Ceremony Page Update for the Eve of Akbal

AHAU: The Serious Sun of Planting the Evolutionary Crops of Happiness, Health and Love; Returning Home to the Heart

A message from featured author, Minisa Crumbo…

“Meditation opportunities are more important than ever as a remembering/active tool to hold and experience the rapid changes that compel our attention. SERIOUSLY seek SOME solitary thought time during which to quiet the mind and open to larger opportunities of  Creative perception and inspiration.

Be inventive. Be VERY INVENTIVE. Our very life now depends upon how well we  are able accept and exercise this prime, imperative, invitation to revisit our most fondly held ideals of Divine connection and participate actively take part in re-dreaming our collective future upon the beautiful Mother Earth, Turtle Island, in within the most positive evolutional channels of which we are individually able to conceive.”

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