7 Transformer / CIMI – A Journey of Illumination: Day 7 of 13


7 Transformer / CIMI

Greetings Kin,

CIMI is the Sign of a Major Life Change.

Peak Tone 7 marks the end of Human’s climb of Spiritual Growth. At the top of the pyramid, Tone 7 holds an intention of Reflection. Above the canopy lies the threshold between the Above and the Below. The Jaguar holds the “earth magic” of Gratitude to enter a realm of Spirit to see the Highest Light of Illumination.

Every Intention to reach for Divine Truth raises the Tone and Frequency of our thoughts. On Tone 7 we can see “all that is” and “all that is not.” From up above we can see all our turns and the choices we made. The Truth we can see when we Count our Blessings is that in spite of all our limitations, we reached a Higher Ground of Truth.

Our Highest Wisdom is knowing how much we actually know from all the Truth that is Known. Our Heart remembers every possibility. From the threshold of Spirit we see the Balance, how the experiences of darkness always turned us back to the Light. 7 symbolizes a Power to create our own Reality through the Great Law of Creation, “As Above, So Below.” It means that whatever is created in one realm of consciousness will be balanced in all others.

We can accept as Common Sense that our attitudes and intentions influence our perception of reality. When we engage any thought, we have a Sense of where it will lead. We’re approaching a Right of Passage. We’re not children anymore. We can choose where our Dreams will end and when they begin. NOW we Know we Can Know any Divine Truth we Want to Know, and the Whole Truth when we are Willing to Feel.

On Tone 7 we see a Higher Perspective of Truth. Once we Feel the Truth as our own experience, we can’t forget. An Intention of Reflection draws our consideration between one Perspective of Truth and another. With every new Truth, we consider the Truth “Before.” CIMI represents Major Life Changes at the scale of Life and Death. Something always dies as something new is born.

White and Yellow Day Signs hold the energy of “darkness” that is a “working application” – Human Faith in Action. Tone 7 is a Divine Leap of Faith. We must strike out in a new direction. We can’t see how. CIMI is the Consciousness of Divine Agency always by our side. We Always KNOW during the transitions of Life and Death.

CIMI is the Day Sign of the midwife and hospice nurse. Holding the Element of Air, CIMI reminds us to use our Sacred Breath to draw the Truth of Divine Wisdom. We are reminded by CIMI that chaos is a Sign of a Transformation in process. Chaos is not the “end” but the breakdown of an established order. We are growing to our Spiritual Maturity. The glyph shows the face of Death as a reminder that something always dies when something new is born. We die to an old way of life. We have to leave the past behind to move into a Brand New Life.


CIMI shares the Gift of Clairvoyance, the Power to See the Future. We can see the future when we have the Consciousness to look. When we are in middle of chaos, we forget. CIMI is a Divine Light of Truth that works on our behalf. CIMI is said to tend with a “soft hand.” We’ll know we’re in good hands. With the Gift of Clairvoyance, CIMI knows ahead of Time, exactly what to do in the moment.

CIMI’s Truth is the Wisdom we need for this Time and Place.

If we remember to take a Sacred Breath, CIMI will remind us of a Divine Provision for everything. When everything appears to be out of control we can claim the Truth of our Highest Blessing. When we can’t, a Divine Agency Can and Will. CIMI can share the peace beyond human understanding in the “eye of a storm.”

CIMI resides in the North, the Direction of Divine Wisdom. We will Trust the Truth that is shared by CIMI. The Transformer upholds the Pillars of Faith during the breakdown. We may experience a sense of vulnerability on days marked by CIMI, yet KNOW the Truth of Divine Provision when we Remember.

We are moving through a Divine Birth Canal on our way to a New Life. There’s no way to turn back to the way things were before. On course through the darkness, we can only imagine what our Unknown Future might be. When we reach the limit of Reason, by Divine Design, we WILL turn to our Imagination. Reaching for Love a Divine Power will draw us toward our Highest Resolution. We can Know “all that is” and “all that is not” within the Power of the Omega.

A Supreme Creator gave Human Beings one Power that was equal and sovereign – the Sacred Right of Choice. The Intervention of a Divine Agency depends on Human’s Choice for Divine Will. Every Offering of Human Will draws us into Atonement with the Highest Consciousness of Love. The Flowers dig deep into the darkness of Earth, drawing the experience that manifests the Wisdom of the Light.

The Most Beautiful Life Stories are NOT chronicles of one success after another, but epics of Divine Justice. We can’t experience the Whole Truth without the willingness to See and Feel the “common darkness” in our Self. The Deer’s way to manifest a Divine Life is to turn to an altar for every Discernment of the Truth. Through a dedicated practice, the Deer knows it will remember the Highest Truth bending to the Light of the Highest One.

The Truth of a Divine Provision Illuminates a Future beyond our Imagination. We don’t REALLY want to SEE the future. We Love a Mystery. All we REALLY want is to Believe Divine Justice is waiting at the end. A Divine Trinity Above will Balance the Justice for the 2 Below. Our Future holds the Perfect Justice for Human’s Heart and Soul.

Our fear of chaos is a matter of Time. When there’s chaos, it’s hard to see past the moment. Remember to be Kind to your Self. I remembered COVID-19 updates I shared when Snohomish County, WA was an epicenter of the event. In the beginning I was told it was just all in our minds. It doesn’t Feel like we’ve tipped the balance yet, toward consensus that there IS a problem. We are ALL living in the epicenter of a planetary change that has been carrying on. We ARE effected by the chaos. All my cooking has gone downhill, after I was creating one good thing after another. There’s both dark and light things in my experience of reality, while there’s things I want to do, yet can’t seem to get myself to do – WHILE, I don’t have any real clarity about what it is I SHOULD be doing. I just know I should be doing “something.”

CIMI is the “soft hand” of Divine Discernment that tells us “everything is going to be okay.” Today, a Divine thought will remind us our Life is held in Divine Hands.

To all my relations, may we see through the chaos by the Light we Can See in the Future. May we remember that chaos is never the end, but a Divine Sign of a Higher Order in the future.  When we Count our Blessings, Truth can reach our Heart.

May we Draw the Sacred Breath for the Light of Truth and Love to disseminate its Blessing. When we reflect on “all that is not” in the world, may we Give Thanks that a  “soft hand” will remind us that the Whole Truth Lies Within.

in lak’ech, i am another you

Jaguar Woman/9 Eagle/MEN


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide
 for a daily aspects of the Sun/AHAU trecena.

My gift for the Tzolk’in round is the “Tzolk’in Field Guide: A Daily Practice for Personal Discernment.”Volume 1 covers the first two seasons of the Tzolk’in round. The “Field Guide” is available to download from a link on the 13-day Trecena Guide Page.

7 Transformer/CIMI (Cherokee, Twins/ TAKATO’KA)

Galactic Tone 7: Reflective. Seven stands as a mirror to divide light and dark and to reflect all that is and is not. Seven is associated with the source of creation and the flow of Divine Will. With a keen sense of ethics, Seven establishes purpose to current and future goals.

Transformer/CIMI: Cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Transformer persons achieve goals and emotional wealth. Transformer people can become highly respected business persons. They have the ability to help others through any and all transitions with tranquility due to their spiritual strength and guidance. Communities often benefit from Transformers discipline and organization skills. They strengthen the life of pregnant women and guide them through the transitions of maternity. Establishing contact with the ancestors activates innate psychic abilities, gifts to be used as tools to assist others. Transformers can have the ability to send evil intentions telepathically, this is their undoing. From these acts they lose power, easily fall into a victim role and begin to manipulate with a vengeance. A good day to tie all loose ends.

Cherokee, Twins/ TAKATO’KA: Twins symbolize the Female Sun and Male Moon, whose union keeps the world going round. Cherokee myth has the Morning Star heralding the Sun, Venus, also being the Evening Star as representing the TWINS. The energy brings major changes all throughout life, riding the tsunamis of earthquake and upheaval, making their own waves wherever they go. They undergo powerful transformations, alternating like a flashing neon sign. The challenge is to master Balance while experiencing Chaos leading to re-birth and abundance through infinity.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

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