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10 Wisdom / CIB – Claiming the Future

Charon: Who sees behind him

Greetings Beloved Kin,

The myth of the mystic ferryman plays a role in many traditions. By Greek myth, Charon is the name of one that carries the souls of the dead to the underworld. There is fare to pay to cross the great divide. An earlier reference comes from the Egyptians who buried the boat in the tombs of the Pharaohs. The name as written means, “Who sees behind him.”

Source: The Celestial Ferryman in Ancient Egyptian Religion “Sailor of the Dead”, Dr.Radwan Abdel-Rady Sayed Ahmed*

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10 Wisdom / CIB – A Mission to Love: Day 10 of 13

Charon Boat at Lake Avernus

Greetings Beloved Kin,

The weight of the world hit me this morning. I was grateful for the altar to the Ancestors. I asked them to take over for a while. I forgot your Mayan birthday is also a Personal Burner Day. So, that’s two burners for me in the Deer/MANIK trecena. On the last round, I’d just lost Shadow and a family. I didn’t know then that I was 40 days away from buying a home in Kansas. I didn’t imagine I would drive 2,000 miles over the Cascade Mountains in sub-freezing weather with blinding snow. I didn’t know my new buddie, Girlie the talking cat. I didn’t know there would still be more to lose.

Life is still very good in a sanctuary of my own. Everyone deserves to have one. That’s reason to be grateful and a reason to be sad for one another.

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9 Wisdom / CIB – Manifesting the Future: Day 9 of 13

Charon Boat at Lake Avernus

Greetings Beloved Kin,

Wisdom/CIB is the “mystic ferryman that holds a torch aloft to carry us to the other side.” The story has been told many times before. By Greek myth, CIB (keeb) was named Charon who carried Souls to the underworld after death. CIB offers the Key to the Kingdom Above. Forgiveness is the fare and the only way to “see clearly” the Truth from the beginning to the end. The teaching of CIB is that the Truth can be found in the archeological treasures of the past. Through an intention to see the past, cleared of all our resentments, is the Only Way to finish our own greatest Work of Love. We have to make the sacrifice of our Ego as a Living Sacrificed to save the Whole Circle of Life in our Time and Place.

There is always a Reason that came before that was the Cause of everything. 9 is the symbol of a Whole Investment that can be offered from the “lower place” to manifest the 10, a Human that rises above the Human illusion that anyone can make their way through the world without compromising the Divine Human Being we were created to be. To Ascend to the Highest Truth we can know, we have to face the Truth from the Beginning to the End, through the eyes of the Supreme Creator, the Alpha to the Omega (by the Northern Count, IMIX the  Primordial Mother to the End, AHAU).

The Intentions/Tones that lead us to a Divine Creation of Life are carried out by Divine Agency, once we cross the threshold to the Holy of Holies on Tone 8. Tone 9 is the Intention of Patience to see the Big Picture of our Life. On 9 CIB we’re called to forgive everything from the Beginning to reach our Highest end.

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8 Wisdom / CIB – The Light of the Scion: Day 8 of 13

Divine Wisdom applies the Highest Truth Above

Offering/MULUC, DMalmos – Loving, After our heart is broken, is Human’s Highest Offering to the Only One that sees the Truth of everything.

CIB (keeb) reflects the Mind in it’s Highest State of Consciousness, the Truth we claim when we’ve carried out the Divine Covenant for the Highest Meaning and Purpose. Through the sacrifice of a broken heart, the Creation is Finished. We know we carried Love beyond the end. Our Divine Justice is Seeing and Acknowledging the Truth we carried on in spite of every obstacle that stood in the way. We could have given up. We could have returned “an eye for an eye.” Love that carries on fulfills the Golden Rule. We weren’t intended to be broken in the end.

The Offering is the way of Atonement, and Forgiveness is the way to know the Highest End. We have to let go of our human expectations to see the Truth. We wondered if the darkness would ever end, after we were broken. A Divine Agency turns us to see we carried out the Golden Rule.

Love was never unrequited when it’s an Offering we bring to the One Above. If we still loved the one that never offered an equal exchange – we Loved anyway. That IS Unconditional Love. Once we claim the Truth, we have to let go of the past, and turn to See, Look, and Watch the Truth of Divine Love that will be given from Above. Through our Atonement we can See the Beauty of Human’s Highest Creation.  The Divine Covenant was written as the Creator’s final Word.

“Dearly Beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath (ie. let it be); I will repay.” ~Romans 12:19

12 is the symbol of Human’s Highest Understanding. 19 is the Signature of God that signs the Masterpiece with our Name on it, the whole investment (9) from the lower place that creates the Higher One. The Signature of God is the Truth we Know will carry on, the “writing on the wall.”

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11 Transformer / CIMI – A Reincarnation: Day 11 of 13

Greetings Beloved Kin,

With every orbit, we bear the weight of the Time it Takes to know a New Life. The first step to a Major Life Change is the Change we see in our Self. Look across the Medicine Wheel to see your own identity 6 months ago, and 9 month ago. We’ve been breaking down an established order – the whole idea of who we are, and what was “meant to be.” We had to Ask to Change to See the Truth – holding on so tightly, to the Truth that was familiar. We can cover up the Truth for as long as it takes us to be Willing to Know.

Did you receive a “first light” of Truth last Summer? Did you Hear Truth from words you heard spoken before? It changed. Now it’s personal – a Truth you were finally meant to see and hear, exactly when your Life Depended on Knowing. Were you afraid you might forget, or the Truth would just pass you by again to be forgotten – like some coincidence, or thought that couldn’t hold the test of time? Now you see it so much clearer, you know it was Truth from the Dawning of a First Light. (My first light was spoken by Ferris Bueller. I heard it many times before, but never saw myself in the story (ie. “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off). Maybe there’s a reason when we want to hear a story more than once.

We hang in the Balance between “life and death.” It takes Time to see where Changes will lead. CIMI is the One Always by our side. We are claiming the  Birth of a New “I Am.” We see change that’s True. You can’t change anything without changing every thing you know. With One Divine Truth in hand, the change in our Self, we DO KNOW the ending will never be the same. The same end could never be the Most Divine End we’d claim now. We were Love floating around without a Meaning and Purpose – that we could see, and the world agreed with every doubt and fear.

We See the Change in our Self. That’s only the beginning for the Seed of a New Generation of our Self. At first the change in our Self meant EVERYTHING for the future of our Dream. It takes Time to See the Change in our Self. Choices for new reasons require the Time to make, and the Time to see the higher ends of Cause and Effect. We get lost in the middle, between one way and another we’ve yet to carry to its higher end. We won’t realize the Truth in “this lifetime.” This is the way we see now, a higher end that will be claimed by a New Seed in another round of Life and another Harvest.

It’s happened before. We know what will happen, again.

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8 Night / AKBAL – A Reincarnation: Day 8 of 13

The myth of the Deer that’s struck by an arrow, yet never found is that there’s a place high in the chest, where the arrow can pass right through. No human arrow can touch the Dream in our heart. The Dream never dies, as long as we are LIVING TO KNOW. We CAN handle the Truth with the Wind at our back. LOVE IS THE TRUTH FOREVER AND ALWAYS – ALWAYS, ALL Ways Forever.

Deer Beloved Kin,

A Divine Dream is born, when we let go of a Human Dream to be Perfect in the eyes of other human beings, who can’t see a thing from our Time and Place. Our Truth is all we need to know.

We hear the Creator’s Voice in the Sanctuary of our Dreams. The place is Real in the realm of Spirit, Above. The 11 and the antlers of 11 Deer/MANIK have tuned us in to the Vision of our Dream – One Dream we’ve always held in our heart that we can’t let go. We accepted so much less than the Creator imagined. On Night/AKBAL we can see EVERY choice we made without a leg of Truth to stand. We knew from the beginning, but there was another Human Dream that looked closer – here and now. It was better than nothing – we thought. Though it could never hold a candle to the Heart’s Desire that would always keep burning within.

Tone 8 is the Vision of our Divine Justice, after we’ve seen a full hour of the zenith light of the Sun. We saw the Truth in plain sight – no shadows, no human filters (what we wished the truth COULD be). It’s NOT. Now we can see “everything THAT IS” and “everything that IS NOT” our Dream. The wisest thing we can bring as an Offering is the Truth – we don’t know how. We may have seen so much Truth uncovered, we KNOW we hardly see a thing – yet it was all right there. We didn’t WANT to see it. The Truth would disrupt a whole established order – we’d have to change, for the Truth that sets us free. We’d have to KNOW the Dream CAN come true to ever take the Leap of Faith. We need SOME sign – some Truth to stand.

AKBAL is the Voice of the Creator that speaks in our dreams. ASK for EVERYTHING your heart wants to know about the Unknown, so we CAN see there’s SOME way to the end – even if we can only see it AFTER the Time it takes to know it as our own experience.

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Spaceweather: Mercury’s tail

THE SODIUM TAIL OF MERCURY: Planets aren’t supposed to have tails, but Mercury does. Dr. Sebastian Voltmer just photographed it from La Palma in the Canary Islands:

“This is NOT a comet, not even a meteor, but the planet Mercury, which is currently very close to the Pleiades,” says Voltmer. “How is the tail formed? The solar wind and micro-meteorites eject sodium atoms from Mercury’s surface. This creates a yellow-orange tail of sodium gas that is around 2.5 million kilometers long.”

SPACEWEATHER.COM, April 30, 2022


1 Wisdom / CIB – A Reincarnation: Day 1 of 13

THE TRECENA OF WISDOM/CIB: A New Experience of Life

Greetings Beloved Kin,

If you stepped in to the Life of your Dreams, what’s the first thing you would do when you raised your head from the pillow?
Remember. The Dream was a Life beyond your wildest imagination, and You are in it. We’re all in it together.

We’re on a course to higher education. I’ll be looking for you, looking for me.
When you see me, pinch me so I’ll remember I’m still awake.

love, in lak’ech, Debra

The Journal Before, for After…

1 Wisdom/CIB (keeb), Destiny Kin 196
Published:  August 12, 2021, 08/12/2021

Greetings Kin,

The next 13 days…

Each Day, A New Beginning…

How was your AKBAL Dream? Did you Dream the future. Was it YOU that was there?

We Ascended into a New Season of a Life that completes itself every 260 days. It’s the legend of the Truth on every scale. The Day is Sacred, marking the measure for all Time conceived by Human as cycles of Light and Dark. We were born to the Light of Divine inspiration. The Dark always comes after, when we wake up in the Natural World. We saw something beautiful – a possibility for Our Life. We want to see the end of the Dream in the Down Below. We want to be there now.

Wisdom/CIB offers the HIGHEST Wisdom of Experience. It marks the Beginning for the Truth and the Way we will Know in the end. CIB connects us to the Divine Wisdom of ALL Time. The glyph illustrates a mind in it’s highest state of Divine Consciousness, emanating Light of Peace, Happiness and Knowing. We Ascend to our Highest Truth, knowing we never know Now all we Will Know with Time.

The Key to the Kingdom is Forgiveness. CIB’s Highest Truth and Way will be resolved by Divine Agency. There’s something we didn’t know. A strong hold of “injustice” will be broken when the Truth Shines for Us. We made up our own story. We broke our own heart. It wasn’t the Truth. Through Forgiveness, we’ll see and we’ll Know. Seeing Clearly is the Sacred Exchange for Forgiveness. When “injustice” is wiped away, we’ll “forgive like the Creator forgives,” when we see “nothing to forgive.”

Forgiveness is Human’s Highest Creation. It goes against our Human Nature, so intent on its own survival. We can see man experiences as a “personal offense,”  like when we Drive, we Rule OUR Road. “You better not veer into My lane.” It looks like Useless Truth we see as clear as a bell. It can be Divine Truth, when we APPLY it. That’s what Wisdom is, an APPLICATION of Truth. Truth ALWAYS sets us Free.

5 Sun/AHAU completes the 10th uinal of Human’s manifestation. CIB will raise the Power of the Divine Hand that human was given to play. Time is ordered to share the Experience that leads to Higher Truth that will  Multiply to Abundance. We’ll See it Clearly in the 11th uinal. The Higher Truth is Love (Dog/OC, the symbol of Unconditional Love, in Position 10). In the 11th uinal we Know we can Create it (Monkey/CHUEN the Creator in Position 11). In the 11th uinal, 8 Night/AKBAL is the zenith that Shines the Truth that our Dreams are the Truth.

THE FOURTH SEASON: Our Highest Ascension
Human’s experience of Truth is completed by 4 directions. To Know, we have to look at the Truth all the way around. The Discernment of Divine Wisdom requires us to see things from the “other side.” From East to West, we see how things look at the beginning and the end. From North to South, we see the “Wisdom” our Spirit Knows, Above, and the “truth we think we know” as the Human, Below. AKBAL offered us Time to Dream and to “look under the hood.” We’ve been puttering down the road at a crawl, and find there’s a V-8 cylinder engine that’s never been taken for a drive. The “harvest” is the Seed of our Self, multiplied to Abundance. We’ll use the Truth we know different ways, for different reasons. We are Guided from Above, the Wisdom of the Sages and the Colors we can be.

We dreamed the Highest Dream for the Divine Inspiration of Living. We know a place in the future our Heart wants to be. Like every Divine Inspiration, we Asked for it. Wisdom/CIB is a cycle of knowing by the Truth of our own Experience. We don’t have to wonder, “If we can.” We’ve already seen how the Creator “raised us again” like the Grass. Now we’ll take the Flight of the Phoenix.

13 Sun/AHAU is Destiny Kin 260, that completes our Highest Ascension of the Tzolk’in round, the Guardian at the End of All Time. 13 is the Symbol of the Power of Answered Prayers – the Power of Choice in Human’s hand. Sun/AHAU is the Brightest Light of our Self that could ever be. We only saw the glimpse of it in our Dream – what Spirit always knew, but Human only caught as a Dream of Beauty in the distance, because of the new way we can see our Self in the Here and Now. We can APPLY the Truth of our Highest Divine Nature. We can level every “mountain” to a “molehill”  and carry on. If the “mountain” won’t move, we can be a “giant” that steps right over… like the “lord of the Day.” There’s SOME symbol we can create that works in a Dream. And, now we know. If we can create the vision in our Dreams, the Truth WILL manifest – As Above, So Below. That’s the Supreme Creator’s “Great Law” of Creation, and how Human can do anything – even learn to Fly like an Eagle, only high, higher, and even higher than the sky. Creating our New Life will be WAY easier than that. We Know.

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7 Wisdom / CIB – “The Work” of Creation: Day 7 of 13

REFLECTIONS: Images and Identities of Time and Place

NASA recorded the Sound of the Helix Nebula, proving the Unseen Powers of Vibration – one voice from the Universe, 655 light-years from Mother Earth. “NASA Shares ‘Screaming Eye’ Sounds From Eerie Depths Of The Universe

Greetings Beloved Kin

The Divine Truth stands on every scale of perception. We can’t know the Truth of the Moment, imposing the truth of another Time and Place. If we filter the Love that’s here and now, through the thoughts from yesterday… or through some fear of the future, we’ll never Give our Heart to the Love that’s here and now.

We’ve arrived at the Truth of the Highest Wisdom, prepared to receive the Key to the Kingdom. CIB is the Maya’s “mystic ferryman” that holds a torch aloft and the means to carry us to the “other side.” There’s a price to pay. By Egyptian myth, the heart must be as “light as a feather.” Our Spirit is lighter than a feather. Our weight is the gravity of life we cling to – our doubts and fears. We have to forgive everything to claim the truth that it was ALL an illusion – half lost in the everyday forgetting. We have to CHOOSE the Truth we want to Prove our own Divine Justice. We wanted to believe in Love from the beginning.

The sacred exchange for Forgiveness is “seeing clearly.” We wanted to see Love, while we declared the Love we’ve seen was never true. We always prove the Truth we LOOK to SEE. We could see ANYTHING and do better than that. If you give yourself more credit than that, give the WHOLE more credit than that. Give the WHOLE the benefit of the doubt – you hope to receive the next time YOU forget what you’re doing or saying. GIVE your WHOLE mind to the Creator. Start with a glass of water every morning as the FIRST wise choice you can make to THINK better all day.

The divine end of the Creator’s dream is easier than we think, if we give any credit for the Design of a Supreme Lord of Creation – a Consciousness of Divine Genius. It’s only “hard” on human’s plane of thought. The PROMISE of Creation is the Divine Law, “As Above, So Below.” We say it many ways. “As ye think, so shall ye be; or, “mind over matter.” In the realm of a Divine Communion with the Creator, Dreams are the Truth Above that are Balanced in the world below. If we’re dreaming of Love, we have half a chance.

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11 Wisdom / CIB – Winds of Change: Day 11 of 13


Dear Beloved Kin,

May we Repeat the Sounding Joy 3 x 3 as Heaven and Nature Sings. May our Song be the Offering we bring to the altar of the High, Higher, and the Highest One.

love, in lak’ech, Debra

A = 432 Hertz Cymatics, the Frequency in Tune with Mother Earth and, the Pattern of it’s Divine Design

Spirit’s talk on the same Kin the round before…

Published: April 14, 2021 (04/14/2021)
TODAY’S KIN: December 30, 2021 (12/30/2021)
Always check my numbers, please.
11 Wisdom/CIB (keeb), Destiny Kin 76


11 Wisdom/CIB

Greetings Kin,

Tone 11 raises the Intention of Resolution. We claimed the Speck of Truth we can see at the end as our Divine Justice. Human needs to know a Speck is good enough, more than just a Hope out of thin air.

We faced the challenge to claim that Love is always the Truth. We also see the continuing challenge of every climb. Our Spirit believes in the Truth we Feel. Human wants to Feel it too, in a tangible way. Faith turned into believing will give us something to have and to hold. We CAN See to Believe.

Tone 11 offers insight like a pair of Divine Antennae to tune us in to a Higher Channel. The Vision we can imagine takes on the details of clarity with the Wisdom to Resolve Love that is True for ALL Time. When we can see that Love as always True in the past, we’ll know there’s Love all along the way, and it will multiply.

Tone 11 shares the Truth that we Belong, and the Power of Divine Wisdom to cross the threshold into a Divine Life.

Wisdom/CIB is the nahaul of Highest Consciousness. CIB represents a Divine State of Mind. The glyph illustrates the rays of Light emanating from the Human mind. The Key to the Kingdom is Forgiveness.

The Owl is CIB’s totem, the one that can See what’s ahead and behind. The Owl holds the vision of the Eagle, with the extended Power to see through the darkness. The Owl symbolizes the “mystic ferryman” found in many traditions. The Owl holds a torch aloft in the darkness to see the “otherside.”

All the injustices of life can be swept away from our Life when we can see through the darkness to the Truth of the “other side.” Wisdom/CIB resides in the South, the direction of Relationships with one another and with the Natural World. The Owl can see the darkness everywhere, and Human eyes that forget what they are looking for. The Owl guides an Intention for Right Relationship. We can change the Truth of any Human matter when our Intention is to see the Love within. We don’t have to see the Truth all the time to know, when we hold the Wisdom to Forgive. Forgiveness holds the Power to restore Right Relationship on both sides. In the moment, we Love our Self for making the Choice. And the Other Loves the One Above that shared Light for the Way. Forgiveness is a Divine Expression that we are worthy of Love. Forgiveness draws us into the Moment of Love that has a Past and a Future.

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