2 Flint / ETZNAB – Humans Offering of Light

Love Multiplies Exponentially through the Sacred Choice to Give Back and Pay Forward.

We don’t have to. A Supreme Creator didn’t leave the balance to chance. We’re already loved unconditionally, employed as the Living Witness – an instrument of Divine Truth.

We fulfill our purpose when we use our senses to see. We fulfill a Divine Purpose through an intention to SEE Love and Beauty all around. The world can’t “make us look” what we don’t care to see. It doesn’t take a steel pipe to beat the Truth into our head.

Life FLOWS when Truth sets us free of the questions we ask again and again. Like special delivery – you can’t get a gift of Love off your mind, until you know it was delivered.

I’m grateful for the sense to turn to beauty. It’s funny/not funny how hard it can seem to just turn away from a juicy resentment. I wouldn’t think of starting my day by looking at the worst at the bottom of the trash, especially, the overnight remains of uneaten wet cat food.

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