Looking Forward to Time

Blue hour by Marianna Bucina Roca in Gloucester, Massachusetts

The Blue Hour

I contend that the Blue Hour is the most beautiful Time of the Day.
I went to bed early and had the most beautiful dream,
though I can’t remember a beginning or the end.
I only remembered there is Always something greater.

Creating our Dreams isn’t so much about being Wise
as it is the taking a next Logical step,
if we’re always looking to the bigger picture.
One always leads to another.

The Truth stands on every scale.

Where two are united as One in Divine Trinity,
they always create another Higher One.
It’s the Same Below as it is Above.

The New Seed of our Self is born to create a Higher One.
By Divine Design, the Perfection of a Newborn Child
will follow the same journey
out of Darkness to the Light.

We are born before we can See the Details of the biggest picture.
It takes Time.

We are always waiting for a Time to come.
On the Universal scale all Time is One.
ALL Divine Ones have the potential to be more
than can ever meets the eye.

The most Common Question humans ask is
“What Time is it?” – the first question of the day.
But do we ever question the question?
“What Time do I want it To Be?”

I’m grateful that every Human Being was given the question
to know the Most Beautiful Creation of all.
Everyone can realize the Answer, equal to every other.
Every Living One, Conscious to Question
can know Time.

Time is even more beautiful than the Blue Hour.
One is equal to the Other for the Blessing To Know
Time goes on Forever.

I’m grateful for Dreams,
the Blue Hour within,
Time to See a Beautiful Time Above,
where all things are possible.

I look forward to the Time
when there’s Nothing left to do
but Dream the Beauty of Tomorrow.

Somewhere beyond Today,
we’ll Know the Mystery.
It’s only a matter of Time.

The Time I want to be is
the Moment when the next Higher Question
reveals itself again,
from a Higher realm Above.

It’s only Logical that the Time ahead
can only be more Beautiful
than the Time Before.
When we see something we’ve seen before
isn’t it only more beautiful when seen again
for the First Time, After?

We’ve seen the Sunrise a thousand times before.
Yet, the One we See Tomorrow
is more beautiful
for what it means,
another beginning.

In the Blue Hour
I wanted Time to stand still.
But, it doesn’t last for an hour.
You can only see it for about 30 minutes.

My Dream for the future is
to wake again in the early hour of Night,
before the Human Dream of Tomorrow,
before there is a Beginning,
before I’ve Dreamed another end.

by Merrill Leonard

Who but a Supreme Lord of Creation could imagine something as beautiful as this? (Source)

CONTRIBUTING AUTHOR: Poetry, Prose, Stories, and Art

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Contact: Merrill Leonard

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