9 Wisdom / CIB – Manifesting the Future: Day 9 of 13

Charon Boat at Lake Avernus

Greetings Beloved Kin,

Wisdom/CIB is the “mystic ferryman that holds a torch aloft to carry us to the other side.” The story has been told many times before. By Greek myth, CIB (keeb) was named Charon who carried Souls to the underworld after death. CIB offers the Key to the Kingdom Above. Forgiveness is the fare and the only way to “see clearly” the Truth from the beginning to the end. The teaching of CIB is that the Truth can be found in the archeological treasures of the past. Through an intention to see the past, cleared of all our resentments, is the Only Way to finish our own greatest Work of Love. We have to make the sacrifice of our Ego as a Living Sacrificed to save the Whole Circle of Life in our Time and Place.

There is always a Reason that came before that was the Cause of everything. 9 is the symbol of a Whole Investment that can be offered from the “lower place” to manifest the 10, a Human that rises above the Human illusion that anyone can make their way through the world without compromising the Divine Human Being we were created to be. To Ascend to the Highest Truth we can know, we have to face the Truth from the Beginning to the End, through the eyes of the Supreme Creator, the Alpha to the Omega (by the Northern Count, IMIX the  Primordial Mother to the End, AHAU).

The Intentions/Tones that lead us to a Divine Creation of Life are carried out by Divine Agency, once we cross the threshold to the Holy of Holies on Tone 8. Tone 9 is the Intention of Patience to see the Big Picture of our Life. On 9 CIB we’re called to forgive everything from the Beginning to reach our Highest end.

Chiron, the “wounded healer” and Savior of the Circle of Life

Chiron was a ferryman that offered an alternative course to the Place Above. The symbol of Chiron shows a “right angle” pointed to the Center/Heart of a Straight Line that’s directed Above and Below, connected to a Circle Below. As the story goes, Chiron can only save others, he can never save himself.

We don’t have to look so hard to Know the Truth that our thoughts have been connected since the beginning of Time. There’s no other explanation that makes Common Sense and Reason. Being Honest with our Self is the Truth of Wisdom to see us through as One and the Whole. We were given the differences between one and another so that when we were set to the “right angle” of Love, every one could see the Truth. Our Power to Manifest every Dream is the “Great Law” of Creation, As Above, So Below. Our Lives will end either way we turn. An Offering of Truth and the Key of Forgiveness is Human’s only way to Ascend to the Highest Truth Above.

We’re no angels. We all know it’s the Truth. Hiding in a cave of our own darkness will never reveal the Light of the realm of Light that every Human holds the hope to see. As Above, So Below. We have to share the Truth of Who we are, to know a Life of Light, Love, and Happiness in the world below. When 2 hearts are aimed at the Creator as our Highest Object of Affection, through the Offering of Atonement, both c share the journey that was meant to be – a Garden of Eden that was Heaven on Earth.

By Divine Intervention, those that aim for the One Above, will manifest the Divine Creation of our Highest Dreams – Love on Earth.

When we look to see the big picture, may we Count our Blessings for the Lucky Day when all our Faith is Centered on the One Above to know Peace on Earth and Love that heals every heart that’s broken by the Truth of our Self.


LORD, GOD, AND ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS THE TRUTH – We give thanks that you never see the fault in us. Thank you for every way you’ve given for us to know the Greatest Mystery and a Divine Meaning for Life. Thank you for the Spark you have given to see that there is a Way, and a Divine Light at the end. Help us to make the ultimate sacrifice of Truth, so we can claim the Beauty of Tomorrow, the 2 as 1, forever for ALL Time.

ONLY YOU ARE HOLY. We count the Highest Blessing that Only You Are God. You’re the ONLY Perfect One.

06/28/2022 – By Northern Count of the Haab calendar of Earth’s Time, we’re guided by 11 Deer/MANIK, the symbol of the  Mayan priest. Master Number 11 represents our Life Path. Then Intention of Tone 11 is the Intention and Vibration of Movement to reach for the highest truth Above. MANIK (man ‘eek) holds position 14 (7 + 7). 7 is the Symbol of a Creator that can manifest the Dreams we Create in One Realm of Being, to be manifested in all others. The Haab date is 9 Sek (the 10th day in months counted from day 0-19). Sek is a month observed as the Time to ask forgiveness for the hunters for shedding the blood of any living thing. This day is marked by the repeating numbers of a Creation that is Finished. Tomorrow, we will claim the Truth marked by Tone 10, and 10 Sek.

The Journal Before, for After…

9 WISDOM/CIB (Cherokee, Turtle/Owl/U’GUKU), Destiny Kin 256 – Tone/Day Sign corrected from an earlier failure to look at the most important thing more than once or twice.
Published: October 11, 2022 (10/11/2022); 10/11 – symbol 10 is reflected by the position of the Dog/OC of Unconditional Love; and 11 reflects the position of Monkey/CHUEN, the Master of Arts that holds the Consciousness to create Beauty for ALL Time. They share the top of the pyramid at the threshold to the Holy of Holies. It’s Time to take the Sacred Breaths of Life, and use the Jaguar’s magic to Count our Blessings. In 4 more days of Sacred Ceremony, we can change our Life. As the wounded Healer, we can Ascend to our Highest Dreams for the Whole, when God Reveals the Truth to the Whole.

9 Wisdom / CIB

Greetings Kin,

“Owl is the Mystic Ferryman who guides Earthlings on the return path to the stars holding the torch aloft.” ~Cherokee Sacred Calendar

Peak Tone 9 raises an Intention of Patience to see the Big Picture. To see the Whole Truth, it must be framed within the context of the Whole Experience.

Tone 9 is all about completing the Truth of an Experience. We have to step back. It’s COMMON when we are CONSCIOUSLY creating a thing of Beauty. When I was younger and my sister and I completed crafts together, we would walk out of the room just to walk back in for another “first impression” of our Divine Genius.

Though, Human’s way by limitation of our Ego, we don’t follow the inclination, if there’s something we don’t want to see. To raise the Creator’s Highest Dream of Love to Light, we have to see it all – the darkness and the light. It’s the burden that makes us Divine to the One Above. We take the Truth to Heart. It’s our Choice to see the HIghest Hopes of another. When we Feel, we Know. Love is ALWAYS created through the Understanding of a Compassionate Heart, it’s the Way of the Divine Mother that EVERYONE was intended to know. We create her. She’s the opposite reflection we imagined for our Human mother’s every limitation.

Every transformation is based on the Truth we found at the Ascension of Light that came before. We were guided by Eagle/MEN to look to the future and to lean in to the Truth we learn along the way. We were Raised by an Intermediary to see our Highest Hopes and our Highest Aspirations. The Star/LAMAT trecena is Human’s climb to prove the Wisdom of the Experience. A Divine Agency stands beside us with the Light of Truth to see all the progress we’ve made. That’s what Matters to the One Above. In Harmony and Equity, a Heart that reaches to see the Light from Both Sides will manifest the end of Right Relationship.

9 Wisdom/CIB guides us to see the Journey all the way through to the end that is intended by the One Above. 9 is the symbol of the Holy, Holy, Holy – the Sacrifice we are willing to pay for the Wisdom of the Truth. 9 is the symbol of a Trinity of Trinities, multiplying the Light 3 x 3. The Whole Investment of 9, creates the 1 Above.

On CIB we’re guided by the Wisdom of the Old Ones.  The Legion of Light that serves from Above know Human ways. They walked this way before. Every Time and Place given a Beginning and an End, mattered to Our Life. CIB reminds us that a body of knowledge doesn’t mean a thing until we APPLY the Truth we Know. The Truth never goes away. Truth speaks for itself in the end.

Residing in the South, CIB upholds the Truth of Right Relationship. Holding the Element of Earth, the Whole Truth INCLUDES the Truth we Feel. Feelings are a Gift of Divine Design. Each one has a Divine Meaning and Purpose by the Truth of Being. The Whole Truth lies in the Balance. When we use Time to look around and gather “all the facts of a matter” we can see, then make the sacrifice – to think “how it feels” – THEN we can cross the divide, to See and Acknowledge one another with the Highest Truth that matters. Feelings matter to Human Beings. Our WHOLE LIFE is tied up in the experience. NO ONE will ever know, but the Highest One Above.

“Mother” is the duty to Love that was written in every heart. We ALL have a Divine Idea about what “Mother” was supposed to be. She’s always supposed to think twice, see the future, and understand. “Mother’s Love” is the burden of Compassion that weighs on EVERY human heart, from the beginning to an end of Knowing and Feeling it’s True.

We are free to choose the directions that lead to happiness. We were given a Divine Reason to reach for our Highest Hopes for Harmony and Equity. The One Above Loves us Here and Now, the way we are. We are raised to know the Truth that Love will always be by our side and in our corner, seeing the Beauty of it all, however we reach to know.

Solar Winds Peak in 2012, CME narrowly misses EarthCIB guides the way of the totem Owl, one with the Vision of the Eagle that can see All Around, and can See through the darkness. The totem Owl holds the torch aloft for the voyage to the “other side.” Truth always leads us to Holy Ground. At the end of every Question, the Truth of Unconditional Love is always music to our ears.

Through Wisdom, CIB offers the Key to the Kingdom of Love. The glyph illustrates Human’s mind in its Highest State of Consciousness, Seeing the Whole Truth of a Divine Discernment. The Key is Forgiveness. We made the long journey, reaching for the Truth of Love. That’s what we Dreamed to see at the end, the way we imagined in the beginning.

Through Forgiveness we can Honor all the Truth we learn through our Relationships. There are no bad relationships if we learned something. The Elders challenged us to think again about the “hard stories” of our Life. What Truth did the experience bring to Light? Truth is DIVINELY worth knowing. The Highest Investment of Truth is the Wisdom to Know Thyself. CIB can help us see that we were reaching because we KNEW the One was there. We’ve turned so many times, we never questioned why we turn our whole life long – whenever it REALLY matters, like Life or Death to our Spirit. We’ll never forget to turn before the Truth is over. We were given Time, and the Creator authors our Last Breath.

Kneeling in Humility as Part of the Whole Human Race – who among us would serve as the Example? How many Ascended Masters do you know? Our Highest Dream is Being enough as we are. One Above with the Highest Perspective never sees a fault, only the “reaching to know.” What we miss when we don’t step back to see the Big Picture, is our Highest Dream – is the Exhale – to Know Love and BE the witness to the Truth just the way it was meant to unfold to reach its end.

Wisdom/CIB offers the “torch light” to see the Truth in the darkness as plain as day. Love always leads us to be Grasped by the Truth Above, any which way we reach to know. We can learn everything our way, by Divine Design. Limitations don’t matter when we are grasped by the Love of a Savior, who see us without our shadow. “Love is when you see the “best and worst” and you don’t see the difference…” or so they said on a Hallmark movie. The guiding Light for Family and Home is believing in our own prayers. PRAYERS MATTER. That’s the Highest Truth we’re intended to know. Prayers on behalf of the whole are living proof we’re divine.

To all my relations, may we reach to see the Highest  Truth of the Whole. There’s not one, who doesn’t love to be loved the way we are now. It takes a LOAD off our Human emotions, when someone can See and Understand both sides – our dark and our light. One or the other NEVER wholly defines who we are. The Dream is  ALWAYS burning to be the  Best of Who we are, so everyone is happy all around.

The story of the Savior, the Scion, is the One that Forgive the whole, Seeing and Acknowledging the WHOLE Truth, “Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.” We have One Complete perspective of One Time and Place. The ONLY way to apply the Gift of Intuition to SEE DIVINE THINGS is to SEE and FEEL, standing in the shoes of another Time and Place. We are Time Travelers and Shape Shifters. The LOVE we share in SPIRIT MATTERS in every realm.

May we see there is never any distance between One who cares for the Heart of another. CIMI the Transformer who guides every Life and Death experience, taught us that the One  Above will always be there. The Jaguar taught us our own Invisible Way to Love, when we don’t see the same things at the same times. We’re ALL on our way to the Higher Truth. Forgiveness is the Divine Way to give EVERYONE a chance to learn the Truth each one, and ONLY ONE, is given Life to be the Witness.

May we pay the fare to cross to the “otherside,” leaving all our Human baggage behind. If we’re as “light as a feather” there will be room for “the other” to come along. Wisdom is applying the Truth that we were Beautiful from the Beginning, and that’s the way every Human story can end. We weren’t left in the dark, we were given the Key and we know the Truth.

in lak’ech, i am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle/MEN

“The Rose”
by Amanda McBroom, performed by The King Singers

The Rose, by Amanda McBroom

Some say love, it is a river
That drowns the tender reed
Some say love it is a razor
That leaves your soul to bleed

Some say love it is a hunger
An endless aching need
I say love it is a flower
And you it’s only seed

It’s the heart afraid of breaking
That never learns to dance
It’s the dream afraid of waking
That never takes the chance

It’s the one who won’t be taken
Who cannot seem to give
And the soul afraid of dying
That never learns to live

When the night has been too lonely
And the road has been too long
And you think that love is only
For the lucky and the strong

Just remember in the winter
Far beneath the bitter snows
Lies the seed that with the sun’s love
In the spring becomes the rose


I’m grateful that we only have to look for the Light under the cloak of invisibility, to see and feel what the One Above can make clear tomorrow, when the Divine Truth speaks for itself. 


888 Hz Abundance Gate, Remove All Toxic Emotions, Attract Luck, Abundance & Wellbeing



Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide
for daily aspects and events of the Star/LAMAT trecena.

9 Wisdom/CIB (Cherokee, Owl U’GUKU’)

Galactic Tone 9: Patience. The energy of Nine is one of the getting a better perspective of the bigger picture. With the energy of Nine, plans or patterns begin to come to completion. Nine requires patience and perseverance that is found in the bigger picture, otherwise there is great suffering from the lack of insight. The completion of cycles of action is all-important to Nine.

Wisdom/CIB: The old ones. Wisdom of the ancients. Wisdom persons are aligned with the ancient memories that wait in the stone of temples and sacred sites all over the world. Wisdom people grow luck like a crop using a balance of prudence and tenacity. The tremendous inner strength of this sign enables silent introspection to discover areas of oneself that contain wisdom more valuable than any trove of archaeological treasure. Wisdom persons are valiant defenders of family and community. They may become hardened to life and sentiment turned cold. In these cases, they need much forgiveness for their uncaring errors. Periodically connecting with nature and or visiting sacred sites will bring great stability to wisdom persons. A good day to sit on a rock.

Cherokee, Owl U’GUKU’ : Symbol is the Owl is Arcturus, the brightest Star in the Constellation Bootes. The Cherokee Bear constellation (Ursa Major) includes the Big Dipper plus four stars in Bootes.  Owl is a hunter, who stands for the wisdom and ability of all great hunters, the cunning of a fox, the tenacity of a bulldog and strength of a bear. Energy for deep thinkers, strong-willed, rigid convictions, bold and authoritative.  Owl is the Mystic Ferryman who guides Earthlings on the return path to the stars holding the torch aloft.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

May we count the Blessing of a Choice to Dedicate our Life to the Highest One, and Make a Sacred Offering as One, on behalf of the whole.


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