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4 Wisdom / CIB – A Guiding Light: Day 4 of 13



4 Wisdom / CIB

Greetings Kin,

The 4th Tone of Creation is Stability. Tone 4 is compared to the cube, a dimension defined by borders and parameters. Whenever we choose to move forward on an Intention to create, our next inherent thoughts are to get a grasp on the circumstances. If we’re Wise, we look at a map before we take any journey. We can choose the shortest way, or we can take the scenic route. On Tone 4 we establish the “rules of the game.”

On a journey of Divine Evolution, we can choose a course for our thoughts in advance. We can build a foundation as our own pillars of Faith to stand when we face the Unknown. To Move to a Higher State of Consciousness, we choose thoughts that will lead to the desired ending. In a world below, we move by taking one step after another. Above, our Spirit Rises one Divine thought at a time that we can experience and claim as the Truth. The Higher our Truth, the more Divine are the possibilities. We know where Human thoughts can lead. And, we can Remember, that Divine thoughts always lead Faith to Believing.

Wisdom/CIB connects us to the Wisdom of the Ages. CIB represents the Collective Wisdom of Humanity, and our own Wisdom of Experience. CIB reminds us that the past is an archaeological treasure for Wisdom that leads a Divine Way. CIB resides in the South, the direction of our Relationships with one another and the Natural World. CIB guides us to the Wisdom of Right Relationship.

CIB shares the “Key to the Kingdom” as Forgiveness. We can only see the Whole Truth by looking beyond the circumstances of Time. We are all on our own path and in our own back and forth movement between the darkness and the Light of Truth our Heart can Believe. As we look ahead, we might consider the Wisdom of our own past. There’s Times when we Feel the Light of Truth and Times when we Feel there’s no hope in sight. If we apply the Wisdom of our own Truth, sometimes we are Brighter than others. The Truth is in our Intention to be. Human will always express the Truth of our limitations, where our Faith turns to Fear.

Eagle/MEN shared the Vision to See the Light in our Future and the direct course from point A to point B. The Owl expands our Vision with the Gift to see through the darkness. Wisdom/CIB sees the darkness on the way to the Unknown. We can plan now for the Human limitation of forgetting. Our Faith is challenged the farther we turn from the way Human sees to the way our Spirit Believes. Human isn’t satisfied until we know all the answers, even before we know the questions. The first time we run into an unexpected Truth, we can forget. We need a plan to get through it. CIB’s strategy is to turn to the Wisdom of the Past to keep moving forward.

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4 Night / AKBAL – A Journey of Illumination: Day 4 of 13


4 Night / AKBAL

Greetings Kin,

Tone 4 holds the Intention of Stability. Like the cube, Tone 4 defines a dimension by its boundaries and parameters. On Tone 4 we establish the “rules of the game” for the Intention to Live our most Divine Life. On Tone 4 we apply the Wisdom to look at Dream from all directions.

There are 4 directions of life to uphold the pillars of our Faith. We have the Divine Inspiration from the East, the influence and support of our Relationships in the world (South), the Unknown future in the West, and the Truth of Wisdom that is our Highest Hope in the North, Above. To maintain our Balance, we must exist in the Center. Our Center is a Sanctuary within, where the Truth of our Dreams are Real and we can see all directions as passing time that only holds the Truth that is discerned from a moment. Time will tell the Truth.

On Tone 4 we size up the work at hand. Where should I start? How long will it take? Where will I turn for support? What Wisdom can I apply? How will I remember? Tone 4 are the Inherent thoughts that guide a strategy for creation. In the 4th hour the Maya surveyed the field where they tended the corn. The 4th Hour of Light is about the time we get to work and see what’s waiting on our desk or workbench. We establish priorities and an order – a plan for the day.

We imagine what we will get done from the beginning. Unless there are extraordinary demands on our Time, we get done what we expected. And, that’s when we stop creating. We COULD go on, if we were inspired to a Higher End. Though, the odds are we’ll turn from creating to organizing what’s left into piles for another day.

Night/AKBAL is the Dreamer that Believes in the Dream. We can believe in our Dream if we believe in our plan. If we can believe in a plan for the day, we can build a path to our Divine Future… one day at a time. To see all the way to our Divine End is a simple matter of acknowledging how Time will change the picture. Every Day will raise us Higher by the Wisdom of the Experience. Each Sacred Day holds Power Beyond Time. With each day we create an experience for tomorrow.

AKBAL is the Light that shines in the darkness. The Light for our Life is a Dream in the future that we are reaching to Know. To live with all our heart, we need a Dream. A Dream will Move us to See and Acknowledge our claim to all the Time in our Life. Mystical experiences are possible on days guided by AKBAL. Like a dream, AKBAL offers an experience of impartial objectivity. Anything is possible in a Dream. The glyph illustrates the veil drawn back to reveal the Light. AKBAL connects all our faculties of creation so we can see the inner workings of our own mind. On AKBAL the Light shines as a Divine Voice that speaks the Truth in our Dreams.

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4 Dog / OC – A Mission of Love: Day 4 of 13



4 Dog / OC

Greetings Kin,

Tone 4 holds the Intention of Stability. Compared to the cube, Tone 4 establishes the boundaries and parameters to uphold the Intentions of our Creation. On Tone 4 we measure the scale and dimension to size up the task. We establish the “rules of the game,” We are guided to consider the obstacles, a strategy, and a blueprint for a foundation.

Our Intention is to create a dedicated practice for a Divine Communion of Love. We are changed by the Power of Love. Love will Divinely lead the way on the Road of our Destiny. We are faced with the Highest Scale of Creation, to manifest Harmony and Equity for the Whole of Humanity.

Our first assessment of the creation may be the Time it could take. How will we carry on? How will we move on beyond a “meeting of the minds” to lay the groundwork for our Happiness in the Future?

Dog/OC is the archetype of Unconditional Love. The Dog holds affinity with the Monkey/CHUEN. They reside together at the top of the pyramid of the 20-day cycle of the uinal. They represent the Highest Gifts that were shared with Divine Human Beings. The Dog symbolizes our Power to Love and the Monkey represents the Power of Consciousness to Create. Together, they holds the ways and means to create the Life of our Dreams.

The Dog resides in the North, the place of Wisdom and the Truth of Love spoken by the very first breath of Creation. Holding the Element of Air, Dog/OC relates to the faculties of our mind and the power of our thoughts. Dog/OC offers the Truth of Love as our foundation. Dog/OC is conscious of every opportunity and the Truth that the Treasure of Love holds its Power to Eternity. Through the Circle of Life, Wisdom and Love can reach us beyond Time and Place. The totem Dog/Wolf carries out Life in a pack, seeking the Happiness of the Whole.

The Elders say that some totems make an appearance in our life for a Time and a special purpose. Though, when a Dog/Wolf appears with the Offering of Love, you will forever be a member of the pack. On 4 Dog/OC we are guided to see that “we’re all in this together.” We’ve seen the truth of darkness, in our Self and in the world. For all the Beauty on Mother Earth, we’ve seen the disparity of Time and Place to share the Blessing. We saw how we lived in the center of our own universe. Things were fine with us. Surely everyone else lived within the same boundaries of our own experience. We were so sure of our own Truth, we were convinced any other way of life must be the exception. Then we learned how different and how unreasonable the “exceptions” can be.

A Global Burner Day marks the center of each of the 4 seasons of the Tzolk’in round. Halfway between one way and another marks a Time and Place of an energetic Release. Each Season offers a different perspective of Life and changing Intentions of Love. The Global Burner can turn our thoughts from one perspective to another. We began a new Life, Awakened to our own Divine Possibility to manifest our Dreams. The Dream served a Divine Intention in the beginning, though it was only the Most Important Truth we needed in a Time and Place we needed a Dream to Survive the darkness of the Unknown at our beginning. Our first priority was to Love our Self. To keep growing toward a Higher Consciousness of Being, we have to move on to greater things. Loving our Self was intended to share the Wisdom to Love the Whole. On Global Burner Days the Mayan priest leads the Sacred Fire Ceremony for the Community. Drawing the Consciousness of the Whole together for an Intention of Love, together we will Remember we were each intended a Life of Beauty. Kneeling together we remember how the Love we know could Serve the Whole. Sharing the Light of our Greatest Treasure, we are Divinely moved into Right Relationship with the Whole. The Element of Fire holds the power of Transmutation to change us from one form of Love to another.

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4 Earth / CABAN – Vision Quest: Day 4 of 13



4 Earth / CABAN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 4 introduces the Intention of Stability. On Tone 3 we’ve made a decision to Move on an Intention. The next inherent thought of Creation is to size up the task. We measure the boundaries and parameters to define the “rules of the game.” The stability of a Spiritual Intention will rely on the direction of our thoughts.

The trecena of Jaguar/IX is our 1st Human journey on Earth, intending to walk in the Truth of Higher Power Above. The prevailing guidance shared by the Jaguar is the “earth magic” of Gratitude. Wisdom/CIB reminded us to Use our Time to make Wise Choices, and to Remember that Forgiveness is the Key to the Kingdom.

Shape-shifting into the Jaguar, we can look down at each step to be Grateful for where we are, and Know our Heart is following a Higher Path Above that we WILL See with 20/20 vision when we have reached the end. The shaman is a Spiritual Warrior that intends to carry it’s Love and Gratitude to the End. IX holds the Heart of Compassionate Love and the Consciousness for Divine Discernment. We will follow a path that is totally invisible to the eyes of Human Beings, and Invest ALL our Heart in a Path we can FEEL is Seen by the Creator. Every Conscious step we take will leave its footprints of Light.

Earth/CABAN represents the Consciousness of Knowing our Oneness with the Whole Creation of Mother Earth. IX is devoted in its Gratitude to the Mother, the source of everything Human knows from the micro to the macro. Earth’s distinguishing Beauty is Movement and Life. Movement creates Time and a story of Life from a beginning to an end. The life of all things is defined by a Divine Design. A Human Seed will be what it is intended to be.

The glyph illustrates a way we are Designed to Move and to Conceive the Truth that’s REAL. To survey the Landscape of our Divine Mission we have to Know Thyself and what we will be inclined to do as a Human Being. To build a foundation we’ll conceive a strategy for all 4 directions of our Life. How will we approach the South, to uphold the Intention of Right Relationship? How will we face the West, the darkness of the Unknown? In the North, what will be the Most Important Wisdom to Remember? And from the Light in the East, how will we Know a Divine Discernment of Truth from our own “wishful  thinking” influenced by our ego?

The symbols on the glyph illustrate 3 Human faculties of thought through which to make a Discernment of Divine Truth. We will be Divinely Moved by the Truth of our Spirit. The straight line represents the linear thoughts of Human reason. The wavy line is Imagination. The 3rd symbol of floating circles is the Divine Thought, the question of Divine Possibilities. To move forward in the Truth of Divine Wisdom, we need to use all 3 faculties of thought. 1st we see what the situation looks like from Human’s perspective. 2nd, we imagine what our creation could be by what we can do. The 3rd question is the Divine One, “What is Divinely possible?”

Today when we ask those questions, our Human Mind is prepared to share a Divine Truth of Spirit. We can See the Truth of our “I Am” as a Consciousness of Spirit. Like the imprint of Divine Identity, we Know who we are and what we are Divinely Destined to Become. We realize the Truth of our own Divine Justice, for a Choice we made for the Highest Meaning and Purpose. We Know the Future within our Grasp, and now it is only a matter of Movement and Time. CABAN is a Time and Place of Divine Consciousness when we Claim a Divine Truth of Who we are, and we are compelled, like a sounding alarm, to Move and to Live with ALL our Heart.

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4 Seed / KAN – Dawn of a New Awakening: Day 4 of 13

THE TRECENA OF CROCODILE/IMIX: Beginning a New Harvest of Creation


4 Seed / KAN

Greetings Kin,

On Tone 4 the Intention is to stabilize the Dream of our Creation. The first movement put our thoughts into motion toward the “next thing” we need to do. Through a movement or communication of our idea, we invested our self. We put something in motion. When we see new life, our first thought is the potential for “life or death.” We are naturally drawn to do a thorough inspection to know how to meet the basic needs of survival.

The first and last trecena’s of the Tzolk’in are a legend for the whole round. They tell the same story from a beginning perspective to the end. They are the “header and footer record” of a computer file… just like a subject line of an email, and the salutation the marks the subject “finished.” We are recording the first record to define the meaning of a brand new life. In this trecena everything is doubled, along with everything doubled in a year marked 2020.

Seed/KAN doubles the Intention of Tone 4 as a Day Sign that is a “dragon energy” that seeks an illumination of the Truth, and holds the Wisdom for a PURPOSE to “know thyself.” KAN symbolizes the spark of the Divine Design, and all the faculties held in Harmony and Equity with the whole – in the Human Seed. Seed sparks an interest for a thorough investigation of our Self.

Seed/KAN raises Consciousness to our own clearing of Karma. Every Seed deserves its own Life, unburdened by the limitations of a Seed that came before. Forgiveness is KEY. That old Life held the very Divine Purpose to bring us to this Higher Place. We don’t let it Rest in Peace, till we can claim it was an old life that had its beginning and its own end. We can’t change anything we said or any of the choices that were made by anyone. A Divine Creator has already marked its Divine Meaning and Purpose. It will always be there, but with Higher Wisdom we can see it “finished” so it can become an archeological treasure – something we can still feel and see to go back to for an objective observation. Those born Seed are said to take on the task of free others from past debts and obligations. For the Seed of a New and Higher Generation, trying to “save the world,” WE are called to Forgive the Debts of Injustice others have caused by human choices. Forgiving others is the only way we can Believe we also deserve to be set free. Resentment is a debt that weighs on our own Heart. We can’t SEE CLEARLY without an Intention to Forgive.

MASTER NUMBER 44: Every day of the IMIX trecena presents the symbols of the Master Numbers. They are, in order of priority, 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99, combining the Tones numbers and Positions (ie. Tone 4, Position 4 reflect the Master Number 44). “Out of all the Master numbers in numerology, the number 44 is called the “Master Healer”. One of its special traits is that 44 doesn’t appear too often. It’s a rare number. However, it’s a number with a huge potential because it carries the significance of vibration four and eight with amplification. (Google)” Master Numbers appearing together are never reduced to their sum. Master Numbers can also be drawn out of longer numbers by their appearance as a symbol, apart from numerical value (ie. 684349654 holds the Master Numbers 66 and 444; 2 6’s and 3 4’s). You have to look deeper to see that. Though we always notice 2 numbers together, or at the beginning and end of a 3 digit number. 1 IMIX represents many 1’s – Destiny Kin 1, Tone 1, Position 1, Uinal 1, and a 1st Dream. We started on a Master Number 1 that defines a Consciousness that WE CAN create our own Reality. Have you been noticing more Master Numbers. Consider their power to catch your attention for some reason. Anything that speaks to you, like the Wind, says STOP and think. The Number will define a Divine Meaning and Purpose of the thoughts and intentions on your mind… or as a Reason for the experience.

4 Seed/KAN will claim our attention to guide a purpose of Divine Healing. When we know the Passion of our own Will To Be, this time we can Remember, how hard it is to really be our Self, and all the obstacles we encounter when a Human Being is trying To Be. Human has its claim in the world. To Grow into a Divine Human Being, we HAVE to reach beyond human reason, to get the Divine Meaning of the Whole Experience of Time.

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4 Monkey / CHUEN – Ascension of Consciousness: Day 4 of 13



4 Monkey / CHUEN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 4 holds an Intention of Stability. Like the cube, the most stable of all forms, Tone 4 establishes the boundaries and parameters that define a dimension of thought. We establish the “rules of the game” by defining our Pillars of Truth. On Tone 4 we attempt to see things as they are. In the 4th Hour of Light, we’ve chosen the Seeds of Intention. We measure the task at hand.

It’s always good to go back to the beginning to remember. Especially when we are Ascending. The whole meaning of Ascension is to reach beyond what we know to a Truth of Higher Understanding. The effect of Ascension is seeing everything in a new way. We are charting new and unknown territory of Faith and Believing. The Mission is to raise a New Light for the Whole. We are carrying the Light farther than Humanity has known before. It was the very meaning and purpose of the Divine Inheritance of Wisdom that was left behind. We are the Living, the ones Here and Now, holding the Possibility for the Miracle.

Dog/OC and Monkey/CHUEN reside in Affinity in the Highest Position of Truth. The Monkey Knows the Truth of Unconditional Love. Monkey’s best friend is the living proof and a Divine Demonstration. The Monkey holds the Perception of Beauty. The Monkey Loves the Gift of Consciousness to See everything that Love can be.

Monkey is the “weaver of Time,” said to have ALL Time rolled up in its head. Monkey is the Master of Art, though it rarely finishes one masterpiece before it turns to another. Monkey’s Masterpiece is like the Art of Impressionism. The Monkey’s Intention is to share the Expression of Love. It doesn’t take every detail to convey the Beauty of Life or Love.

It doesn’t take our whole life to prove that Life and Love is Beautiful. It only takes One Moment of the Divine Truth. From the Dog, the Monkey KNOWS there is Love in every Time and Place. And, Monkey holds the Consciousness of ALL Time and the Gift to go back to any Time and Place. As the “time weaver” Monkey/CHUEN is said to weave the threads of our life into a thing of beauty as the tapestry of our life. Monkey extends the gift of time-travel, holding the consciousness that we can create Love from any Time and Place. To realize the Truth of our own Ascension we have to see a Before and After. We will realize the end from the beginning. Monkey/CHUEN holds the tools of an artist for our Highest Creation of Love in the Past, Present, and Future.

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4 Flint / ETZNAB – Vision of the Future: Day 4 of 13



4 Flint / ETZNAB

Greetings Kin,

ETZNAB “beams the Stellar Ray of Truth to Earth as a crystal sword cast down along the path of a lightning flash.”

Tone 4 holds the Intention of Stability. Compared to the cube, the most stable of all forms, Tone 4 defines the parameters and boundaries that will guide our Intention to Create. Under the guidance of Eagle/MEN we are called to conceive the dream of our Highest Hopes and Aspirations.

In the 4th hour of Light we take a look in all directions at the lay of the land. We get a clear picture of the “job at hand” and the best approach to complete the task. Like the Deer, we create our own foundation with one foot planted in each of the 4 directions. How will we prepare to receive the Light from the East? What is the Highest Purpose we can share with the Whole for Right Relationship of the South? How will we face the Unknown Journey in the West? What is the Blessing we will remember that is promised from the North? A plan for all directions will balance us in the center.

Flint/ETZNAB resides in the North, the direction of Divine Wisdom. We have entered the Season of Wisdom. We have been given the Spiritual Tools to manifest our Dreams. It’s now up to us to apply our Sacred Wisdom. Under the guidance of Eagle/MEN, the Higher the Way, the Greater will be our own Transformation. Holding the Element of Air, ETZNAB shares the Sacred Breath of Life and Spirit. We are called to the Sacred Exchange through the Element that connects us all as One to the Heart of Heaven in every breath.

Flint/ETZNAB is also known as the Mirror, the obsidian mirror that returns a perfect reflection of Truth. Obsidian is forged in the fire and Flint strikes a spark. ETZNAB intends to deliver the Truth that has been hidden or covered up. Flint’s truth is unexpected and comes in a flash. The purpose is to deliver the truth to our heart that sweeps away all worldly illusions. Flint’s Truth can “cut to the bone” to reach one and all in a very personal way.

We have nearly completed the 12th uinal of Understanding. We are drawn through a cycle of “light” to take Divine Truth to our Heart. The Gift brought by Flint is an Initiation that is a New Awakening of our Own Truth. A Divine aspect of Flint’s “unexpected” Truth is that we will realize that we knew it all along. Maybe it was a “hard truth” we avoided, or perhaps we thought it was “too good too be true.” Or maybe we knew that Knowing the Truth would require us to take a Leap into the Unknown. Flint knows the Truth we need right now. Flint’s Truth will set us Free. All the unseen obstacles hidden beneath the surface can be swept away. ETZNAB calls for a Sacrifice of the Heart as the Offering to Feel and Know the Truth. The gift left behind will be our own way of Knowing the Truth.

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4 Serpent / CHICCHAN – Divine Guidance by Spirit: Day 4 of 13



4 Serpent/CHICCHAN

Greetings Kin,

The Wind/IK cycle of creation is a transformation to be manifested by the Word of God. A Promise spoken at the beginning by a Supreme Creator of Love is the Breath of Authority. Life depends on the next breath.  We are breathed by God.

Every creation is conceived by the Meaning and Purpose of the End. We don’t Consciously create without a reason. We are creating all the time, even if we’re just going along with someone else’s thoughts of reality.

We CHOOSE to create for a Feeling. Every Dream we conceive is born to move us to an experience we imagine Feeling when we’ve “won the game of our creation.” The Feeling we imagine at the end is the Meaning and Purpose of every creation. If we draw that Truth for Higher Wisdom, we can see how important it is to discern our own Feelings. What are we creating for? There are many Feelings that can motivate creation. Anytime we are creating, we are carrying a means to an end. Our Divine Power lies in creating for Love. In spite of our Human limitations, the Divine Wisdom of a Seed is imperishable. We CAN discern the Truth of our Feelings, though it takes a Choice to See the Truth. It takes a Choice to define our own reality, standing on the Truth we are holding Faith to Believe.

Seed/KAN is the symbol of Human’s Spark of Divine Consciousness as one piece of the divine Whole. Like the corn, Human Seeds are born side-by-side in many colors. Yet, they are part of the One and the Whole.

Tone 4 is the number of Stability, like the cube that is the most stable of all forms. In the 4th hour of Light we stand before the field of our creation. We define the boundaries and parameters. We weigh the possibilities of a harvest by the seeds that can be planted, according to the space, the conditions, and the lay of the land. Our Dream is a garden of beauty we are planting. We might consider which dreams need full-sun, where the conditions of the soil are best for one seed or another, and a place that will be easy to reach and tend to.

On Tone 4 we size up the task and conceive the “best rules” for the game. The Rules of Wind/IK’s cycle is to create by following a source of Divine Guidance within. Human’s most Divine Leap of Faith requires us to shed the skin of Human consciousness – to Dream Beyond Reason and to Reach for the Truth our Heart Feels is Real. The MULUC trecena awakened us to the Divinity of our Emotions. We know how human emotions can rule our behavior. Feelings are the very Source of Human’s Divine Power. Emotions can turn us away from our own Dreams. We MUST discern our own Divine Meaning and Purpose for Creation. We must define the Divinity of our Reason, to make the Leap from Faith to Believing.

Serpent/CHICCHAN represents the Divine Source of Power to ignite ALL the Sparks of Seed/KAN. The Serpent “lights the fuse that magnifies and explodes the life force itself. Knowledge, combining science, technology and psychology, plus spirituality are seeded on the planet.”

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4 Road / EB – Washington State: COVID-19 report from the ground

Greetings Kin,

Sharing the view from Snohomish County Washington. Cases are growing at 200+ per day. 24 hours can seem like a long wait for the next number. In NY they are running 10,000 tests per day. Here, only 1,000 for those emergencies and hard cases to show up at the hospital. There are no tests for anyone else. Healthcare PPE is running low – in places running out. We can only assume and act accordingly that the actual numbers are x 10. There is now a senior residence within 5 miles with 9 positive, likely a team of employees I pass in my grocery store.

My daughter is a nurse in a senior center in Kansas. The daily reality is a choice – when/if they hit 3-patients positive, you’re either locked in or locked out. Why are there no tests. Why were stocks traded two weeks before public notice? Why are we dying to Live?


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4 Road / EB – A Divine Atonement: Day 4 of 13

Greetings Beloved Kin,

The first day driving in rainy Seattle traffic, realizing I wasn’t afraid anymore, even though I had to take a detour. What’s in your “crawl space?”

We’re shape-shifting to the past for a journey back to Ek’ Balam – where Ian Lungold’s words echoed “Time and Place.” Completing the Wisdom/CIB trecena, we grounded the Truth of the Tzolk’in’s harvest of transformation – waiting on the vine. The Corn is Ripe on the Haab calendar (Northern Hemisphere), and now beginning the Weyab… the last month of 5 days (Haab). We’re on our own, to put our Wisdom into Service. This is the River we will cross – with the Wildebeests, the last horizon before the Heron reach the Sand Hills in Nebraska, the last Wind of a Divine Human Migration of Love that was called within – like a bell. How does it look now?

I have waited to share some inspiration from the CIB trecena about the climb. It hit me like one of those Truths, right in front of your face… about How to Climb a pyramid. Have you ever been there and tried? In the cool season at 90 degrees? It’s exactly like that. You don’t take a step, and then balance there – isn’t this great. You are ALREADY reaching out to the NEXT step to balance – just beyond a human limit. In “real” life, you see how far you could fall and know if you’re reaching higher, you’ll at least hang on to the current stair for balance. There’s a Truth of a Promise that way… and the Reason WHY we have to claim manifestation, and reach higher to the reason. Our Spiritual Climb “falling back” takes us to the last question we answered before. If we KNOW we’ve claimed a truth and reached higher with each step, each step could be the center of Divine Trinity. Reaching up beyond our current limit – we’re in position for Divine Intervention. Claiming we already claimed a step below, means we could never fall lower than that.

This already feels steep. My recommendation is down on all fours – cause it’s a long way up this one.
We just learned to use Forgiveness as the Key, and Giving Up to Win.
It’s our turn to stabilize a Divine Run for it – the last mile. We never Run Alone.
Grandfathers, Grandmothers, help us to carry the Divine Wisdom through to the Flash of K’inich AHAU!

love, in lak’ech, Debra



Ian Xel Lungold and Michael Shore, MayanMajix.com

The journal for the Offering/MULUC trecena is dedicated to Ian Xel Lungold. This is the Galactic Week of Ian’s Destiny Kin, 12 Sun/AHAU. Ian will be honored on my trip to the Yucatan over the Day of the Dead observances in gratitude for my first introduction to the Mayan Calendar. Ian’s Destiny was to share the Light of Illumination (Sun/AHAU) for Divine Understanding (Tone 12). Thank you Ian!

My deepest Thanks and Appreciation are extended to Michael Shore who has preserved  Ian’s wisdom on MayanMajix.com, and for being a friend and helper on my own path. Thank you Michael!


4 Road / EB

Greetings Kin,

Tone 4 is the Intention of Stability. 4 is the number associated with the cube, the most stable of all forms. A cube reflects volume by its dimensions. Tone 4 offers us a sense of orientation, our own boundaries, and Our Rules of our game.

Ian’s article, The Fall of us All,” reflects on Human’s perception of Duality in the “me” vs “them” discernment of reality. Through the billions of sparks of the Creator, each of us offers a different perspective of Truth. Ian’s article shares thoughts on how we reconcile our differences and restore Right Relationship on a global scale. His solution was good news. Ian’s answer was to prepare, pay attention, and Just Be.

Road/EB is also Known as the Day Sign of Human, reflecting the Road of Human Destiny. We can create the Life of Happiness we dream by living in a world of Consciousness as a Human, Being. Our Human destiny is the journey we make from the beginning to the end.

The glyph reflects the “Road of Destiny” on Human’s head. On either side are the milestones of experience. The Road illustrates that all the Choices are up to us. In the end our lives will be defined by the Choices we make.

The milestones acknowledge how Human discerns its direction along the way. By marking our major milestones of Consciousness, we have a place to return to and start again from the clarity of our last understanding. Remembering where we’ve been, the progress we’ve made, and the lessons we’ve learned will be a Guiding Light.

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