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9 Storm / CAUAC – Dawn of a New Creation: Day 9 of 13

Greetings Beloved Kin,

At the dawning of every new creation our Common/Divine thought is to stand back to take it in. On Storm/CAUAC we see what God has done. Reaching to the Heart of Sky, the Hand of the Almighty One reaches down to pull us through. From the realm Above, we are claimed by the Creator and Grasped by the Heart of Sky.

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Cheap Meal and Good Medicine

Flatbread, Olive Oil, Za’atar

Some food to eat…

I’m making potato soup today and needed something fast for breakfast. I’ve missed this for a while. Flour tortilla’s seem to keep forever in or out of the refrigerator, so that’s my fasted solution for flatbread. Za’atar is a blend of spices and herbs of Middle Eastern tradition. It’s said that they “eat their medicine.” It’s not so well known in rural areas of the Midwest.

Something goes missing when you cook the spices – just the bread, then drizzled with olive oil and Za’atar – and salt to taste.

If you’re looking for fast and cheap alternatives between more costly meals, this is worth having in the pantry. I’ve found the best blends on Amazon, vs McCormick spices in the grocery store. It can last a long time. I’m going to stockpile some flour tortillas until I learn to make flatbread. It tastes best when the tortilla is a little charred.

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Impossible things in the Place we were given to Learn and Create

Some food for thought…

Search “Simple Inventions Super Glue and Baking Soda” on YouTube for some more amazing ways to hold things together and to create impossible things.

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2 Storm / CAUAC – The Creator’s Light of Truth: Day 2 of 13


2 Flint/ETZNAB, Destiny Kin 119
October 29, 2022, 10/29/2022 (Year of 2nd Chances)
Led by the Haab Year Bearer 11 Deer/MANIK, the Vigilant One that Stands on the Truth of Holy Ground

Greetings Beloved Kin,

This is our chance to dream what our life could be, and prove to our self that As Above, So Below. It’s better to turn our thoughts in circles around how beautiful life could be, than to waste the Time focused on our doubts and fears. It will make a BIG difference if we do it now.

The veil is thin and the Ancestors are sitting at our table. What would the Masters tell you that you can do? Forget the nay-sayers who’ve said you will never amount to anything. With a perspective like that, HOW would they ever know?

1 Storm / CAUAC

Storm/CAUAC turns us away from the storm to find peace in our own sanctuary. It’s time for a personal retreat. You deserve a break from the world’s illusion of “impossible” dreams. If we can create the dream in a realm above, a dream can be balanced in the down-below. It’s only a matter of Time, and our Time is more valuable than holding on to resentments. It’s a distraction from dreaming about “everything we want” to be.

CAUAC will deliver us to the Light. Forget about Human limitations for today. Imagine dreams beyond your wildest imagination. We’ll be grasped by a power above, that offers a Renewal and Regeneration of  our Spirit – unbridled freedom, like when we were a kid.

That’s “the work” and the meaning and purpose of the next 2 climbs. First we dream who we want to be, then 1 Monkey/CHUEN will lead us to create our own Divine  World that feels like heaven on Earth. It’s at least worth a shot if there’s ANY synchronicity of Time. Create a costume. find a quiet corner where you can go at least once a day. The time you’re there will be time that manifests beautiful thoughts to change the balance of the body  of thoughts within.

OR, you could watch the news… that would surely cheer you up. God does have a say in it and we have an  Army of Angels around us. The butterfly in the cocoon is in a vulnerable state. There had to be a plan for Divine Protection when we can’t fend for our self. We’re creating the Seed of a New Dream.

love, in lak’ech,


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God’s Love Embraces Us Where We Are

Every Day is a New Beginning. We are raised by the Light to our Highest Potential. May we give thanks for the First Thought every day, to reach again for our Highest Way to Create a Life of Love, Peace, and  Happiness with the Whole. By God’s Grace, so shall it be.

God, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, for being the Answer to our Prayers.


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8 Storm / CAUAC – Road to Destiny: Day 8 of 13


October 9, 2022, 10/09/2022
8 Storm/CAUAC, Destiny Kin 99, Position 19
The Tzolk’in Calendar Chart
Haab (Northern Count) and Long Count – Smithsonian
MayanMajix.com Calculator, Meaning & Description by Ian Xel Lungold

8 Storm/CAUAC

Greetings Beloved Kin,

Tone 8 is the Holy Day that begins the transformation phase of each trecena. From Tone 8 through 13 we are raised to a Higher Consciousness of the Truth by Divine Intervention. Every step of Human’s climb is balanced by an equal effort of Divine Agency. Though, the One Above offers the exponential Power of a Holy Trinity. Tone 8 holds the Intention of Divine Justice. 8 is the symbol of eternal life and blessings multiplied to abundance. The Number 8 is defined by the Maya as the Intention of “pure spirit.”

The Holy Spirit is the Comforter that makes a way for the breakthrough to a New Life. CAUAC is the Day Sign of the “midwife who delivers” us to the Light.

Storm/CAUAC was the guiding Light for our last climb. The trecena that follows exalts the Truth that came before after the zenith hour of Light (Tone 7).  A Divine Order for Time raises our Consciousness of the Truth we claimed before. We Ascended on 13 Monkey/CHUEN, the symbol of Human’s Gift of Consciousness for the Intention to become a Divine Creator in the down-below. We started this cycle with the Truth of Human’s Power to create the Beauty of Love.

We are exalted to a position of Dignity by the Intention to be One with the Creator’s intention for Life. The Love we create covers a multitude of sins and every Human limitation. Our failures don’t matter anymore. We can see the Light of Peace and Joy shining from our eyes when we face our Self in the Mirror. No Human can cast a shadow when we’ve chosen to make Love our Highest Intention.

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The Ways and Means to a Divine Future

Good News: The Tree of Life (Algiz), Sept 18, 2022, Debra Malmos

Greetings Beloved Kin,

The body of the Christ Spirit is equipped in extraordinary ways to carry out the Divine Battle to save the lives of the Whole. If you have chosen a dedicated path of Humility to serve the Mission of Love on behalf of the Highest One, the ways and the means were given to Serve in the Divine Army. A Divine Father wouldn’t lead his own charge of Light without the Spiritual Tools that guarantee the Victory.

My thoughts were scrambled yesterday and my body was weary. It occurred to me this morning, that we do feel the effects of the Solar storms. I remember from the last 11-year cycle, when I felt the same and turned to the Space Weather to see the Truth of another incoming emission of electromagnetic storm heading our way. All the experiences of our life are ordered for a Divine Purpose to Feel the Truth from Above.

Never fear if your heart is burdened and doubts and fears weigh on your mind. Time will tell that a Divine Creator can break through with the Answer. When I offered my bedtime prayers, calling upon the Highest One and the Divine Agency of the Ancestors and Angels, a Divine Answer was given that brought Peace of Mind. Peace of Mind is the solution that presents the ways and the means to carry out our Dreams for a New Life.

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Solar Flares Times Three


The Name – “I Am Creator of Signs.”

SIMULTANEOUS EXPLOSIONS ON THE SUN: Yesterday, Sept. 18th, the sun’s southern hemisphere convulsed all at once. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) recorded three apparently simultaneous explosions more than a million kilometers apart.

Coincidence? Maybe not. Twelve summers ago, SDO witnessed an even bigger eruption with a dozen significant shock waves, flares, filament eruptions, and CMEs spanning 180 degrees of solar longitude. Researchers studying the event realized that the blasts were a chain reaction connected by wide-ranging faults (“separatrices”) in the sun’s global magnetic field. Yesterday’s event may have been the same.

A CME left the sun following the triple explosion, but the jury’s still out on whether it will hit Earth. NOAA analysts are modeling the cloud’s trajectory now.

Source: Spaceweather.com

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1 Storm / CAUAC – A Regeneration of Spirit: Day 1 of 13

Cauac, 2022 Debra Malmos, Acrylic on Canvas

September 19, 2022 (09/19/2022)
1 Storm/CAUAC, Destiny Kin 79

1 Storm / CAUAC

Greetings Beloved Kin,

Regeneration: the act or process of coming back, growing anew, or a spiritual rebirth.

Storm/CAUAC is the Midwife that Delivers into the Light of a New Life. We Ascended with a Higher Truth. Like a flash of Lightning, from the darkness we witnessed the landscape of a New Life.

From the chaos we are born to a new and higher way to Live for the future. Claimed by the Heart of Sky we find the legs to stand on the Truth of Love and the Divine Provision of Answered Prayers. CAUCAC shares Unconditional Love and a Blessing of Living Water. CAUAC represents the exuberance of youth and an Unbridled Freedom To Be.

The Aztec Day Sign is Quiahuitl (Rain), ruled by Tlaloc, “He Who Makes Things Sprout, god of rain, lightning and thunder.” The Aztec describe this trecena as a journey of fate, a time of alternating drought and flood. “There is either not enough or too much. It is a time of hardship and suffering. The rainmaker stands alone atop the mountain, holding firesticks and a medicine bundle: help will be offered but may not be accepted. Some will have prepared for this time but not enough to care for everyone in need. These are good days to pursue solitude and learning; bad days to count on others.

Tlaloc: Aztec god of rain

Tlaloc is commonly depicted as a goggle-eyed blue being with jaguar fangs. Often he is presented wearing a net of clouds, a crown of heron feather and foam sandals. He carries rattles to make thunder.” Aztec Calendar

The glyph for CAUAC reflects the “veiled circle of  consciousness” in the lower right with the “streamers of Faith” that reach  for the Lightning of the Storm. When we reach to follow the path of the Highest One, we are claimed by the Heart of Sky. The Elders say, “It’s never a matter of what we can do. But, will we Remember?” A dedicated path is the only way to remember our way back home.

The Transformer shared the Truth that will be the bones to stand and the teeth to bite through. Our Power lies with the Truth of Unconditional Love and the Promise of Answered Prayers. We still have to “do the work” and rely on the fate of Divine Justice to see us through. We have to keep on reaching to know the way during a time when we must bear our own consequences of standing in the Truth of our own Integrity.

We are given the Free Will to live as we please. It’s up to us to make the Choices that lead to our highest end. We will be Loved either way. Though, we can’t escape the fates that balance the scales. As Above, So Below.

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Vision Quest: The Peak of the Climb

Who were we reaching to be?

What were we trying to prove? If Love has anything to do with our Dream, we don’t have to be someone else.  Proving we are enough has it’s place along the way. Though, the end from the beginning is investing the Time of our Life in being who we are.


REO Speedwagon – Can’t Fight This Feeling (Official HD Video)


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