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4 Offering/MULUC – Journey of Transformation


Greetings Kin,

4 Offering/MULUC

4 Offering/MULUC

We are stabilizing on Galactic Tone 4 under the Day Sign of Offering/MULUC. This is a day to honor our emotions. Emotions are considered the sixth sense by the Maya. Serving their highest purpose, our feelings are a universal language known to God that carries our messages from heart to heart.

The illustration of the glyph represents a single drop of water that creates the ripples moving outward from the center. Through our emotions we emit an energy field that is received by others as an unseen force. It is a demonstration of our own intuitive nature when we pick up on the feelings of those around us. Offering/MULUC can guide us to use our emotions for their highest purpose.

TODAY is a GREEN DAY that magnifies our spiritual connection.

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