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8 Flint / ETZNAB – Dawn of a New Creation: Day 8 of 13



8 Flint / ETZNAB

Greetings Kin,

Peak Tone 8 holds the Intention of Divine Justice. Through the Intervention of a Divine Agency our Transformation begins under the number of “pure spirit.” In the Reflection of the Above the stairs continue our climb to Higher Ground. Human is drawn by Unseen Forces we could compare to the gravity of a descent.

Tone 8 represents the zenith hour that illuminates our shadow and the Truth that is in plain sight. The Justice of Harmony and Equity is the Creator’s Highest Intention. Believing is the Divine Justice for a Leap of Faith. What we Believe will manifest the Experience of our Truth.

Flint/ETZNAB is a Sword of Truth delivered along the path of a Lightning Strike. ETZNAB, also known as the Mirror, delivered the unexpected Truth of Reality. The Truth lies in the equal and opposite reflection of Spirit. ETZNAB is the Obsidian Mirror forged by Fire and the Flint Knife that strikes a Spark.

ETZNAB resides in the North, the Direction of Wisdom and the Element of Air. The North is the direction for an arrival of Wisdom by the Yucatec tradition of the North. The Northern Medicine Wheel turns clockwise. The Southern tradition of the K’iche Maya begins from the Wisdom of Innocence, turning counter clockwise. Together all ways of Time are held in Balance Above and Below.

The Element of Air relates to our capabilities of Consciousness. Air is the Life and Breath of Spirit. God’s Breath is capable to speak to our Heart. Divine Truth lies in the Sound of the Creator’s Voice. The Elders always said to turn to our thoughts when we hear the Wind. We will know the meaning of a gentle breeze from a gust that turns us around. Air is the Whirlwind that can change the landscape of our mind.

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8 Serpent / CHICCHAN – Born into the Light of Truth: Day 8 of 13



Greetings Kin,

Peak Tone 8 is the Zenith Hour of Light and the beginning of a Transformation to a Higher State of Consciousness. Tone 8 offers an Illumination of the Truth in the shadows and the Truth in plain sight.

Tone 8 holds the Intention of the Justice of Harmony and Equity for the Whole. Tone 8 is the number of “pure spirit.” Faith in a Divine Dream of our Self is raised by an Exponential Power to Believing. Transformation is a Miracle of Divine Intervention.

“Serpent/CHICCHAN lights the fuse that magnifies and
explodes the life force itself.”

Serpent/CHICCHAN is the catalyst that ignites the Sixth Sense of the Heart. CHICCHAN offers the Gift of “Lightning in the Blood” that “bestirs the blood to speak.” CHICCHAN is related to the Kundalini energy that travels up the spine, leaving goosebumps, and hair standing on end. Our gift of CHICCHAN is a Feeling that is the witness of our Heart.

The Snake sees its prey by a sense of movement and vibration through the earth. The Serpent/Dragon is a symbol of an Illuminated Consciousness that is guided by the Feelings of Knowing.

HOLY DAY: Serpentine Day
8 Serpent/CHICCHAN represents the Gift of Knowing in its Highest Illumination. Our Gift is the Zenith Light that ignites our Spiritual Gifts of Knowing. Serpentine Day is a Celebration of Divine Consciousness – a FEELING of Divine Consciousness that is the Divine Justice of “Pure Spirit.”

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8 Road / EB – The Destiny of Our Spirit: Day 8 of 13



8 Road / EB (Human)

Greetings Kin,

8 Road/EB is a Holy Day, Human’s Day of Destiny.

Tone 8 is the Zenith Hour of Light. Number 8 is the Solar Number of “pure Spirit.”

Serpent/CHICCHAN invested our Heart in a climb for Higher Consciousness of the Power of Love. We Dreamed that the Power of Love could reunite the Heart of Humanity. We were inspired to make the climb for the Whole, believing our Heart could lead us all to our Divine Destiny of Harmony and Equity.

On Peak Tone 8 we reach the zenith hour of sunlight that reveals everything in the shadows and the Truth in plain sight. On 8 Road/EB, our Heart will Feel the Truth. What Human experiences through our Feelings we will Remember.

Road/EB is the Saq’Be’, the “White Way” and the Road of Destiny Divinely given as a Human calendar within. Road/EB offers the direction for our lives, a Human migration of Love that is guided by the Golden Rule. Human’s Divine Road, like the steps of Lightning, brighter and hotter than the Sun, leads Human thoughts to a Divine Source of Power.

Serpent/CHICCHAN ignites our Spiritual Gift of Knowing from the Heart. CHICCHAN awakens the Feelings through which Human Remembers. Humans remember what we feel. CHICCHAN helped us shed our skin so we could Grow and Expand our Consciousness of the Truth, and Remember. We have new, thinner skin. We’re sensitive. We’re feeling things more deeply than before.

God has a Reason for Time. Every moment was ordered by Divine Design. The Human Seed was given a way to make a journey through the darkness, feeling its way by reaching beyond the gravity that holds it down. Our Seed held the plans for every Season of our Life. There is a Divine Meaning and Purpose for all Time. Our Time to Know and Remember a very Divine Truth is Now. Our Feelings were prepared for it, so we would never forget.

Road/EB resides in the South, the direction of our Relationships with one another and the Natural World. Holding the Element of Earth, Road/EB relates to tangible human experiences. The South holds the Human prayers for Right Relationship, a Dream of Loving one another the same way we are Loved by the Supreme Creator.

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8 Storm / CAUAC – Human’s Road to Destiny: Day 8 of 13



8 Storm / CAUAC

Greetings Kin,

Peak Tone 8 begins the Transformation phase of each trecena. Tone 8 represents the 8th hour of Light, the zenith hour. The Sun’s zenith is the hour of “no shadows.”

The Road/EB trecena is the journey human was given as a Divine Migration that leads to the Highest State of Human Consciousness. A Sacred calendar guides the thoughts of our journey within.

The synchronicity we see in the Tzolk’in is created by Inherent thoughts of Human’s Divine Way. We feel synchronicity when the calendar “reads our mind.” It is not a simple coincidence, but Divine Truth that is always there hidden in the shadows of our unconscious thoughts. The more we are able to see that the thoughts were always there, the more it will make Common Sense. The more Truth we see within, the more we Believe we are Drawn by a Power Above.

Storm/CAUAC offers the Brightest and Hottest Light from Above to transform our lingering doubts to the Gift of Eternal Believing. Through an Unbridled Light of Spirit, we receive the Renewal and Regeneration that sets us Free. Our thoughts are magnetized, attracted to Divine thoughts Above. The illusion, the doubts and fears created by our Ego, are illuminated by a zenith Light that reveals them for what they are.  CAUAC’s Light  illuminates Life beyond our own shadow, to the Power of our Unbridled Possibilities.

Master Number 99: Today is Destiny Kin 99, the Number of Completion. Number 9 is the Tone of Patience to see the Bigger Picture. “Number 9 resonates with endings and closures, the message of Angel Number 99 may be that certain aspects of your life are coming to a close and/or an important phase or cycle is coming to an end. Trust that this is happening for very karmic reasons which will become evident in the very near future. Fear not as this is preparing you to begin a wonderful new life and lifestyle that will see all fall into place for you in most positive ways.” (Sacred Scribes)

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8 Transformer / CIMI – A Revival of Spirit: Day 8 of 13



8 Transformer / CIMI

Greetings Kin,

Peak Tone 8 is the Day of Justice, the Creator’s Intention of Harmony and Equity. The Transformation phase of the trecena begins on Tone 8, the Solar Number of “pure spirit,” and  carried out by a Divine Agency.

Every Transformation is built on the Higher Ground of the trecena that came before. Transformer/CIMI was the leader of our last Ascension, offering the Sign of a Major Life Change.

8 Transformer/CIMI is exalted in the Zenith Hour of Light. CIMI is the midwife that stays by our side through the chaos of change. Residing in the North, CIMI represents all the thoughts of Wisdom in the Element of Air.

Major Life Change is illuminated in its Highest Light. We need a Comforter who can see into the Future. Today we can Believe in the Sacred Breath, and the God Designed a Provision for every Human Need. Storm/CAUAC has prepared us for a Renewal and Regeneration of Spirit. The Clairvoyance shared by CIMI is Believing in God’s Spoken Word of Creation.

8 CIMI is the Zenith of a 13-day cycle of the Light of Divine Inspiration. All be have to do Is Be, as the Divine Agency Intervenes. Number 8 is the symbol of endless abundance, Above and Below. CIMI guides us to breathe and remember the future.

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8 Reed / BEN – New Birth of Light: Day 8 of 13


8 Reed / BEN

Greetings Kin,

Peak Tone 8 is the number of “pure spirit” that begins a phase of Divine Transformation. Tone 8 represents the zenith hour, the Time of “no shadows” when all things are brought to Light. Tone 8 holds the Intention of Justice, the Harmony and Equity of the Whole.

The steps that descend, represented by Tones 8 through 13, are guided by an Unseen Power, compared to gravity. Only through the Divine Reflection of Tone 7, the Unseen Power is drawing us Higher as stairs that continue their ascent into the realm of Spirit.

Transformation is not accomplished by Human power, but by the Power of a Divine Agency. All our Supernatural Gifts are engaged in a process of Divine Discernment. Through our Divine Gifts, we will See the Light.

Reed/BEN is the Guiding Light for the Divine Family of Humanity. Reed/BEN is the archetype of God that takes on the role as the patriarch, a Divine Masculine guiding Light. The Patriarch stands on behalf of the Whole.

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8 Sun / AHAU – Building an Altar of Light: Day 8 of 13



8 Sun / AHAU

Greetings Kin,

The Peak Energy of Tone 8 begins a Transformation of Divine Justice. Tone 8 is the Holy Day of the trecena that represents the zenith Hour of Light.  Number 8 is the symbol of Infinity. Number 8, WAXAJQIB  (wash-ah-keeb), is the “Solar Number of Pure Spirit.”

Tone 8’s Intention is the Justice of Harmony and Equity, the Highest Intention of a Divine Creator. Tone 8 is the Love that stands for Eternity, Love that can only Multiply to Abundance.

Sun/AHAU is the all-in-one, the Omega, the Supreme Lord of Creation. As the all-in-one, AHAU represents the Above and Below. This is the Holy Day of a Supreme Creator and the Whole of God’s Living Creation.

Every transformation is built upon the Higher Ground of our last Ascension. Sun/AHAU was the leader of our last trecena, raising our Faith to Believing we were walking side-by-side. The Reed/BEN trecena that guides the Light of Family, initiated a Higher Purpose that was intended by a Divine Communion between the Above and Below.

Sun/AHAU intended a Communion so we would shine the Light of the Truth for the Whole. We are One in the Web of Life, like the Lightning that connects the Collective Love we hold in our thoughts. Sun/AHAU is exalted in its zenith. Honoring the Creator and the Creation is AHAU’s Divine Justice.

We were delivered by CAUAC into the zenith Light of Consciousness. As a reflection of a human delivery, we are born into a new revelation of reality. Every encounter with the Sun marks a revelatory experience of Truth. 8 Sun/AHAU shines a zenith light, representing a “day of no shadows.” Sun/AHAU will also reveal what has been hidden in plain sight.

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