8 Flint / ETZNAB – Dawn of Creation: Day 8 of 13


8 Flint / ETZNAB

Greetings Kin,

Our journey through the Core Days of the calendar are almost over. We’re being guided by Monkey/CHUEN to Create the Reality of our Dreams. We All Dream of a world where we can live together in Harmony and Equity.

The Gift intended by Monkey/CHUEN is Believing we can manifest the Dream. The ending was marked on Human’s calendar from the Beginning. We will Ascend on 13 Night/AKBAL. We’ll Believe when a Divine Voice tells us our Dream IS True.

8 Flint/ETZNAB holds the Divine Justice of Truth. Tone 8 is the number of “pure spirit,” abundance, and infinity. Flint/ETZNAB is a “Sword of Truth.” The Flint knife was the Sacred Implement that cut to the Heart. ETZNAB is also known as the Mirror that returns a Perfect Reflection of Truth. The glyph illustrates a pyramid. Whether you look at it from the perspective of looking down from Above, or looking up from Below, each view is a perfect reflection of the other.

Peak Tone 8 begins the Transformation intended by Monkey/CHUEN. Tones 8 through 13 represent the transformation phase of each trecena. The Unseen Hand of Divinity, like gravity, begins to draw us to our Higher Ground. At the top of the pyramid, we take a final Leap of Faith onto the stairs in the Above that continued on into the realm of Spirit.

Tone 8 is the Holy Day. Like the 8th Hour of Light, we reside at the Zenith of Illumination.

Flint presents Truth that’s been covered up or hidden. Flint’s Truth is always unexpected, yet the moment we hear it, we Know it’s True. We knew it all along. The answer was right in front of us.

ETZNAB’s Meaning and Purpose is to sweep something away that no longer serves our journey. In one fell swoop, an illusion of impossibility can be swept away by the Higher Truth of a Divine Agency. ETZNAB is a day of a Divine Intervention.

Every Human must Dream of being the generation to Witness the Miracle of a Universal Love. It’s not enough to hear the stories and carry on for a Miracle that seems so far off into the future. We want to be part of it. We want to SEE THE TRUTH FOR OUR SELF. Seeing the Truth of Creation and our Power to manifest our Dreams is our Divine Justice. The Creator dreamed of the day we would Know it. The Truth was never withheld from us. Deep inside we knew it. We WANTED to Believe our Truth.

Our Divine Justice could only be KNOWING we BELIEVE it. Now is the Time and Place for Human to Believe what it Knows in its Heart… the Truth of Creation at the very core of our Being.

Flint/ETZNAB uses worldly temptations to reveal all the worldly attachments that hold us down from the Truth. Flint is a day when we can expect the unexpected from one another. As we are inclined to “act out of character,”  the hidden Truth we didn’t want anyone to see. We could also see how we took an illusion and made it real by Believing it was True.  When we see the Reality we created from an Illusion, we’ll Know how much More Power we hold, creating from the Truth of Love.

We will no longer have to depend on what is Humanly possible. We can Believe in Divine Possibilities. The Creator is the Master Gardener of our Seed. The Soil of Mother Earth is now its most fertile. We are Drawn to the Height of our Spiritual Maturity.

Today, the Most Divine Truth we can Know is the Creator’s Promise of Divine Justice. The Creator’s Intention of Divine Justice is Harmony and Equality. Humanity as a Whole was born as the first descendant of Divinity. Every experience of Love was intended to be Known Equally by every Human. The same Fire burns in every Human Heart to know the Truth of the Creator’s Love. This is the Light that Shines from the Human Spirit.

Our Spirits are the all-in-one Reflection of the Father’s Divinity. We were born of the Mother as an Earthly Creation born to Personify the Light Above.  No Human would be denied the Whole Truth, and nothing But the Truth of Knowing the Creator’s Love. We only had to ask.

Our Spirit will shine the Truth to EVERY generation. The Whole of Humanity was intended to Witness the Creator’s Miracle of Love. There would be no First or Last, we would arrive at the same Consciousness of Divine Love together at the same Time and Place.

We learned from CIB that all our experiences are held in store by a Divine Creator. Our Consciousness is an eternal field of energy and experience, one part of the all-in-one. We can’t see Consciousness, but we Know it exists. Our thoughts of “I Am” is our True Identity. We KNOW we aren’t just a body or a machine. We were created to make Choices that engage MORE than our mind. Our Choices are also guided from the Heart. Who We Are is “pure spirit.”

God gave us a body of Earth that would Intend to survive until it could fulfill it’s Divine Purpose. In our own Divine Choice to fulfill the Creator’s Dream, our lives will be sustained until we are Witness to the Miracle. A Creator intended us all to witness the Truth together at the same Time and Place.

The all-in-one Omega knows everything at once. Earth was a place that offered Human the time to witness a Miracle. The Miracle of the Creator’s Love was too beautiful to present in one Flash of Truth. The Joy was meant to last for an eternity. Through the Discernment of Divine Truths, Human would Know that “eternal” means Every Time and Place.

All Times and Places hold a slice of the Creator’s Love. There is Too Much Love for Human to comprehend all at once. We were intended to be the Witness from the Beginning to the End of Time. We were intended Life on Earth as the Hunters and Gatherers of Love. Every day on Earth would hold an equal opportunity to Witness a Miracle of Love.

We were meant to manifest every Dream of Love we could imagine to look for. Making the Choice to Look for Love, we were promised to always find it.

We were meant to reach the Time and Place together. We may be invisible in the realm of Spirit, but our Consciousness is as Real there as it is on Earth. Our Divine Truth is that we were never separated from the Creator, and we are never separated from one another. Our Hearts are connected. The Love of one generation is seeded in the next. Every Human was born connected to the Love of all Time.

Flint resides in the North, the place of Wisdom. Holding the Element of Air, Flint relates the mind and our faculties of Consciousness. Flint can change our mind and fan the flames of our Dream.

To all my relations, may we Give Thanks for the Truth that every generation was meant to be witness to the Miracle of the Creator’s Love. May we Know we are One with the First and the Last. May we Believe that all our Dreams were meant to be our slice of the Whole Divine Picture of the Creator’s Love, and that the Whole of Love could only be Seen when all the pieces of a puzzle were gathered and seen from each Time and Place as One Whole Truth of the Creator’s Love.

As we define our boundaries of Love, may we see the Divine Choice lies within. We will resist when our boundaries are pushed in from the outside. The Fire will reveal the Spark of a Divine Choice to expand our boundaries of Love from the inside out, so we’ll Know our own Choice of Unconditional Love. , so the Choice to Love could be the Choice made by our own Spirit of Divinity, so we can Know that the Unconditional Love we create was born from a Divine Light within. Together, we could learn the unlimited expressions that reflect the Light of Love to one another. One heart may see it as Forgiveness. Another heart might yearn to just be Seen and Acknowledged. Yet another would see it through a direct service, a lending hand. Someone else, might only need a smile. May we stand by a Truth that we were created with the Wisdom of Love to know all the ways we see the Light of the Creator’s Love.

in lak’ech, i am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman, 9 Eagle/MEN


“21-Days of Gratitude” was the ceremony that marked the beginning of this Journal. 21 Days led to 260-days of the Tzolk’in round. In the 7th uinal we exist in the Perfect Balance. Each of the 20 Day Signs in the uinal is in position to reflect their way of Balance. Each one will offer a Divine Perspective from the all-in-one of who we are. I’m beginning 21 days starting today, under Sun/AHAU that will be a guiding light that completes the Whole of Understanding for each perspective of our Truth we can Know about our Self. At the End of 21 days, we’ll arrive at 10 Sun/AHAU, and a manifestation of our own Light of Truth.

Day 19 of 21 Days:

I’m grateful for Divine Truth that sets our Heart Free to create all the Love we can imagine.


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for daily aspects and events of the Monkey/CHUEN trecena.


8 Flint/ETZNAB (Cherokee, Flint/DAWI’SGALA)


Galactic Tone 8:  Justice. Harmony and balance are the intent of Eights carefully weighs all evidence to reach a balance of justice. Eight is the power of organization demonstrated in the statement ‘as above, so below,’ from simplicity to infinity, the energy of eight organizes all levels of creation, some eights are ‘neat freaks.’

Flint/ETZNAB: Mirror of reality. As a struck flint, these persons are the divine sparks of intelligence. Flint’s innate abilities are utilized to discriminate emotions from fact. Flint persons stand tireless to protect, defend, or cure others by personal sacrifice. By courageously wielding the sword of truth, falsehoods are cut away. Flints, it was said, can receive information on inter-personal troubles or evil plots of others by reflecting in an obsidian mirror. Their valiant service as warriors of the truth must be impeccable or they will experience sufferings of accidents, misunderstandings and gossip.

Cherokee, Flint/DAWI’SGALA: Opener of the Way, a creator, innovator, stretches the mind to outside limits of capabilities. Changes the static to the dynamic.  Brings about change, often through separation and destruction.  Beams the Stellar Ray of Truth to Earth as a crystal sword cast down along the path of a lightning flash. The transformer brings things to a head and wipes the slate clean. 

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

How is your Spiritual path today?

I love to hear from you. Share your thoughts on the day, your Day Sign, or just say Hi!

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