1 Storm / CAUAC – Renewal of Spirit: Day 1 of 13


1 Storm / CAUAC

Greetings Kin,

The next 13 days…

Storm/CAUAC offers a cycle of Spiritual Renewal and Regeneration. The Lightning of the Storm is a Sign of Divine Power. We made a steep climb of Spiritual Growth through the CIMI trecena of Transformation. Our new Spiritual Growth will be inspired by our Higher Consciousness of Divine Power.

CIMI offered the Truth of Divine Intervention. We gained the Wisdom to Know that when we reach our limit of Divine Consciousness, we haven’t failed. In Truth, our “failure” means we offered everything we had to give. When we apply effort to a Divine Intention, we can accept our failure in Humility. Falling to our Knees is Human’s Divine Offering worthy of a Sacred Exchange.

Storm brings the energy of Lightning and the potential for Ecstatic Experience. Just as Earth is regenerated through the force of lightening, so will our Spirits be renewed through an electric charge of “lightening in the blood.” Looking forward as CIMI guided us to do, we will Ascend on 13 Monkey/CHUEN Knowing our Power as a Divine Co-Creator.

4th & 5th Uinal 2 Sun/AHAU will complete the 4th Uinal, a 20-day cycle that reflects a Higher Intention of Stability. CIMI transformed our Faith into Belief in the Power of Divine Intervention. A new Intention will be Inspired by a Divine Revelation. We will hold the Light of Knowing a Power Greater than our own is always with us to do what we can’t do for our Self. On 3 Crocodile/IMIX we begin the 5th Uinal of Empowerment. 3 IMIX will inspire us to Dream a Higher Dream and to move toward our Intentions in New and Innovative ways to discover our own genius. The 5th Uinal introduces a Dynamic Cycle of Spiritual Growth and Personal Transformation. Our transformation begins a cycle of dynamic acceleration.

PORTAL DAYS: Element of Ether*
The CAUAC trecena offers 2 Portal Days that thin the veil to the dimension of Spirit. Portals magnify the experience our Supernatural Gifts of Spirit and our connection to the Creator. 7 Serpent/CHICCHAN will “light the fuse” to ignite the Human Spirit and establish the Balance between the Above and the Below. On 10 Star/LAMAT a new manifestation of Light will be Multiplied to Abundance. Both of these Kin are symbols of Dynamic Spiritual Powers of Divine Collaboration.

PEAK DAYS: Peak Performance
Peak Days of the trecena mark significant times of Spiritual Growth and Transformation, and the Reciprocity between the Above and the Below.

  • 6 Seed/KAN – establishes a Rhythm, Flow, and Pattern of Movement that is aligned with our Spiritual DNA, so we may walk in the Truth of our own Magic.
  • 7  Serpent/CHICCHAN – will Balance Body and Soul with an in-pouring of Spirit to Empower our Gifts of Knowing.
  • 8 Transformer/CIMI – begins the Transformation of our Major Life Change, fulfilling a Promise of Human’s Divine Justice.
  • 9 Deer/MANIK – our Transformation is completed by a Gift of Spiritual Tools that empower us to fulfill our Meaning an Purpose to serve as the priest and shaman, God’s Hands in the world.

CIMI shared the Gift of Clairvoyance. The Future we can now see gives us a reason to carry on without the fear of failure. Storm/CAUAC offers a display of Unbridled Power. CAUAC is a symbol of perpetual youth that lives to experience the ecstasy of freedom.

Through a regeneration of Spirit, we can recapture our Youth. As children we believed in any dream we could imagine. Life was an adventure that we approached with hopeful optimism. Once again, we might remember the energy we had when the only reason we stopped was because we were called home for dinner. Failure didn’t matter when we were playing around. We once tested all the boundaries, just to see what we could get away with.

1 Storm/CAUAC is a day of Divine Inspiration for a new Movement of Spirit in the world. CAUAC is a Day Sign of “Light,” meaning it will lead a cycle of new Inspiration. We will be inspired over the next 13 days, positioned to receive jolt of “lightning in the blood.” CAUAC’s energy is compared to the Comfort of Home, the place we turn to when we see the storm on the horizon. Home is our place of Authority, our place of care and nourishment. We may experience this as “feeling good in our own skin,” happy to be who we are. We may be inspired to test the boundaries of our own Spiritual Power.

As we complete the 4th uinal of Stability, CAUAC gives us something to hold on to, a place to go, a way of living that will always insure our Freedom. CAUAC helps us to see the possibilities life brings for us to be made new again.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Michael Shore, 1 Storm/CAUAC!
Mike is the one who carries on the legacy of Ian Lungold on the MayanMajix.com website. He fulfills the Destiny of his Kin by sharing the power of the Mayan Calendar, a Spiritual Tool for Renewal and Spiritual Regeneration. Mike is always busy doing something he loves, living on the land in Arkansas. When he’s not working in the garden, he and his wife Kay are either on the lake or hiking a trail. I’m grateful for the support and optimism that he always shares. I remember the great loss it was when Ian passed. Through Mike’s life work, Ian’s teachings have been regenerated over and over again. I’m grateful for the Inspiration he preserves that regenerated my own life! Thank you, Mike!

Knowing Mike’s Mayan Birthday has helped me remember the energy of this trecena. From my recollection, we’re in for the “Time of our Life,” just when we needed to remember. Carrying us into the 5th uinal of Empowerment, CAUAC will flip the switch to turn on our Higher Power.

Today’s Forecast…

Today we will be inspired to dream a Higher Dream, something we Love so much, we may have to be called home to dinner. Storms can change the landscape and clear away the old dead branches. We may come home with a few skinned knees, though it won’t stop us from carrying on. We may even see them as badges of honor.

This is an Important Day to Remember How We Forget. Keep a journal of your inspiration so you’ll have the Spiritual Tools you may need as we make our climb through the dark. On Tone 2, write down a Meaning and Purpose for what you would set as your Intention. This is the wave of new energy we have been waiting for. We need to ride it for all its worth. This is a trecena worth employing our Spiritual Tool of Vigilance in every possible direction. This isn’t about survival. CAUAC offers an opportunity to manifest a New Empowerment of Spirit.

The CAUAC trecena is guarded by 13 Monkey/CHUEN. At our Ascension we will realize ourselves as Divine Creators, turning life into a game of adventure and curiosity. What would you do, if you knew you couldn’t fail? What would you create for no other purpose than to satisfy your curiosity and interest? What would you do, if you had all the time in the world? This is what CAUAC inspires us to do.

We don’t have to take our lives or our Self so seriously. By design, we were given an unlimited number of options and opportunities. Home is our place to Dream, a place we’re Free to Be. This is the “Home” where We are the One in charge.

CAUAC is the bolt of lightning power that can reach us no matter where we are. The Cherokee Redbird was the Sign of this Lightning energy in the sky, the energy that renews our Spiritual Gifts of Knowing and Believing.

To all my relations, may we lay down the work of living for the world to take a Spiritual Vacation. May we be inspired to an Intention to Love Life and all the opportunities we are given to create anything we Love. May we embrace the gift we were given to be anything we want to be. May we approach our next adventure as if we having nothing to lose, and nothing more important to do than the things that bring us Joy and Happiness. May we give ourselves permission to have dessert before we eat dinner, permission to make a mess and get dirty, and the permission to fail, because that’s how we learn. May we be Grateful that the Creator would offer us such an experience, and Claim It Now as our own.

in lak’ech, I am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle / MEN


I’m sharing a the “21-Days of Gratitude” as a perpetual Personal Ceremony through the next journey to 8 Monkey/CHUEN Maya New Year. The “21 days” begin and end on Jaguar/IX.

21-Days of Gratitude: Day 6

I’m grateful for Light of Summer, flowers in bloom, and the new families of birds that sing and play on my balcony.


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for a daily energy forecast with insight on the Uinal and Portal Days of the Storm/CAUAC trecena.


1 Storm/CAUAC (Cherokee, Redbird/TOTSU’HWA)

Galactic Tone 1:  Unity. One is the beginning of all things, the first, the whole and the all in one. One’s are assertive and self-guided and give a good push to whatever project they are associated with. One persons work best when meeting a challenge. Do not expect One-persons to be attentive to details or to put the finishing touches on things.

Storm/Cauac: Day of the blessing of rain, giver of all life and lightening, a gift of nitrogen to Mother Earth and ozone to Father Sky. Cauac is also associated with the moon and the cycles of the moon, which are the meter of the feminine aspect of creation. The essence of Storm is the feeling of unity, security and warmth experienced in the home while the tempest of trouble rages in the world outside. Perpetually youthful, Storms exist to experience the ecstasy of freedom. They have the great capacity to both learn and teach. Their constant quest for novel experiences often leads to difficult tests and storms of emotion. Looking at these difficulties for the lessons they indeed are, will enrich our lives rather than destroy. Cauac individuals teach much through their electricity of being. Lightning energizes earth, this same energy energizes humans. Divine connections can be accessed.

Cherokee, Redbird/TOTSU’HWA: Redbird’s symbol is Alcyone of the Pleiades Star in constellation Taurus.  Alcyone is the Central Sun of the Universe, heart of heaven. Lightning is the visible evidence of the presence of Redbird Spirit in the Sky, daughter of the Sun Spirit, sign of Fire, Sun’s alter ego on Earth. Redbird is a feminine sign; the hand that rocks the cradle. The symbol of nurturing, the lightning nurtures and energizes, with energy for zest, curiosity, imagination, and ideas. Lightning adds spiritual force to the human by way of “lightning of the blood” of a healer, directly body to body vibration. The key to spiritual communication and access to the wisdom of the Ancestors lies in the ability to bestir the blood to speak. Sacred stones such as flint, obsidian, crystal are created by lightning striking the ground.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

How is your Spiritual path today?

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