Transformer/CIMI – by Minisa Crumbo Halsey


The CIMI glyph appears to float between the worlds in a twilight mist, linking spring to the memory of the autumn mist, to which we are related by virtue of the east-west axis on the Medicine Wheel. The Cimi message is information saturated with the mysterious medicine of transformation all the while offering a smile of encouragement. This very serious trecena possesses potentials scarcely glimpsed, barely sensed and yet palpably felt, helping to retrieve and drive all directional and historic returns back to the origin point of the eternal present. Is this the spring of our evolutionary year of years? I wonder, as walks upon the land are revealing, in this two-leggeds observation, hereto for unprecedented growth patterns among the tree beings.

Here on the old Cretaceous Age hill, the ancient oak forests are setting out to repopulate land recently cleared by two-leggeds. Last fall and winter (2015) a super production of acorns created a matt of seed and this spring many, many of them have germinated. Dwarf forests of two or three inches in height have sprouted beneath ancestor canopies. A certain patch of land in NE Oklahoma is known as the Cross Timbers Country. Unique within the Cross Timbers territory, grow one of the few, last known virgin forests in the Continental United States. So named because the short, tough, almost scrub, Black Jack Oak trees grow so closely together that the land was found to be impassible by early American settlers on horseback facing westward expansion. These travelers were driven to seek passage around the Cross Timbers belt by traveling south to Texas or north or Kansas. As a result, Western Oklahoma was settled later than Eastern Oklahoma. The north-south belt of these tough timbers also contain random, larger white oak trees, whose tall and wide expanse gives cause to a circle grove forming around it. Often found nearby are remnant patches of  white sand beaches. This is old hill country, eroded mountains really, and yet within it, signs of the Cretaceous shallow seas abound.

This will be a year within which to ally and observe all things. We are clearly no longer in the ascendancy. What a relief and a pleasure to take a noble place of equality amongst and within the circle of creatures upon and within the great Medicine Wheel of Life.

Aho, kiche migwech Mamogosnan, wewene, kiche migwech.
Thank you for all of the gifts.

Ceremony Page Update: Knowing Beauty
The Ceremony Page highlights a writing from Minisa’s  book, “Spirit Talk – a Book of Days” that will be helpful in navigating the energies of Transformer/CIMI.

5 thoughts on “Transformer/CIMI – by Minisa Crumbo Halsey

  1. Minisa – Thank you for this moving post and the encouragement to look for the signs of change in the natural world that evidence our Oneness in this transformation. in lak’ech, Debra


  2. Wonderful words to contemplate and also wise guidance to observe the world around. I’ve changed regions of the country after nearly sixty years in the south. I miss knowing the terrain, the geography, the patterns of nature. As I grow new roots, I will observe as you have spoken of here and hope to become in tune with nature and walk in balance.

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    • Good evening, Invisible Priestesses
      Thank you for taking the time to relate your earth walk… Our great common denominator being our Mother Earth and our Father/Sun.
      The season of spring is the most auspicious for root setting and supporting top growth.
      Please do an occasional post about your journey, tell us here at Jaguar
      Spirit how it is with you, in this moment of the eternal present.

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    • Hi, Invisible Priestesses – I just wanted to let you know Minisa is traveling over the next couple of weeks and I’ll make sure she sees your message when she’s able! Irises always take me back to my childhood. I’m sure they are awesome!

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