GLOBAL BURNER: 4 Sun/AHAU, May 19, 2019 Forecast

4 Sun/AHAU

Greetings Kin,

4 AHAU marks the Time and Place of the Beginning of Human Consciousness. We were given the 4 Directions of Life on Mother Earth, for the Meaning and Purpose of Relationship. Sun/AHAU resides in the South, the direction of Human’s Relationships, symbolizing the most Divine Relationship of all.

AHAU symbolizes the Omega, the all-in-one as the Sun Above, balanced Below by the Light of the Whole of Humanity.

Burner Days on the Tzolk’in calendar mark the Time and Place for a discharge of energy. We are inclined to feel the contractions, like birth, as we take on more Light than Human is capable to hold. The Meaning and Purpose of Burner Days is to Restore Right Relationship by Balancing the energies of the Whole.

We each have our own personal Burner Days, a total of 4, with one in each of our own Seasons of the Tzolk’in. Our Mayan birthday (Destiny Kin) is a Burner Day, and the subsequent 3 Personal Burners are calculated 65 days apart. (The Burner Kin will share the same Tone as your Mayan birth/destiny Kin.) GLOBAL BURNERS mark the Time and Place of a Global discharge of energy. They are calculated on Humanity’s Mayan birthday, 4 Sun/AHAU.

4 Sun/AHAU is a very special Burner by it’s Time and Place in the Tzolk’in round. We have just been inspired by the Monkey/CHUEN trecena to Create a New World for the Seed of our next generation of Consciousness. Our next journey is the Seed/KAN trecena. This will be a “dark” trecena of application. We will Intend to Live in the Dream of the World we imagine, so we can share with the Seed the wisdom of its journey.

4 Sun/AHAU appears in the trecena of Earth/CABAN, the world as it was Given by a Supreme Creator. The Light completing the 8th uinal of Divine Justice will reflect the Love Held by the Whole… the way the Creator saw it in a Divine Dream. Every encounter with Sun/AHAU offers a Personal Revelation of our own Divinity. Earth/CABAN marks the Time when we can see what we are becoming, and the Place when we were meant to Create Love with ALL OUR HEART. 4 Sun/AHAU completes a Transformation of Divine Justice marked by the number of Infinity and Abundance in the 8th uinal. We are being prepared for a Revelation of Divine Justice that was Dreamed for the Whole.

The Haab Year Bearer is 7 Road/EB, the Day Sign of Human, Human’s Road to Destiny, and the journey recorded on the Tzolk’in calendar as Human’s Divine way. This year marks Human’s Finest Hour, the climb for Humanity to see the Wholeness of our Love. If we can only imagine it, a Supreme Creator is waiting to manifest the Dream.

NOW is the Time to prepare for it. It’s time to rise to the greatest occasion in our Self that expresses our PRIMAL INSTINCT of DIVINE LOVE… our most Powerful Expression of Love and the Song we Sing in Harmony.

Astrologers forecast a continued passage of Cardinal Signs. These related to our fixed perspectives of thought, including the strongholds of our illusions. The Spiritual Growth we can accomplish is to transform the static to dynamic parts of our Self. Our metal will be tempered as we are challenged to apply the Full Force of our Power of Love.

The New Moon is a Symbol for the Beginning of a Creation. From a New Moon to a Full Moon, we have time to see a Seed appear above the ground… the proof of Creation.

We can plant the Seed we created for our Self while we Dream of Humanity. As we watch our own hand plant a new Seed of Love, we can imagine all the hands that ARE planting new intentions of Love together. We can see the WHOLE engaged in the Gardening of Love, each trying to find our own special way. We can raise a Light in our field of Love as our Sign to Spirits Above that we are Watching, Waiting, and Tending our fields of Love.  We could visit the Seed each day to serve it some water and make sure everything looks okay.


May we Dream ahead the journey and the Time and Place of a Global Discharge of Light and Love. On the Global Burner days, the Mayan priest builds the Sacred Fire for the Whole Community. The priest remembers for the Whole who will be drawn by the Light and the Symbols of a Sacred Communion. Human kneels in Sacred Ceremony. In Humility, Humanity is always restored to Right Relationship.

4 Sun/AHAU, May 19, 2019
Under the Tone 4 of Stability, we are always given the legs to stand in perfect Balance on Mother Earth. The Number 4 is a symbol of the Deer, who plants one foot in each of the 4 directions and stands on its Truth of Love with the Mission to Uphold the Pillars of our Divine Dream of the World.

Sun/AHAU is always a day of Personal Revelation. Through the journey of Creating our Self, and the Wisdom manifested through a personal experience of Human’s Highest Climb to Truth, we are prepared for a Divine Discharge of Holy Light. We’ve taken in the Light that was beyond our own Limit… the Light we intended for the Seed of a New Generation is greater than our own Consciousness can hold. The Overflow will be disseminated with all the Hearts of Humanity who Received Loved that exceeded their own understanding.

Every Full Moon marks the completion of a cycle of experience. The Full Moon in Scorpio is forecast as a SUPERMOON OF TRANSFORMATION. The Light of our own Dreams will be filled with the Overflow on the Eve of a New Dawning of Human Light. The Seeds we planted at the New Moon will evidence that the Life of our Dream has taken root on Earth when the Sun rises on 4 AHAU.

The shamanic Elder of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, Don Oscar Miro-Quesada Solevo, offered a Sacred Ceremony of Alchemy for the cycle of the Moon. We built our own fire at the New Moon. Written on pieces of paper were our Divine Intentions. They were burned at the New Moon ceremony and we collected the ashes. We were instructed to mix equal parts of water and baking soda, to mix with the ashes in a baggie and put in the freezer. It would stay frozen until the Full Moon.

At the Full Moon we were to take it out of the freezer and deliver it into a body of moving water where it would be Received into the Whole for a Divine Transformation.

These are journeys we make to create symbols of Love and Transformation that we can see and remember. Whenever we take a journey our minds see the realness of an experience. A journey of Spirit is just as Real as the material experience.

We can perform this Sacred Ceremony as an Offering of Human Love, burned away for the Intention that it be transformed by the Creator’s Divine Love. We’ll see the symbols of Human love burned away. We’ll see Power of Fire to transmute the properties of Human Love into another form. We will see it suspended in Time for a Divine Meaning and Purpose. And, when we release our old Human Love on the Full Moon – the Eve of 4 Sun/AHAU – we could Know how very small our Human love compares to the Living Water of the Whole. We can remember 4 Sun/AHAU as the day we saw a Love we held out for our Self, shared in the Consciousness of its Right Size in the Whole. WE CAN CREATE OUR OWN REVELATION that there’s far more Love on Mother Earth than we ever imagined before. It will be our evidence that a Miracle of Harmony and Love, most definitely CAN come true.

Quasar, Radio image 13 Billion Light Years from Earth (The oldest illustration of Light being Born)

However we wish to Express our Dream for the Whole, may we Watch, Wait, and Prepare to Rise to Human’s Finest Hour. May we see our Self Filled with more Love than we are Humanly capable to Hold. May we behold the Signs Above that illustrate how Stars are Born to Dream of the Light we could Create.

in lak’ech, i am another you,

Debra, Jaguar Spirit, 9 Eagle/MEN

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