8 Night / AKBAL – Inheritance of Wisdom: Day 8 of 13



8 Night / AKBAL

Greetings Kin,

On Tone 7 we saw “all that is” and “all that is not.” Everything is in 2’s, doubled in this planetary cycle. Everything in this journey of AKBAL’s dream, brought to Mother Earth is upside-down, backwards, and insides out. We tried to see the world objectively as the illusion, and believe in a Dream we Remembered.

Peak Tone 8 is the Holy Day of the trecena that begins the Transformation that can raise us to Higher Ground in the realm of Spirit. From the top of the pyramid, we stood in a threshold in a reflection where, instead of a descent, the stairs continue on to the Highest Realms where we can Discern the Truth like a whole spectrum of Divine Light.

The Maya call the number 8 the tone of “pure spirit.” Every Ascension is a transformation built on the higher ground of the last journey. AKBAL returns from our recent past, so we can see the Truth of Before, that will be raised to Higher Ground, After. Like every journey, the ascending on starts from something that inspired us to believe, and we’re still trying to realize and grasp is Truly True.

We were making a Highest Climb to believe that all our Dreams are meant to come true, when they are Dreams of “pure spirit” and Unconditional Love for each other and for Mother Earth. It was the Highest Dream we could conceive so far in this Tzolk’in round.

Today, we might see how far there is left to go. Where we missed connections, and why we took the turns we did, and the Truth those turns led us to Know. We might see the very same climb we took all over again. Though, today, it’s guarded by a Promise of AKBAL to be there, to speak to us as a Voice from our Dream. We sought the Truth about Love. Tone 8 is the Day of Divine Justice, the Divine Balancing of all things that is carried out as an Intervention by Divine Agency. Our Highest Truth about Dreams of Love will be answered Directly by God, in a voice we can hear in our thoughts and dreams.

Night/AKBAL lies in the Darkness of the Unknown – feelings we have that Human can’t see, covered up by a human dream of physicality. Human looks for love in all the human ways. Then when we can’t “see it” we forget to look in Divine Ways and what is shared from one heart to another. From a “truth we thought that was” below, God can raise the balance to see God returns all the missing pieces that were lost to forgetful human beings. God can hold onto our Love in a Dream for another Time and Place, where it can be seen again as the Truth.

AKBAL calls us to willingly enter the darkness of the Unknown. If we will take the risk to open our heart, there is something there to see. AKBAL illustrates the veil drawn back in a dream. The glyph looks very much like the Monkey/CHUEN – without a nose. The Maya say that’s the way to tell if you’re dreaming – if you can’t your nose. It feels like a Monkey Human dream of Light that is total darkness. Yet, a Light is shining that we can see with our heart when it’s open all the way.

AKBAL holds the Element of Water, and deeply touches our emotions that are the responses to the Unknown Future. The Mayan priest uses Water for the Blessings, Initiations, Baptisms and Purification of Spirit. AKBAL is God’s Holy Water that will rain down on us within our own sanctuary of Spirit – the feelings we can ONLY share with God. Only God could understand what we are feeling. Maybe that is the very Truth that is so very important to remember when we’re trying to believe in a Dream Above, while human feet are walking below. Only God will ever fulling understand the Love that’s held in our heart, and only God knows exactly all the way it can feel. God created it. God’s the ONLY Genius when it comes to Love. That would resolve a way forward that could make sense of the way humans try to give it back and forth.

Our Dream was created for a Relationship with God. Our Highest Truth can be claiming that God is our Only One. Whenever we are “in love” with an Only One, we are ready to give everything – our whole heart. Then when we do and we know that sacred exchange, the love pours out like crazy in all directions. So, finding Love, Love that’s sure, Love that lasts, Love that always returns Love in Balance as a Sacred Exchange, can only be claimed when we “fall in love” with God. In such a Divine Relationship, the dam of human love could break and the Love could come pouring out as Light that doesn’t even feel like we are having to Give it Away, we can’t even stop it.

8 AKBAL intends a VERY DIVINE HEALING to our emotions. The surgery could be painful. You have to know what hurts to know where to apply the medicine. We won’t have any choice what feelings will be shared. We already asked for Divine Will, and this is part of it. God won’t let us take it back, because God knows that “taking love back” is part of what is needing to be healed.

We learned what hurts on the climb. We learned what feels good to human, when we are giving something back. God shows us that to make our Dreams come true, it’s one step at a time. There will be a lot of questions on the way. So, if you don’t know what you’re doing, just use 5 senses and follow Love that feels good for now. Don’t worry about the “rest of love” – there’s a time and place for what doesn’t feel good now, in the Balance of Divine Justice. God shares the Truth that “pure love” won’t hurt. If we just follow the light, at another place, we’ll find we were all sitting around the same Hearth warmed by the Light of the Creator’s Love.

Sometimes 8 AKBAL can be the very darkest of dark nights of the soul. It’s a KIN that always raises an “alarm” of possibility that I could find myself there, because I’ve felt it there more than once. The first and most Divine breaking apart of this dedicated journey happened on 8 AKBAL. It was one of the darkest days I can remember. I was still trying to tap into my own thoughts and feelings, so see where they came from, and out of touch with so many unconscious thoughts. I had learned that when I couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to understanding about the Day, if I looked inside to my own “body of thought” I might recognize something on my mind that was spinning in the darkness. It is SO worthy in our transformation to STOP once in a while, as a plan, just to see what we’re thinking.

AKBAL comes in like a Dream, like we never really woke up. We’re off in a Dream, though we’re awake and walking around. Only in a Dream will human that guards the door will step back to our Heart. That first time I remember, my life fell apart. And it was all my fault. I knew it had always been my fault and I saw every choice I had made through life, that led to nowhere – and that I could have known it from the beginning, but I chose something anyway. I was the worst of all my own problems of living. Most of life was already over. So, the human discernment was, it wouldn’t even matter now, because there’s no time to do anything about it. Life is lost already.

When I allowed myself to actually feel how it hurt, it broke me apart and broke me open and drove me to an altar. There I confessed it all, how broken I was, and how wrong I was – and hopeless I was.

I won’t share my dream or the Voice that spoke to me, because I don’t have to. The Voice of AKBAL will answer YOU and you’ll know you’re own Divine Answer from God’s own Voice. You don’t have to hear it anywhere else, because you’ll know it was God.

To all my relations, may we remember that the Wind/IK stirred up a Divine Whirlwind that can sweep what no longer serves away, like it was swept away by a Voice, a Sound and a Divine hand that blows thunderclouds a way, so Light can appear again. We know what to do when there’s a storm. AKBAL is a storm of human emotions manifested SO GOD CAN BREAK THROUGH from unseen places Above.

May we go to our Sanctuary where we can see Light going every-which-way from the safety of a place where Love is Known for Sure. May we know that the Sanctuary is there and the best place to begin any human journey. May we know we can always start over any journey, with the Light of another New Day. We can ALWAYS claim a new beginning, every time we wake up again and remember exactly where we are.

God Created Time that would always be. There is a Time for all love to be, and a Time for all the Pieces and parts of Human love to be drawn together to arrive at the same Divine conclusions about one another. May we put on the “rose colored glasses” that come with God’s Love. May we forget about Love “that is not” right now. It doesn’t mean what human thinks the dream means. May we claim what is always True Love first, so all the rest of Human’s broken Love can be seen through those “rose colored glasses.” They are transitional lenses that work in either the darkness or the light.

My truth of you is that you are Beautiful. And, love that comes from far away, can only see the Light of You. That’s what’s always True when you look up close from far away. I can even believe it about myself, with the right amount of distance between my Spirit’s vision, and the X’s where human sees it too. Let’s Love the X’s for everyone and believe everyone has their own X that marks THEIR most Divine Place. May we leave off trying to make sense of a human dream – why we do the things we do. Wait to make that discernment when you are AT THE X. Then we will make a Truthful Discernment our Heart will believe, and FEEL is True. No one can give love all the time. We need to eat once in a while. It’s just “our life we love” all the time and the tapestry of creation that we are focused on turning into our own Masterpiece with human finger paints.

God will give you an answer today. AKBAL is a day for mystical experiences. Tone 8 is a Holy Day of Pure Spirit – a Direct Communion with God. So, putting 2+2 together on AKBAL can raise us to 3+3 through a Direct Exchange from God of the Love exactly the way Human always wanted it to be.

We are light and God sees it. We are the ones gathered around the Hearth. God can warm us with Love that answers all our questions, for the moment, that Love is God’s Gift, God Gave it and doesn’t take it away. The Time we Loved will always be a crown that shines in the darkness, as a treasure where our Heart lies with God.

God, no one knows the troubles I’ve seen – only you. Will you see and heal it so I can forgive?

in lak’ech, I am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle/MEN


St. Patrick changed the course of history in Ireland by bringing Christianity. Minds were changed to follow a different a path. We may have human emotions about religion one way or another, though, when you’re reaching for God – the language would never matter. By Divine Agency, every path intended to know God will always lead straight to the heart. We will be transformed in spite of our self. Like a Miracle, IN GOD’S TIME, ALL-AT-ONCE. St. Patrick is remembered for using the three-leaved shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity. There won’t be a Green parade in 2020, though the path will be remembered.



Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for daily aspects and events of the Wisdom/CIB trecena.


8 Night/AKBAL (Cherokee, HEARTH/O’YA)

Galactic Tone 8: Justice. Harmony and balance are the intent of Eight. Eights carefully weigh all evidence to reach a balance of justice. Eight is the power of organization demonstrated in the statement, “As above, so below”. From simplicity to infinity, the energy of Eight organizes all levels of creation. Some Eights are “Neat Freaks”.

Night/Akbal: Bringers of the Dawn. Dreamers who bring the new sun to clarify and illuminate the road of life. Thus the insecurities and doubts born of darkness of the sub-conscious mind are dispelled. These persons travel the Void. a place where nothing yet exists but all potential dwells, the womb of creation. From this void, Night persons bring forth new solutions and artistic inspiration. Night’s voyages of dreams build confidence and happiness with a sense of well being. If night does not bravely journey into the void they may find themselves wandering the darkness of self doubt and insecurity.

Cherokee, Hearth/O’YA: Hearth’s symbol is the fire pit in the Center, velvet black as the night. The triangle in Orion. The M42 nebula (home of the Central race from the WingMakers) in the center of the triangle of Orion is the fire in the Hearth, also matching the Mayan. The Hearth is the Torchbearer who holds the light and warmth throughout the night. Belief is so strong that the surrounding elements become entrained to their rhythm and all resistance falls away. With respect and honor of intuition combined with knowledge this energy creates the magic of the center in this dimension. AKBAL-Night-Totem-OWL: Guardian of the Night Sun. Energies for the opening of mystic secrets, seeing through the masks of deception, trickery. High ability of discernment. Portals open to other worlds and dimensions for your learning and spiritual growth. Magical abilities are possible.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

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