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2 Dog / OC – A Divine Atonement: Day 2 of 13

Greetings Dogs-of-One-Pack, Beloved Kin!
Look both ways, up and down, back and forth where love is buried, and how you will find it. Then, ask God to see the best way to go dig tomorrow. Know you’ll know exactly what to do tomorrow. Give thanks and Love Life back for it TODAY.

Today, my lock-down entertainment, and blessed to have it, was “Impossible Engineering” – human genius. At least in a case of building bridges, and raising land out of water. The solution was to go with the “truth that is.” Instead of trying to stop land from sinking, they succeeded by finding the best controlled-way to sink land. They went with the Truth that is, for the Divine Solution.

We can always have a soft landing when we fall, if we know and strap on a pillow. Today, it’s just human thoughts running to hide in shadows, only they’ve already been seen and brought to God’s Light. (Necessity IS the Mother of Invention and Monkey the creator is coming tomorrow.)

love, in lak’ech, Debra


Ian Xel Lungold and Michael Shore, MayanMajix.com

The journal for the Offering/MULUC trecena is dedicated to Ian Xel Lungold. This is the Galactic Week of Ian’s Destiny Kin, 12 Sun/AHAU. Ian will be honored on my trip to the Yucatan in gratitude for my first introduction to the Mayan Calendar. Ian’s Destiny was to share the Light of Illumination (Sun/AHAU) for Divine Understanding (Tone 12). Thank you Ian!

My deepest Thanks and Appreciation are extended to Michael Shore who has preserved  Ian’s wisdom on MayanMajix.com, and for being a friend and helper on my own path. Thank you Michael!


2 Dog / OC

Greetings Kin,

Galactic Tone 2 presents the question, “to be or not to be.” We are presented with a Choice to Create our own Experience of Unconditional Love. Tone 2 represents Duality. We began in Unity, Atoned with the Creator. On Tone 2 we are separated from the Whole to discern our Expression of how we would manifest the Offering of Our Self, Inspired by our Atonement with the Creator.

Dog/OC resides at the center of the Tzolk’in. Positioned next to Monkey Chuen, together they reflect the characteristics of a Divine Creator.

Dog/OC is the nuhaul of Unconditional Love. The Elders say that some totem animals are with us for a specific time and purpose. They said that when Dog (Wolf) comes to you as a totem, you are forever considered a part of the Pack. This reflects the loyalty of the Creator’s Unconditional Love and an Offering to us of Eternal Oneness. Chances are, we’ve all been on the receiving end of a dog’s love. We are all part of the pack.

2 Dog/OC calls to our Consciousness to consider our Intention for a new cycle of Spiritual Growth. The Dog guides us to Choose a Dream of Unconditional Love on behalf of the Whole.

2-DAY PORTAL DAY: Element of Ether – Portal days thin the veil to the realm of Spirit and magnify the Consciousness of our Spiritual Gifts. The affinity between Dog/OC and Monkey/CHUEN reflect the characteristics that are pivotal to a Major Life Change. 2 Dog/OC inspires a Dream reflecting the Love of the Creator.

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2 Dog / OC – What we create together…

Greetings Dogs-of-One-Pack, Beloved Kin!

There aren’t any boundaries or borders or walls to stop us from being Together in Consciousness. If we forgot the reasons we were told we needed them – to keep the “others” out, we could imagine what OUR world would really be. We’d put all our songs together. And for every challenge, all our minds would work together on behalf of the whole.

It’s exactly what we are inclined to do when we get close enough from far away to see one another.

I pray the Miracle is easily hanging in thin air as One Divine Thought that was we hadn’t thought before.
At least I believe for all of us, that God’s Love HAS to be like that, as a Supreme Authority.

love, in lak’ech Debra

2 Dog / OC – La Vie En Rose

Greetings Dogs-of-One-Pack, Beloved Kin!

This melody came by me and said it wanted to be here. I think of the tribe in France with such beautiful words of Love and Life. So I dedicate it to you on Dog/OC – and all who share the Romantic languages. It’s meant for someone somewhere – I’m just following orders for Dog/OC. J’aime mes amis en France!  Fais de beaux rêves.

love, in lak’ech Debra

A French rendition

A English rendition

2 Earth / CABAN – Inheritance of Wisdom: Day 2 of 13



If this post had a soundtrack, this would be it… Bedoin’s Mayan Warrior at Burning Man 2019
Thank you for sharing, LoveinLaw’s Blog! XOX 311

2 Earth / CABAN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 2 represents the 2nd Divine Consciousness as the Human Being manifested by Love. Without a 2 there was no way to Love Back and Forth. 2 is Sacred as a Reflection of Divine Love, and Human’s way of reflecting Love is Duality, to Know one thing and conceive the Truth of another. It was a gift of thought to our Consciousness, and a capacity to conceive all kinds of Beauty and Love.

Through this capacity of Duality we would have a way to conceive our own Divine Identity through experiences we would all know equally, and could make a Discernment of Love we would know was given in Harmony and Equality. God designed the capacity to share Feelings of Love, from within and beyond our own Circle of Life and Consciousness. Did you ever think that when you were feeling an experience, that someone else could Feel YOUR Feelings? Have you felt anyone else’s feelings?

FEELING is the Highest Communion with God. The HIGHEST Prayers we offer to God aren’t spoken, but shared directly from a heart that’s been broken open. God wanted our Communion to be remembered, and we ALWAYS remember Truth that is associated with a Feeling. We’ve known for a long time that a life can be changed by a Spiritual Experience – and that we have to reach to a bottom to find it. We find it there, and God will help us raise it to the Highest High so we can never fear there’s a bottomless pit again. Knowing a Divine hand would never let us reach the bottom… our Divine Justice could only be to realize we ARE FLYING. From the Leap that falls, we’d feel the Wind and seize the Power to Soar.

Earth/CABAN is the symbol of Mother Earth, the first Movement of Love created that dances and spins in mid-air, held in a perfect place by movements that go around in circles. CABAN is more than a symbol of just the Earth of Mother Earth. It’s about a perpetual movement of Love that keeps on going through darkness and light, and kept on course by a cauldron of FIRE within. CABAN holds the Power of Transmutation, in its Element of Fire that changes one thing into an entirely different form of It’s SELF.

CABAN is about Movement and Time and about the Synchronicity of Time that is the Proof that Love was meant to always be. Only through Time would a being of duality FEEL something different than what was Known… and IMAGINE what’s so different about THIS Time and Place. ALL Time was measured for God’s Divine Justice and the Expression of God’s Love. A minute wouldn’t be lost. We wouldn’t see the Forest for the trees if we could always see all of it. God would be right back where it all started being ONE that was all time, and everything that was or could ever be – no way to see a minute of it, because the stories were already told and the last page already revealed the ending.

Time is Beautiful and God Created it and Knew the Perfect way to always use it so a Human that had to carry the Burden would know such Beauty, that they would be willing to wait as long as it takes to see it Once Again. How could the Ascended Ones carry on forever waiting for us, if that weren’t true?

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2 Monkey / CHUEN – A Manifestation of Love: Day 2 of 13



Greetings Kin,

Tone 2 represents Duality. Today we hold a Divine Inspiration to Love. We were given the thought of a possibility to create it. In the 9th uinal Dog’s Intention of Love will Complete the Wisdom and Ways of Love. Dog leads the experience of Holy, Holy, Holy, Unconditional Love… Love that Lets us Be.

Duality is an inherent design of everything human does. On Tone 2 we see our self apart from the whole. We look at others then we look back at our Self to determine Our Possibility… whether the Intention is meant “to be” or “not to be.”

Our Intervention is Feeling more deeply drawn to a Creator that Sees and Loves us Unconditionally. We have nothing to prove. The choice to consider for 2 Monkey/CHUEN is whatever we’d Love to do – the next thing that catches our eye.

We share the same questions. We started early wondering. “Is there God, and can he see me?” We weren’t sure we wanted to know if He could SEE EVERYTHING. The Question changed when we grew up. We ask, “What’s the meaning of My Life?”

2 Monkey/CHUEN offers the Perspective of a Creator who will choose what it means. The friendly tricksters, the Monkey and Raccoon would laugh. “It’s Your Life. Who do you want to tell you what your life means?”

With a Divine Agency in all directions, waiting to Intervene, we can Ask God to Help Create Meaning in our Life. We can hold Faith that one who is longing for a Meaning will receive it as their Divine Justice. All we have to decide to do is witness the Truth. We were created for the meaning we Love. Love. Being a “perfect human” was a human idea. We are PERFECTED by Love. By Divine Agency, Loving, we find our Self being perfected in the process. God does everything for us we can’t do without meeting a limitation.

Monkey/CHUEN celebrates Consciousness and the Beauty of Creation – the experience from beginning to end. CHUEN is the Master Artist that doesn’t finish everything. It will jump to the next beautiful idea. All the lines don’t have to be filled in to share the idea. Side-by-side with the Dog, the Monkey is a Witness of Love who Loves to Express it. Together they will offer a choice to do something fun, and not take our Self so seriously. Pay attention to the burden you may have been carrying. See if your load feels “lighter.” The Monkey can help us question why we were ever carrying it around? WAS it necessary to FEEL that way? Isn’t there a Choice?

Monkey/CHUEN doesn’t get mad. The Monkey gets Curious. After all, there’s some funny stuff to see. CHUEN holds the Inspiration to guide an artist’s hand. CHUEN knows Humans are Loving something all the time. We just don’t see how much we have to Love. The Monkey and the Raccoon offer a way to follow the path. Witness how humans express the Love that’s on their mind. “You threw some Love in the trash. You should wash things first before you let them go!” For the question “to be or not to be” Monkey can put 2+2 together. There are no exceptions in God’s Creation. Human is loving all the time. Maybe they’re not loving what we bring home, but they are loving something else. Monkey is the alchemist at play with a keen eye for beauty. Dog’s journey is the Witness. CHUEN will guide us to be a “people watcher” and to “Witness Life.” The Dog’s convinced the Monkey that Love is EVERYWHERE there is Life.

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2 Flint / ETZNAB – The Dream of Mother Earth: Day 2 of 13



2 Flint / ETZNAB

Greetings Kin,

Tone 2 is the Intention of Duality. The number 2 marks Human as one separate from another. Tone 1 was our first inspiration of life as one with another life. Born into the Light of Consciousness, we discovered an identity unto our Self.

As God’s Divine Reflection of a Truth Above, we are born of the One and marked by the identity of the One. As the Scion of a Divine Creator, we were given the Power of Creation. The only way to conceive our own creation was through a Sacred Right of Choice. To be Divine Creators, we had to conceive our own Dreams and make the Choices our Heart Desired.

On Tone 2 we’re looking at things from two different perspectives. We’re all divided by the thoughts held by one human and another. Our earthly shadow will veil the Light of Truth until we add the faculties of Divine Inspiration to our Wisdom of Experience and the Faith of our Imagination. God will stitch the 2 back into one. The only factor missing for a Stroke of Genius is one Divine Hidden Truth that God is intending to reveal.

Flint/ETZNAB symbolizes a blinding flash of Truth that was hidden or covered up. It’s intention is to sweep our way clear of any illusions that lie in the realm of our unconscious thoughts. Another name for ETZNAB is a Mirror that holds a perfect reflection of the equal an opposite ways of Love in the Realm of Divine Spiritual Consciousness. ETZNAB is also the sacred Flint or Obsdian Knife that penetrates flesh and bone to reach straight to the Heart. It’s a shocking Truth like lightning.

We can look into the future to hold the Faith in God’s Divine Provision for everything. God has a provision for the chaos of a Major Life Change happening before our eyes on a planetary scale. There is a Divine Provision from Above that we Sense and Feel, but must Leap to Believe in our Faith. A Truth that hits like Lightning triggers the Storm of Cauac, turning the chaos into Rain that carries a Renewal and Regeneration of Life on Earth. Through Forgiveness we will have a Sanctuary within from which we can see the Real Truth as the illusions of the world swirl on as a movie on the parameter.

2 Flint/ETZNAB will present two sides for a discernment of Truth. It’s a Human discernment on Tone 2. Both sides created a different argument and both sides of the whole are comparing one and another. The Truth in plain sight is two different reflections, waiting on One Truth that can unite the Whole. Maybe we’ve forgotten our one heart’s desire to be whole.

On Tone 2 we will see the inside of our self. We’ll be opened up to expose the real Truth in our Heart. It’s said that Flint tempts us to “act out of character.” Though, acting-out-of-character is our own truth we’re trying to cover up. Under the Hand of Divine Intervention, by God’s Provision, we can strike out of our Corner heralding the Truth of Love.

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2 Serpent / CHICCHAN – The Experience of Creation: Day 2 of 13



2 Serpent/ CHICCHAN

Greetings Kin,

Serpent/CHICCHAN “lights the fuse that magnifies and explodes the life force itself.” 

Tone 2 holds the inherent thoughts of Duality, human’s perception. There are two sides to our self. Our life experience is the comparison between one thing and another. We live in a dual reality. Beings of physicality can only see what is illuminated by the light. Our Spirit knows a Light in the Darkness.

On Tone 2 we experience our Self as the 2, our identity compared to the whole. Our Intention was set from the beginning by Divine Intervention. The new life is germinating within is an Act of God. Our Divine Intention is to live in Heaven on Earth. How will we do it? On Tone 2 we consider one way or another.

Serpent/CHICCHAN is the Spark within the Seed, a Consciousness to keep reaching for the Light. CHICCHAN ignites the Force to Live. Our Consciousness is illuminated by a question. The first time we realized we were something other than the One, we realized our Self. Our own closed system of Consciousness is defined by the direction of thoughts we choose to follow. 2 Serpent/CHICCHAN shares the question about Our Life, “To Be, or Not To Be?” All the Answers are within our Self. The world is what we discern it to be.

Serpent/CHICCHAN represents the Feathered Serpent, Kulkulkan/Quetzalcoatl. El Castillo, the calendar pyramid in Chichen Itza, is the Temple of Kulkulkan. The Feathered Serpent is the Light of Illumination that descends from above to the Below. CHICCHAN ignites the Force of Love and the Consciousness of a Divine Relationship between the Above and the Below. The Light of CHICCHAN is an Act of God, the Gift of “Lightning in the Blood.” CHICCHAN is the FEELING that ignites all our Spiritual Gifts of Knowing. CHICCHAN “sees clearly” through the Heart. El Castillo is the architecture of Divine Genius that emanates Light, Sound, and Vibration, residing on the ley lines shared by the Great Pyramids of Giza and Stone Henge. They all signal a Divine Time when Human is Conscious of the Power of the Universe.

We might consider the Divine Genius of the Design. Human’s Longest Dark Night is our Shortest Day. When we lived by the Time of the Universe, we created by the Light of the Day. In the Darkness, we Dreamed of Spring.

CHICCHAN ignites our extrasensory perception of Vibration. The Movement of our Life generates Vibration. The Tone and Frequency are created by the Force behind the movement from a state of inertia. God’s Love can move us to generate a Song of Harmony and Beauty. A Snake Feels its way. It sees its prey by a feeling the vibrations of Mother Earth. With the Gift of CHICCHAN we Feel the Truth of intentions, words, and movements. Knowing the Feeling of Love, we will always find our way to higher ground.

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