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11 Offering / MULUC – A Dream, between the Alpha and Omega


Hello Beloved Kin,

I was unexpectedly called back to an old dream.

I had recorded the experience in an email November 4, 2021, 12:01AM. I was glad I wrote it down just after I woke up.  Checking the Tzolk’in date, the Dream fell between the Light of 7 Sun/AHAU and 8 Crocodile/IMIX as we were completing the 1st uinal, the legend for the round, that begins from the Alpha to the Omega through the 1st 20 days – where every Position is a Master Number that matches the kin. ERRATA – I had to correct 11/5 to 11/4 – I can’t get a date right for SOME REASON.

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11 Offering / MULUC – Truth in the Wind


Sunrise Altar – 1 Wind/IK

Dawn Woman’s Blog, by Minisa Crumbo Halsey (1 Wind/IK)
Sunday, January 9, 2022

Winter Vision Quest Cave

In this season, many inner compasses will begin turning toward seeking, creating and crawling into the blessed peace of the seasonal vision quest cave.

Inside, a deep breast of the resting Mother Earth, is where the Medicine Wheel slowly turns in an earthly circumambulation of all seed dreams, penetrated by fiery shafts of our Father Sky Sun into the mind, heart, body and Spirit of individual inner pools of quiet.

Here, ones bones can and may be deeply CLEANED: healed and loosened from the labors, challenges, cares, aspirations and fulfillments of the previous season, then slowly put back together as an honoring dream dance echo of all the ancestral journeys made before ours and those yet to come. The womb quest awaits. Draw aside a veil of the great mystery, breathe your name, make an offering and ask permission to replicate and renew the journey that all beings have made, do make and will make.. from earth to sky … breath into clay … so we are made and so we reenact the sacred moves, as we see them.

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TRECENA THE  OF STORM/CAUAC: The Renewal and Regeneration of our Spirit

528 Hz Deep Healing Sleep Music | Repairs & Heals on DNA Level | Frequency Healing DNA Repair

11 Offering / MULUC – Grasped by the Light Above: Day 11 of 13


EVERYTHIING must be out of order for a reason. At least I caught the error on the right day – AFTER I made SO SURE something else was right.

Hello Beloved Kin,

We are inspired by Beauty raised by the Light. Venus reflects the Light of a Divine State of Mind, after we’ve seen the stars and claim the Beauty of the Whole Creation. Remember how you feel when you take in the beauty of a Sunset, and the Sunrise, AFTER. When we can SEE the Truth of the Beauty of ALL Time was GIVEN, we always want to give something back. What we give back, reflects the Truth of Love we’ve seen. We always attempt to give back “in equal measure” what we would expect to receive. We take the TIME to Choose what the Gift should be when it’s the Sacred Exchange for Love.

It’s beautiful in the Reflection. We’d give ANYTHING to show what it MEANS to us. The more we count the blessings, the less we see that’s worthy to give in return. We’ve been looking very closely at our “old life” and the reason  we’re changing it. We go back and forth, between the pain of growing and a Divine Dream in our Heart. You might be drawn back and forth between. You might have all the pieces of Love rounded up one day, all figured out. Then tomorrow comes. You see all your heart hoped to share, and old doubts return – it ISN’T fair.

There you have it. Life isn’t fair.  There will never be a TIME when human discerns the TRUTH any other way. It can’t be fair as long as we’re making Human Choices. That is never going to change 100% – as long as the Human part of us is ALL we think we are. We can at least ASPIRE to it, when we have an idea we COULD be. It could ALL be fair. When we count our blessings, we can CHOOSE Love and Forgiveness as the Offering given back, and paid forward to  manifest the Truth of Love BEFORE AND AFTER.

The Symbol 11 is a  Divine Wakeup Call, tuned in to a higher channel. Maybe I’ll even get the date right. I’m more preoccupied with getting it wrong, apparently, than just checking the numbers one more time. It WAS DIVINE TIME to sit this one out. From what I’ve seen ME doing and thinking, I’m not a good example. And I don’t want to be. I WANT to be EQUAL, down in the trenches with the Truth of the Whole. Maybe we’re down here to see how we s till make it out, and the Sun will rise again.

I know I’m glad you are there. When thoughts of you come to mind, I know SOMEONE is praying about it SOMEWHERE when I’ve forgotten to get on my knees.

love, in lak’ech, Debra

PS – I’m TRYING TO GET THIS  ONE RIGHT. It feels like I might have to put it as an actual Intention for Creation, to get my time on track again. I checked it twice. I’d still check it twice, if I were you – as long as I keep dishing it out that way. It used to be my worst fear – now it’s realized. I guess it won’t kill me to be wrong. It’s an Offering.

The Journal Before, for AFTER…

Published: April 27, 2021 (04/27/2021)
TODAY’S KIN: January 11, 2022 (01/11/2022)
Always check my numbers, please. Knowing “what it is” seems to be the problem, and a year changed too. Then – it’s Tone 11 on the 12th, and the 10th tone on the 11th. There’s NO WAY to get it right. Isn’t it beautiful how we don’t have to?
11 Offering/MULUC, Destiny Kin 89
(Number 89 – Abundance to Infinity in the Higher Place, and a WHOLE investment (9) in the place below. Offering/MULUC HOLDS position 9 in the lower place, all the way across the row of the Tzolk’in. EVERY day marked by MULUC,  we’ve seen Beauty an wish someone else could see it too. It’s hard to take in a Beauty, when there’s no one else to see. That was the hardest part of raising children on my own, no one to share what I saw today. Only we WOKE UP to the Truth – the One who GAVE it in the first place is the One Above. That’s WHO we have to thank for it. I keep writing, after I’ve explained that I don’t know what day it is. That’s the Sense I have to go on.)


11 Offering / MULUC

Greetings Kin,

Tone 11 holds the Intention of Resolution. We were changed by the Truth that added-up to Common Sense when all the pieces were drawn together. We saw many ways to Love, and that Love always creates a place to belong.

Tone 11 is a Divine Set of antennae that tunes us in to a higher channel. Truth always changes the picture. We claimed Our Truth. On Tone 11 the shaman climbs to the highest altar. The Truth we’ve seen is our Offering to the One. We give it up in Humility, applying the Truth of Human limitations.

It still took Faith to claim the Truth that lies in the future. We intended to help create it. We can stand on The One Divine Provision for every limitation, though a Human heart can hold one more doubt in anything that depends on another Human hand. Love doesn’t feel complete without a Human hand to hold.

Tone 11 Resolves our place in the Universe, where Love can always be the Truth.

Offering/MULUC guides the way of Giving Back and Paying Forward. MULUC is a symbol of the Moon and our Emotions. Holding the Element of Fire, we Feel our Feelings. MULUC can heal them through an Atonement. With every Offering to the One we make in the Humility of our Human limitations, we See a Higher Reason to Love.

The Elders say that an Offering should reflect the value of the Blessings we expect to receive. To begin in Humility and Gratitude, we Count our Blessings. If we draw the Truth from within, we’ll see the Light that never ends. We have created many Times and Places where we are Loved all along. The Time we Love is Eternal. The One Above never forgets a Human choice of Divinity. The One Above sees the Whole Truth. Through the Atonement of an Offering we see an image of our Self that is held in the Mind of the One. When we reached for a Higher Truth Above, we make the Whole Investment of our Heart and we Know Love that covers everything.

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4 Dog / OC – The Truth and the Way: Day 4 of 13


Greetings Beloved Kin,

HOLY DAY: Global Burner, 4 Dog/OC

On behalf of the Whole, I give thanks for a Holy Day – Time marked for the Blessing of Right Relationship. We carried a burden of Human Love. Now we can Stand in Silence, for the “work of Divinity” while “we didn’t know what we were doing.” Today the smell of Copal is disseminated by Wind/IK, and the double-helix of the Smoke of the Mayan priest’s prayers is the “Visible Truth” of a Day “claimed Sacred” by a Living body of Water. Like water flows, so are we Moved by the Divine thoughts of Spirit, when we let all our Human Reasons for Love go. The Living One that serves as the Hand, holds the Power of Harmonic Resonance. The sights, sounds, smells are tangible “dreams and prayers” on behalf of the whole. When One prays for US, and we Know, we follow. We kneel together for every Prayer offered on Behalf of the Whole. We share the Divine “AMEN.” Today is a day to Light a Fire, a Candle for Love, to JOIN A PRAYER that IS NOW BEING OBSERVED by the Mayan priests, for you and me and the Whole to Remember the Truth of Love.

There’s no place else “to be” when we find the Place where we Belong.

The Sun/Moon Dance was on my mind this morning, the 4 Days and the 4 Year commitment to the Sacred Initiation. The Elders say, “You can change your Life in 4 days of Sacred Ceremony.” It’s an Unseen Work of Divinity. You can only see the Truth, After. The dance was scheduled at the Fall Equinox. It was an Offering to “beat the sound” of Love to Mother Earth through our feet, and to Live on Air – the Sacred Breath. We were watched over. It was OUR CHOICE to claim when we were “finished.” It was the same in the Sacred Sweat Lodge. No Human Being holds Authority over our Sacred Right of Choice. No one can MOVE OUR HAND. No matter the consequences, OUR CHOICE is the Last Word, Below. (SILENCE and REVERENCE is the ONLY WAY that is WORTHY BEHAVIOR, for ANY TIME Defined as Sacred for a Divine Purpose. The All-in-One is the ONLY AUTHORITY in Divine Communion.)

Only the Elders made it through. I finally made it through my 4th dance. They brought ice cold wet towels during the heat of the day, and a tiny cup of medicine tea at night. Meanwhile, as you danced in the daylight – a Moon Mother would come to drape an extra shawl around your shoulders while you danced, to draw it all out again. You LEARN to prepare the body, BEFORE. The LONGEST and nearly unbearable part was at the very end of my 4th dance – waiting for the Water Blessing offered to the Crown from a Feather. I was suddenly HUMAN again, and the only thought was the next DRINK of LIVING WATER. Human Beings can carry on a long way on the Element of Air and Pure Water. The first food received was Watermelon. We laughed and sang the Watermelon song. All I can remember is “Watermelon…(sustained) – “running down my face, dripping down my arms.” We were told to hold the experience “close to the chest” for the Truth of the Experience we would Know later. If we tried to define it- right now, it would only be Human’s memory of the blood sweat and tears… and and reaching beyond that human veil – cast it in stone, BEFORE it was FINISHED, After.

We changed our Life choosing Time for NOTHING but Spirit. The Most Sacred Offerings are the Ones that are Secret – Mysteries of Love we Create with the One Above. Together we create something Beauty, we can STAND BACK TO SEE – The Truth – how LOVE WORKS by it’s OWN Power of Being the Truth.

We can complete the Dance in every prayer. May we see our Life – dance it from 4 Directions. May we begin with the Dance of Wisdom in the North, counting the Blessings of Divine Wisdom shared for ALL Time. May we think about how that blessing influences everything – the CHOICE to See and APPLY the Truth WE KNOW. And, KNOW that the TRUTH we know, matters – even when we’re wrong – because we’re NEVER WHOLLY RIGHT. That’s the Blessing of Wisdom – we don’t have to be Right, when we’re REACHING to know and USING “the best we know” to make a Wise Choice. (The Truth of One Direction, is enough to know the others… when you know the “reflection” of “cause and effect” is always right in front of you – on the other side of the wheel. Wise Choices is the WAY for Right Relationship in the South. The Light that DAWNED from the East, is the Truth to WILLINGLY FACE our Unknown Journey in the  West. (The GENIUS, was “God’s idea from the beginning.)

Every prayer you’ve offered on behalf of the Whole is Multiplied, when the veil is burned away. We’ll ONLY SEE the BEAUTY of our WHOLE INVESTMENT in Love. The more pathetic our attempt appears to be, the more we’ll KNOW the Divine Provision is the Truth. The HIGHEST Truth at the Top of the Pyramid is “GOD WILL” BECAUSE “GOD LOVES”  EVERYTHING that we were created To Be – and through each feeble attempt, we’ve claimed there’s a Higher Step to Holy Ground.

love, in lak’ech, Debra

PS. I’m still behind on the 13-day guide update, and the Holy Day calculations. Below are the instructions. I wanted to change something about the journal, but I couldn’t figure out what it would be. This must be the beginning . It’s a LOAD off my mind… not having to be “right” – since that’s the point, to know our Own Truth within. My “right” didn’t notice yesterday was FRIDAY – my day off. I worked diligently – right through it. I was figuring out how “I would get even.” Then, yesterday was MULUC… the Answer, Give it Back and call it a Sacred Offering. Now I can DREAM that whatever I do this weekend, will hold an “exponential factor” of DIVINE Unconditional Love – and BEAUTY SEEN, for a Divine Reason.

Every day we were led as a procession concealed in white to greet the Sunrise. We carried an offering of Cornmeal in the Right hand, and breathed our prayers into it 4 times before releasing it to the Light. Each day started with the Morning Song. We join the Chorus with ALL Living Things in another day reaching for our Highest Potential in the Light.

Sunrise chant by Beautiful Painted Arrow

Calculating Holy Days, here’s how:

The Tzolk’in Calendar Chart (for the Destiny Kin number) |  Kin Calculator (to see the dates of the Kin Before and After – like your next Mayan birthday) 4 Dog/OC is Destiny 30, from it’s Position 10, reflected in the 1st uinal on the Chart, 0 is always the number in the “lower place” of kin numbers across the 10th row (top of the uinal pyramid, shared with Position 11, Monkey/CHUEN, the Human Creator). Synchronicity magically appears, somehow, when you are working with the images and numbers. Ian started with the glyphs, making jewelry. There are “tangible” feelings when you turn your thoughts where thoughts have been turned so many times before, so long ago – “a Work of Divinity” carved in stone, a Cause manifested through a WHOLE HUMAN INVESTMENT of “blood sweat and tears.” The pyramids were “never high enough.” They built one over another – that was the Way to reach Higher Ground. The Holy Days were found in an article “Lords of Time” linked on the Daykeeper Resources page (top menu link). Don Alejandro – tata, and 13th Generation High Priest of the Maya, who is referenced as the source of the teaching. I choose my Deer/MANIK path following the footsteps of the Ones that drew me to the journey. It’s important to choose One Truth north, for comparison from Our Experience to learn from another. It’s how we finally know what we DO Believe as Our Truth.

The Journal, AFTER, all the journals before.
Search 4 Dog for more.

Published: February 27, 2021 (02/27/2021)
TODAY’S KIN: November 14, 2021 (11/14/2021)
4 Dog/OC, Destiny Kin 30  


4 Dog / OC

Greetings Kin,

Tone 4 raises the Intention of Stability. Tone 4 relates to the cube, the most stable of all forms. A cube defines its dimension and space by its borders and parameters. The purpose of Tone 4 is to raise the Pillars for Faith 2 stand. When we claim the Divine Energy fueled by Love, we want to hold on to what we’ve got. We can establish boundaries and parameters, like the “rules of a game” to hold the thoughts of our Intention..

Deer/MANIK is guiding our Inspiration as the Mayan priest who holds all the Spiritual Tools. Divine Truths that we believe are our Medicine Bundle, all the tools passed down from the generations of priests who came before. MANIK is said to keep every tool it’s ever used. We’re better off carrying fewer tools that serve more than one meaning and purpose. One Truth will always lead to another Highest Truth. We only need one Truth, if we can believe in MANIK’s  Highest Tool – a Divine Provision for every Human Limitation. That Truth will lead us to the 2nd, Highest Truth… the Reason why.

As long as we keep asking the next questions about Love, we’ll learn the Answers are always Divine. Our Dreams hold the Power of the Holy, Holy, Holy, when the Reason is the same, Above and Below. When we follow our Divine thoughts of Creation, we always manifest the Highest ends.

Dog/OC resides at the top of the “uinal pyramid” as the Highest Demonstration of Unconditional Love. Love is the Highest Reason for every Creation. Residing in the North, the direction of Wisdom. Dog/OC demonstrates the Truth of Love. All we have to do is follow the Dog.

Dog/OC holds a Relationship of Affinity with the Monkey/CHUEN. They hold positions 10 and 11 in  the order of Divine Guidance. The 1’s and 0’s reflect the Master Numbers of Divine Inspiration. Dog/OC knows the Truth that Love is buried everywhere. The Monkey/CHUEN holds the Highest Power of Consciousness in the Natural World. The Monkey sees that Love is Beautiful. As a Master of all the Arts, CHUEN loves its own Power to Create the Beauty.

Master Numbers are symbols that are never resolved to the lowest number. They stand as they are, magnified by the times we see them repeated. 1 is the Light of Divine Inspiration. 11 is Divine Inspiration known Above and Below. Number 11 raises a higher frequency of thought for the Intention of Resolution. 11 is a Light of Truth that defines a course of Creation, by sharing a Higher Reason.  Repeating 11’s magnify a Spark of genius. (11:11 is compared to a Code of Activation, a Divine Wakeup Call.)

4 Dog/OC is the first Global Burner Day of the Tzolk’in  round. Halfway through every Season of change, we release residual energy, stray thoughts and old truth that doesn’t support this Time and Place. On the Global Burner Day we can burn away “all that we’ve gone through” to reach this Higher Place. “Forgiveness” is the Key to the Kingdom. The Mayan priest carried out the Sacred Fire Ceremony to restore Right Relationship on behalf of the Community. When the Wind brought the smoke and the smell of copal, the whole remember to count their blessings for the offering.

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3 Offering / MULUC – The Truth and the Way: Day 3 of 13


Greetings Beloved Kin,


SANCTUARY: The oldest ancient symbol of Sanctuary, before it was ever adopted by a doctrine or religion, After – what was originally created to be.

A Ted Talk that shared insight on the Renaissance period explained that BEFORE, “GENIUS” was attributed to a Divine Muse. People talked about their Genius, as a third-party Consciousness. Then Human Beings, wanted to Create what THEY could do, by their own HUMAN Genius. (This is it.)

It’s not so hard to claim GENIUS, when it’s an Offering from the Higher One. We could acknowledge Divine Thoughts working in our Consciousness. It’s hard to imagine conversations about Divine Communion as an everyday common topic,

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2 Offering / MULUC – Ascension of Consciousness: Day 2 of 13



2 Offering / MULUC

Greetings Beloved Kin,

As it was in the Beginning, so it is at the End, Above and Below.

Luminous they are in the water, wrapped in quetzal feathers and cotinga feathers.
~Popol Vuh

The Popol Vuh is the Divine Cosmology of Creation shared by the Ancient Maya. In the  Beginning there was only Water separated from the Heart of Sky. From the reflection of blue and green, the Dream began as Beings of Consciousness, Sages of Wisdom, like water at rest – nothing stirring in the darkness of the Unknown. We were raised to Light by Mother Earth, to witness the Beauty of the Unknown.

The material cosmology of Human life tells the same story. We were sages in our Mother’s Womb. All was still, at rest. The Human Seed was given its Time and Place where every need was met.

Somewhere on the way, a Divine Light broke through. We were more than part of the One. Consciousness was expressed by our first Question. “Who Am I?” At the same time, our place was getting smaller and we were getting bigger. Finally we asked, “How can  life go on? Where do I fit? What can I do? Where can I go?” Something changed. We didn’t realize we were growing. We didn’t fit in our own world anymore.

With every Truth the Light multiplies to abundance, like Fibonacci spirals. EVERYTHING in the Universe is expanding by the Light reaching in all directions.

Love is REAL MAGIC. When Love is applied to discernment, Beauty is always the Truth.

Offering/MULUC is the Light of the Savior, the One Willing to bear the scars of Love for a Divine Cause. “The Christ Spirit” is the archetype of the “Wounded Healer” – the Scion of Compassionate Love that “knows how it feels” to forget the Truth of the Creator’s Love. Even Christ’s story included 40 days in the desert, and his final tears in Gethsemane. He Forgave Forgetting. When we see the Truth, injustice changes back to the Truth of Forgetting. “Counting our Blessings” is the Jaguar’s expression of Love, the Power of the Invisible shape-shifter. Walking in stealth, Gratitude leaves the heaviest footprints to the truth of Love.

On Tone 2 we are separated by the thoughts of our own consciousness. On Tone 1 we saw the Light a Divine Possibility. Now we imagine how, and if we could create the Dream. Tone 2 raises the Choice of Creation, “to be or not to be.”

2 Offering/MULUC raises the Light from the Alpha to the Omega, related to the Moon, the Movement of Water, and Human Emotions.  Our Heart is healed where the Water meets the Sky.

MULUC guides the ways of Giving Back and Paying Forward. Through the ritual of an offering we are Atoned with the Divine Mind of the One. When we are reunited with the Whole, the Light given in Sacred Exchange sends ripples through the whole to Light the Crown of the Scion.

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1 MULUC – Bodewadmin Longhouse Message

Bodewadmin Longhouse Message

by Minisa Crumbo Halsey, 1 Wind/IK (August 25, 2021)

Good morning … mno waben aanii … good day friends …
I am expanding this mailing in order to initiate important plant talk into our fall and winter gestational honor seasons, whereby we recognize and honor those seeds with which we sat and prayed last winter in the Bodewadmin Longhouse. As with the natural world or a tended, intentional garden, part of the growth can be predicted or shaped and part cannot. At this time we all, here on Turtle Island, find ourselves coming into new awareness and balance with the Great Mystery. The inner and outer landscapes are shifting. This offers so much opportunity for not only sacred choice to the exercised but also a vastly expanded view of Medicine Wheel teachings and disciplines by which to institute these choices … then bringing these ones into the inner longhouse for growth and endurance prayers. 

This time of harvest is when the serious work of the next year’s harvest begins … praying over the seeds of this year. 

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Circle of Life, by Minisa Crumbo Halsey, 1 Wind/IK

1 Offering / MULUC – The Light of the Scion: Day 1 of 13



1 Offering / MULUC

Greetings Kin,

Offering/MULUC is a symbol of Water Everywhere from the Cosmos to our Tears. MULUC is a symbol of the Moon and our Emotions. When our Human emotions are stirred up, matters of the Ego veil the Truth. MULUC offers a Healing to our Emotions through the Truth of their Highest Meaning and Purpose.

Tone 1 is the Day of Unity with the Creator. The Intention is to receive a Divine Inspiration for our next Higher Intention to Love. Tone 1 begins from a place of Inertia. The Wise thing to do is to take the Time to pay attention.

CIB guided the Wisdom of Human’s experience. The New Beginning looked like a brand new start at our Ascension. On Tone 1 it can feel like you don’t know where to start. Forces of Vibration flow back and forth.

We might expect our Human emotions to come into play over the next 13 days. Give yourself Time to see things clearly. It’s easy to see the Truth when we are willing to Feel both sides, then turn to the Higher Truth Above.

Our Hearts were opened by the burdens of Humanity. The only way is Forgiveness. We saw through the darkness all around how our challenges rate on the Scale of Human Suffering. Our Hearts were Opened so Love could Flow like Living Water.

MULUC guides us to Give Back and Pay Forward. MULUC is the archetype of the Wounded Healer, willing to make the sacrifice on behalf of the Whole.  Counting our own Blessings of Love, the only Offering that will do is a sacrifice of the heart.

Red and Blue Day Signs symbolize a trecena of “Light” – the Incoming Truth of Divine inspiration. Every new climb begins from the Truth of our Ascension. We Ascended with the Highest Wisdom of CIB – Forgiveness is the Key to the Kingdom. Under the guidance of MULUC our Emotions are Healed by a Divine Cause.

The Master Number 11 is the Light of Divine Inspiration, Truth shared from Above. We are tuned in to a Higher Frequency to realize the Truth when we Feel it. Truth never hurts – at least not for long, when we know that a Divine Dream depends on the Truth. The 11th uinal  is completed by 12 Sun/AHAU, the Divine Light of Understanding. In the 4th Season of the Tzolk’in we are guided to a Divine Realization of the Future, beyond our wildest dreams. In the 12th uinal we’ll take the Truth to Heart. Our Prayers are Answered on 13 Crocodile/IMIX, the Alpha to the Omega and the Dawn of a New Awakening.

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7 Offering / MULUC – A Dream “with Heart”: Day 7 of 13



7 Offering / MULUC

Greetings Kin,

Peak Tone 7 is the summit of a climb toward higher Truth that employed Human Resources. We are guided by Divine Intervention that REMINDS us to factor in Divine Possibilities. We still made the climb by Human’s willingness to take the Leap.

At the top of a pyramid we see “all that is” and “all that is not.”

Tone 7 raises the Intention of Reflection – to see in a mirror, to review the past, to Know the Truth that is True on every scale. Number 7 is a symbol of the Great  Law of Creation, “As Above, So Below.” We imagine the Truth of our physical reality. We have a whole scenario and the cast of characters, reading people like a book. Only that’s the reflection Below. We think the characters we made up are real. The whole story inside, is another matter.

Today we can see that the Truth we have is enough. Knowing the Truth that is common to us all, we have the faculty to imagine the ups and downs of everyday life are true for the Whole. We have our good days, and our not as good days.

That’s good enough. I’ve had some good days and bad days, several time, in the same day. My primordial soup feels closer to gruel. Oatmeal and mushy rice has been very comforting lately. The zero sounds like Peace at the center of wild extremes. I hope you are smooth sailing, or have a strategy for crossing the waves. Water will reach its equilibrium. A big wave has been turning around.

Offering/MULUC is the symbol of Water Everywhere, from the cosmos to our tears. The glyph illustrates one drop raised above the Whole. An Offering is the means for an Atonement, to be One Mind with the Highest One. Human emotions are a powerful force that can draw us away from the Truth of Feelings that ARE worthy to follow. Emotions are always part of Human’s doubts and fears. “What if my dream doesn’t come true, after wishing on every star?” The ANSWER to EVERYTHING is always Truth that we forget. You’d think we’d remember Divine Magic.

There’s SUCH an easy answer from the Highest One. We didn’t Choose Our Dream. We are reaching to stand on the Offering that would come from the Higher One. We may not get what we want. The Ego feels like it must be the consolation prize. There’s two ways to see it. We may have to settle for something even better than we imagined.

MULUC resides in the East, holding the Light of New Beginnings and the Fire to fuel our Passion for Love. Every Offering calls for a Sacrifice. The Elders say you should bring an offering that is worthy of what you expect to receive. The Sacred Ceremony begins on our knees Counting our Blessings. If we are humble, we won’t get far before we know the list goes on forever. Offering/MULUC generates an Intention for Giving Back and Paying Forward. In an honest assessment, we come up short. Our Heart will be Drawn to Give Back, but that will only manifest another Sacred Exchange. When we Join the Flow, MULUC can heal us with Love that is Given back and forth.

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13 Offering / MULUC – Ascension: Day 13



Greetings Kin,

Tone 13 is an Ascension to a Higher Consciousness. The Number 13 is a symbol of Answered Prayers. We are Ascending from Earth/CABAN, the Creator’s Dream for us.

Like the Peak Tones of each trecena, the 8th and 9th uinals are Peak Cycles of Transformation on a higher plane. Like the Miracle of Life,  the ends of Love are beyond Human’s hand. Life is given from Above, through our Divine Design. The Truth is written everywhere from the micro to the macro. CABAN guides us to the Light to See it.

Her Heart was Created by Love to reflect an image of the Heart and Soul of Life, the Supreme Creator’s Consciousness of Beauty. Loving our Life is as simple as receiving the Love of our Divine Mother. And, Forgiving the Human one, who never could compete for all We Dreamed she be, by One Above we knew in the womb.

The Highest Light of the Creator’s Dream begins and ends in the East, holding the Element of Fire for our Highest cycle of Transformation. The climbs ahead leads us through the Divine Revelations of a Mystery – the New One that we ARE, and what we REALLY want to share as our Legacy. All it takes is Choosing the End we Really Love, Giving Thanks for a Dream to wake up to, tomorrow, with some Wild Idea. That’s Living.

We Ascend with the Consciousness of the Beauty of Life, knowing the Offering was a Gift from Above. It’s in our Divine Nature to give something back. When we See and Acknowledge the One Above, our Creation is “finished” for the One Above. We don’t have to. MULUC holds the Intentions of Giving Back, and Paying Forward.

MULUC symbolizes the Moon and Water everywhere from the cosmos to our tears. Through an Offering we are Atoned with the Truth Above. A Divine Communion is Real and we see our Self through the Creator’s eyes. MULUC restores our equilibrium. When our Drop is restored by Divine Love, the Power of Love sends the ripples of CHICCHAN, our Spark of Being, through the Whole. We won’t know the whole mystery until the end.

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