8 Dog / OC – Vision Quest: Day 8 of 13



8 Dog / OC

Greetings Kin,

Peak Tone 8 holds the Intention of Divine Justice of Harmony and Equity for the Whole. Tone 8 is the Zenith Hour and the Holy Day of the trecena that begins a Divine Transformation. The number 8 represents abundance to infinity and called the number of “pure spirit” by the Maya. Number 8 represents the Consciousness that is the Ether of our Spirit, the identity that never ages and is eternally our “I Am.” The zenith light illuminates the Truth without any shadows.

The Day Sign that appears on Tone 8 is always the Day Sign that led the last trecena. Tone 8 raises the Intentions of the last Day Sign as the Day Sign’s Divine Justice. Every Ascension is built upon the higher ground of the last climb. We realize New and Higher Ground from the new Truth we held in Faith to Believe. This is Holy Day to See and Acknowledge how a Divine Conscious Above is leading us always to Higher Ground. We are reaching the summits of the Tzolk’in climb, higher ground than we’ve known before.

Dog/OC led our last trecena as a Human experience of how Living for Love could change our Life. Dog helped us to believe in the possibility of Life with Love on Earth – knowing it was everywhere, if we only looked for it. Dog gave us the breath of Fresh Air to Feel Alive and Living for Love. Dog showed us how to be a family and Love one another. And, Dog taught us to leave Love behind, knowing a buried treasure of Love will be found – God’s Divine Justice.

Dog’s journey was inspired from Human hopes and dreams in a trecena of “darkness.” We are always offered another higher chance to try again or try something new. It’s the Way of Duality – to learn one thing, to know another. That’s the Divine Application of the Wisdom of Love. If we look for One Light in the “other,” we will see another.

By God’s Design for Time, AKBAL followed to inspire us again with a Higher Dream of Heaven on Earth. We also learned from Dog, how messy and dirty human love can be, when we don’t know what we’re doing. AKBAL offered the Light in the darkness, through a Divine Dream we could manifest what is so hard to see and believe in the world below. AKBAL is showing us WHY Love can be more easily in our Dreams and Imagination. The Truth will be no less real. Because Love is the Truth that is hard for human to see, when it looks like a Dog’s gift brought home. Above, we can imagine the Beauty of the Intentions behind humans odd expressions of Love, along with the forgetting.


AKBAL has been guiding us to willingly enter the darkness to see the Light.

Dog/OC resides in the North, the Direction of Wisdom. 8 Dog/OC is the exaltation of Unconditional Love – to See and Acknowledge the Holy, Holy, Holy Truth that our Life is held eternally in the Light of the Creator’s Love. God’s thoughts of Love are Above, in the Element of Air. We only have to receive the Sacred Breath to draw the Light of God’s Promise to raise Faith to Believing in our Dream. Love is the Highest of all things we could know as our Divine Justice.

With all the faculties shared by the Dog, today we can Feel the Scent of Love and sense the Dog’s perspective of Belonging to the Whole – loyal beyond the end. Today we can Sense the Truth of Love we never noticed before. On Dog/OC’s Holy Day, there is a treasure buried for us to find and Know. That would be the Dog’s Divine Justice. Human’s Highest Dream of Love is Love-at-first-Sight. We imagine this “soul mate” as one we would find and Know the moment we meet. God’s Dreams are ALWAYS higher than we can imagine. Our Divine Justice is to Know a Love even higher than that. It’s possible, if anything’s possible when we ask for Love, to believe we could all fall in love with each other. If Love is what we sought to always see in one another, if God was what we sought to see in one another. We could see the Whole as one big offering of Divine Love in its unlimited expressions of being.

I’ve seen how Love changes relationships with my cat Shadow. She was a rescue from the shelter… the longest resident when I came, because of a list of her limitations. She had been abandoned several times. She’s the most awesome cat ever, as many rescues turn out to be. It’s taken time to build Trust between us, but it’s clear now she knows she’s “home.” She is very appreciative, though lately I’ve seen that she’s started taking love for granted – knowing I’ll do anything, she’s always begging now. She used to sit and stare at me from across the room. I can love her close up like no other human – like I wish I could love other humans. I praise everything she does. She’s taught me that “love taken for granted” can be a very beautiful thing because it expresses “believing in Love.” Every expression of Love has Divine possibilities, and is exalted when Love is Divinely Balanced by paying back and paying forward.

On Tone 8 a Divine Agency Intervenes to carry out our Transformation. The Dog has created a new path of thinking and through the Transformation God marks the new milestone of Believing and Seeing Love. We grew from finding it hard to imagine we could Unconditionally Love anything. God showed the easy way, to see Life on a Higher Scale and from the distance it takes to see the Whole of us as One Light.

To all my relations, may we thank God for the Treasure of Love for us to find as our Divine Justice. May we claim the Miracle that God can place it at our feet.

May we draw a Sacred Breath and give thanks for the Love that shines through the darkness. May we claim the fertile soil of our Dreams, a Divine Place we are Wholly Free To Be what our “I Am” would Divinely Choose to Be.

May we draw the Sacred Breath together from the same Heart of Sky, giving thanks for the Wind that can change the landscape of our thoughts in one blow. May we listen for God’s Voice in the Wind and when we hear it, stop to connect the Divine thoughts to the Earth below. May we Offer all our Love to God’s Hand for the Intervention of Divine Justice for the Whole. May we Remember, God saw the Dream to the Ending that is a Miracle of Love. A Supreme Creator that Knows All that ever could be, conceived a Dream of Humanity so beautiful it Had To Be. And, So God Promised, “Love WILL Be.”

in lak’ech, i am another you

Debra, Jaguar Woman/9 Eagle/MEN

We completed Human’s 4 days. As we begin our descent, a Divine Agency will Balance our Sacred Offering. May we be Vigilant Observers of a Vision that unfolds as our Divine Justice.


Visit the 13-Day Trecena Guide for daily aspects and events of the Night/AKBAL trecena.


8 Dog/OC (Cherokee, Wolf/WOLF/KANA’TI)

Galactic Tone 8: Justice. Harmony and balance are the intent of Eight. Eights carefully weigh all evidence to reach a balance of justice. Eight is the power of organization demonstrated in the statement, “As above, so below”. From simplicity to infinity, the energy of Eight organizes all levels of creation. Some Eights are “Neat Freaks”.

Dog/OC: Courageous, loyal and warm-hearted, very alert and valiant, people born of Dog are respected for their sense of justice and their protection. People born of the sun sign Dog are very sensual and know how to enjoy life. Playfulness and a good understanding of the basic human nature lead to prosperity for Dog. Dogs are good team players who love to travel and have a keen sense of their position in society. Dogs are ambitious and will take opportunities when they offer themselves, including infidelities. Dog persons share the nature of coyotes, spies, wolves and lawyers

Cherokee, WOLF/KANA’TI: Wolf’s symbol is Sirius (Dog star) and Antares, one or the other always visable but never at the same time.  Wolf is our brother, shares our very roots.  All dogs are domesticated wolves, companionship and guidance.  Connecting link between the worlds. One who inspires loyalty, diplomacy and sense of humor with unlimited potential.  A teacher, healer, pathfinder and transformer.  Sharp as obsidian, gentle as a lamb. Totem -Dog.  Loyalty and faithfulness that survives beyond death.  This was the first day of creation energy in this 4th world, sets the energy for love, loyalty and faithfulness on the 5200 year cycle.  Heart chakra energy is involved so that we can move to the state of “unconditional love” with compassion.  All sexual desire issues that are not in harmony will surface to be cleared.

[Text in italics was the primary source of inspiration for my journal. These are the sources that started my journey and they are the reference for interpretation each day. By providing the original text, I hope to offer a way to see what inspired my thoughts and by including all the aspects – allow for something more to inspire you. Mayan descriptions are those written by Ian Lungold. Cherokee descriptions came from multiple sources. Links to sources and other resources of study are offered on the Daykeeper Resources Page. ~Debra]

How is your Spiritual path today?

I love to hear from you. Share your thoughts on the day, your Day Sign, or just say Hi!

The details are outlined on my PRE-PUBLICATION ANNOUNCEMENT.

6 thoughts on “8 Dog / OC – Vision Quest: Day 8 of 13

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  2. Debra! I don’t always read your posts, but when I do there is almost always something wonderfully inspirational, magical, or synchronistic. Today, I thank you for two of these.
    When I read your statement about Dog…”and Dog taught us to leave Love behind, knowing a buried treasure of Love will be found.” Immediately I thought of the book, “The Alchemist”, which I have read several times, because of its powerful messages. The young man falls in love with a beautiful woman on his search for his “buried treasure”, and because of here faithful love and belief in him, she tells him to continue on his search. He does “leave love behind” to continue, and ultimately does find his buried treasure, secure in the knowledge of the faithfulness of her love, feeling her kiss on the wind. Making this connection really deepened my contemplation this morning, and so I thank you!
    Then, as I read about the holy and ceremonial days to come, I see that Mar 5 is the day of the Mayan Priestess. I just happen to be doing a talk on the Tzolk’in here, in Chacala, MX, tomorrow! The date was chosen for me as the only available date to do this, and behold! It is a number 9, the Divine Feminine. This is the kind of synchronicity that keeps happening as I follow the Sac Be, and is why I want to step forward and share it wherever I can.
    Thank you so much for your daily inspiration, Debra.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, I’m grateful for the meaning you add through your inspiration. I was reminded from an older post that Uxmal and the pyramid of the Magician is related to this as the “nunnery” and the Sacred University of the Divine Feminine – where the Mayan priestess were initiated. It feels all these Holy Days are in synchronicity with the Universal and Planetary cycles. much love, in lak’ech, Debra


  3. You’re welcome! And just now, I have viewed the video about the number 9 that you posted. OMG! Beautiful! OK, so I am also doing a Moonday ceremony on Monday the 9th, which will be Mayan and Myown: a bit of Sufi stuff, full moon stuff, and lo and behold! It is the first night of Purim (I am Jewish occasionally!). Wow!


  4. Debra,

    I am trying to find the amazing video about the number nine that is somewhere among your posts, and can’t locate it among my emails. Can you help? Where can I find it again?

    Thanks, S

    Liked by 1 person

    • LMAO – I was going to ask you where you saw it so I could watch again. And I couldn’t find it!!! I hope you can dig it out of history for Tone 9. I had to give up to start the workday. LOL much love, Debra (I’m sending you all the luck that is is meant to be seen.)


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