2 Seed / KAN – Dreams Come True


2 Seed / KAN

2 Seed / KAN

Greetings Kin,

On Galactic Tone 2 we’re being prepared to set a new Sacred Intention. We’re considering the way forward on a journey led by Spirit. Today’s 2 Seed/KAN is Kin 184, and a portal day on the calendar. As a thinning of the veil we have a closer connection to Spirit and the Wisdom of the Ancestors. Portals also magnify our experience.

Tone 2 of duality, asks us to consider new thoughts that have captured our attention. The Night/AKBAL trecena hold potential for Special Gifts of insight and intuition. We’re asked to look at its “good” and “bad” aspects, as a process of refinement. We’ll Know when we receive inspiration of a Dream Inspired by Spirit, apart from a motive of ego.

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