Jen’s Inspiration of AJ (Reed/BEN) the Guiding Light of Family and Home

Greetings Kin,

I’m grateful to share wisdom from Jen’s new website and blog at Jen’s Destiny Kin is 11 Crocodile/IMIX. Jen is a talented writer, sharing wisdom in her second language, as well as applying it through her offering of personal Mayan Readings. Jen, thank you for sharing your wisdom and the Light of your Dreams.


by Jen

I was inspired to write this post by the energy of AJ (Reed/BEN) in the Mayan Calendar. AJ represents, amongst other things, the tree, the pillar that connects the cosmic and telluric energies. It reminds us how nature works together, is abundant, and flourishes by sharing. It also reminds us of the importance of the spiritual process.


Nature is a wise teacher.  Just by sitting and observe it, you can get a deep understanding of life.

I was reminded of how we sometimes put more value in the masculine energy of action and forget to nurture ourselves with the feminine energies of stillness and receptivity. Most of us go just outwards to find answers, to find things and people to complete us. Or we measure our value just for things we do or achieve. If we just focus on action, ignoring its complementary principle, is like a tree that wants to get tall and give fruit without growing roots. If our roots don’t grow deep, and if the soil is not rich, the tree will fall or die prematurely.

When we plant a seed in healthy soil, the roots are the first to emerge. They start absorbing water and nutrients from Mother Earth (feminine energy). And then, the seed sprouts and a plant starts developing. The plant grows towards Father Sky (masculine energy) and eventually matures to provide yields. From here, there is an interaction between both energies. One cannot be without the other. And actually, the plant itself becomes a connection between both.

We, humans, are like walking trees. Our roots and branches are not physical, but energetical. We are a channel that connects the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of Earth. When this channel is open, letting these energies flow freely, the codes inside of us are activated. If this channel is blocked, then we remain disconnected, and we will struggle in life.

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2 thoughts on “Jen’s Inspiration of AJ (Reed/BEN) the Guiding Light of Family and Home

  1. Thank you for this, Jen, and thanks, Debra for publishing it. I had to respond to this, for it brought a smile of Synchronicity, those Signs of the Divine posted along our Sac Be. “The Guiding Light of Family and Home” indeed! Tomorrow I return home to NC after 7 months away in Mexico, Guatemala, Colorado and now New Mexico. I feel I am in alignment with this KAWOQ trecena as I read and contemplate the signs, and now this today, after writing about returning home and what that might mean. This beautiful phrase will carry me now. I rarely think of family and home as any kind of guiding light, because I am so often fleeing what I feel as the confines of home and family. But I see clearly now that Home is pulling me forward with its Guiding Light. Thank you!

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