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9 Reed / BEN – A Quickening of Spirit: Day 9 of 13


9 Reed/BEN

Greetings Kin,

Peak Tone 9 completes a Transformation through the Intention of Patience to see the bigger picture. Tone 9 is all about completion. It comes with a warning that could be suffering to bear if we don’t look further into a new Truth. There is always something more to learn. Patience is an important Spiritual Tool for Divine Discernment.

Reed/BEN is the Guiding Light for Family and Home that looks to the needs of the children, the next generation. Reed/BEN is a good day to Bless the Home. This a day the Maya also check in on their neighbors to offer a helping hand. Reed/BEN recognizes the Family of the Whole.

The glyph illustrates an altar with channels of Divine Light Above. Below are the mats where Human kneels in Humility. The Reed is a symbol of our channel to the Divine. The Elders relate the Reed to the “hollow bone.” To make an accurate discernment of a Divine communication, requires the “flesh” to be stripped from the bone. Our Human “flesh” represents the influence of the ego. Only in Humility that “we don’t know” are our thoughts cleared to receive a Divine Truth. We have to let go of our attachment to worldly things, to be open to Divine Truth.

Reed/BEN is a Day Sign of very High Expectations, holding strong personal beliefs and integrity. Reed is encouraged to lead others with a garden hose, versus a steel pipe. One bends. Our greatest challenge is to find our own way. Each way will be different. Each way is Meant to be as Different as We Are.

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2 Reed / BEN – Human’s Road to Destiny: Day 2 of 13


2 Reed / BEN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 2 represents Duality, the Consciousness of our Self, apart from the Whole. On Tone 2 we consider a new Intention for Creation. This is a day of Discernment for the consideration of a Dream.

The Road/EB trecena is inspiring a new way to live applying the Power of Love. Tone 2 represents the 2nd hour of human’s “creation cycle” in the Light of Day. Our first experience was waking up from a Dream in Oneness with Divine Inspiration. The next question we ask our Self, “What will I get done today?” That question will inspire more questions.

When we consider, “What will I do today?” our unconscious thoughts follow the trail of our own Truth. The mind always refers to what is Known as it’s first source for the answer. It’s natural to expect the same results as the last time we tried. What would we do differently this time?

This is where Consciousness changes everything. Our success in the future doesn’t depend on our past mistakes. It only depends on whether we Love the Dream and whether the Meaning and Purpose holds a Divine Purpose for the Whole. We learned that our Power for Creation extends beyond Human power. In the 5th uinal, we’re raised to a Consciousness of Divine Sources of Power from the Creator and through the Love we share with one another.

Yesterday, we used our Imagination. Today we add our Intellect to divine a Reason for the Creation we will Love.

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8 Reed / BEN – Birth of a Savior: Day 8 of 13


8 Reed / BEN

Greetings Kin,

Peak Tone 8 is the number of “pure spirit” that begins a Transformation. Tone 8 represents the zenith hour of the Sun when all things are brought to Light. The Intention of Tone 8 is the Justice of Harmony and Equity.

Every transformation is built on the Ascension of the last trecena. Reed/BEN was the one that guided our last Ascension. Reed inspired us to see the Light we could share through a Divine Family. We all need someone we can turn to. We can choose the Family that will stand by us and shine for us, like our own flesh and blood were intended to do.

Reed/BEN is the Light of Family and Home. The glyph illustrates an altar, a place we kneel in Humility. From our knees, we demonstrate a faith in something Greater than we are. Our own Power is the Love between us. We can choose the family we Love to hold the Light between us.

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1 Reed / BEN – Building an Altar of Light: Day 1 of 13


1 Reed / BEN

Greetings Kin,

The Next 13-Days…

Reed/BEN shines the Light of Communion with the Creator. The Reed is a Channel of Divine Communion.

Reed/BEN is illustrated as an Altar. Above are the channels of the Creator’s Light shining down on the Altar. Below are the thatched prayer mats where Human kneels in Humility.

Reed/BEN is the Guiding Light for Family and Home, holding a special provision for the children. BEN is a Day Sign of “Light” that will show us the way to Be a Shining Light to those in our closest realm of influence. Through a Vision of Light, Reed will inspire us to follow the Light of Divine Discernment that is made possible by Humility.

Reed offers guidance for raising children to follow the path we are creating toward a Destination of Love. Reed is known for holding very High Expectations. We are meant to hold High Aspirations, but cautioned against expecting Our Way. BEN warns us to lead with a “garden hose” and not a “steel pipe.” The one that bends, will pour out the Blessings of Spirit. Reed calls us to Bend in Humility to all the Divine Ways and Means to a Destiny of Love. Reed bends to Kneel in Humility at every altar of Love.

An altar is a place of Oneness. As a place of an Offering, we are always Atoned with the Creator when we kneel at this altar.  Reed/BEN will inspire us to create an altar within our Heart where we Bend in Humility to the Light of the Whole. BEN is observed as a day to Bless and Repair the Home. We will create a Happy Home when a place of Divine Communion is placed in the Center.

3rd & 4th Uinals: In the harvest cycle of the Tzolk’in round, the 3rd and 4th Uinals represent the process of the Seed that becomes a sprout. Like Tones 3 and 4, the 3rd and 4th Uinals are cycles of Movement and Stability. As we reach up to draw the Light of Divinity, so will our roots reach down to be anchored by Unconditional Love.

PORTAL DAYS: Element of Ether
The Reed/BEN trecena includes 2 Portal Days that thin the veil to other dimensions and empower our psychic gifts of intuition and telepathy. A Portal on 6 Flint/ETZNAB will magnify an important Truth that has been hidden or covered up. This Truth will generate Momentum. On 12 Seed/KAN a Portal will magnify Love through the Truth of our Identity.

PEAK DAYS: Peak Experience, Peak Performance

  • 6 Flint/ETZNAB – establishes Momentum created by Discerning the Divinity of our own Truth.
  • 7  Storm/CAUAC – will offer a Renewal and Regeneration of Spirit through the Truth of our Divine Connection to Unconditional Love.
  • 8 Sun/AHAU – through a Revelation or Epiphany, the Sun will illuminate the Gift of Divine Justice in a Sacred Exchange.
  • 9 Crocodile/IMIX – will complete our Transformation with the Truth that the Dreams we Love the most is our own source of Genius, and the Love holds the Patience to Wait for a Manifestation that is Willed by the Creator.

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7 Reed / BEN – A Divine Purpose: Day 7 of 13



7 Reed / BEN

Greetings Kin,

On the Peak Tone 7 we’ve completed a climb to the top of the pyramid, and a new phase of Spiritual Growth. Tone 7 holds an Intention of Reflection. At the Highest Altar we have a 360 degree view of all that is, and all that is not. Tone 7 is the Balancing Place that reflects the Great Law of Creation, “As Above, So Below.”

This Spiritual Principle, preserved by the most ancient Mystery Schools, reflects the Truth of Balance in the Universe in every realm of being. What is created in one realm of Consciousness, is Balanced in all others. What we create in our Imagination is Reflected in our world. Everything created began in the realm of our Imagination. Everything we see around us is a manifestation of the Ether of our Dreams. Mother Earth and all of Humanity are manifestations of the Creator’s Dreams.

Reed/BEN illustrates an Altar. Above are the channels of Light that extend from the Above to the Below. Beneath the altar are the thatched prayer mats where Human kneels in Humility. The Reed represents our Spiritual Channel of communication with the Creator. Reed is the Guiding Light for Home and Family. BEN calls us to Bless and Repair the Home of a Divine Family.

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13 Reed / BEN – Ascension: Day 13


13 Reed / BEN

Greetings Kin,

On Tone 13 we celebrate a new Ascension of Consciousness. On Tone 13 we meet a new horizon of opportunities and possibilities. We see the Truth of Progress that inspires us to try again, or try something new. We see our own new potential.

13 is the Divine Number of Creation. It represents the Power of Theurgy, our ability as Human, through ritual and ceremony to call upon Divine Intervention into Human affairs.

The Number 13 is the Promise of Answered Prayer. ALL our Prayers are always answered. The Prayers WE KNOW are heard are the ones we offer in Sacred Ceremony.

Reed/BEN is the 13th Day Sign of the Tzolk’in. The glyph illustrates an altar. It represents the Communion of Sacred Ceremony where Human kneels below in Humility on the thatched prayer rugs, Receiving the Blessing of Descending Light from the Divine Channels Above. 13 Reed/BEN was the Ending Promised from the Dawn of a New Awakening. Through all the Gifts we were Given, we would Know that the Creator hears our Prayers. Believing in the Truth that we are Always Loved and Provided for, we would dare to Dream our Heart’s Desire.

13 Reed/BEN is a Divine Revelation of the Creator’s Intention to exist in Relationship, offering Love and Intervention from Above for our wildest dreams and possibilities.

Number 1313: 13 Reed/BEN illustrates the Master Number 1313 in Position 13 and Tone 13. 13 is the number of the Ascended Masters, the Supernatural, and Divine Intervention. “Number 1313 represents expansion on all levels, including optimism, enthusiasm, communication, and creativity. 1313 indicates that the Ascended Masters are working with you on your thought processes to enable you to make the highest and wisest choices. Be prepared to expand and develop your personal spirituality in new and exciting ways and look for opportunities to creatively express yourself from the heart.  Use your natural interests, talents and personality to bring joy and upliftment to others.” [Sacred Scribes]

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7 Jaguar / IX – A Divine Gift of Ascension: Day 7 of 13


7 Jaguar / IX

Greetings Kin,

The Peak Tone 7 represents the top of the pyramid and the end to a very long climb of Spirit. Number 7 represents the Great Law of Creation, that what is manifested in one realm of Being will be Balanced in all others. This rule of correspondence defines the Balance in the Universe. It means that we can create from ANY realm. “As Above, So Below.”

Jaguar/IX is the most Spiritual of the Day Signs. IX is the Divine Feminine of Compassionate Love and Divine Discernment. The Jaguar holds the Inner Strength of Spiritual Truth, capable to stand its ground.

The Jaguar is a thing of Beauty and Loves the Beauty of Mother Earth. The Jaguar’s Gratitude for Mother Earth is the “Earth Magic” that empowers the shape-shifter that can cross the dimensions of Time and Place.

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