Generational Wealth: A Last Will and Testament

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Is generational wealth a good thing?

So many have told me stories of how their happy family fell apart, when the time arrived to consider an inheritance from one who came before. The first story I remember is Jacob and Esau (Genesis 25).

Genesis 25:26 states that Esau was born before Jacob, who came out holding on to his older brother’s heel, as if he was trying to pull Esau back into the womb so he could claim the birthright as the first born. So, the issue seems to be of Biblical proportion, written in the Word from the beginning.

I am more blessed than I’ve ever been to have my own home. Though, it’s still pretty much a wash to zero, except for 4 months equity, and that’s likely zero, too, after what I charged to my credit card to plant my own very small garden. The only time there’s been an Insurance Policy on my life, was Officer’s Insurance when I worked for a bank over 20 years ago. (That even seems odd now, comparing the amount to the salary I was paid. What did they intend to cover with the money?)

I wonder if we are all worth more dead than alive for most of our lives… except for the time we can work, traded by corporations for the bottom dollar.

Generational wealth is the primary source of advantage over one and another in the world that Human created. We were once closer to being equal, and now the billionaires own the world, while the rest of us are just slaves from 9 to 5 (if we’re lucky).

MY LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT – I hereby resolve to leave my home as an equal opportunity for children to own together. The land in the backyard is assigned as public property. There’s enough room on the land for a community garden – beyond the space to grow the food needed to support a family. Maybe, it could be a family place where everyone meets to tell old stories or gather for the holidays.

If I ever own more land than that, it is my wish that it would be assigned as “forever public land” for a community garden, a family park, or a camp where all children can walk and play in nature. And, if there is some extra cash at the end, I choose to leave it to a food bank in the communities where I’ve lived. That’s the best end I can imagine in Harmony and Equity for the whole, by any name – Debra Malmos or Merrill Leonard. (I’m hereby resolved to this, intended as my legal public record, 07/06/2022. The matter of my sound mind on this date will have to depend on at least one person to attest to the idea that these thoughts make common sense.)

I’ve found such joy in the simple things close to Mother Earth. Having the Time of My Life hardly seems fair when so many live the way I used to – in an apartment with either a small balcony or a 4 x 6′ slab for a fairy garden.

Maybe someday in the distant future, everyone could be inclined to do the same. I can dream of a beautiful future for the whole, when we can depend on the kindness of our neighbors and the best investment of all could only be loving one another.

Yesterday, July 4, 2022, was such horrific news of slaughter by one who didn’t see a way belong. Such circumstances have led me to think twice about the times I go to the store and having a set routine. On today’s trip to Walmart for cat food, an older lady and man were discussing how kids haven’t been trained properly to use a handgun – along with the best way to position a finger on the trigger, if you want to hit anything. In 71 years I never overheard such a conversation at the grocery store. Clearly no one knows what they are doing anymore.

These tragedies are always about a Dream of Belonging. The Only way to always belong is to live in Divine Service for the whole. That’s as good as any insurance, to know there will always be an open door where someone will remember you from before, and after.

It feels like a Dream to imagine a beautiful future such as this.

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