3 Star / LAMAT – Transition of Light: Day 3 of 13



Greetings Kin,

3 Star/LAMAT is a day of “pure luck.”

On Tone 3 the Divine Spirit calls our Heart to Move on a Divine Intention. CIMI is guiding us to create a Life of Light, Light, and Happiness on behalf of the Whole. Intention is the Spirit’s way of Movement to Higher Consciousness. Always directing our thoughts to Higher Truth of Love, we will emanate the Light of Love all around.

Star/LAMAT is a symbol of Venus, that shares Human’s Creation cycle of 260 days as the Morning and Evening Star. Venus is a Divine Time-keeper. The Haab is the Maya’s calculation of the Earth’s creation calendar, the “vague year” of 365 days. The “vague time” that accumulates as an extra day is resolved in perfect synchronicity upon Venus’s return to transit the Sun. Star/LAMAT emphasizes a Time for Movement that is Divinely Ordered to be.

LAMAT’s totem is the Rabbit, a cauldron of reproduction, sexuality, and Love that multiplies our “object of affection” to abundance. On days led by LAMAT, whatever we focus on as our Heart’s Desire will be multiplied. LAMAT holds a power of “instant manifestation.”

Star/LAMAT reminds us that whatever we share in Divine Communion as our Heart’s Desire for Love is manifested instantly in the realm of Spirit. The Light of Hope and Faith was created the moment we Dreamed of Love. Our Dream for the Harmony and Equity of the Whole has already been Seen and Acknowledged by the One Above. That’s all that was necessary to Create Love in the Above, that a Divine Creator will manifest in the down Below.

Movement is the Sign of Life that creates Time, through a Vibration that will carry on from a Beginning to an End. The Tone and Frequency is established by the Intention, the reason we move. Tone 3 reflects the exponential Power of Trinity. On Tone 3 human makes a choice of Human Will for a Divine Cause we Feel in our Heart as our way to the Higher Wisdom of Unconditional Love. Like the Creator’s first spoken words of Creation, on Tone 3 we hold the exponential Power to move forward to a Miracle of Love. Sound and Movement create vibration. Today we are moved to take action, through either the dissemination of a Divine Idea, or by taking one step forward. Our most Divine Step forward is the Leap of Faith, holding in our Heart our Faith in God’s Unconditional Love, and the Truth of the Light that will guide us to the end… our Spirit’s climb to a Higher Perspective of Truth that will manifest our next Higher Ground of Believing.


July 20, 2020, contains the Master Number 22, magnified by the Power of Trinity as 222. Number 22 represents the path for our New Life as the Master Builder Number. Number 2 lends its influences of faith and trust, encouragement, attainment and success, adaptability, diplomacy and co-operation, duality, service and duty, balance and harmony, selflessness, faith and trust and your Divine life purpose and soul mission. Number 222 has to do with balance, manifesting miracles and new auspicious and timely opportunities. Number 222 is a Divine Sign that we are on course, and that we WILL manifest the Intention of our Dreams. It is only a Matter of the Divine Time and Place. We will always reach an end of Divine Justice, when we Move on the Creator’s Dream of Love.

Who are you? What do you want to Believe? God Believes in our Dreams. We can ask a Divine Creator for the Light to Believe. This is a Day to Reach for the Stars, and to LOVE the Truth that We were Designed to Build the Beauty of our Dreams.

Star/LAMAT resides in the South, the direction of our Relationships with one another and with the Natural World. Holding the Element of Earth, LAMAT relates to our tangible experiences of Life. Today we are moved by Human Feelings of Love. This is a day to honor all the ways of our Human Nature, designed as a perfect Balance with our Divine Nature. We are called to “Love our Life” and the Human EXPERIENCE that draws the Wisdom of Light.

We were inspired by Deer/MANIK to a path of Vigilant Consciousness to be “God’s Hand” in the Natural World Below. We can look to our own Hands for the Miracles they carry out by the Direction of our thoughts and Intentions. Our “Hand” was given the power to carry out the Intentions of our Heart and Mind. The Hand is a symbol of Human’s capability to Grasp when we want. Hands were given in Harmony and Equity. Even if we lose a physical hand, Human’s Divine Design can manifest a Divine Provision for another way. Just like the 5 senses. When we lose one sense, the others will be multiplied by a Divine Provision through another.

Our Human Nature guides the Movement of our physical survival. As Above, So Below. When our Heart yearns for the Truth of Love, so will a Divine Body of Consciousness guide the Creation.

We are the Creator’s cauldron of Creation on Earth. LAMAT symbolizes the Identity of Humanity as a Living Personification of the Creator’s Light. LAMAT is the Symbol of the Scion, the Reason for Creation. Like a Star, we were intended to shine our Light equally all around. The glyph marks the 4 directions. The purpose of Light is to See more clearly. Like a flashlight or a headlight – we were intended to illuminate the Light of the Whole. A Star that burns inward will implode, sooner or later. The shape that looks like a Star reflects the shape of the hole made in the ground for the Planting of the Corn. The shape is formed by a planting implement drawn up and down and side-to-side. The Scion of Humanity was planted on Earth to manifest a Light Below from the Divine Truth Above.

Like a Rabbit, days led by LAMAT can be a little “jumpy” with thoughts all over the place. Thoughts that can stop us in our tracks, when we veer off-course. This is a Day to “think about what you want” – not “what you Don’t Want.” We feel the gravity of our Human limitations. By Divine Provision we can call upon a Divine Agency from the beginning. When Human Will is surrendered to Divine Will we manifest our Highest Creation of Love. God’s Will is NEVER the “consolation prize.” Divine Justice is always Light, Love, and Happiness beyond Human imagination.

The lesson of LAMAT is to shine in Harmony and Equity. We aren’t meant “try harder” when someone doesn’t “love us back.” Our Intention is to See, rather than to be Seen, and to Understand, rather than be Understood. To manifest Right Relationship with the Whole, we can turn to the Light that sees every creation of our Love. God’s Divine Provision is Love that Overflows. Like Rabbits, we could give and give and Still Know more Love than our Heart can hold.

IXCHEL – Lady of the Rainbow, Fount of Life, Goddess of Becoming

VENUS IS RETURNING AS THE MORNING STAR. July 2020 offers a view of all 5 bright planets. Venus is that very bright object lighting the East before sunrise. Look for Venus in the East, just before dawn, following the path of the crescent moon. The Maya said that Venus travels to the underworld, positioned closest to the Sun. Jun 6, 2012 marks the last Venus transit across the Sun, marking a new cycle of Time. The next transits of Venus will take place on 10–11 December 2117 and 8 December 2125.

The ancient Maya called Venus Nohoch Ek‘ (Great Star) or Chak Ek‘ (Red Star). Venus was the astronomical object of greatest interest to the Maya who defined it as the companion of the Sun. Venus is marked by the 2 of Duality by 2 cycles, and is 2nd brightest to the Sun of all the heavenly bodies that shine their own light.  Chak Ek‘ (God M) was also associated with chocolate.  The totem Rabbit is often seen depicted with IXCHEL. She is the Moon Goddess, Lady of the Rainbow, Weaver of the World, and the Goddess of Becoming.  The Aztec define Tochtli (Rabbit) as a mystical day, associated by the passages of the moon. “Rabbit is a good day for communing with nature and spirit, a bad day for acting against others.” Lady of the Rainbow, Weaver of the World, Goddess of Becoming. 

NEW MOON IN CANCER: A New Moon in the Sign of Cancer falls in synchronicity with Ixchel’s Blessing. Cancer is the Sign of Domestic Love, and the Compassion of Mother’s Love. This is a day to plant the Seed of Intention for a new Lunar cycle. Venus calls us to Wish on a Star.

To all my relations, may we shine a Light of Compassionate Love all around. May we Claim the Whole Divine Creation of God’s Love is our Highest Object of Affection. May God multiply to Abundance the Light we shine for the Whole.

The Elders say that it takes Courage to make the climb to Higher Consciousness. We have to be willing to see our own Truth. May we see the Clear path marked by the Creator’s Light, to believe in an exponential Power of Trinity to manifest all our Dreams. May we offer our humble gratitude to the Legions of Light that went before, and to the Supreme Creator who records the Wisdom of the Whole and shares it with the Scion, God’s Only One given the Power to Create a Life of Beauty.

We were given the Gift of Vigilant Consciousness to Know where our thoughts will lead. Whatever thoughts we claim as the “object of our attention” always lead a “rabbit trail.” When we realize we are following a thought about “what we don’t want” may we STOP, like the Rabbit stops, to look Vigilantly all around for the Divine Thought of our Intention of Spirit to Love the Whole as One. May we FEEL the Power of CHOOSING an Intention we can turn to for the way forward, that we WILL Remember, when we realize we’ve unconsciously followed the thoughts of our doubts and fears. May we begin the Day in Gratitude for a Light that Shines for us, like we’re the Only One. May we claim we are the “object of affection” of the Highest Love, and Above as Below, a Supreme Creator will hold us in the orbit of a Divine Path that will multiply the Truth of Unconditional Love, so we can shine in the Darkness and the Light.

May we stand on the Truth of a Divine Agency to Remember the Light of our Dream, and to guide our thoughts to the Truth of a Divine Provision whenever we forget.
Through an Offering to Love Back, may we claim the Holy, Holy, Holy, the Highest Divinity of our Heart and Mind as the Beloved Object of our Affection.

in lak’ech, i am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman/9 Eagle/MEN


I’m grateful that Love is a Creation that manifests instantly in the realm of Spirit, the moment our Divine Intention is Seen and Acknowledged by the One Above. I’m grateful for the questions raised in the darkness that raise the Light of Truth. The Answer will always be the Divine Justice as a Light that goes on forever, shining equally for the 1, the 2, and the Whole. 



Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide
 for a daily aspects of the current trecena.

My gift for the Tzolk’in round is the “Tzolk’in Field Guide: A Daily Practice for Personal Discernment.” Volume 1 covers the first two seasons of the Tzolk’in round. The “Field Guide” is available to download from a link on the 13-day Trecena Guide Page.


3 Star/LAMAT (Cherokee, Rabbit/NOQUI’SEGWA)

Galactic Tone 3: Action. Three is basic movement and communication, which begins as a vibration. Three energy is very eloquent in all types of self-expression. Communication is how Three establishes a point of agreement between any point “A” and any point “B”. Three persons are rhythmic to the core and are often restless, as motion is their nature. By working closely with the energy of Three, any person becomes more able to predict motions of all kinds.

Star/LAMAT: Star energy is multiplication of all things to abundance. Star has been associated with the fertility of rabbits for its ability to multiply. As each sun in the sky, Star persons shine equally in all directions. This natural tendency of harmony and balance can become compulsion, motivating Star to be too agreeable and too generous, rejected gifts cause fear and resentment. When a Star believes it has been given too much, they are weakened or may even collapse. In this “Black Hole” state, Stars are prone to verbal jousting and arguing to force their point of view on everyone.

Cherokee, Rabbit/NOQUI’SEGWA: Symbol-Venus, The Morning Star cycle of 260 days and Evening Star cycle of another 260 days, inspired the 13 numbers, 20 Day sign Sacred Calendar. Rabbit is the Trickster of Cherokee culture, matching the Coyote in other nations. The personification of Light and New Life, Sunrise, the scion (a first-generation descendant) of the Moon-Father of earth children, the Rabbit is fertility, be fruitful and multiply. Represents softness, gentleness and vulnerability. LAMAT– Totem Rabbit. Energies of re-birth, regeneration, ripening, harvest and abundance. This person is overflowing with love energy in all areas of life. Spiritual growth is natural and with ease due to the unconditional love energy that flows.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

How is your Spiritual path today?

I love to hear from you. Share your thoughts on the day, your Day Sign, or just say Hi!

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