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3 Earth / CABAN – Flight of Higher Vision: Day 3 of 13


3 Earth / CABAN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 3 presents the first day of movement. Through our movement toward an Intention, our Dream takes on Life of its Own. The Love we invest in an Intention for the Highest Good of All is the Highest Expression of our own Beauty.

The Eagle is revered as the totem that flies in closest proximity to the Great Spirit. The Eagle/MEN lifts us up to see that all our Dreams can come true through an Intention to Know the Creator and to be Rejoined as One. Through this One Intention, Human is empowered to create a world of Peace and Harmony. As the Intention of the Creator, this is the Dream most capable of coming true.

Earth/CABAN is the Day Sign of Mother Earth, a Creation of Beauty and Perpetual Movement. Earth was a Gift to Human as the Source of All Knowledge and Experience. Mother Earth illustrates the eternal promise of a new beginning. With each day we can begin again to create a new world and a new experience of living. Earth’s Beauty and Movement were created by Design to be the place where we would come to Know the Creator and the Divine Dream for Humanity.

Human was made as One with this Creation, and like the Earth, we were also created to perpetually renew and recreate ourselves as a Thing of Beauty.

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3 Monkey / CHUEN – A Gift of Forgiveness: Day 3 of 13


3 Monkey / CHUEN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 3 brings the Intention of Movement. An idea moves from Spirit into the physical world. When we take action on an Intention we draw an Inspiration of Spirit into the material world. A movement that moved microscopic molecules brings life to a vibration that follows its own course. Movement gives life to a Spiritual Inspiration.

The MULUC trecena holds an Intention of empowering ourselves in Spirit, through the Human Sacrifice of forgiveness. Through our Offering, we are Atoned with the Creator for a Healing of our Emotions.

Monkey/CHUEN demonstrates a way of movement that’s different from our emotional reactions. Monkey lives for “the experience.”

Monkey/CHUEN embodies the Power of a Creator. CHUEN is said to be the Master of all Art. CHUEN, like the Creator, resides in a position of Forgiveness. This Monkey never finishes anything, but leaves a trail to follow.

Monkey’s curiosity is void of Judgement. Monkey tries new things just to see what will happen. CHUEN reflects the Creators perspective on our journey through life. We are always forgiven by a Creator who sees our whole life as an exploration. Monkey can help us resolve the suffering of our past, so we move into a new future.

2-DAY PORTAL DAY: Element of Ether This is the second day of a 2-day Portal shared by the Day Signs of Unconditional Love and Creation, Dog/OC and Monkey/CHUEN.  On Portal days we can see beyond the veil and our Sixth Senses are magnified.  A portal on 3 Monkey/CHUEN will magnify a new perception, as Monkey connects our Intellect and Imagination. We can see things from the “other side.” 

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3 Flint / ETZNAB – Application of Our Spiritual Nature: Day 3 of 13


3 Flint / ETZNAB

Greetings Kin,

Tone 3 brings our first day of movement. When we take action on a Dream, it moves from the realm of Spirit into the Physical world. Tone 3 is a day for the dissemination of a new idea. What was a Spark of Inspiration becomes a Germinated Seed of Intention.

ETZNAB is a Day Sign that “wields the sword of truth so falsehoods can be cut away.” The Flint Knife is said to reveal truth that cuts to the bone. “Mirror” is another name for this Day Sign, representing the Truth that is perfectly reflected by an Obsidian Mirror. Through a gift of clarity, Flint is capable to separate Truth from Fiction.

Flint’s Truth is usually unexpected, said to deliver truth like a “lightning strike.” Flint’s Truth is personal. It can be shocking when it hits home. Flint’s “experience” is also related to a “stroke of genius.”

The energy of Flint is said to motivate us to “act out of character.” When we “act out” we are usually expressing the Truth we’ve been longing to share. Flint can help us see where we are denying or covering up our Truth. We cover up our Truth when we fear the rejection of others. We cover up the way we really see things when we fear that Truth will put us in a position of disadvantage. Or, we cover up Truth we Know, because we don’t have the evidence to prove it. It’s OKAY if we’re wrong. Living our Truth is the only way to discover a Higher Truth.

The Old Ones are employing Flint’s spotlight on the Truth to get us in touch with our Divine Gifts of Knowing. They would help us see that Truth can’t be hidden from our Spirit.

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3 Serpent / CHICCHAN – Vision Quest: Day 3 of 13

The invitation and introduction is offered on the journal post for 1 Night/AKBAL. Suggestions for daily practice are offered on the Vision Quest Ceremony page.


3 Serpent / CHICCHAN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 3 is the day of Movement that brings Life to our Intention. Through the action of movement or communication an Intention of Spirit becomes a vibration in the realm of physicality. A Divine Inspiration from Above enters the world Below.

Serpent/CHICCHAN is the Day Sign of “lightening in the blood.” Serpent’s way of being is correspondent with the Movement of 3, bringing the physical sensations of Spirit to life within the body.

CHICCHAN is the catalyst of Spirit, said to “light the fuse that ignites the Force of Life itself.” CHICCHAN ignites Spirit in the movement of our Vision Quest.

Our first experience of Spirit calls us to look within our own body to see that we are wholly connected to the Forces of Divine Energy – Body, Mind, and Spirit. “Lightning in the Blood” is a “communication” we can physically feel. Our own pulse is proof of “life force,” like the ley lines that cross Mother Earth. We could see the similarity of our circulatory system, and how the iron in our blood is a conductor of unseen geomagnetic energy. What is True in one realm of existence, translates as Truth in all other realms. As Above, So Below. This force, our Spark of the Creator, is the source of our Spiritual Gifts of Knowing. We are touched by the hand of the Creator that would have us Know that we are One, together.

Like the dragon energy of Seed, we’re given the power to “see clearly.” CHICCHAN is the force of kundalini energy that we might feel traveling up the spine. Our “sixth sense” is ignited as something we “feel.” This is a day to pay attention to our gut feelings, and revelations that are accompanied by physical sensations.

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3 Storm / CAUAC – Journey of Discovery: Day 3 of 13


3 Storm / CAUAC

Greetings Kin,

We are mid-way through the Spiritual Growth phase of this trecena (Tones 1-6). We have crystallized the vision for a new Intention of Being. Just as Mother Earth was given to Human, so was Human given to Earth to be the Personification of the Creator’s Light in the World.

The Intention we all have In Common is to just be Happy and Enjoy the Beauty of Mother Earth. Earth is the Creation of the Creator, far beyond anything that Human could imagine to create. We weren’t created in such a beautiful place with the sole purpose to survive. The Creator’s Intention was our Harmony and Equity.

Tone 3 calls for the Movement that brings a new Intention to Life. The Sound of our Movement and Communication creates the influence of a new vibration. When we hold an Intention of Love, we create the Vibration that can draw lower vibrations into sympathy. An unseen power magnifies the Power of the Intentions we share.

Storm/CAUAC is a Day Sign of Renewal and Regeneration. Flint/ETZNAB’s effect of clearing our karma swept the dead branches away. Like a pruning we were prepared for new and accelerated Spiritual Growth. CAUAC displays its unbridled freedom as the “lightning” that connects Heaven and Earth. Through the “lightning in our blood” we are renewed by our own Sense of Freedom.

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3 Transformer / CIMI – Journey of Self Realization: Day 3 of 13


3 Transformer / CIMI

Greetings Kin,

Transformer/CIMI is the Day Sign of a major life change. The glyph illustrates Death to remind us that something always dies as something new is born. CIMI reminds us that death is a natural part of growth and change. We die to an old way of being as we are born into something new.

Tone 3 is the first day of Movement. As we give breath and movement to a new Intention, we create a living thing that follows its own natural course of being. Tone 3 facilitates the moment of co-creation. Human creates life as a physical manifestation. The Creator births a new Spirit of Consciousness. Our Dreams are given a life of their own, and we become the Creator that manifests their beginning and their end.

Human hold the Authority over the life and death of our dreams. We sustain the life of our Intentions through our Consciousness as the Creator. When we turn our attention away, the life of our Dream ebbs away. Our own Meaning and Purpose lives on by means of our Shared Consciousness with our Creator. A Divine Creator promised to always be there so that we could manifest our Intention for Being.

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3 Reed / BEN – Witness to a Miracle: Day 3 of 13


3 Reed / BEN

Greetings Kin,

The Monkey/CHUEN trecena is inspiring us to step into the shoes of a Divine Creator. The Tzolk’in, the calendar of Human’s transformation, reflects that seated at the center of every Human is a Spark of Unconditional Love and the Power to Create. They are seated on the calendar as Dog/OC and Monkey/CHUEN, sharing the peak position of the Tzolk’in, side-by-side. They go together. Our Power to Create is dependent on Unconditional Love, and Creation is a dynamic expression of that Love.

The purpose of this trecena is to inspire us to Create an Expression of Love. We have a Creator, the Master of all Art, guiding us to Create.

The Monkey/CHUEN trecena is a Divine Experiment. CHUEN is able to tap in to our Inspiration and Imagination.  We can set Reason aside for the time-being. We’re invited to play a game of Creation with the Monkey. The light-hearted Monkey approaches life like the game of a grand adventure. In the 7th uinal we are suspended from the structure of duality. We can observe the process free of judgement or characterization of “success” or “failure.”

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