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3 Wind / IK – A Walk with the Supreme Creator: Day 3 of 13


3 Wind / IK

Greetings Kin,

Tone 3 holds the Intention of Movement. Through a physical movement or communication toward an Intention of Creation, we bring Life to a New Vibration.

Intention is the Force of Movement by Spirit. We engage the Force of Spirit through a Dream of Creation we project onto our future. The first step of Creation is a Dream of the End.

The frequency of the Vibration will be established by the Meaning and Purpose. Creation is always inspired by a Reason. When we Create for Love, we have imagined the ending of a Divine Dream. Our Designs that will naturally flow in Harmony and Equity with the Dreams intended Above.

Wind/IK is the Breath of Life and Breath of Spirit. The Element of Air connects us all. Sound is carried through the Wind as vibration. The glyph illustrates the “T” portals carved in stone that magnify the sound of the wind. The “T” represents the Tree of Life and “Te” the Sacred Word and Sound of Creation. We Breathe and are Breathed to Life by the Creator.

The Cherokee Whirlwind is the 13th Dancer Above who leads the 12 below. Whirlwind is the double-helix of smoke that carries our prayers to the Creator. Wind is the Whirling of Life and the Breath of the Universe. Breath is the most critical Element of Life drawn through the body by the Heart.

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3 Offering / MULUC – A Divine Purpose: Day 3 of 13



3 Offering / MULUC

Greetings Kin,

Tone 3 holds the Intention of Movement. On Tone 3 we give Life to a new Reason To Be. We create Sound when we share our ideas. We create sound when we take a step forward. When we take action for a Divine Reason, we create the Sound of our Intention. We create a new vibration, a sound wave that will naturally follow its own course to the end. The Tone and Frequency of our Intention will guide our thoughts.

On Tone 3 we are motivated to move for the Happiness that lies in the Future. Happiness in the Future is Happiness we will ALSO experience Now, and ALL the time in-between.

Our circumstances TODAY are the result of choices of movement we made yesterday, or the day before. The Sacred Right to Choose holds the potential for our Divine Justice and Happiness for ALL Time.

Offering/MULUC holds a Choice to Move for a Divine Reason. MULUC guides us to Pay Back and Pay Forward. Through an Offering we acknowledge the Blessings of a Divine Creator. MULUC offers an Atonement with the Creator.

Through the ritual and ceremony of a Sacred Offering we See and are Seen by the Creator. The glyph illustrates a single drop of water raised up above the Whole. The Love receive in the Sacred Exchange will ripple through the Whole.

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3 Wisdom / CIB – Journey of Spirit: Day 3 of 13


3 Wisdom / CIB

Greetings Kin,

Tone 3 is the first day of Movement. Taking action on an Intention brings a new vibration to Life. The Tone and Frequency is established by the Intention. Whenever we take a step forward, through the dissemination of an idea or by physical movement, something WILL change by the Law of Cause and Effect. When the Cause is Love, there can only be a Divine Effect.

Wisdom/CIB connects us to the Old Ones, the Ascended Masters who walked the same “hard road.” They are the Divine Agency that works on behalf of the Whole to manifest the Dream of Humanity. We all share the same Dream of Happiness.

Part of our Divine Nature is the Hope for a New Generation. It’s Common Hope. It’s a Common Hope for our Life to have a Meaning and Purpose, worthy for Someone to Remember. Our Hope is in the children who will carry on.

Whatever is Common to the Whole is an Element of Divine Design. As it is Above, So it is Below – the Great Law of Creation. God wanted to be Remembered. God’s Divine Hope for the Sacred Right of Choice was that Human would Choose a Relationship. The Creator wanted to be Remembered. “Wanting to be Remembered” is the Spark of the Creator’s Dream that was planted in our Heart.

Through this Balance, Above and Below, we are Given a Divine Meaning and Purpose To Be. We can Remember the Creator and the Whole. The Elders always said, “It’s not what you Know, but whether you will Remember.” When we Remember, their Wisdom will Live in us. Remembering was the Supreme Creator’s Dream of a Divine Circle of Life.

This is a Day to Honor the Old Ones – to ASK for their Advice. The Old Ones “Commonly” want to share their Wisdom and Experience. That is the Very Reason for Wisdom To Be. Asking for Wise Counsel is different than asking questions. We are Humble and Respectful when we express the need for guidance and wise counsel.

The glyph illustrates a mind in its Highest State of Consciousness. From the Other Side, Consciousness is the “pure spirit” of Human Wisdom. The glyph illustrates the rays of Consciousness and Light that emanate from Wisdom and Forgiveness. CIB’s Gift of Wisdom is the Truth that Forgiveness is the Key to the Kingdom.

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3 Night / AKBAL – Dawn of a New Awakening: Day 3 of 13


3 Night / AKBAL

Greetings Kin,

Tone 3 initiates our first movement. Through movement or a dissemination of an idea, we draw a Dream from the Above into the world Below. Movement gives life to a vibration. The Sound we make creates a new vibration that holds its own Reason and Meaning and Purpose of our Intention. Intention is the Movement of Spirit.

In a world below, our thoughts and Dreams are given to the Element of Air. With an Intention “to be,” our thoughts will be present among the electrical signals – thoughts that can be charged by Lightning, thoughts that can others can choose and go along.

Sharing thoughts and dreams about an idea for creation, we can collect more thoughts and ideas from those who can see the possibility that we see. Through a dissemination, we are initiating new thoughts to others, adding to the repository of Wisdom held in Wind.

Night/AKBAL is the Dreamer who Believes in the Dream, and a Voice that speaks to us in our Dreams. In our Divine Communion with the Creator, we were given an idea. Our side of the conversation was all the questions about how it could be. Our Divine Communion is a Meeting of Minds between the Above and the Below. The questions we asked, reveal what we really Love to the Creator. The Creator SAW what we really wanted, better than we knew. It was a Dream we loved but didn’t ask questions about, because we thought it was impossible.

AKBAL holds the potential for very mystical experiences. AKBAL connects our conscious with our unconscious mind, so WE can see the thoughts WE didn’t see. So is our Intellect connected to our Imagination. To manifest a Dream, we will learn to Use and Apply the Gift of our Imagination. We will manage the Primary Tool of manifestation.

AKBAL resides in the Unknown, the direction of West. Holding the Element of Water, AKBAL solicits our Heart’s Response to a Dream. Our Human response was a bunch of questions. Our Heart will reveal the Dream we really Love.

AKBAL is the Light that shines in the Darkness. A Dream we Love lies in the Unknown. AKBAL can train our human eyes to see what Spirit sees, a false truth about an “impossibility” of Love.

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3 Dog / OC – A Divine Gift of Ascension: Day 3 of 13


3 Dog / OC

Greetings Kin,

Tone 3 holds the Intention of Movement. Tone 3 resolves an Intention to follow a Divine idea. What we considered as a Choice on Tone 2 is drawn into clarity by Tone 3. Tone 3 encourages action of movement or a dissemination of the idea.

All movement creates Sound which brings a new vibration to life. The Intention of movement sets a Tone and Frequency. A frequency of vibration is what we feel when we walk in to a room.

El Casitillo, the calendar pyramid at Chichen Itza generates an audible vibration. When you clap your hands in front of the stairs, you hear an echo the Maya related to the chirp of the sacred quetzal bird.

The Maya were sensitive to vibration. Pyramids were built on ley lines that connect a grid around the globe. Thoughts disseminate the energy and vibration of their intention. We sense the inherent vibration of the innocent thoughts of children. Great cathedrals and libraries hold tangible vibrations of their Time and Place, as do all Sacred Sites – and battlefields. A focus of passionate thoughts, establishes influence toward the object of thought. A vibration moves from point A to point B.

Dog/OC lies in the North, holding the Element of Air that disseminates vibrations that influence thoughts. North is the direction of Wisdom. Divine thoughts are “Above” and Human thoughts are “Below.” Divine thoughts from Above hold the Authority over unconscious Human thoughts Below (South). Choosing to magnify Divine Thoughts can change our mind.

Today our movement is guided by Dog/OC, the Day Sign of Unconditional Love. Man’s best friend will lead us out the door with an Intention of Love. The Dog shows us a way to generate the Passionate thoughts of Love that can ripple through the Whole.

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3 Earth / CABAN – Vision of Higher Perspective: Day 3 of 13


3 Earth / CABAN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 3 is the first day of Movement. On Tone 2 we considered all the ways to move forward in the Creation of Love from a Human perspective.

Our Consciousness shared with the Creator what we would love to Try Again, or Try something New. The Creator heard a Dream for Happiness.

When we Love what we are doing or creating, we are naturally curious. We look at the details. Love and Creation go together. Divinity is in the details.

Earth/CABAN is a Symbol of Mother Earth. She is the Mother of Earthly Human Beings. We are made of her flesh and blood. We are the matter of stars, lifted up by the Vibrations of Sound and Movement. Filled with water, we are given the medium to hold the Ether of Spirit and Force of Life. Movement is the Sign of Life.

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3 Seed / KAN – A New Mission of Spirit: Day 3 of 13


3 Seed / KAN

Greetings Kin,

3 Seed/KAN presents the first Intention of Movement. Through Movement by Intention, we bring a Dream to Life from the Realm of Spirit. Seed/KAN guides us to Live by the Truth our Heart knows.

The Tzolk’in is the calendar within Human. Within every living thing is the Divine Intention To Be what the Creator Meant To Be. Created Equal, we were all given a path of migration to navigate the seasons of our Life.

The 13 Tones represent a migration of thoughts that lead Human on a path to Higher Consciousness.  Consciousness is the defining feature of our Divinity and the Power to Choose what our Heart Desires.

The 13 Tones are a legend that defines the Meaning of Time, based on the Hours of Human’s Day in the Light. As a legend, it is relevant to every scale of Time. The scale for Human to see it clearly is in the Hours of daylight. To manifest the Creator’s Dream we have to “track the mind.” Seed/KAN awakens us to an Inherent way of Divine thoughts.

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