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12 Sun / AHAU – A Journey as One: Day 12


12 Sun / AHAU

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! In SYNCHRONICITY with Sun/AHAU, this is a Day when we Honor those who Valiantly Offered Themselves in Service for the Greater Good of the Whole. May we Acknowledge with Gratitude All our Ancestors who walked a path of Divine Agency as our Outlook and Protector.

Greetings Kin,

We arrive at Tone 12’s intention of Understanding with the Illumination of Sun/AHAU. Completing the 11th uinal of Resolution, we’ve received all the “clues” we need to bring clarity to a new Truth. Tone 12 is the day when a Truth sinks in that can raise us to a new and functioning whole.  Sun brings the Light of Illumination to something we haven’t seen before.

We are given the Brightest Light by Sun/AHAU who calls us to open our eyes to the Truth. Sun not only illuminates that which is the shadows, but also helps us see what is hidden in plain sight.

Sun is the Expert of Higher Guidance. Sun/AHAU is a symbol of the Divine Masculine, the Hero that encourages us to live up to our own potential. Whatever Truth may unfold, we are guided to look beyond our initial understanding to see its potential to transform our experience of every future journey.

Ahau is the Day Sign of the Ancient Ones, those Humans that accomplished the Highest Levels of Divine Consciousness. They are the role models of what we could aspire to be, living as the Masters of their own Consciousness. They arrived at the Full Understanding of their Two Sources of Consciousness, and found the Way to Live in the Truth of their Higher Self. On 12 Sun/AHAU they share their Divine Wisdom so that we can be Transformed by this New Truth.

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10 Serpent / CHICCHAN – Path of Higher Learning: Day 10


10 Serpent / CHICCHAN

Greetings Kin,

“Chicchan lights the fuse that magnifies and explodes the Life Force itself.” (Cherokee, Serpent/DO’TSI VK)

Tone 10 brings an important day of Manifestation. In the trecena led by CIB, we are manifesting the Divine Wisdom of Higher Consciousness through the Experience of Forgiveness. We’re guided by Divine Agency through a new Transformation.

We have been learning about our Power to Heal the world, planting a Seed that was Given by the Creator. The Old Ones Know that this Divine Wisdom stretches the limits of our Belief. Serpent/CHICCHAN offers the Power through which our Wisdom can be Known as Truth throughout our entire Being.

Serpent/CHICCHAN is a Catalyst that ignites Divine Energy within our physicality. The Day Sign known for bringing “lightning in the blood” awakens our Spiritual Gifts of Intuition and Telepathy – the Gift of Knowing something that can’t be Seen. This day is a Sacred Event we are given to Acknowledge and Claim our Spiritual Body.

11th Uinal: Manifestation of Resolution – The 11th Uinal is a Higher Influence upon the Wisdom/CIB trecena. We are always processing two cycles together, the progression of the 20 Day Signs (13 uinals), and the perpetual cycles of Creation (20 13-day trecenas). Together they are the 2 factors defining Human Creation (260) – 20 fingers and toes (our instinctual way of reasoning), and 13 major joints in the body (the way we are able to move in the world). The 13 numbers are important, representing the Divine Chronology and Order of Creation. The sum of the Day Signs is the Alpha and Omega – the Sacred 19 is the Signature of God. The Maya counted the last Day Sign, Sun/AHAU as the zero, the beginning and the end.

As we progress through the uinals we follow that same wave of energy we experience in each trecena, on a larger scale. This 11th uinal is among the uinals of the Highest Energy – approaching 13, the energy that connects us to the Power of the Creator. 11 represents the intention of Resolution. This is our first Tone of Manifestation on this larger scale. An energy of Resolution holds the Power to Manifest a new and unknown piece of Truth that will help us to assimilate what we’ve learned into our Body of Wisdom. 10 Serpent/CHICCHAN gives us a Powerful Day to See and Claim a Higher Truth.

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