Wesak Moon: Offering from the Big Island of Hawaii

Elena shares her Wesak Moon Ceremony in pictures

Elena – Mahalo Nui Loa, for the Offering to Mother Earth into the Waters of the Western horizon.

Many blessings back to you and the Whole, multiplied to abundance.
love, in lak’ech, Debra





2 thoughts on “Wesak Moon: Offering from the Big Island of Hawaii

  1. How wonderful to view these scenes from a place I have loved for a long time! Ahhhh… to return once again to the Big Island. Elena, where is this, specifically? I worked at Kalani Honua and the Aloha Theatre cafe for several months back in 95-96. I fell so in love with the land! I have been back twice since, and long to return. Sweet blessings to you, Elena, from the little seaside town of Chacala, Mexico!
    Maltiox (mahalo) for your post!
    Sofianna (aka Beauxzoe1, Sue-Anne, Susita, etc)

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