3 Eagle / MEN – Hearts Turned Home


3 Eagle / MEN

3 Eagle / MEN

Greetings Kin,

Galactic Tone 3 is the first day of movement in the trecena of Reed/BEN, a cycle that will manifest an Intention of Right Relationships. Our guidance for the Way to move forward comes from Eagle/MEN, a Day Sign that encourages our Highest Aspirations.

Eagle serves in the role of Intermediary, carrying us to a Higher Source for Wisdom and Direction. In the same way we can build bridges to Divine Knowledge.

Our best Way to lead is by Example. Eagle helps us see a Higher Version of ourselves.

Parenthood is a turning point in life where we are inclined to let go of bad habits or risky behavior. As Family connects us to a new generation we are part of creating the Future. Eagle helps us see the long-term impacts of the choices we make.

Through it’s intuitive senses Eagle goes straight for the Opportunity to Grasp it. Eagle guides us to move in our Highest Integrity. Peace and Harmony are within our reach as we establish Trust in our relationships. This is time to dispel bad habits and negative thinking, focusing solely on the prize.

To all my relations, may we move forward holding our Highest Hopes to Reflect the Love of the Creator.

in lak’ech, i am another you

Jaguar Woman/9 Eagle/MEN


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide
for a trecena energy forecast and insight on the 3rd Uinal and Portal Days of the Sun/AHAU trecena.

3 Eagle/MEN (Cherokee, Eagle/ UWO’HATLI)

Galactic Tone 3: Action. Three is basic movement and communication, which begins as a vibration. Three energy is very eloquent in all types of self-expression. Communication is how Three establishes a point of agreement between any point “A” and any point “B”. Three persons are rhythmic to the core and are often restless, as motion is their nature. By working closely with the energy of Three, any person becomes more able to predict motions of all kinds.

Eagle/MEN: Intermediary between Heaven and Earth. Due to the Eagles superior point of view and keen intelligence, they achieve material abundance and good fortune. A messenger gifted with patience and a deep sense of value, Eagle brings hope and trust on the wings of Spirit. Eagle persons are very detail oriented and technically inclined. Compassionate service to others sustains prosperity for Eagle personas as the flapping of wings would sustain their bird brothers. If Eagle becomes viciously competitive or possessive, greed and jealousy cause a fall from the heights. Eagles, being blessed with freedom of movement, should be aware of escapism. Eagles may be tempted to just fly away from troubles by using indulgences.

Cherokee, Eagle/UWO’HATLI: Eagle’s symbol is Mars the Spirit Warrior. He is a minion of Grandfather Moon. Eagles were the warrior society, the braves the protectors of the nation. Women were included. There was no discrimination which is reflected in the language: third person singular is divided into animate, human and animate, not human instead of he and she. The energy of high hopes and anticipations, dreams and visions, cosmic consciousness and commitment. On earth, a provider of excellence, leader, husbandry, care-taking of others, financial security and inheritance.

How is your Spiritual path today?

I love to hear from you. Share your thoughts on the day, your Day Sign, or just say Hi!

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