4 Sun / AHAU – The Run for our Life: Day 4 of 13

The Beginning 2022, DMalmos 01/16/2022 (Paint Pens & Digital Effects)

Greetings Beloved Kin,

Happy Birthday! The candles for the all-in-one aren’t as bright as our Only One.  We are the Highest Object of Affection for the Creator’s Love. The Joy of Manifesting our Dreams is remembering it was just a dream in the beginning, “impossible” to come true. All we dreamed we could be is a Miracle of Time that happens through the Seasons. Every Day is Sacred. It takes Time to See. We hold the gift  – the Light that could shine at the next Sunrise to begin with tomorrow. All we have to do is Forgive Today – on behalf of Auld Lang Sine, for days before when Love was the Truth at the beginning.

When we can offer that gift without any strings, we ARE the circle that expands back and forth and at the center we remember our own flesh and blood. We’re the “Dog (Oc) that lives for the Pack” for the Joy of Leaving a Gift that will always be delivered in Time to the Heart of the Receiver.

The Monkey (Chuen/B’atz) is the genius to see how treasures could be created and left all over the place. Between the two, there’s potential to manifest the Power of a Divine Creator – a Personification of the Highest One. We only need the Sense to apply the Power of our Heart for the Highest Ends of the Whole – in Trinity with the Supreme Lord of  Creation. It’s simple – and nearly impossible to remember. PEACE OF MIND – the ONLY way to See the Truth is from a Reflection from Still Waters.



A DIVINE FIRE – The Global Burner Day
We’ve been working up to a Divine Revelation – Truth that speaks for itself. Every which way we tried to defend it, was only forgetting that the Truth doesn’t always mean we’re right. Unless the end is wanting to be perfect, what’s the point. I NEVER WANT TO TRY TO BE PERFECT AGAIN. We can make a BIG FOOL of ourself. It’s the MOST DIVINE WAY to learn, when we sacrifice our heart to the Truth.

May we turn our candles to the ones that no one has ever expected to shine. May we give “the other” the head seat at the table… and top of mind in our prayers. We don’t have to know how it will Divinely Turn out when we can offer them the Truth of Time. If they were Human, they forgot what the Dream was all about.

Light a candle for the whole and one for your self. The exponential power of praying for the whole is that EVERYONE is offered the Trinity of “Agreement in Prayer.” Wherever two are joined as one in a divine cause, by the Law of the Universe there will be a Divine Effect. The Mayan priest simply carries out the ways of the Old Ones. When others see the smoke and the scent of copal fills the air, they know someone is praying for them – and they remember the choice for Divine Trinity. As Above, So Below.

The Jaguar’s “earth magic” is Gratitude. To cross the threshold of Spirit we drawn the Sacred Breath of Life and Breath of Spirit, then Count our Blessings to the Divine Revelation that our footprints are the only ones we see, the Light of Our Faith to Believe that Love is the Most Important Truth that ever matters to a Human Being.

Giving up what we “think we want” from the world Below, we realize there’s always Balance with a Dream for Tomorrow when we know we can’t and God Will. You only know if you Ask. It’s our Choice to know the Truth.

love, in lak’ech, Debra

Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj
Is a 13th Generation Quiche Mayan High Priest. Early in life Don Alejandro was recognized by members of his Mayan people as a messenger to carry the traditions. Since a number of years he is president of the Mayan Council of Elders, a body of 440 male and female elders of wisdom in Guatemala, representing 23 different ethnic groups and has the authority to speak on its behalf. His Mayan name “Wakatel Utiw” means Wandering Wolf and he travels the world together with his wife Elizabeth Araujo, together sharing ceremonies and Mayan traditions and prophecies. Don Alejandro is also the head of the Indigenous Council of the Americas, which has member tribes from Tierra de Fuego, to Alaska and serves as a gathering point for shamans and elders of many peoples.

The Journal Before, for After…

4 Sun/AHAU: July 7, 2021 (07/07/2021)



4 Sun/AHAU

Greetings Kin,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Today is Human’s Mayan Birthday shared as One! We are Celebrated in the Up Above and the Down Below. We’re given New Light for Life!

4 Sun/AHAU marks the day that Human Light was given to Mother Earth. She raised us from the Center of her Light, and presented us to the Sun at the Center of the all-around. The Light within resembles the Light Above.

Tone 4 raises an Intention of Stability for the Pillars of Truth to stand. Like the Cube, the most stable of all forms, defined at first sight by it’s borders and parameters. Life was flat before. We’re expanding Truth through the Wisdom of application. We’re learning the Power of thoughts as dynamic LIVING symbols of Time, beyond 3D. That’s one step up from our typical 2D black or white perception of reality. Even seeing a square as a cube, the measure of its borders and parameters, only measure the area without. The value of the space is determined by the substance within.

The Whole of our most Divine Substance within exceeds our physical borders and parameters. Humans are bioluminescent – we SHINE. Everything made of matter that is moving in the world shines from the friction, if nothing else. Life shines whether its moving or standing still from the heat of all the movement within. Studies have shown we shine brighter when we are in a Divine Frame of Mind, and also when we eat Living Foods – particularly, when the Life within it is acknowledged through a Blessing. Simple, old, common ways have been carried on by Humanity for a Divine Meaning and Purpose. That’s a Divine reason to look more deeply at ANYTHING that’s you know is COMMON.

Sun/AHAU is our Supreme Creator, the Divine Masculine that brought Life and Happiness, through the Light that Saw the Beauty of our Mother. Together, they dreamed of the Beauty of their own creation. The shoes of the Supreme Creator were the ones we were born to fill, seeing the same beauty in our Self that the Father saw in the Mother. Life was the conception of their Dream to see Love the way it grew up from the beginning. Part of the Dream was seeing a “mini” version of the One We Loved.

Every encounter with the Sun/AHAU, on every “mini-birthday” we are Gifted with a Light of Revelation from the One that Knows All, Sees All, and is the Master of EVERYTHING. AHAU’s Gift was reflected in its First Light of K’inich Ahau, the WILL TO BE. The One Above holds the reigns to a Divine Life. The “birthday” is a symbol of Initiation into a new life. We see the Time in a COMMON way. We ask our Self, “Where am I?  How far did I go this year?” The next thought, depends on which way we turn to Know the Answer.

The Sun is here to stay with us for every “birthday” to remind us “You’re on the way. It will all fall in place in Time. So, what’s your Wish for the next time around?”

Sun is the warrior and the Divine Genius of Creation. To manifest our Wishes and Dreams, we have to blow out the Candle, say it’s “finished” and let it go. Letting go of a Dream is the hardest thing we do. Yet, it’s like painting, there is a Time to Stop. An artist knows it’s Time when there isn’t a “next thing” that you have to do, because you’ve already see what it is and where it should be. The dream has to end to release the thought. Divine Justice is beyond imagination as the Unknown.

On our birthday, it’s all about us and the Whole of us is the Center of attention, the Life of the party. We all get an equal piece of the cake and our own candle to make a Wish.

We’ve claimed the Wisdom of the Seed we created before in the last round of the Tzolk’in. We “finished” what we imagined as the end-all at our last Ascension. Now we KNOW where dreams end when we Ask for the Hand Above. 13 Wisdom/CIB raised us to Use the Truth within. The Past is our Gift, an archeological treasure that’s over and done. We know we can’t change it, and we won’t care, when we see the Sacred Day, the Now for Living the “Whole Time” for Creation!

All the matters of the past are burned away down to the “pure spirit” that’s like Gold that holds Truth and a Way for Now and the Future. Global Burners are days the Mayan priest carries out the Sacred Fire Ceremony on behalf of the Whole. All the Global Burners fall on the Tone 4 of Stability. AHAU resides in the South, the direction of our Relationships. The past will be left behind for all the Love we could share, here and now, together. Something that was on our mind, doesn’t matter anymore, and we can stand together in Right Relationship.

Some seeds fall near and others are carried away by the Wind. We’re always left standing with the ones that held close to home, to see we aren’t standing alone. From our nearest peripheral vision, the Flower sees the Whole that grows the same way in the Same Time and Place. The thoughts of Human’s seed are gathered and disseminated by the Wind.

Humanity’s birthday is a Gift of The Flowers by Cherokee tradition. The Flower represents the faces that follow the Sun across the Sky. The Flowers symbolize the way we See and the Way we are Seen, reaching for the Light to Know. Ever watchful of the Truth Above, we’ll be over-joyed when we know the answer beyond our fears. We’ll Love to Know the Truth this year. It’s always Better News. And, there’s no consequences if we take 2 steps back to gain one Divine Step forward. Ways of the One Above, will be the Fruit of our Spirit and KNOWING will multiply the Truth to abundance.

Sun/AHAU is the Revelation of our Power to Know How when we have a Divine Reason. A Master knows all the steps by Experience. We used the steps before creating something else. AHAU holds the Truth of Wisdom to See Each Day as a Step with its own beginning and end.

At the end of 2000 around the time of the Winter Solstice, I attended a conference on creating a business. Christmas is always a Time I expect a New Gift of Consciousness to be revealed. One speaker was a teacher for the Navy on strategic/advance thinking. He proved that the ends we see can complete themselves in extraordinary ways. His way to begin a business plan was to start by creating an experience at the end.  It could be anything. The example he shared as a way was illustrated for a limousine business startup. He picked a day in the future that would be a celebration. The first business plan was created for the day the limousine would be picked up from the dealer. What would we wear? Who would we take along for the first ride? Where would we go? We imagined all the things we would do. Then, we figured out what it would cost to buy the clothes, pay for dinner, all imagining where we’d spend the money. We were learning to write a business plan based on experience and knowing what it costs. Many business plans are just numbers guessed out of the blue. This way, one experience led to another and we Knew each step, though they came together in random ways. It didn’t matter.

He suggested we try our own experiment on the way home to see where thoughts can lead us. It needed to be a creation that  could  be completed in a short amount of time to see the beginning and the end. It was near Christmas, during a hard time. My daughter was living with me at the time, and we’d already decided there would be no extra for buying presents. My dream was to surprise her on Christmas morning with a snowboarding trip, a 30 min drive. I imagined that we’d have to rent the board, pay for gas, and the food. By the time my flight arrived home, I figured I was short $50 of pulling it off before payday. But, I kept imagining the day. Within a couple of days I went to the mailbox and there was $50. I don’t remember where it came from. There was a reasonable answer for the unexpected source, though there was no way to reconcile the Time and Synchronicity. I neglected to imagine a camera. It was a day of living beauty that wasn’t  meant to be captured as a still shot. I could create a symbol out of a  snowboard and it could mean ALL those things to my subconscious mind when I reach for an end I love the same. A still-shot of one moment that is only a moment doesn’t have time or the LIFE to sink in.

Sun/AHAU is the symbol of the Light to Seize the Day – any day – and Imagine the future from one day’s beginning to its end. When you have One Day perfectly figured out, it will be a natural course of thought to “remember” what you would have done the day before, and after. One day at a time can build the whole course to a dream. You don’t even have to finish a week, before a Whole Way appears from the pieces and parts, along with the Means to carry it out. That money was owed to me from some forgotten obligation. What called the person to pay me at that TIME?

Think of all the things we forget to see. Did I KNOW someone owed me $50? Is that what guided a dream that forgot to buy the camera? There’s so much we see that we don’t see, there’s a whole realm of “impossible” things that can happen “out of the blue,” that do make Common Sense. Sun/AHAU helps us to make Common Sense out of Divine Ways.

To all my relations, may we receive the Gift of Right Relationship for our Self. When it’s our turn to make the acceptance speech, may we remember our Self with Gratitude and Appreciation. May we count the ways we carried on through the “blood, sweat, and tears” so now, we could live the second chance. May we remember how hard we tried, with what we held as the Truth to go on. It seemed like we were set for life, before it all fell apart. We stood up and let the old truth fall apart, taking the blame for it. We made a fool of our self and kept going for This Time to know the Dream CAN BE.

Give yourself a hug for every time you fell and kept on going. Put a star on the calendar for every Time you were willing to “see clearly” the Truth about yourself. A Hand of Divine Agency is Completing the 8th uinal of Divine Justice. Tomorrow, in the 9th uinal we’ll begin to see why it was worth all the blood, sweat, and tears.

May we light a candle for our Self and Seize ONE SACRED DAY from the life ahead, one that we could use to imagine the details. May we Live One Experience that “makes the day” with details of the best minutes and the best hours included in the picture. THINK like it’s Coming True. Take ACTION in your dreams, like it’s real. It IS the MOST important step. Movement is a “matter” that we can set into motion from any realm of consciousness. Thoughts are a Force of Power in the Universe. Dreams Above manifest Dreams Below when we Live the Day in the Future in our Dreams, one day at a time. We can follow the Divine Orders for Time, and Choose a day in the future we’d Love to imagine. The mystery revealed will be that we will “already  know” a Future Yesterday and a Future Tomorrow, from the Day we Live. While we are Dreaming, we can Live, Being the One that is doing those things in the future. The When we Dream the Day, we are SEEING WHO WE REALLY ARE – not anyone else – in another Time and Place. (Shape-shifting to every way we can Know LIVING AS WHO WE ARE. The Great Law of Creation – As Above, So, Below – Experience “MATTERS” from every realm of creation in the Balance, Above and Below.

Sun/AHAU, our Divine Father, is the Lord of Time and the Divine Justice. We are the Scion, each all ALL the ONLY ONE, for each One is seen for the Beauty it raises for the Whole. Divine means are Common mysteries of Life. We could imagine our Dream as the BIG BABY we’ll bring home. What would you do on the day your Dream is born? In a Revelation of Light, the landscape could look different today. In the brightest light, you might see the ripple in Time as the tide begins to turn.

The 4th Tone is the 2nd Night in an order of 7 days and 6 nights, ordered as 13 days. Sun/AHAU is the Highest all-around view, a First Light and a Supreme Creator’s first look at the ends of everything that was a Divine Reason for shining Every Day, Above and Below, for ALL Time.

Consciousness was the Gift for Seizing our Whole Life. The Truth is seen all along the way. Consciousness expands our capabilities all around – everything we do. My first sign was the end of losing my keys. It was SIMPLE, COMMON truth. Where’s the first place you’d look? Put them there. With Consciousness, we can see the future and use the Truth we CAN see. May we claim the Will for a Divine Challenge of  Creation, facing whatever Truth we are intended to Know in the end.

We have 3 more days to reach the limit of Human’s understanding. When the same cause and effect happens 3 times in a row, we expect to see it happen again. We Know Truth will bear itself again. In an even Higher Realm of Knowing, it only takes 2 to know the Truth of the Highest One.

in lak’ech, i am another you,

Debra, Jaguar Woman/9 Eagle/MEN

PS – It just dawned on me.  Another birthday gift for this year given on a planetary scale by the Year Bearer, 10 Wind/IK (Northern Count of the Haab). Before the next Equinox, the Gift is a Manifestation (10) of the Divine Promise (Spoken by Wind/IK) to manifest the Wisdom of Divine Power – a force of Huracan, a NAME/NUHAUL so Powerful it was claimed by the North as the symbol of a Hurricane. That’s a big breath of Divine Power.

I’m grateful if you’ve been reading past the typos. They’ve been “invisible” until they’re published. Like now. We’ll see.

The Fire Ceremonies page shares traditional prayers, and includes a Sacred Fire made with wooden matches that was a vision of Beautiful Painted Arrow, Joseph Rael.


I saw images of humanity, hiding their faces, but yelling their “hidden truth” with torches in the streets. One on the news said we should be prepared to stand up to them. I wondered what I could yell back:







THEN- turn within to silence, blow out the candle and say, “So shall it be, by God’s Divine Justice.”

Tone 4 / HEART CHAKRA 4  – RAISED TO LOVE 639 hz

COLORS: YELLOW is the Color that inspires Light and Happiness. GREEN is the Color of the Heart Chakra, the Balance of Yellow and BLUE. GREEN is the Color that offers the feeling of Coming to Life.

Skoda ft: Paloma Faith ‘Make Your Own Kind of Music’


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for an overview of this trecena and a Count of Days with the aspects for each day. 

My gift for the Tzolk’in round is the “Tzolk’in Field Guide: A Daily Practice for Personal Discernment.”

NEW SEASON – VOLUME 2: Tzolk’in Seasons 3 and 4 (PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 20, 2020)

Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for daily aspects and events of the Seed/KAN trecena.

4 Sun/AHAU (Cherokee, Flower/GUN’TSI EK)

Galactic Tone 4: Stability; the cube is most stable of all forms and establishes volume by definition of height, length, depth and breadth; 4 directions establish orientation. The energy of 4 sets the parameters, which establish the freedoms and barriers needed to create a game, work, or relationship.

Sun/AHAU: Day of the ancestors and connection to their guidance. The divine face of the sun – lord, musician, singer, dancer, and marksman. Suns are artistic, heroic athletes, visionaries with wise judgment who lead and defend the people. So much is expected from themselves and by other people that unfulfilled expectations are a certainty. An accumulation of these disappointments may lead Sun to evade responsibilities, not accept corrections and even build resentment and disdain towards others. Suns should simplify their lives to be able to rise and shine with unconditional love once again.

Cherokee, Flower/GUN’TSI EK: Symbol is the Sun, place of abode of Great Spirit. The Sun creates, nurtures, and is the super communicator, the way station that relays messages and energy from other stars in the galaxy; provides energy for channeling information from the Ancestors; speaking the Living Language of Light, which ignites the consciousness in others. Gold is the color of courage and opportunity of wealth. Creative arts, master craftsman expressing divinity and wisdom through their creations. The face of the flower follows the Sun gathering the fire of creativity, illuminating harmony and balance, resonating peace and continuity within the human spirit. This is the Sign of the Chalice of the Infinite, Caldron of Creation.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

How is your Spiritual path today?

I love to hear from you. Share your thoughts on the day, your Day Sign, or just say Hi!

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