Ceremony Update: Eve of the Seed/KAN Trecena

Summer Ceremonies: The Doctorings

minisa-gardeningFrom “Spirit Talk – a Book of Days” by Minisa Crumbo Halsey

Since many, or most, of us do not live in close proximity to adepts and holy people that can and do facilitate community ceremonies, that appropriate action is, in the end, essentially personal. So what matters is bringing the fullness of our minds, hearts, bodies, and spirits forward to say yes once more to life. Herein and from this point on, we are offered the opportunity for which we were born, that of recognizing ourselves as our own holy people. Aho!

Take up the staff of authority and don the mantle of leadership, and if you will, emerge and embark upon finding, forging, and designing a Way that is unique to your personal attributes and needs. These are the new Ways coming forward for the new days . . . and we are the ones. Since each of us initially think principally upon ourselves, as it should be, let us now think even more and deeply upon ourselves and the personal links to what we can identify as the proven and worthy gifts of life, the Sacred and all of its auspices. This is a deeply personal and sacred moment to be held close, in silence and privately, for some time to mature and seat in the deepest, innermost recesses of your sacredness. Take time for the building of this precious personal medicine, our personal medicine treasure—that of which we know and that of which we are—together and in a spirit of oneness with the mind of the Creator, in concert with these first, most beautiful and enduring gifts to and for us from the Creator: our Mother the Earth, our Father the Sky-Sun, our Grandmother the Moon, our relations: the Star People, the Directions, the Elementals, the Spirit Helpers, the colors, the Wind Beings, the Fire Beings, the Green Beings, the Water Beings, the Stone People, and all of the other named and unnamed sacred related beings that live upon and within this beautiful Creation.

The old people say, “That which you recognize, you own.”

They also say, “It’s not so much, will you do it, but whether you will remember to do it.”



Minisa Crumbo HalseyMinisa Crumbo Halsey, is a member of the Citizen Band Potawatomi of the Shawnee, OK agency and Muscogee Creek of the Okmulgee, OK agency. “In the way I was taught, or, ‘helped out’ by my teacher, Marcellus “Bear Heart” Williams, Muscogee Creek, in Indian talk… everything of life, is ceremony. Therefore, it is always about remembering… for the old ones say, “It is not whether you will do ‘it’ but whether you will remember it”, and, at the core of our remembering lives our sacred nature and the sacredness of all creation.” ~Minisa

Minisa is an artist, teacher, photo-journalist, video producer and author of “Spirit Talk – a Book of Days” that shares traditional teaching on the Medicine Wheel page.


13 thoughts on “Ceremony Update: Eve of the Seed/KAN Trecena

  1. Oh, thank you so much for the following of my page… After visiting your page, I’m thrilled to read of your wisdom and know that your blog will be a secret treasure for me to visit … Thank you and have an better than average day and week…


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