one who has to answer the question.

Storm/CAUAC is the Sign of Lightning Energy in the sky. Guided by Flint, all our answers could come like a “lightning strike.” CAUAC holds the energy and comfort of Home, the place we want to be when we hear the thunder in the distance that precedes Our Own “big bang.” Home is our Spiritual Center that maintains its Balance and Harmony under the Hand of a Divine Authority. Home is the place we remember we’re the Children, and the Divine Creator is the Boss who intends for us to Know every Good thing we hold potential to become.

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2 Reed / BEN – Road to a New Destiny: Day 2 of 13


2 Reed / BEN

Greetings Kin,

The Power of Spirit is moved by Intention. On Tone 2 we discern a new direction forward. Tone 2 holds the aspect of Duality. It relates to the two sides of our self, our two identities as a physical and spiritual being, and our way of discernment based on the comparison of one thing and another. Duality is the Human experience of seeing ourselves as separate from the One, the Whole.

In the Unity of Tone 1 we were Inspired for a new beginning and given a new Dream of how we might live, believing in the Power of Love. We were made willing to Believe in a Power we can’t see.  Tone 1 offers a meaning and purpose to create. On Tone 2, we consider how the Power of Love could be seen by others.

Tone 2 is the day we see how we are different. There can be a longing to be the same, to have the same opportunities, the same talents and skills as others that we may reason are better positioned or more suited to the task. We see our own obstacles and personal challenges that could hold us back. As we enter the Human experience of an upward climb, we enter the darkness where we are inclined to forget what we’ve been raised up to believe. What sounded easy in theory, may suddenly seem harder from a perspective of application. Today, we consider an Intention of Faith.

Reed/BEN is the Day Sign of Home and Family. Reed/BEN is defined as a good day to Bless and Repair the Home. Road/EB is a Day Sign of the South, the direction that represents the influence of our Relationships. Reed/BEN reminds us that our greatest opportunity to create Love is within the family. Home and family is where we can make the biggest difference among the people we know and love the best. “Home and family” represents those people in our lives who we hold dear, and the places we feel safe letting down our guard. Reed/BEN symbolizes the place where we Belong and experience Unconditional Love.

PORTAL DAYS: Element of Ether
Portal Days thin the veil to spiritual dimensions and magnifies our experience. On 2 Reed/BEN a portal will magnify the experience of our Communion with the Creator. Our own Spiritual Gifts of Knowing are magnified.

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2 Sun / AHAU – Renewal of Spirit: Day 2 of 13


2 Sun / AHAU

Greetings Kin,

Tone 2 represents Duality, Human’s way of Discernment. There are two sides to our Self. Our perception is based on a comparison, the differences we see between one thing and another.

On Tone 2 we’re presented with a Choice between how things are and how we want them to be.  Through a Divine Choice of Intention, we exercise our Power to manifest what Will Be.

Sun/AHAU brings the Light of Illumination. We can always expect a new Revelation when we encounter the Sun, our Divine Source of Life, Light, and Happiness.

AHAU is the Source of our Inspiration, bringing Light to a Dream. As the Supreme Lord of All, AHAU is the Master Creator. AHAU is the Divine Authority, holding unlimited possibilities of Creation. The Sun brings Light to everything – what is hidden in darkness, and hidden in plain sight. Sun/AHAU can offer a Revelation that brings Light to something we hadn’t seen or considered as a possibility.

Sun/AHAU will inspire us to our Highest Intentions, offering the Faith that, together, we hold the Power to carry it out. AHAU sees Us in our Highest Light, as we are also able to see the Higher Light of the Creator. AHAU brings to Light a Sacred Exchange of Power.

2 Sun/AHAU completes the 4th Uinal of Stability. AHAU establishes the foundation for a new way of Spirit, the direction and orientation we are given to manifest the Fruit of a Spiritual Harvest for this Tzolk’in round of 260-days.

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